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Why are #Youthias going bonkers over resumption of British Airways to Pakistan? What has Zulfi Bukhari got to do with it? It is a sane business decision made on improved security and better bigger Islamabad airport. What has #PTI got to do with both? Zilch, nothing, Nada.

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As a matter of fact it is British Airways looking to a post Brexit strategy. So if anyone is to thank it is the Leave campaign which has made British old hands look towards the Commonwealth and see the importance of Pakistan.
Zulfi Bukhari is a middle level pimp. You see con artists like him on every street of London. They provide entertainment of all kinds to rich tourists. Over here in UK no one knows him or should know him. Other than the fact he looks like Murad Saeed he has no other credentials.
Sir this was announced 10 months ago. PTI trying to take credit for nothing globalvillagespace.com/british-airway…
have nothing else to show so they have to jump on something. And what do you make of @peaceforchange the slave from colonial era who also has gone overboard head over heals with #BritishAirways return to #Pakistan
اور جیسے بھٹو کے دور میں شروع ہونے والے ایٹمی پروگرام کی تکمیل ضیاء کے دور میں ہو چکی تھی لیکن سارا کریڈٹ نواز شریف صرف دھماکا کرنے پر ہی لے اڑا۔۔۔
What was pmln's role in reduced international oil prices leading to reduced oil prices in pak which tjey took credit fr all 5 yrs
تم جیسوں کو جلانے کے لے کرتے ہیں۔۔ ہم کپتان کے کھلاڑی۔۔💪💪
Yes, all to do with improved security situation. Security improved only after operation #RaddulFasad, which was against #IK's wishes of "negotiating" with extremists.
تعلق تو کوئی نہیں بس ایویں آپ کو مرچیں لگانی تھی۔۔ وہ اللّه کے فضل و کرم سے صحیح جگہ لگ گئی ہیں۔
BA declared their intentions to arrival in Pakistan during PMLN Govt.
جی اگر زرداری کے دور حکومت میں بحال ہوتی تو پھر غالبا سارے کا سارا کریڈٹ انہی کا ہونا تھا آپ کی نظر میں۔۔۔
I wonder DGISPR’s statement on British Airways resumption and recent visit of Army Chief to Qatar.Is this Quaid’s Democratic Pakistan.PTI shout give foreign office to GHQ!
Probably their argument is trust in "TalibanKhan" brought #BA back ; but they are negating the aforesaid fact since it is credit of some1 else. However I am not sure how would that effect "PIA", my opinion is Negative since "PIA" not in position to compete with all current loses.
سولنگی لنڈے کا دانشوڑ ہے
اور کچھ کریں نہ کریں ۔۔
جناب ڈرامہ بازی تو کریں گے ۔۔
Paanch saal tak halkee aanch par jalnay do
Jealousy jealousy jealousy 😂😂
Announced in Feb 2018: British Airways to start operations in Pakistan globalvillagespace.com/british-airway…
Hahahaha loser!!! Nawaz Sharif signs CPEC so its his achievement... British Airways comes to Pakistan so its a sane business decision... Come on how low would you stoop for ur enimity with PTI
Look at the language from a “journalist” wao slow claps
British Airways planned in begin of 2018 to reopen Pakistan route.
Go nawaz,zardare go
This has nothing to do with Zulfi Bukhari it’s absolutely ludicrous the manner in which ignorant people are giving him credibility.
Also go one army chief was not there hugging the salesman from brithish airways
Did you just say Better ? Haven't you read dawn this week ? Mr. Harasser
banda kadi tay khud burnol le lenda ae!!
I was expecting this ... Then credit goes to our beloved army ... but us pe b apko takleef e ho gi taxi driver sb....
It has idiot uk has more ties with imran than nawaz has with saudi. Remember who bought diana to pakistan. Guess what imran khan
There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. PTI sarkar ( Niazi Group) belongs to the second group. Credit for this goes to Ahsan Iqbal & team Nawaz Shareef.
So you will remain in pain for next 5 year
Why this business decision did not take place anytime in last decade? Burnol for you.
Challo aek aur TC master aie
سب پٹواری بوکھلائے ہوئے ہیں... اب پاکستان آگے بکل رہا ہے... اور نون لیگ گٹر میں جاتی جا رہی ہے.... 😂 😂 😂 برنول ٹائم... pic.twitter.com/slSakOVhB3
They're roaming around with name plates to place on #PMLN achievements.. Relaunching #PakRail app was another cheapest act.
Fake journalist going complete Chutia.. what a shame you must be for your family..
Aik saal agr guzar gya tu jitne bache paida hoe hnge uska credit be apko yehe log lete nazar aenge...
Har puthi cheez PML-N kay khatay
Sab achay kaam PTI kay khatay 🤷🏻‍♂️
Solangi sahib they are incompetent idiots they are putting their hand to each and everything done by the last government. InshaAllah truth will prevail. Complete failure of the Boots strategy.
Credit goes to the security forces.
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