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"Bye guys." 👋

This was the moment Jose Mourinho departed from the Lowry Hotel after being sacked as Manchester United manager.
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Mourinho indo embora de Manchester, parace aliviado.
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Honestly.. just look at his face now. He's glowing and looks like a new person already. Seemed miserable managing United, hardly smiled and joked. Not an exaggeration.
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@ManUtdMEN Thank You Jose. The 2 trophies at Utd shud serve as a constant reminder that you have won wherever you went to manage. Now it's players turn to show is it the manager or their lazy asses. I expect an 8/10 from Pogba & Co from every match now on
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@ManUtdMEN Why is a part of me grieving?! 😢😢
4 122
@ManUtdMEN I think Jose will have the best sleep his had in ages tonight. Thank You Jose.
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@ManUtdMEN Happiest I seen him in 2 yrs
13 109
He looks more happier and smug here than he has for 98% of his reign. #mufc
23 79
@ManUtdMEN Really feel for the guy. He IS a genius & his record stands tall BUT the game & mentality of players has moved on alas. Good luck #JoseMourinho #ManUtd
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@ManUtdMEN I think we all should say thanks he is human and I also think we need to fire players now
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@ManUtdMEN Looks better already, like a massive weight has been taken off his shoulders
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@ManUtdMEN I would be happy getting 20mil before Xmas
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Tampang dipecat, tapi dapat 25 juta paun..
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@ManUtdMEN I so wanted him to succeed
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@ManUtdMEN As a strong fan and supporter of Mourinho, I am extremely happy that he has left #MUFC full of lazy, horrible, pathetic & below average players especially strikers who cannot even pass ball, keep possession, score obvious goal scoring. Jose will be back to win #UCL with new team
1 33
@ManUtdMEN We love you José Mourinho❤❤❤❤😥😥
1 24
@ManUtdMEN Thank you and goodbye boss. 👍
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@ManUtdMEN @RedorDead07 On one hand happy ...on the other the club massively undermined the man which is not a good sign ....I'm watching alot of pundits who failed as managers talking alot of crap right now
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@ManUtdMEN Haha! Someone said thanks in portuguese and he replied with you’re welcome, legend. We’ll honestly never get a manager like him again.
1 19…

I’m confused, did they cut out the bit where they gave him his gold Premiership and his guard of honour?
4 15
@ManUtdMEN People can criticize him all they want, but he is the best manager @ManUtd had in years.
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@ManUtdMEN Thank you Jose you still represented my club all the best we as fans will never give you abuse you came back as a opponent....
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José Mourinho deixando Lowry Hotel pela última vez.
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ユナイテッド @ゴリゴリ系ペンギン
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My heart was beating fast when that car was stationary, I was like, 'Take him away already, in case someone has a second thought...'
3 12
I want him to take some time off from football and just try and rediscover himself and maybe update his style and tactics and come back even better than ever ❤️ #TheSpecialOne
2 11
@ManUtdMEN I dont like this. Hes not done a great job but he tried. I think hassling him after hes been sacked is unfair. Let him go off in piece. He wasnt a bad guy. Just didnt have the right ingredients to make the perfect cake. Thats all.
1 12
@ManUtdMEN Surprised he dint stick 3 fingers up again lol
0 13
Really wasn't happy him coming in the 1st place as didn't believe he was right for the club. However I've stuck by u and my Club as always. Thanks for your time and commitment and was a pleasure meeting u in person. Gd luck in your next project.
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@ManUtdMEN Happiest he has looked in some time for the cameras.
1 9
@ManUtdMEN Looks happy and relieved to be honest. Player performances have been as big fault as the manager, no pride and passion.
1 9
Looks more like he’s departed Strangeways
2 6
@ManUtdMEN Got his wish nice payoff and leaves others to clean up the mess now whilst he plots next club to fleece for millions
1 7
@ManUtdMEN @MENnewsdesk Hes glad to be out of that hellhole mess of a club, even jose with all his success and experience cant sort it out, god knows where we go from here
1 7
@ManUtdMEN They have done nothing but hound him to the point where, in any other walk of life, they'd be done for bullying, harassment or worse, and they've got the front to stand there and see him off like an old friend?!
0 8
£24m pound richer. Look at the delight in his face
3 4
Abrahamics 🤙🤙🔥🔥🎶🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
@ManUtdMEN All The Best Boss.
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@ManUtdMEN Why does make me sad? Irony is this looks the happiest he’s been in months.

If only he anticipated. If only. 😪
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@ManUtdMEN Remains one of the best in the game. Klopp still has won nothing at LFC
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Can’t help feeling sad. Wasn’t meant to end this way. Thank you & bye Jose.😢 #Mourinho @ManUtd
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Professional..thankz Jose Mourinho for the 3 Cup 👋💪👍
5 1
£26million in the bank tonight what else to do smile 👍 well done Jose
3 3
It’s like when you take an old sick pet to the vets to be put to sleep, you know it’s the right thing to do but you are gutted 💔
0 6
I’ve wanted him gone for the longest time, but this touched me a bit.
2 3
I will miss this man😭
2 3
@ManUtdMEN @MENnewsdesk The Money means nothing. I just find it strange that so many take pleasure in his sacking and demise. How many reds fans would not have taken him and his track record 2+years ago.?
1 4
What a class act. Main fucking man.

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Secured the bag and ruined the club
1 4
Bahagia dipecat krn duit PHK nya bisa buat jd presiden RI
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@ManUtdMEN so sad for me but thank you jose for the good time you have been there for the team
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@ManUtdMEN @asare_mensah Who again watched this video more than twice like me.
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I don't know if it's the severance pay or the huge amount of pressure that's been lifted off his shoulders but I haven't seen Jose smile like that in months.
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You see how happy he is? This should tell you that a massive weight is off his shoulders and that he knows he gave his best meaning there's more to our problems than just his management style @xotie @Renatesance @Gidihustler_
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@ManUtdMEN Jose knew it was coming and I think the board took the right decision. It never looked like he was going to turn things around because the atmosphere at the club was negative. Jose lost it the moment he started cutting a frustrated figure during some of his press briefings.
2 2
@ManUtdMEN I am feeling sad after watching this..
He genuinely cared about United..😭😔
1 3
happiest the fucker has looked in 2.5 years.....
1 3
This definitely broke my heart, wanted this to work out so much :(
1 3
When the pressures finally off and you’re trousering £18m plus
1 3
That feeling when you know you are going to pocket £24 million for the next two years doing absolutely nothing and earn another £4 million for endorsements. If there is one thing I gotta give Jose Mourinho respect for as an Arsenal fan it's for creating a brand out of his name.
1 3
@ManUtdMEN @alicemckeegan_ Looks like a man who’s just got 25 million in his arse packet
0 4
@ManUtdMEN @alicemckeegan_ ‘What’s your next challenge José?’ ‘Well, with that pay-off, Ed’s given me a bigger budget than expected, so it’ll be a lot easier than managing that shower.’ #JoseMourinho
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@ManUtdMEN Adios Jose. Thanks for the memories !
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@ManUtdMEN Good luck Jose 😥😥😥
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Forse in Italia non è arrivata sta cosa, ma Mourinho non ha preso casa a Manchester ma viveva in un hotel a Salford. Ma proprio tutti i due anni e mezzo. 900 euro a notte, totale 800.000 euro. Masterclass
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Man looks fresh the stress is gone
0 4
I’m not crying you are😢😢😢
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Lol! Look at this dude. The last time he was this happy was when he won the League and league cup double at Chelsea. Haha!!!!! #cfc #MUFC
2 1
sophia👑📣 #dablessingprod. #pay by Samklef
@ManUtdMEN Sad but happy
1 2
#Mourinho uno di noi
Good Luck!
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"Accha chalta hooon duaaaon main yaad rakhna"
1 2
That’s got to be one large bill to settle... two and a half years in a room rumoured to be £800 a night... £700,000.. but did he take anything from the mini bar 🤔
1 2
It is disheartining to see how Jose's world turned upside down!
1 2
@ManUtdMEN The special one; @ManUtd didn’t deserve you. I can’t wait to see them; Regret sacking you.
0 3
@ManUtdMEN Remember a similar scenario. That time #Mourinho had just won the treble with Inter. N when he was asked whats next he said he just going to go away for a while, no world cup, nothing. Contrasting situation today.
0 3
@ManUtdMEN Thanks Jose. We are united together
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@ManUtdMEN @michaelkaliika I feel the players have a lot of work to do. It’s not only the coach here. Whoever takes over has to put the players in their place, motivate them and get them to play like people that are handsomely paid. Without all that the fiasco continues.
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@ManUtdMEN Bye mou and wish u d best. U were surely the special one but at times things tend to work against one. I trust u would bounce back.
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Happiest he’s looked in ages!
0 3
He shouldn't have cut his glorious hair. His power rested in his puffy hair I tell yees. #Mourinho
0 3
We’ll miss you Mou. ❤️
1 1
😥😥😥 you'll always be a special one Jose
1 1
Har ya bani tausai wlh 😭😭😂😂
1 1
Happiest he's looked and sounded in months 😂😂😂
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