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reigen owns this and he says he'll read his customers' minds in order to find out what they want but each time he just shaves them bald
Cuts your hair while he talks about you getting married and having kids, even knows the names.
but... but how did he know i wanted him to just fuck me up
This must be in Portland.
Me: Walks in*

Barber: 鈥淪ay no more鈥
*walks in*
Barber: say no more
He cuts your hair and tells you about your day lmao
faded barber>>>
Me the barber: /a white girl with long red stiletto acrylics and wearing a mini skirt with flames on it walks in/ ok you want your hair bleached and some terf bangs lit
鈥淚鈥檓 getting the word.... nonce鈥
*walks in*

Malay barber: bereh bossku say no more *sambil sodok tepi*

Barber: 鈥淪orry to hear about your moms bruh. When鈥檚 the funeral?鈥

Me: 鈥淣igga what 馃槓鈥
me: *walks in* 鈥渋 wa-鈥

psychic barber: 鈥渋 got you fam鈥
No appointment needed. You were expected.
dude there鈥檚 one of these in West Seattle
*Walks in*

Barber: say no more
*walks in*

Barber: say no more
This is @ThaBarber93 barber shop because he always knows what I want, that good sloppy toppy with a skin fade
is this reigen in the separate ways arc
y鈥檃ll already know hair cuts in this place be wild asf

reigen arataka:
I bet that barber named "Pharaoh" that said "come forth" work here
California Ave in West Seattle
Barber told me to go long, and made me look fresh...
鈥淪ay no more fam鈥
This person should get together with @TheGhostRealtor
Ok so I once had this designer in my salon who had this client who claimed she was a psychic that came in & told her that within 7 years she鈥檇 be friendless & divorced. Then told her she鈥檇 die all alone. She cried all day until I sent her home. Never saw her again after that.
this just reminded me of the cramp twins episode only legends remember that show
meu SONHO n茫o precisar ficar tentando explicar de forma confusa as coisa q eu quero
reigen as a barber
Don鈥檛 even have to ask anymore for what I want 馃憖馃
me: *walks in*
barber: say less, i gotchu
this is automatically you when you cut me up @chrisbrehh
y'all remember doctor barber from flapjack? glad to see my nigga still hustling
This in West Seattle?
Tellement ce barber il a l'air 茅clat茅, sa svoit tu paye ta coupe 4,50鈧
he encontrado tu peluquer铆a XD
You playing a dangerous game if you cheat on this barber
*walks in

Barber: 鈥淟et me guess... you want a haircut?鈥
YouTube recommending me ASMR videos:
Rande and Tiki's little known 3rd brother who couldn't cut it in the NFL
me: walk in

barber: I got you fam say no more
This on a whole different wavelength
*walks in*

Hey can I get a cut

Barber: yea man I got you

*sits down in the chair*

Barber: I can tell by your lining shit hasn鈥檛 been going straight for you.
Reads minds while looking at head during cut?
me: yea can i get鈥斺 barber: say no more Tolulope
Barber: 鈥 so how do you want your haircut?鈥 Me: 鈥 you should already know鈥
Barber: 鈥渓et me guess, you鈥檙e head for a haircut?鈥
Me: Will this haircut have me pulling bad females?

Psychic Barber:
My dumbass read it as psycho barber, like Sweeney Todd impersonation shit or something
(Walks In)Aye let me get a...

Barber: 鈥淪ay Less鈥
every time i see this on my tl i'm so weirded out cause i used to live on the same street and never thought anything of it lmao
*sits down and thinks* 鈥淵o he better not put his meat on the arm rest.鈥 Barber: Bro this my establishment! As a matter of fact, get your arm off my meat rest
you : yea i wanna temp

barber : nah my nigga you want a 2
sometimes my knows me better than I know myself
Mind control over Debo.
the guys from psych really turned the psychic detective thing around
Literalmente esta foto describe un d铆a en la barber铆a, ya saben porque nos tardamos cc jeje
He probably just gives you any haircut he wants and then customers say it looks great no matter how it looks
Barber: How鈥檚 everything?

Me: Well I just got married and recently got a promo..

Barber: Promotion? Yeah I know. 馃檮
Me walks in


Barber: Bro you going through a lot 馃様
I rebuke it RIGHT NOW!!! Nope, psychic and touching my head I THINK TF NOT, walk out with all kinds of spirits 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
*walks in*


Iont even say nothing I just walk in and sit in da chair no words
barber: *dae na nag hapot kung anong gupit mo, aram na tulos kung ano gupit mo*
This reminds me of a Hindi movie I want he'd long time ago. It was based on a #barber who could hear people's thoughts when he cut their hair. I've always thought nice things while getting a haircut after that day... 馃槙
鈥淲alks in 鈥

Barber: i got you fam
just when i thought barbers couldn鈥檛 get any creepier
Me: *walks in* I ne-

Barber: I know
Psychic Barber? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
*walks in*

barber: that cut that looks good on you, get it, but idk how 'cause u ugly.

me: *cried in tears*
Barber: fam if you hate it just say so..
Just what I needed! You can't find the right people to do your hair nowadays!
seguro ni a煤n as铆 entiende c贸mo quiero que me corte
Te corta el pelo un Alakazam
Get a cut and a read at the same time. Innovation
en vrai j'avais imagin茅 faire un concept de salon de coiffure comme 莽a et apr猫s jme suis dit que niveau suivi psychologique on 茅tait pas au top.
Psy chic?
Like the girl in gangnam style video aka hyuna
you leave the place with orange hair

sorry i had to
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