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I’m fascinated by the apparent surprise at what Angelo Agrizzi is telling the commission. Journalists have been covering corruption for years but many South Africans chose to not take it as seriously as they should have. So let me share some pointers on how looting is set up

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One of the primary drivers of looting is party funding. Parties that win an election and govern (national/provincial/municipal) get to control state resources and funds. They award contracts to the chosen at inflated prices so funds are diverted to the party via “donations”
We have passed this stage now. Drop the name don't generalised.
The problem is selective reading, amnesia and blind loyalty. Most vocal people don't read.
We have said for some time that the truth must come out. The whole truth. Under the leadership of @CyrilRamaphosa it is happening. It is the necessary beginning of a new and better era.
The most amazing part of this all is that come May it will be same same.... Western cape created almost half the jobs in SA and DA administration getting majority of clean audits. Isn't that enough to give someone else chance? iol.co.za/business-repor…
But Songezo beni bhizi nisifida u Zuma nama Gupta’s as if that was the only thing happening in South Africa.. yesterday (18 January 2019) pole post headlines of @SowetanLIVE was about how much Zuma’s wives cost us as taxpayers.
City Press reported on Linda Mti 20 March 2011, but he was not suspended either from his job or from the ANC. He was appointed head of safety and security in NMB by Danny Jordaan (old soccer buddies). The ANC knew about this corruption and continued to deploy the corrupt.
We can play the blame game for as long as we want but ultimately, there is one lerson2to blame. JACOB ZUMA. If the top is corrupt, the rest follow Even the honest public servant falls into the trap.
The only concern I have is how Agrizzi is avoiding exposing the Journalists who were in their payroll.
Interesting. I wonder how this may apply to the DA in WC/JHB/PTA? I am sure the DA has plenty to hide are Journos assisting? ANC needs R600mil P.A to function, surely DA needs +/- R200mil that must be raised. Does this explains Solly exit? Is it EFF turn to have a mayor in PTA?
A must read thread...

Truth: “The problem with us South Africans is that we do not like to accept truths that interfere with our emotional sentiments, so we shoot the messenger until it’s too late.”
One day the cash cow will run out and we will be another statistics like most African states. I say to my peers, study as much so that one day you can sell your skills to foreign countries if need be.
Media is an important part of us. But what is its role? Is it to inform the public & "expect the public to do something" or is to inform & let the public make up their own minds? It's not helpful to say "ah but we told you"..."you didn't believe us".
The journalist are the problem by "covering corruption" then citizens aren't serious about what?? Or citizens must deal with journalist since they're embedded in crippling the country??
How are we ever going to get going forward as a country with this evil going on?
Surprise is a good indicator that we haven’t & shouldn’t normalise corruption. The detail of operations is movie material!
You are raising important points unfortunately no one form any party will support your statement Unless things change, we will follow Zimbabwe crisis
You must understand that our leaders have always sensitized us that the media ia a devil,in cahoots with WMC.we shouldnt believe what it writes.thats why we are fascinated by Angelo's submission.here is someone who says,I did this.
Those who read and are aware of state of things are on twitter.What abt the rest of the people...those on food-parcels ,blankets , t-shirts and Grants roll of government.Come May ...things might just not change The depth of the rot is unthinkable...the manipulation of the elders
You sometimes surprise us at how simplistic you seem to understand things. Journalists are also part of the problem. Did you also hear about the journalists who worked for #Bosasa to cover up the same corruption. Can you really blame SAs for being surprised?
It's s morally convenient not to ask questions, not to query answers and not to demand change. Because change is difficult. So, rather, we go on with the self-soothing fairy tale that this systemic looting is an accident. The mark of some corruption in an otherwise fine reality.
It would have been nice if these thugs are arrested, charged, prosecuted and sentence as the commission is continuing.@NPA_Prosecutes.
We as the people of our beautiful country, South Africa, should stand together and get rid of these thieves.
You just said nothing in many words. As it stands, you know absolutely nothing. Share names, corrupt activities and dates.
i think one of the problems is that the culture allows for corruption to take place ....help yourself ...help others and allow others to help themselves....
Well put. It boggles the mind that the average SAn can't join the dots, despite it occuring every two years or so...
So what can we do to fight corruption as citizens and businesses?
Can you please balance us with such incident because all the corruption we were being fed was always about #Zuma & #Guptas, Black executives at our SOEs so which corruption you reported and we ignored?
What is the root cause of this ethos, Songezo? If Mr Motlanthe knew everything and was powerless to stop it, expose it or redress the matter, then nothing will change. Only in our dreams will the ANC self-correct, because no ANC cadre wants to redirect the money flow.
At a Christmas Day braai, an old buddy of mine deep in comrade things explained this to me precisely as it is put in this thread...
Great thread on the mechanics of party political corruption in South Africa.
Great thread my friend
ANC top dog are getting fat money. ANC top dog are looting state money Corruption within ANC. That's the reason ministers doing rotation.
One of the Problems is selective morality by the media and this is a Red Flag that some Journalist are paid to write stories they chose to right about. We need a a very courageous journalist like Motha who at one point spilled beans on the Ngcuka secret media breefing
I believe the difference between the Zondo commission and media reports is that, by some stroke of luck the commission gained enough traction for it to be now also PC to be outraged. Previously it was PC to attack the credibility of reporters under the banner of WMC, racism etc.
Not sure it was the public that didn't take it seriously. More the government and through their control the police and prosecuting authorities
After the SundayTimes, etc I personally don’t trust journalists nor buy newspapers anymore. It’s believable coming from the actual player, and let #Watson and others prove he’s lying.
@rochelledekock & I have seen this movie a dozen times.
People choose just to ignore the truth just confirm their blind beliefs.
All fascinating. The problem is the media is also corrupt. They expose stories of those who don’t fund them but downplay, dumb down or minimize how they report about their funders. It’s in the language you use. Neutral vs Damning. Readers lose trust and see you as biased.
People and journalists assume that we don't know this this things or we don't experience them. We know them, and that is why we complain about how the media and journalists report them cause in many instances including this thread they assume we r dumb. No sir we r not
Amen, they aren't shocked, people are praising looting and anarchy as righteousness and normal , most won't even deny it
Tom Moyane was front & center with the Bosasa corruption
People do not read newspapers and then when things unravel, they act surprised.
No criticism forthcoming as everyone waits for their turn a the trough
Realpolitik; that's why we won't see Swift action beyond the slow grind of the law. Looks good.
Scrapgoat "foreigners"
True I have been reading some cases too where Bosasa took some journalists to court for defamation.

How is it even possible to stop this.
A thread 🧵 well worth a read. The line between ethical party funding & looting is blurred... this is why CR won’t sign party funding bill until after the election... Bosasa is only the tip...
We know this,we make jokes about this but people don't go to jail,they keep there cosy jobs and the ethical public servants are squeezed out.
Corruption is a way of life in our country. What we should be asking ourselves, amongst other things, is why there is so much greed. From the traffic officer right up to the Highest office.
If you read nothing else on Twitter today read this thread.
This thread here is a MUST READ
Thread of corruption woven into government culture
Corruption is messing South Africa up
This is a succinct and powerful thread on the process of party / state corruption
This is some 1st class content 👌🏾
Looting 101 brought to you by political parties
Yoh and WOAH 😲
#thread ~ We didn’t know and other stories.
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