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Yuuuhh my conscience didn't allow me to finish watching this video.😏😑 I'm outta here.... pic.twitter.com/8cqDYk3aMU
The best answer would have been "I don't have it" and then drive off instead of talking msunu
Why was he even recording?🙄
This was soooo unnecessary! what a mean human being pic.twitter.com/T2i6B8rLun
Everybody is so sensetive these days.... Like we gotta video tape or take pictures of everything... Dude could've just given the guy R2 then went to those shacks and helped out instead of this nonsense
I personally give to anyone who's in need, hunger knows no colour, a good heart knows no colour 🤷🏾‍♂️

I'm not accompanying anyone to hell 😄😄

Bye 👋🏾
In instances like this, Ubuntu must take over, deeaning a guy doesn't make it any better for yourself
What is the name of this place if anyone has clue, i want to show this poor white man that we are not all like the man who denied hom 2 rand
Could have just said no, instead of giving mans a history lesson. I mean he's hungry
Thats harsh💔 Why didnt he just ignore him vele?
After giving the poor guy such a history, he could have at least gave him the R2
this was so unnecessary....🤦🏾‍♀️
Reading through the comments, I am encouraged to see that most of us are still human and condemn this kind of behaviour. Black on white or white on black, we don’t trample on those less fortunate.
had he just drove off without doing this........really what have we turned out to be🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
I honestly couldn't watch the whole thing it's cringeworthy. Heartbreaking even 💔
Tweeting from Privelidge.

So it's Damn easy for this
motorist to say that his forefathers would kill him, if he had to give R2 to a White man

Now I heard it all..
HoldUp man... hunger has no colour🤷🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/CLoC0rfA4z
Couldn't finish it...the guy taking a video is so annoying with his unnecessary stories pic.twitter.com/uKxEnlU73c
Couldn’t even finish it
I'd break up with him immediately after this if he was my boyfriend. Unnecessary, boring,foolish. I'm actually ashamed.
Ke msunu wa motho di maan
Black people can surprise, how long we've been very nice to these people, they'll never love us, Racism will never end
Recorder: so why are you doing this? White guy: coz I'm hungry. I felt that. 💔
Not cool at all. It’s UnAfrikan.
No need at all ... two wrongs never made it right....😕
I think us black people we are racist just like white people but we use our past to get away with it.
I just watched till the first sentence. They did us wrong but kicking a man when he is down and out is a new low
This is disturbing, I have a lot of my brothers being given money at robots by white people.
That's plain cruel, the poor guy is hungry he doesn't need an apartheid lecture.
How can U kick a dog while it's down already
This guy is an idiot. He even records himself.
Sies marete papae. Nke aboletse gore gana zaka. pic.twitter.com/9lvAyo7IPy
It is a tad unfortunate that we dont know who the history teacher in the car is. It would have been nice to to teach him not to be a doos.
This is no way to talk to someone asking for help, nothing justifies this behavior...whatever happened to empathy?
Two wrongs don’t make a right! He is also guilty for the same crime. 💔💔
I don’t care if this guy is ideologically right. As a human being , I hate him
Couldn't even finish the video. Rude and totally unnecessary 🙄
Natives are too weak and too forgiving hence untill today we remain dispossessed. The native on the video is being slated by his fellow natives for static the obvious.He’s an honest native whose not living under the fallacy of this so called rainbow nation. He’s very progressive
That was uncalled for. When will we start seeing each other as humans. And his reasoning is so appalling.
This was so incredibly unnecessary. My heart is so sore
I am all for fighting racism but he could have just driven off no need for this animosity
God bless all the comments... We still need to irrigate the seed of UBubuntu.
This fool had two options to give thus man R2 or not give him.. What is sayin n doing is unnecessary Let grow up
Bloody fucken moron, he thinks he s doing us a favour. We dont need this shit man. Couldn't even bring myself to listen to the whole thing. Disgusting.
Funny that some white pipo give black homeless people a penny for food,this was unnecessary serious
No need for that he's a human being. We all bleed blood .
My brother was way out of order. Simply I don't have and move away from him.
He could have been the bigger and smarter person and just given the guy a two rand unnecessary drama that make us not go or see the way forward...
It was unnecessary n stupid
I agree. Nasty behaviour.
This guy has anger issues mara!! 🤦🏽‍♂️
I was soooo disgusted and annoyed.. Couldn't even finish this nonsense aaarg!!
Ish yah neh he could've just said no ...
The driver stepped down to a level below apartheid monsters...
And he even went on to post it on social media, I guess he feels like a hero for being this stupid.
Wow 😢 this is so sad . May He have a #GodEncounter 🙏.
But the brother did what many of us are afraid to do, we think if we stand our position God will somehow send us to hell. No ways! I salute the brother to have courage to say his mind.
I feel like relevant questions are asked
Just arrogant and stupid, if you don’t want to help you just pass. You can’t kick the dog while down!
Very unnecessary to say such things. Learn to fight ur own battles. Ur forefathers did too
The truth has never been comforting
He is an idiot and he thinks he is clever, this are the kind of stupid pple that taking us backward, why didn't he just say no pic.twitter.com/DPVEFIkkIG
How can people be so cruel 😭😭😭 God forgive him🙏
This is totally INSANE !! That dude needs to find himself because that was a bullshit Reasoning!! Rhaaa!👾
You can see the guy in his luxury truck, enjoying the beach really did his bit in the struggle. His model C accent is just a show. He’s a brilliant example of our woke youth really fighting racism. AMANDALALALA
This guy is stupid, not all white people are responsible for what their ancestors did. Can't be blamed for what my grandfather did. Idiot at the fullest
Dis guy is sleg jo, a simple "No I don't have" would've just been fine...ai
True, bro.The whole LECTURE was unnecessary. He cud have said, NO. No one would force him to give the money.
Couldn't finish watching this video now am crying what he is saying is unnecessary nje he could have passed him not to say all this and record it mxm
There are a lot of people like this, they won’t help you neither will they leave you in peace but wil continue to torture the iota of happiness left ! He only asked for bread? Where from this hostile behavior!I bet his words will kill the man faster than hunger
Now I feel sorry for the white dude
This is totally wrong. Yes we want the land back but how are we suppose to sustain and transform the land with such behavior.
Why does nobody here ask where the video came from. Surely there must be a "ground zero" post!
Eish you can say that again man.That's sick,hunger knows knows no race or skin colour.If ur fortunate in life give thanks for that.That's a low to even record that.
Don't worry guys, Life will punish that Black Guy When God see the fortunate ones mistreating the poor, he gives good punishment by just taking back all that he gave
What's his handle, we need to deal with him...?
He claims to be nice oooh please man forefathers don't even recognize that poor white guy.
The most powerful weapon a black person in the universe have in common is to forgive that pays for all the wrongs man kind has ever done to our "forefathers" nasty comments indeed
This is so unAfrican...😭😢😫😫 Shame on the moron who did this and even went to an extent of videotaping it... pic.twitter.com/AoX24LIjZC
I stopped watching when he started swearing at the poor guy. My heart bleeds pic.twitter.com/i3mNIi1BbX
I don't care who the beggar on street is/their skin colour, BUT NO PERSON should respond like this to any beggar of any colour. If this black guy think he's being cute, does he know how many black ppl are subjected to same thing he subjects that white guy, which is still wrong?💔
U-Dom lobhuti shem. Haai kabi. Akayazi ilife. Nx!
LOL natives are so ingrained in seeing whites as as how whites see us and see themselves, that they get hurt when natives treat whites same way they treat us.

That's why they got that subconscious self-hate going.
Ppl are rude out there😔
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