Students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky wearing #MAGA hats mocked an elder at the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch on the national mall. The Superintendent of Schools Diocese of Covington @supmikeclines was in DC with them.
Call the Catholic school at 859-491-2247

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.@Gillette how soon can you guys get down there?
This is a betrayal of everything Jesus taught & practiced & a mockery of Christian values. As a Muslim who went to a Catholic high school, we were asked to be "men for others." I hope Covington Catholic High School has a come to Jesus moment w/ these kids, who should know better.
The Bishop of that Diocese is The Most Reverend Roger J Foys and the Diocesan number is 859-392-1500! Direct your calls their to ensure action is taken! They are the ones who will stop it. We can see in the video how the school is failing at dealing with it!
I want the opposite of whatever these kids want. And it appears they want a wall.
On behalf of Kentucky, we do not claim these students.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
The Omaha Elder, Nathan Phillips, shows us all how to stand our ground and defeat bullies, fear and hate. Please RT and get #NathanPhillips trending to show some, albeit small, love and Respect!!!!
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Call the diocese of Covington as well 859-392-1500. This is a disgrace.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
NOT A SINGLE Student, Teacher, Chaperone or Administrator from @cch_colonels stood up to stop this! What does that say about what they teach and believe at Covington Catholic H.S. of Park Hills, #Kentucky
In reply to @CCofKY
Is this true. If so, you and your school have brought shame to all Kentuckians. What are you teaching these young people...certainly not respect.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This kids would mock Jesus on the cross if it happen today
They came to this city to terrorize people who鈥檝e had abortions. This is who they are and what they were taught to do.
#covingtoncatholic Come get your racist kids. They鈥檙e embarrassing your entire religion.
As a lifelong Catholic, this s SHAMEFUL SINFUL behavior!!! I hope their teachers and priests use this as a teachable moment. I am sure @Pontifex would find this behavior heartbreaking and NOT reflective of Catholic teachings!! @supmikeclines
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
From the state that brought you Senators Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Cocaine Mitch McConnell
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Covenington Catholic is part of the Covington Archdiocese in Kentucky. There contact info is below. Let them know how you feel. 1125 Madison Avenue Covington, Kentucky 41011-3115 Phone: 859-392-1500 Email:
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Horrifying. Every last one of these students should be expelled.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
What exactly is being taught at this Catholic School? It certainly is not the attributes of Jesus Christ! Shame on you if you don't do something about this!
This might be America but it's not the future 馃し馃従鈥嶁檪锔
I鈥檓 a proud Kentuckian. If this is confirmed to be Cov Cath HS, I鈥檓 appalled. As co-host of @TheBertShow, now airing on @HOT1025Lex, I personally ask the principal to come on air w/ us so a proper apology can be given to the elder who was harassed. This is gross. Be better.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
I'm a Catholic who votes. This is reprehensible. I'm calling. #Resist #IndigenousPeoplesMarch
Call them. Insist that this student -- and all of them -- be disciplined. This is a disgrace. And, frankly, evil.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Just a peaceful permitted march until these kids showed up.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
What is wrong with people. And you can鈥檛 blame age on this.
In reply to @CCofKY
Why did you allow your students to heckle and jeer a Native American on your watch鈦夛笍鈥
In reply to @supmikeclines
@supmikeclines is this the type of behavior chaperones on this trip should鈥檝e condoned? What a horrible thing these students from @CovCathColonels are doing and no one is stopping them. What are you going to do about this? Any statement? It鈥檚 very ugly on your watch
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
The future of our country... making America great again. Anyone who thought Trump was a good idea, this is on you
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
When you call, find out which adult jeopardized that Catholic school's tax-exempt status by supplying MAGA hats to those kids.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
NOT A SINGLE Student, Teacher, Chaperone or Administrator from @cch_colonels stood up to stop this! What does that say about what they teach and believe at Covington Catholic of Park Hills, #Kentucky
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
鈥 your behavior is disgraceful and antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. I hope you spend the trip home thinking about how to correct your mistakes. You鈥檙e in the spotlight, and many people are watching to see your next actions. Learn. Grow. Do better.
This example of the racist taunting of indigenous elders is not surprising in an era where the occupant of the WH routinely mocks, insults POC and those most vulnerable. Shame on the leaders of this school district @SupMikecheck for tolerating such disgusting behavior @IENearth
The MAGA boys are reportedly from Covington Catholic school, in Covington, Kentucky. The Elder they are taunting is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha keeper of a sacred pipe and a Vietnam Veteran. #smirkyracists #IndigenousPeoplesMarch .@shaunking
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This is despicable. When people ask how and where people become intolerant and engage in hate, remember incidents like this. They are learned behaviors and if 鈥渢he adult in the room鈥 says nothing, he/she is complicit.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
As a Catholic, I find this to be disgraceful. Where are the Catholic values in this? @Pontifex
These teens are disgusting immature ignorant imbeciles.
This is what #MarchForLife2019 is really about
As someone who used to go out of her way to hire these kids b/c of their reputations as 鈥渃ourteous, RESPECTFUL, young men鈥 I am absolutely disappointed...yet in this version of 2019, not shocked. #covingtoncatholichighschool #trumpsickness
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
The Elder is also a Viet Nam veteran.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Disgusting, I was at a Sacred Heart Catholic school in the UK and we would never act like this. NEVER. We were privileged but we were reminded gently all the time. Absolute disgrace, whatever you're teaching them in there, Clines, it's not very Catholic.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
I鈥檓 disgusted. Future Brett Kavanaugh鈥檚 in the making. I hope this video follows these boys and they pay for their actions.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Not a very a Christian thing to do...
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
And people wonder how Mitch keeps getting re elected.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This isn't what Catholicism teaches! Shame on the students, their parents, their teachers & #covingtoncatholichighschool for this disgraceful, ignorant, disrespectful & anti-Christian behavior!!
This is why women should swallow
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
How that elder refrained from cracking that kid's face open is remarkable. I hope to have his grace one day.
. @Pontifex Your Holiness, one day after your message to the World Indigenous Youth was delivered, we see young American Catholics behave abhorrently toward native elders. Maybe these students and @supmikeclines need to hear from the top that this behavior is hateful鈥 not of God?
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
I will retweet this to @CovCathColonels @CathCharCovKY @FrHennigen @supmikeclines over and over again as I find it so appaling. Social media does not forget and someday when this young man applies to his Ivy League college - I hope he is identified and it is considered.
Do not let the ignorant, malicious actions of a racist mob further tarnish the reputation of the Church.
Silence from Catholic circles after watching the disgusting video shouts consent. 鈥淔ather, forgive them, for they know not wtf they鈥檙e doing.鈥
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Ladies and gentleman, the children of the adults who gave us Senator McConnell. Gotta say I don鈥檛 expect any better
If you think that racism and white supremacy are dead, watch this video and compare it to videos and pictures from the civil rights movement... these 鈥渕en鈥 will go to good schools, they will be CEO鈥檚, LEO鈥檚, managers, congressmen, men of influence and hate will endure
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This is dispiriting to watch, and I can't help but think the mob behavior of these young people would be approved by their propaganda addicted parents. True leadership strives to repel this kind of disrespectful behavior & ignorance. Counterfeit leadership depends on it.
That time when the entire country retweets how horrible Cov Cath behavior is...We've only been saying this at every football game for years, ya'll. Welcome 馃拋鈥嶁檧锔
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
disgusting immature ignorant imbeciles
The school鈥檚 motto: 鈥淓ducating young men spiritually, academically, physically and socially.鈥 #epicfail
This behavior toward the Native American veteran was CHAPERONED?!? Again, so proud of my #publicschool students. Americans, we must demand that tax dollars not fund politically partisan propaganda masquerading as "religious beliefs." #RedForEd
鈥淲hite millennials are only marginally less racist than their parents ... We鈥檝e apparently made little to no progress in eradicating racism since the 鈥60s.鈥鈥
. #CatholicTwitter: We are toast. This is going viral all over the country. All US Catholics will have to bear the shame. We have to own it and vow to change it.
High school field trips to DC are meant teach kids what America鈥檚 all about. I guess these brats are learning what Trump鈥檚 America is all about.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
They attend a Catholic High School? Back in the day let鈥檚 just say corporal punishment would have been administered. They may call themselves 鈥渃hristian鈥 but they are anything but that.
The sons of white America need some manners putting on them
Where were they radicalized? What was there port of entry? Can we build a wall around them? #fuckMAGAt's
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
They probably said Jesus would have behaved the same way and get into peoples faces. #FakeChristians
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Yeah. Would like to see these kids on the American Frontier in 1850. Or in the military during the 1960s-70s. See how brave they are then.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
So much of their patented christian love
This isn鈥檛 the America I want to be a part of. These kids acting like this is disgusting
This is terrible. Please call Covington Catholic High school to voice your outrage 859-491-2247 #ChristianSchools
I went to Catholic school for 13 years - last 4 with Notre Dame nuns.The punishment for acting like this on a school trip would have been swift & severe. But then again - I can鈥檛 imagine us acting like this in the first place.This school has a lot of explaingnto do.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This is so painful to watch. Praying for many blessings on Nathan. The Catholic religion has such a horrendous history in Native America from the moment they arrived. Here in California some of the missions used California Indian bones like rebar in their construction. Shameful.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
I don't get it. Why are these mini-MAGAts taking exception to Native Americans? I'm genuinely confused. Seriously. There's nothing more American than Native Americans. Do these kids want a wall around the reservations or something? What a jerk.
In reply to @TBurnford
This is what Catholic education looks like in the era of Trump and MAGA.鈥
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
The school and diocese should be ashamed of these kids.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
I saw somewhere that this man is a Viet nam vet. If that is true then he fought for these kids to have the freedom to get in his face. Their lord and master's daddy fixed it so he didn't have to. Deplorable.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Covington Catholic High School needs to have a serious school-wide assembly on Tuesday. They should reflect on what it means to be a good citizen, and how students, parents, and faculty should present themselves, and how they should treat others.
Future state legislature
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Let the teacher and administrator terminations begin. And this kid will never get into college.. unless there鈥檚 a Covington Catholic College for Assholes. #IndigenousPeoplesMarch
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This behavior is deplorable, sicking, & unacceptable. These boys need to publicly apologize & make amends to the group of indigenous ple they disrespected. It's not only the 1 student, it's also the mob of thm circling the group & yelling at them. I am beyond disgusted & angered.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Kentucky. It figures. Mitch mcconnell's state. I will call that school and note my opinion about those horrible, insensitive young people.
Wow, this is disgusting!!! This is not what Catholic means and it's not what American means. These students just trying to get attention for being idiots. I hope they get expelled.
SHAME ON @realDonaldTrump SHAME ON @supmikeclines Shame on #MAGA This is so WRONG!
time to make these racist POS students famous as well as their school administrators for allowing this act of hate to occur
Hi @supmikeclines - are these boys going to be disciplined? You came to our town and harassed our guests engaged in peaceful protest? How will you guide your kids, or is this what you teach them? What part of the bible endorses this?
regardless of your beliefs or the beliefs of others, just be respectful... to stand in front of that man and mock him like this pre-pubescent little twerp did is unacceptable and shows nothing but disrespect to people of that culture and their customs, values, and beliefs
But.....they stand for the anthem?
This video of Catholic school boys mocking elders at the #indigenouspeoplesmarch is a disgusting display of Christian White Supremacy.

We condemn this behavior and demand that the students, their teachers and school admin, and their parents be held to account for this vitriol.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
This is beyond 鈥渕ocking鈥. This behavior is threatening.
Superintendent @supmikeclines - you now have perhaps the biggest professional moment of your life and a huge opportunity to help these young men grow into good men. Show us some leadership. Teach them respect. Help them apologize.
In reply to @supmikeclines
Why did you let this happen?
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
come collect your CCHS students from the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch and teach them kindness and compassion, what Catholicism means to me
Wow how is this tolerated? If this is how your community treats people peacefully marching for their rights what kind of young men are you raising @CovCathColonels?!
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
A lot of Catholics are hardcore MAGAts because of the abortion thing mostly, but then they get fox 鈥渘ews鈥 tunnel vision and it鈥檚 hard to break free after that
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
That kid鈥檚 smirk typifies the problem.
In reply to @NoBayouBridge
Well Kentucky doesn't have much to talk about their labor laws and labor rules I think are some of the worst in the country. The students only reflect the ignorance of the state
Wait a second - I'm pretty sure I read somewhere this week that racism doesn't exist anymore
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