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Many want to know who the kids are, particularly the one trying to stare down the elder. Those kids have already told you who and what they are. I want to know who this elder is. And those who stood with him while surrounded by ignorance, continuing their spirit work, undaunted. https://t.co/z5vrPVYcfU
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@ava Nathan Philips of the Omaha Nation speaking on what happened from @/ka_ya11 IG.
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I’ve posted the Native man’s video response on my timeline in the next tweet. Thank you to the many who helped identify him and shared his video, especially @NettaBear13 and @VinceSchilling.
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@ava @ava the man’s name is Nathan Phillips. He is Omaha and a Vietnam Veteran. The boys are from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky
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@ava @rachelheldevans “The elder is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran...He is also a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.”

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@ava This is what these kids look like. This photo has been etched in the fabric of our history.
Today, we can identify these kids by name and they have forever allowed themselves to be remembered this way.

or are just parroting their parent’s behavior?
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@ava @OOOhTwit As a Catholic, a parent, and an educator, the behavior of these boys makes me sick to my stomach. Every single college or university those entitled brats apply to should reject them. Their parents and their school should condemn their actions or be publicly shamed.
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@ava @goldengateblond The school site has gone private, but we should all be contacting the Archdiocese
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@ava I don’t understand attending the March for life only to show such utter disrespect to an elder.
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@ava @coleyworld I support Nathan Phillips, Omaha & the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch—in DC to alert politicians to their plight: “voter suppression; divided families by walls & borders; an environmental holocaust; sex & human trafficking; & police & military brutality” goldenageofgaia.com/2019/01/14/ind…
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@ava I think I see Kavanaugh and his entitled pals in this group. oops....that was 30 yrs ago🙉🤪
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@ava @soledadobrien Nazi youth making themselves visible to every college they’ll apply to and be denied.
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@ava @goldengateblond It's been this way for centuries in the U.S. Trying to live peacefully under the hateful eye of #whitenationalism but now it's called #MAGA and they wear red hats instead of white hoods.
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@ava He’s a Vietnam Veteran.
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@ava These horridly behaving children are from @CovCathColonels Their hoodies gave them away.

They locked their social media without an apology.

Please broadcast their name and shame. They must teach their children how to respect Native Americans. And how to behave in public.
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@ava yes!: so much respect for this man of dignity and calm, even in the face of disrespect and cruelty. Nathan Phillips is a veteran & Omaha keeper of a sacred pipe.
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Looks like that 'scary caravan' wasn't actually coming from Mexico, but rather Covington Catholic school in Kentucky. #Deplorables
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@ava Undaunted and beautiful, go Nathan!
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@ava Thank you for redirecting attention to the positive in this instance. My heart hurt for #NathanPhillips and the people, but he holds more strength than I do. His peaceful focused strength is the lesson gifted today. Respect and reverence.
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@ava Ugh who's the black kid in the blue sweater? I just want to talk
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@ava @SarahThyre That boy wants all the attention he's getting. Let's give it to the veteran instead.
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@ava The mob's ignorance perpetuates the history of racism and privilege that are woven into American history. I'm with you; I send the elder love, acceptance and appreciation.
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Nan Mc 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
@ava This elder is 1,000 times the man this boy will ever be.
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I am furious! But I think @Ava is right. Let’s lift up this elder. Let’s hear about his background & learn & listen.
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@ava @soledadobrien In town for the "March for Lives" - elite boys prep school (Covington Catholic from Kentucky) - the boys, their parents, & school administration show their true colors - #disgusted with these #hypocrites - lessons of compassion, empathy, respect fell on deaf ears apparently!
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@ava Ignorance breeds intolerance breeds disrespect breeds racism. The adults that allow this to exist are culpable; repentance and repair must be demonstrated or the mission to raise men of integrity is not in evidence. @CovCathColonels
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Jana Monji: The Dragon Lady 🐉 from Pasadena
@ava Wish we could send a hug or love to this elder.
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SunTzuTech #EqualityAct 🏳️‍🌈
@ava Well, those kids from the school should consider they’re on video violating policy on harassment, which can lead to expulsion
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SunTzuTech #EqualityAct 🏳️‍🌈
@ava The elder is reported in this link
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@ava @thinkkimthink And THIS is what our next generation of children will have to deal with. We have to build our children up so that no one can break them down.
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@ava There’s an obvious uniting characteristic of all the Trump supporters. And it’s not their MAGA gear...
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@ava @kathygriffin Their school
Covington Catholic High School
Phone (859) 491-2247
Fax (859) 448-2242

Their diocese.
Covington Catholic Diocese
Phone: (859) 392-1500
Email: info@covdio.org
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011-3115
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@ava @SarahThyre Sick, disgusting look at the future of our country right here. Call these boys out.
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@ava @michellebhasin Thank you Ava DuVernay. The sad irony is that many Native Americans were forced to adopt Catholicism as their religion, as my Grandmother was when she was sent to boarding school. This elder's spirit is stronger than their hate.
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@ava I'm disgusted by this. So disappointing to see such a disrespectful display.
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@ava SomenoNd changed the name on google 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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@ava May all of their college applications get rejected.
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I've got to stop looking at things that are going to make me furious first thing in the morning. I probably would be arrested for smacking red hats off these little shits.
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@ava Incredible! Never lost focus, never lost a beat! Good lesson here
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@ava THIS!!! Is when ASSWHOOPINGS, need to be legal!!
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@ava @CrystalMcCrary Yes ma’am. That’s the real story: stoicism.
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@ava I feel you but uh, we need to have that school dismantled
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@ava They are students from @CovCathColonels
If I were inclined to fear people who pray, it would not be people who carry prayer rugs but instead those who pray while overtly discriminating against others.
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#TeamDevinCow #DirtyDevinLikesCowPies
@ava This is the behavior that ensues when the President of the United States publicly calls a sitting member of Congress "Pocahontas" in an effort to denigrate her.
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@ava @slpng_giants So their twitter @CovCathColonels is protected, this school is directly advising its students, parents, and teachers to go do this. @TwitterSupport how about allowing us to report them?
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@ava Light worker vs all these dark energies! Doesn’t surprise me that the children are from catholic school as I had went there once too seeking safety from bullying only to encounter much more hate. Shame on the school for not properly teaching history. Shame on the parents!
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@ava This is sad and makes me sick. Shameful.
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@ava Somewhere, I’m convinced this kid’s parents are saying “he didn’t do anything wrong”, he’s a good boy”. And we all know that’s how the problem with these kids started.
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Liza Sabater 🇵🇷👸🏾🌹
@ava @AndyRichter Yet taking a knee for social justice is disrespectful.
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stupidity runs the world 💔
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@ava @1SpencerGarrett Infuriating.
There is a split in our nation’s soul and it grows out of the parents of these assholes.
These boys have no soul.
They are filled with...
Poor education.
All of the above.
Out with these losers.
Respect these elders.
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@ava @slpng_giants Future potential employers, take note of these faces.
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@ava They are what their parents made them.
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@ava “Before anyone else came here we never had walls we never had a prison.” Honored.
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@ava I thought the same thing. Who do these ignorant kids think they are to even try and test this man? They’re nothing compared to what he’s likely endured in his life. And he beats on.
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This broke my spirit today.
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I’ve seen this same type of scene first-hand when I was filming project-Ignite.com. From my experiences, behind these kids are a bunch of proud dads, head to toe wearing MAGA gear, traveling to this very spot to pay homage to #Trump.
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@ava @quinncy Nathan Phillips —water protector from the Omaha Nation.
2 12
@ava And their so proud of themselves for being beyond disrespectful butvas always and we sometimes forget. Hate is taught
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@ava @quinncy Anyone think any administration official or spokesperson is going to address this poisonous effluent from the open pit mine of hate they’ve been operating?
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@ava I would be devastated if I saw my son on this video. Absolutely devastated. There would be some serious intervention. My son is 12 now and I can't imagine him partaking in something like this.
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@ava I hear you. But I’m tired of absolving teenagers, some of the older teenagers, for any guilt in their actions. Their brains may not be fully developed yet, but this is sociopathic behavior.
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@ava Indian Country Today has details on the elder in that viral video.

His name is Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran who holds a regular ceremony for Native American veterans buried at Arlington National Cemetery. newsmaven.io/indiancountryt…
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@maddow @Lawrence Please cover this story. This is reprehensible. These students are from Covington Catholic High School in Covington, KY. Where were their school & parent chaperones? No adults to stop this? Please contact Bishop Roger J. Foys. My Catholic ❤️ is broken . . .
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Barack Obama🇺🇸 Commentary
@ava @soledadobrien Thanks, Kentucky.
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@ava @goldengateblond This illustrates the dignity of this older man, and the vile ignorance of these children. You are right. We support the dignity of the people celebrating their culture, and not those that demean it.
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@ava I love this elder, he’s so wise and patient. I want to know where are the parents & how the school intends to deal with this. I heard it’s a Catholic school & their site says they teach young men spiritually, academically, & socially? @Pontifex
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Fucking punks. WTF are these cretins being taught at home and school?
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@ava @GlobalGrind Nate Philips of the Omaha Nation
4 5
@ava Contact info for the adults involved in this ignorant young man's life.
Rev Roger Foys, Bishop of the Diocese, info@covdio.org or 859-392-1500
Michael Clines, Superintendent mclines@covcath.org (859) 392-1500
Bob Rowe, Principal, browe@covcath.org or 859-491-2247
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Im back Monday and can’t wait to go on-air in #Cincinnati during the most listened to time of the week and tell #CovingtonCatholic exactly what I think of them after this BS.
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@ava According to Rebbecca Solnit on fb: The MAGA boys are reportedly from Covington Catholic school, in Covington, Kentucky. My friend Pam Kingfisher reports, " The Native man is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha keeper of a sacred pipe and a Vietnam Veteran."
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@ava @soledadobrien Unfortunately this is America’s Catholic Schools that overlook that they have a problem and are in denial. My first two went to Catholic HS and begged me not to put my last there because of inappropriate behavior and prejudice.
1 8
@ava This kid is nothing more than a bully trying to impress his friends in the worst way. I would like to see a conversation with his parents to know more about where this comes from and where it's going. This behavior needs to be a national conversation to direct behavioral change.
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@ava He’s Nathan Phillips from Native Youth Alliance
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@ava facebook.com/dyami.thomas/v…

Nathan Phillips here talking about how there didn't use to be walls and prisons in this country.
3 5
@ava @lulu_says2 Covington Catholic @CovCathColonels only has 550 students. This mob is thus a large proportion of the student body. One has to wonder about the ethos of an institution that produces this kind of viciousness, dresses it in the uniform of fascism & sends its boys out as bullies.
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@ava @soledadobrien The Cov Cath Colonel's pictured here go to school in a mostly rural state but is actually an all boys school located about 2 miles from downtown Cincinnati. These kids have the opportunity for diversity education every day of their lives.
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@ava The Superintendent of Schools for the CATHOLIC school that sent these kids to this march is apparently @SupMikeClines. Nice to know the quality of humans being groomed “In the Name of Jesus” from Covington Catholic HS in Ky.
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Catholic school bullies. in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The kid staring - the Hostility and direct bratty menace of that - is so chilling. I want to call them baby hitler youth - but that leaves no room for change and remorse by them. The Elder is who we all need to be.
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Nathan Phillips, he’s a Vietnam Veteran for crying out loud. The fuckboys are from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky. He’s done more for this country than any of those nazis ever will.
2 6
@ava Good old catholic school upbringing 🤷🏾‍♂️
1 7
@ava I would like to donate $ to a Missing and murdered Indigenous Women #MMIW non-profit in the name of these students & the school: Covington Catholic High, KY (that seemingly amplifies their voices). But obviously want to amplify #MMIW !!
Any thoughts of a great org 2 support?
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Yes, these kids are privileged and disgusting. But the elder here, he stood brave in the face of intolerance and hate as he has probably done his entire life. That's the lesson here. Undaunted. Lionheart. Courageous. Hero.
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@ava @CNN @MSNBC @KatyTurNBC @andersoncooper @donlemon Will someone report on this? This is hate and ignorance. The elder is a beacon of strength and peace.
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@ava The kids are from Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills, KY 41011
(859) 491-2247
Principal Robert Rowe: browe@covcath.org
Superintendent Mike Clines is in DC with them: @supmikeclines
This is a list of the school's corp. sponsors:
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This is terrible...please circulate this..
3 4
Adam James🌊 🇺🇲💯 Majority60.com
Ava nails it here. Instead of making hecklers famous, let's talk about who the elder is, was and why there's a March!
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