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Mourinho speaks about the luxuries afforded to Guardiola and Klopp!!!

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This is interesting and it's not to be construed as him criticising either Man City or Liverpool. Read between the lines of it all and he's clearly explaining Guardiola and Klopp got their targets. He, of course, didn't.
This is quite long but in the end Jose gets round to saying Guardiola and Klopp have been supported in the transfer market. This is correct.
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Jose’s biggest problem: Not a single piece of self examination. Not a shred of Introspection. It’s always everything and everyone else’s fault. He’ll make the same mistakes in his next job and be out of a job again in year 3. And it won’t be his fault then either.
Stakkars Mourinho fikk bare signere Pogba (89M£), Lukaku (75M£), Fred (52M£), Matic (40M£), Lindelöf (31M£), Bailly (30M£), Mkhitaryan (27M£), Sánchez, Zlatan …
Here Jose explains how he spent 400 million but because his tactics are negative he should be afforded way more money than other managers
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before Jose came - no Pogba, no Zlatan, No Bailey, No Lindelof, No Sanchez, No Matic, No Fred, No Mkhi, No Dalot = yet, couldn’t get them to create one proper attack of his making
Jose Mourinho praises Man City and Liverpool for backing Pep and Klopp respectively. Makes a point that he wasn't backed even without mentioning #MUFC.
Spot on.

But once again, fans fail to see how now three managers have not been backed and the club is miles behind Liverpool and City.

OGS winning these 7 games has only cemented in the Glazers mind that they will not invest in a much needed January window.

Open your eyes.
I suspect Manchester United supporters won’t necessarily agree that a future without Pogba and Martial is a strong/solid one.
Hahahaha. This man spent nearly 400m and got 10 players and he is still moaning.
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He spend almost 500m quid and pick a fight with board members and the players. His problem is his ego.
“I had Rashford, Martial and Pogba, and they played like a drain. We spent £400m and were still rubbish.”
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He talks so much 💩 It’s his own fault he can’t make a 4 seasons
Yes. Because if you got perisic and gave up Martial you would have completed your objectives
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Firmino signed before Klopp arrived. #lackofknowledge
Mourinho, en train d'expliquer sur le plateau de #BeInSports que Guardiola et Klopp ont considérablement changé leur effectif; Des changements supportés par leurs dirigeants. "Comme entraineur, si tu peux faire ça, c'est une chose. Si tu ne peux pas le faire, c'est autre chose"🤔
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Mourinho talked for nearly 5 mins and said nothing...
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is he still crying
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Well, Firmino WAS at Liverpool when Klopp took the job 😉
To which the obvious question is: why have the same Man Utd players done so much better since you left?
His insights on Football management is amazing @ValyrianCA
Jose mourinho is truly a fraud

He spent £1.6 billion on players since 2000

No manager comes close to that spending levels

Jose mourinho has not developed one youth player since he became a manager

Cheque book manager
Lukaku, Sanchez, Mkhitaryan, Pogba, Fred, Matic, Bailly, Lindelof et al.

Also, he says that City signed four fullbacks in one summer and mentions Zinchenko/Delph amongst them, who were both already at the club and neither of whom were signed to play at full back.
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Not his biggest fan but you cant argue with his points. If you arent given the wheel then you are just a passenger...
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Klopp bought players and played them. Jose spent as much and either benched or sold his signings...Pogba, Sanchez, Mkhy, Bailly, Lindelof, Fred. Only Pep outspent him yet Jose was struggling around 7th. Excuses.
Pep og Klopp får, hvad de vil have, siger manden, som har fået spillere for ca. 3,5 milliarder kroner. #AldrigMinFejjlAltidDeAndres #Crybaby #pldk

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Nice to see the truth slowly coming out and he wasn't backed in the market like @GNev2 said if you are going to let him build a house why stop him quarter's of the way through.
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Lots of luxuries here..Eric Bailly - £30m Zlatan Ibrahimovic - big salary Henrikh Mkhitaryan - £27m Paul Pogba - £89m Victor Lindelof - £31m Romelu Lukaku - £75m Nemanja Matic - £40m Alexis Sanchez - big salary Diogo Dalot - £19m Fred - £52m Lee Grant - £1.5m
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Spent about 500m and still did SFA
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Nonsense, there's Ole winning with the same players.
Think we need to bear in mind this is work in progress for us too! #EFC #UTFT
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Sorry Jose. Rodgers signed Firmino
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How many players did you get? Still moaning!
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Klopp didn't sign Firmino.
Translation: "Everyone's to blame, except me"
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Lindellof Bailly Diego Dallot Pogba Fred Periera Lukaku Matic Sanchez Ibrahimovic No support for the #SpecialOne
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Jose acting like he made no signings #bittercunt
Jose spitting fire 🔥 again....
If you are a snowflake and a faint heart. If you are delusional, please don’t watch !!
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He talks about future then goes after matic willian aldeweirald Godin All whilst killing the talents of utds future in martial pogba rashford
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How to talk for five minutes but not actually say anything or make any sense. The fella has been talking jibberish for years now.
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he may not be the right man for United . But he is right here . We have to sort this mess .
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Yes. Likewise, before Mourinho at Utd there was no Sanchez, no Lukaku, no Lindelof, no Bailly, no Dalot, no Fred. You spent poorly whilst Pep and Klopp were astute. Simple.
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Woodward is a big problem Correction! But You're a Coach and You were backed with Pogba, Ibrahimovic , Bailly, Lukaku , Matic, Fred, Grant, Etc.. and still said "these players aren't good enough " , Mad Bc Willian , or Boateng didn't join to park the bus?
Nowhere in this fucking nonsense does he go on to explain how Utd have won every single game comfortably with the same players that he couldn’t get a tune out of. Weird that.
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Let’s see if his philosophy works at another club. Good luck Real Madrid if you go for this megalomaniac. His evolution was swapping Martial for Willian and getting rid of Rashford, Pogba & Lindelof and getting Perisic & McGuire in. Unbelievable
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The dumbness coach I have ever seen is Mourinho.
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Mourinho is doing a great job trying to justify why things weren't working for him this season @ManUtd. I wonder whether he isn't trying too hard, because d club got him Lukaku, Pogba, Lindelof, Bailly, Fred, Dalot, Matic, Alexis and Mkhitaryan. That is a whole team of stars.
How on earth do any one think this genius is done. Wow chills all over
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Never built a future at any club he’s been at, what young players did he develop, green eyes at city and Liverpool and sour grapes at Edward’s #typical
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What Jose fails to accept is that, it's his responsibility to make the clubs hierarchy buy into his plan. If they don't believe in your plan, they won't support you! Pep got support because he had a plan,solf it to the city board and showed it on the pitch as well
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Listened to about 20 seconds all about me me me me me and adapting shitbag spent three years living out a hotel some adapting that
Quesqu'il veut ??
Que les dirigeants donnes le plein pouvoir aux coachs ?? Il va continuer a pleurnicher jusqu'à quand,??
If he got his own way we would have lost our best players and been left with a squad with the average age of 65!! About time he looked himeslf in the mirror and admit he got things wrong. So glad he's gone
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Give him this liverpool team and he would still complain. This guy is finished
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OGS doing better with same group of players.. Problem is, he can't fucking coach modern football, use diversion tactics to get by, is divisive, toxic, arrogant, self-centered, and should have NEVER been given the Man Utd job...
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He signed 11 players most of them he didnt play and had issues.
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I got half way through watching that and i almost nodded off, it reaffirmed my belief that we should of sacked him a long time before we did, for what it's worth i didn't watch the second half of it what's the point.
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he doesn’t trick no one anymore.
God I can't stand this man
You were backed in your first 2 seasons & the football was shit.. lool no progress like pep/kloppp bore us later mate
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Ole has signed nobody yet and he is still winning. That can't be said about mourinho
Insightful stuff from Jose Mourinho. Worth listening #ARSCHE
This man bought 2CBs, 1FB, 1 DM, 2CMs, 1AM, 1 Winger, 2 STs spending 400m, that's 10 players right there. Yes, Manchester City had more luxuries, but don't tell you didn't. If this isn't backing idk what is. You got the wrong players, wrong tactics and failed. Move on.
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Turned off after 1:30 nee wonder he failed at man utd. Every player would have switched off
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Undoubtedly a legend, massive love and respect for @JoseMourinhoINA True talk by Mou..but Mou has to re think and look at his peoples skills and avoid dwelling on past glories. @MourinhoNews should be back at a top team again.. @realmadrid
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strange how OGS is getting results with exactly the same group of players. maybe he's out of touch with the modern game.
Wtf he spent close to 400 mil on the players he thought he needed and still didn't work out just face it bourinho its your tatics that got you the sack their are so 2003
Wenger was not backed from the board since the move to emirates, yet u called him specialist in failure 🤷🏻‍♂️ #DoubleStandards
And you had no money José?

Bailly £30m
Mkhitaryan £26m
Pogba £89m
Lukaku £75m
Matic £40m
Sánchez £30m
Lindelöf £31m

I rest my case. #MUFC
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Preparing for what future, when u were trying to sell the future 🤷🏽‍♂️
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Yes the club didn’t really back him did they🤔
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He also bought a lot of shite players let not forget that
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tell that to the 3 funny defenders and wasteful striker he left us with..
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Excuse after excuse. Out of date manager:!!! Like wenger.
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i can image him outpouring this to the board regularly; he was supported with transfers (separate discussion pending) as was Pepe&Klopp but both City&Liverpool appeared to progress, United seemed to regress in results, style of play and relationships -fans, media, player/manager!
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Probably the least humble man around in football. Always excuses and someone else's fault. The only way Jose will be a good manager again is if he address this.
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And you had no money José? Bailly £30m Mkhitaryan £26m Pogba £89m Lukaku £75m Matic £40m Sánchez £30m Lindelöf £31m Dalot £19m I rest my case. #MUFC
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I gave up on 29 seconds. If you can't admit you're lost then please don't put the rest of us through it .
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Utter nonsense. Blew onto the scene a breath of fresh air but now finished winning at the top level. Never improves flair players and his approach to winning games is dross!!!
First half of this i understand him but he is just highlighting how outdated he is. Years ago a attitude and culture was enough, SAF Utd like this but in an era where football has evolved and has become more advanced. Tactics/ quality will 9/10 outdo a attitude
Excellente analyse de Mourinho qui explique (ouin ouin) que Guardiola a eu la chance d'acheter plein de latéraux (il a vendu les nuls et les vieux et a pris de bons jeunes) et Klopp a acheté plein de joueurs comme Mané et Firmino (déjà là avant Klopp).
This is a must watch. Makes so much sense!
I still love this guy. He just speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. He knows this current Man U team will never win the premier league or champs league without significant investment and cultural change. I know his football is a bit dull but he is a winner and he knows
Mourinho is right on this one
Mourinho complaining again.
Embarrassing even for him. The guy can’t accept any sort of responsibility.
Having one the most expensive player in the PL and having him sit on the bench then cry about not being supported in the market is being unfair to United. You created chaos and expect to be supported in the market
Jose's is firing machine gun here..!! Logic , Sense, understanding..Man is clever...!!
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He got a point! Why Smalling, young, Valencia, jones, rojo, etc still at united and getting games? #Glazernomics
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