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2012 I met a girl at UJ, we both had financial problems and both 1st year's, I decided to quit school, get a job and help her finish school. 2017 she left me for a guy, 2018 same guy murdered her. I sacrificed my dreams and she still chose a murderer.
O jewa ke eng ?

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You went to UJ to study and met someone who was struggling financially like you do but you decided to work and pay for her studies. I can guarantee you that you can be millionaire if you can invest the same trust and energy in your life.
A good deed is never a mistake; no matter what the consequences are.
I think going back to school part time might actually heal you. Cause i feel you not having an education will always remind you why u dont and eventually the circumstances sorrounding that will come back
Imagine getting murdered and someone says "you chose a murderer".
Lmao. You no too get sense bros no vex.
😭 forgive yourself ,all that you did was coming from a good place .just that the person didn't appreciate it ., Go back to school n make your dream come true ...your given a chance to rectify your mistakes .🙏🙏
We've all gone out of our way for someone who didn't care as much as we did, it's okay. You had a good heart and maybe one day things will make sense for you
Had it been the other way around we gonna hear the “Man are trash” vibes but bro u can pick up again
Sigh, this has to be the one of the most heartbreaking response to the trend. May the Lord heal you and replace all your loses, wipe your tears and give you so much joy to forget this pain
You quit school to help her finish school? Love must be like LSD
No offense, but why in the world did you quit school. For financial reasons or because of said girl
She didnt know she was choosing a murderer. No woman knows that the man they with will kill them one day. May she rest in peace and may you find your peace as well and get to study further
I hope you learnt to put your dreams first before anyone else's.
I know how you feel bro, never help a girl achieve her dreams... Once they succeed they'll tell you one thing "you're not my type"
Dated Girl at UJ in 09,was doing Mech & she was doing Elec.She decided to change studies & do easier coarse to fit her lifestyle.She said no longer happy,broke up.In my final year met some1 doing CTA, getting married next year. U will meet some1 who deserves you
Karma knows everyone's address. Go back to school my brother. That chapter has ended itself. pic.twitter.com/VpZQXRA7ko
Iyhoo akunzima, the decisions we take always have consequences...in the end. Good or bad, we gotta learn from them. Sorry for what happened to you 💔
Where do people find this kind of boyfriends? 😭😭😭😭😭
Always make yourself a priority, I learnt this the hard way. You should come first before any other person.
You were crazy and irresponsible She was unfair, parasitic and trash Karma dealt with her. Learn, accept and move on!
Peace and strength be with you brother, I hope one day you will heal
I thought I was going through worse
Yoo.. karma in your area doesn't front. Wow😐😐
Never EVER EVER allow someone to steal your goodness. The fact that she made that choice is HER problem. God will reward you soon enough. Just remember to always do good no matter what, don't let people come and change you because of their own ingratitude.
Lmfaoooo see the moral of the story? You are obviously not ok
The only ones I will ever go this length for, if need be, will be any of my siblings....smdh
Strengths to you hey... the moral of the story is to not forget but to draw strength from it. You will never know why she did what she did but she's gone and there's nothing you can do about it. If need be seek counselling
Is because you did not do rems.
Have you gone back to school?
RIP to the Queen!

But you did yourself sha. No one to blame but you
Lol to quit school dawg??😲😲... I'm not judging but damn 😂😂🙆🏾‍♂️
Are guys ever gonna learn distancing themselves from educating a woman. Most stories I've heard it doesn't end well.
Idk you, but I know you'll get over this eventually. I'm sorry you had to go through this..
people are going through IT yoh
It's Karma she deserved it!!! it is what it is 💁

Damn what a yesses.😥😥 You're a selfless and kind-hearted human being. It's a pity being this loving doesn't buy immunity. I hope you find healing 🤗.
You were not wise at all, and I don't want to hear love. Na body just dey catch una.
Imagine if you had done that for your mother or sibling. You don't sacrifice that much to anyone before marriage. While I appreciate people who sacrifice for others, I hate it when someone start to entirely believe that they literally made you and continue to hold you at ransom.
Yhoo I'd never sacrifice my dreams especially for a girl.
Ah! This one is serious oh! This o jewa ke is just bringing out orishirishi stories!
Problem is, you won't even feel happy that she was murdered because you still love her. I pray Almighty heal you
People are shitty. God will reward your good heart. You did well. I believe you have done something beautiful and positive for someone even if they didn't appreciate it.
Never sacrifice your own well-being for someone else. It is a contradiction to man’s nature to live for others. We have been programmed to believe that being wealthy is bad. That you should live for “the fellow man” .
We live and learn bro. Don't be hard on yourself.
Duude never pay for your girl’s institution fees, at the end they’ll play & leave you, it always happens to guys
haii kodwa nawe ndoda...if this is true uyaganga.
Let me read this again😳
South African twitter is another level.
This is a sad story on why you shouldn't sacrifice your dreams for anyone, you can modify it a little but always chose you first. It's not selfish, it's because you're more important
Go back to school Bro.. finish your studies you...
Commiserations my good sir... A close friend of mine paid about R12k outstanding for his then GF (during our first year) so she could register for her 2nd... Two months later she apprised him that a prophecy (from her church) dictates that she ceases dating altogether.. But then
I am so sorry😭😭😭You would have been far by now if only you had known.I still believe you will get there.
You were dizzy my guy, time to move on and make peace with it.
Life is so tough man. Sorry U had to go through such,never ever sacrifice your goals for someone. People switch up all the time
You're a disgrace to manhood,why will quit school to help a rib from ur body...when you understand tha same rib fucked Adam up
What's happening on this thread ?!?
Someone died and you made it about you 🤔
Definitely not the brightest idea the 2 of you came up with silly infact...but she gone you're here live this life it's a gift
This left me speechless 😔
One of the most painful "O Jewa Ke Eng" tweets I've come across 💔
Sounds like you still feel some typa way about her not choosing you.

Here's the thing. She didn't owe you anything. You made a choice to drop out of school for her. That's on you.

She may have chosen the wrong guy but she was still not obligated to choose you. Love & light ❤
I hope you learnt a lesson Bro. Never put your dreams on ice to assist someone with theirs. You should have mourned for her when she left you. Now go and be great. Be kind to yourself.
Yoh ke tshaba pelo ya gao.
Turn your dodo✌🏾it’s burning
This is a serious o je Wang ooo,so sorry dear you'll heal with time...😓
Sorry but wawuphapha
No good deed goes unpunished.
What incel bullshit is this 😕
Damn, but to be fair she couldn’t have known he was a murderer...could she? ☹️💔
What the actual helll??!!!! Arrrghhhh
This is a bit heavy but also you. Who said you must drop out for her ??
I know it can't be the same UJ I'm attending
if this was me I would've been kind of happy
This one na kayefi 🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️
I would say Karma but that would sound insensitive ,Damn ninjas are wild out here
this should be a lesson to all of us dont take on a responsibility which is not
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