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This is why “the wall” can’t be built under almost any circumstance. These little racist kids were chanting it at a *Native* American in Washington DC. “The wall” isn’t about policy, it’s a monument for white nationalism and that’s it.
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I'm with Nathan
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Uplift him.
Celebrate him.
Stand with him.
And fight what does not.
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@misslaneym @matthewjdowd I am a cradle Catholic and a member of a Native American tribe. I am so angry and embarrassed that these young people would feel that this is appropriate behavior. They bring shame to other Catholics. Parents & teachers have failed to deliver Jesus’s message
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@misslaneym Nevertheless, he persisted.
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Today was another day of terrible racism but this guy is pretty amazing.
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@misslaneym Heartbreaking. Wish I could give him a hug and have him play for my kids.
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I would rather retweet this a thousands times than the faces of those entitled teenagers. Nathan Philips of the Omaha Nation, below:
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@misslaneym @Pajjr2016 Terrible this boy could behave like this. But not one of the crowd stepped forward to stop this. Shame on them all.
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@misslaneym When I was a kid, a commercial featured a "tearful Indian" upset because Americans littered. Turned out that Iron Eyes Cody was Oscar de Corti, a Sicilian actor, with no indigenous blood. In Nathan Phillips we have a true Native American hero with heartfelt tears for his Country.
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An “elder” shouldn’t be harassing children.
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@misslaneym @matthewjdowd @CovCathColonels ... after thanking this man for his service to country for others, “service to others” which clearly is not on your curriculum... perhaps you could muster an apology.

Should be some long lines at the confessional next week?
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@misslaneym @DLoIndustries Mail letters Bob Rowe, Principal Catholic High school, 1600 Dixie HWY, Park Hills, KY 41011
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@misslaneym What an amazing man. He shouldn’t shed tears over those idiots, they are not worth it. But we exposed them for who they are. We respect Nathan and everything he did and stands for. 🖖
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I’m still gutted over this entire incident. Completely and utterly ashamed. This man — these people and their cultures as well — deserve so much better than this.

Don’t for a minute think the wrongs of those who came before us have been righted. Not for a damn minute.
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@misslaneym Such a moment to witness the contrast of the angry people in the background and the gentle demeanor of this man. We need to keep showing the dark but sharing the light is the food we need to fight this fight. The more we see the good in others the more we are blessed by it!
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Apparently the boys who mocked this man are from a Catholic school.

For shame.
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@misslaneym This is a TRUE American! His pain is palpable. Imagine a wall built right through your PROMISED SACRED GROUNDS & being bullied for taking care of YOUR elders and lands. For shame @GOP and @realDonaldTrump
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Every time I open up twitter today I see footage of this event and it makes my stomach hurt and brings tears to my eyes. This is the first vid I’ve wanted to RT. Because this man was a wise hero today in the face of racism and intolerance and hate.
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@misslaneym Mr Phillips THANK YOU for your service and continued fight for what makes this country beautiful! I admire you and your Nation for your efforts to bring the immigrants that came to YOUR country together as one people! ❤️
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God bless Mr. Philips. May he feel the love and support being showered upon him from all parts of the country right now. ❤️
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Hey @CovCathColonels - this is the man your students mocked after you bussed them to D.C.

I was raised in the Catholic church. What they did was cruel & not at all in keeping w/ the tenets your beliefs claim to uphold. Locking ur twitter & turning a blind eye isn't cutting it.
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior Sending big love to elder Philips. I am sickened and saddened by the behavior of these young people.
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior I love you Nathan Phillips. I am sorry for this insult & for the horror of heartlessness & ignorance that brought it about. Know that there are still many compassionate ones & many still raise their children with #respect #WeAre #grateful for you; continue to #StandTall for #all
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I’m heartbroken for this man. He’s a veteran and was treated like shit by some arrogant, despicable boy name #MichaelHodge. Michael aimed to intimidate him while he was celebrating his culture during the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch. This cannot continue. This breaks America.
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this country is fucking sick man. im so tired of hearing about this shit, what the fuck
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@misslaneym THIS man is great. THIS man is who we should aspire to be. THIS man represents the America I want to love. #MAGA cult should look at him and see what courage, dignity, and humanity look like.
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“We never had walls. We never had a prison.”
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I don’t want to rt the other video onto my feed bcs I think it’s disgusting, but please contact @supmikeclines or call Covington Catholic School at 859-491-2247 to tell them that what their student did to this man was unconscionable and cruel.
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💙Paaj🌊🌊🌊🌈 "un-follow" i dislike so much
@misslaneym @SteveOBW ❤Always proud for our Native Americans that fought for whats rightfully ours and still continuing to fight💙🌊🌊
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@misslaneym @matthewjdowd If you voted for Trump, you voted for this man’s pain.
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I’ll not give the footage of this disgusting racism play. Everyone has access to it. #America is truly a #shithole country. #poverty & tent cities of homelessness bring the #usa to a new horrific normal. These bigot kids break my damn heart. This man is a hero! What’s his name?
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior Speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial no less.
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My god
12 86
Listen to your elders
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I stand with this man, Nathan Phillips. His honor is clear. Ugly Americans in America reflect badly on us all.
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@misslaneym @maryk196051 I'm so sorry for Mr Phillips. 😞
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior Thanks for posting this. Much to mourn these days, but much to mourn from the beginning of our country. This vicious act of the children ridiculing this man stabs my heart.
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@misslaneym @Toonces_Resists So proud you stood your ground sir. God Bless you!❤️❤️
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This is such a powerful statement. “I wish those young men would put that energy towards making this country really great.” Imagine if they redirected that hate into something good.
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@misslaneym @matthewjdowd 😢 Disrespect and bigotry shining through from the MAGA brownshirts. I apologize to this decent and brave Native American. 🙏❤️
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Vietnam veteran...
@senatemajldr your constituent, Michael Hodge at Covington Catholic is trending, you know why ??
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People tell me to “stick to sports” not sure what that means - to remain silent is an accomplice to guilt. Nathan Philips beat his drum in the face of cowardice & hate. We must continue to beat our drums & sing our songs in the face of hate that disguises itself as greatness
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Typically the conservative media goes crazy when someone disrespects a veteran, so I have to assume they're on Nathan Phillips' side on this one.
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior Spread this video- we need to ID these kids and their parents!!!!
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@misslaneym Any one have Nathan Philips address so we could send him cards with our support for him?
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“That energy could be turned into feeding the people, cleaning up our communities and figuring out what else we can do...We need the young people to be doing that instead of saying: ‘These guys are our enemies.’”
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@misslaneym Nathan Philips is a true American and a true brave man and hero.
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@misslaneym @matthewjdowd Believe me, I’m crying with him.
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Remember that guy sending those Fake Pipe Bombs to Democrats with the Van with #MAGA stickers all over it That was a BS set up
Just as those as those students were Liberal Racist's posing as Trump supporters
The KKK was the Democratic Party Remember that
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior We need more like him, who serve this country and honor those who have gone before. May he be shown the respect he so honestly deserves.
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@misslaneym @Belinha1961 This is a courageous and beautiful person who deserves the complete opposite of the utter disrespect he received.
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This video made me cry fr. This shouldn’t be going on Trump should have never been president
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@misslaneym I am so sad, and sickened and I keep trying to get through to that school...
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@Pontifex please intervene at this school. There is obviously a serious problem here. #CovCathColonelsDisgrace #CovingtonCatholicHigh
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tags7453🇺🇸 Dogs leave pawprints on our hearts🐕
@misslaneym @matthewjdowd The whole administrative staff of the school, the students involved and the parents should all publicly apologize to the Omaha Nation and Mr. Philips.
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I’m livid. I hope Nathan Phillips sees how loved he is by us. Hey @realDonaldTrump maybe you could actually muster up the balls to denounce the behavior of those students and anyone who agrees with them
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In my experience, Native Americans in combat are quiet, dutiful, brave and unstoppable. Maybe a life of hard living makes war easier to deal with. Had the privilege of meeting many of these quiet men and sharing their stories. Listen to what he says: Stop hurting each other.
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@misslaneym @SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi ... please see this Native elder’s tearful response to #BuildThatWall. This should inform your response to Trump today.
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How sadly ironic that this man is the pure embodiment of the savior these cretins pretend to worship, and yet they're too blinded by ignorance to notice.
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love, understanding and passion from this man in the face of atrocious behavior
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A bunch of guys thinking that wearing red hats makes them better patriots than a guy who served in Vietnam sort of sums up the GOP today.
10 30
1) Imagine the rage Trump supporters would have if something like this happened to a white veteran.
2) The irony of them chanting “build the wall” to indigenous people
3) really though? Where are all the people who preach about respects vets?
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Love to you and your tribe. Love to every single one of you

#NathanPhillips #IStandWithNathanPhillips
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I'd line up next the this guy any day of the week. He's the America we hope for in eh future, the America of that little cockloche in the red hat is what I'll fight every damn day to leave in the past...
5 33
I pray that only GOOD + AMAZING things pursue and find this man. Lord give him (and others like him) peace and persistence
6 31
Republicans, watch this! You own this! This man is a Veteran. You pay a lot of lip-service to caring about those who sacrifice for our country. What are you going to do to stop this madness? Get a backbone and do the right thing. #ImpeachTrump
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🥃🍃☘️Emersen Lee🍀🍃🥃
Teach your kids respect, no matter what political party you support.
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@misslaneym @sarahkendzior Hugs to this man 💔 So sad for what America has become
5 31
@misslaneym Thank you for your Service, Elder Philips.
7 28
this is heartbreaking. the way our president has normalized hate and lack of empathy in this country is disgusting, if you think those white boys were funny in any regard literally unfollow me
2 33
@misslaneym @benFranklin2018 You have all my respect. Wish that was enough.
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🎶🇨🇦Marilyn Louise 🇨🇦 ☘️☘️☘️📸🕊🐱🐈
@misslaneym Nathan I'm so very sorry you were treated with such deplorable disrespect. You have millions across the world in your corner including my country of Canada. You deserve to be honoured and respected.
9 25
wow my heart just got ripped out
2 32
@misslaneym @CovCathColonels needs to address this - not lock their social media and scurry into the shadows like cockroaches. These spineless punks should be required to spend a few weeks working at a VA hospital talking to real heroes.
12 21
RT. Mr. Nathan Philips, of the Omaha Nation. Beautiful man, beautiful words. It’s so simple. Love each other.
10 23
I love you, Nathan Phillips.
What a hero you are.
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@misslaneym These students are doing what Trump teaches them to do everyday, bully, disrespect, be bigoted toward minorities, selfishness, sadism, pleasure in inflicting pain on others, then when caught self-pity; that is the message of Trump.
7 25
Better we hear him than them
7 25
6 26
Nothing makes me more angry than the behaviour of people who have obviously never been held accountable for their actions. It's a byproduct of willful ignorance and knowing your actions won't have consequences. Don't just blame the teens, blame their parents too.
6 25
atomicdog, the armchair radical
@misslaneym @Judydn5 Their school
Covington Catholic High School
Phone (859) 491-2247
Fax (859) 448-2242

Their diocese.
Covington Catholic Diocese
Phone: (859) 392-1500
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011-3115
11 17
Maybe #covingtoncatholichighschool should be protesting sex abusers in the Catholic church, not brave indigenous people?
10 18
🌺🐝MeyHive United we stand MelanatedMonaMegBOT🥑
This should not be happening in 2019, but it is, it’s time to take a stand and say NO to racism everywhere!
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Where is the Trumpie uproar over the disrespect of this VETERAN or does being a veteran only matter when you’re white 🤔
6 21
@misslaneym This is why people kneel. Against direspect, hatred, acts of white supremacy, and racial systemic injustice towards POC. Even to those who have served to protect our country. Simply because they’re not white. Aka “not American”. No denying this, the history shows
2 25
🐾💋 B L A Z E R 💋 🐾 #TeamPelosi
This makes America a depraved $hithole!!!!!

9 17
“I wish I could see a mass of young men use that same energy to make this country really great... helping the hungry, etc.”

We got to bring that same energy back can’t let this man fight this battle on his own
4 19
@misslaneym @CovCathColonels, begin to revisit your values to embrace the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in order to educate your male students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially with this video.
3 20
What a wholesome man, I really hope those who disrupted his peaceful protest get what they deserve
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