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Todays charcoal/pencil drawing

I was working on an important painting today, I stopped so I can draw this

I'm disgusted with the racist behavior & ignorance by the students who harassed indigenous Omaha Nation elder & Vietnam Vet Nathan Phillips at the #IndigenousPeoplesMarch

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‘His name is NATHAN PHILLIPS, show some respect’

His name is Nathan Phillips.☮️
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you Jon...we should include this in an upcoming Tribal Art exhibit @LUX_Center My heart knows and goes out to Uncle Nate. He is a pipeline fighter, veteran, father and hero who stood up to hate. pic.twitter.com/qMz7CDrcCD
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Amazing. Best thing I’ve seen since that awful video first started circulating. Jon, you have an amazing gift. Glad to have discovered you here.
Thank you Jon, thank you Nathan.💙
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
This warms my heart so much. Thank you, Jon, for channeling your talent into hope and inspiration. You are the gift; the talent is a conduit.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Omg, I was thinking how kind it would be, if you did this for him. Just a few minutes ago 👀. This is awesome, thank you Jon 🙏🏼
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
It’s stunning and thank you, Jon 💙
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
My new profile pic, with your permission?
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Toronto has a square in front of our city hall named after him: Nathan Phillips Square. I agree with you, disgusting behavior. It's sad that our youth today don't have any morals. They're too busy looking down at their smartphones to see the light as they never look up. pic.twitter.com/iqPlEKED3g
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you. You have captured him.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Lovely! You just undid a lot of hurt and disrespect with your awesome creation. Best of karma to you! 🙌👍👍👍👍👍
This is the face I want to remember today, Nathan Phillips.

Jon Lion @JonLionFineArt has channeled some of this elder’s grace and strength. THIS is how you #MAGA - with dignity & respect.
Love it. Nice work. :-)
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
May I share? With proper credit, of course.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you for this. Though we must see these boys’ actions, we must truly see & learn from this amazing, peaceful warrior. I will carry him in my heart forever. ❤️🦅
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you Jon ..... FABULOUS
Racism and sexism are two sides of the same coin.

These young men were in Washington DC to protest women’s human rights.

Every woman is #ProLife but most r not #ForcedBirthingDemanders pushing the normalization of women as #LifeBearers w/out personal agency & bodily integrity
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
#Respect to my fellow Veteran! I salute you sir!
Use the photo for a poster. The Face of MAGA
Sent to racist bigot punks’ Senators in Kentucky


And @supmikeclines the superintendent
Cool drawing of Nathan Phillips.
Thx artist.
cc: @justiceputnam @Deoliver47
Don't know if you guys saw this, but it's something special...
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
No, sir. You are wrong. The man approached the kids 1st. He yelled at them "go back to Europe. This is not your land". Kids just kept smiling and only after a while, sick of this provocation, kids started to yell "build the wall". They never touched him

Nathan Phillips. More American hero than all "Life Marchers" put together. And LITERALLY more American than any of them.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I stand with #NathanPhillips and reject all hate and racism. This is wonderful, Jon!
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
How do you draw so quickly? Amazing!
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
He approached them and his group was telling them to go back to "Europe where they came from" and he continued beating his drum in the boys face... So whos behavior was actually disgusting?
Watch the full video. He shoved into and disrespected them.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
The video represented hate... this represents love. Thank you. ♥️
A wonderful sketch by an artist who felt the need to create something respectful out of such an horrible case of harassment of this elder in the USA by students from a Catholic school who interfered with an Aboriginal March. @JonLionFineArt
Love the drawing Jon, great msg. to all the Trumper's.....
WOW, so deeply profound & captured his character so well....Thank you for such a gift to us all...
👇💖💝💞awesome painting @JonLionFineArt 👋👋🙌 celebrate Nathan💁 a life to inspire us. Thank you 😍
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Oh Jon. That’s stunning. The organization that Native American & Veteran Nathan Phillips works with and maybe they could get that beautiful creation to him: nativeyouthleadership.org
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I like your drawing. It shows the dignity I saw in this man’s face. Well done!
I hope those little pricks get suspended, fired, arrested, not necessarily in that order!
But I do absolutely LOVE this drawing!
I love this!! Super dooope
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Stunning! Uplifting! An amazing work of heart!!!! 😍
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Omg! I just went to your page just to tell you to add this guy to your list and you have already done it! 💕
I hope his passport is stamped "Real American"
I'm just disgusted with any teenager not having any respect for their elders - I would have never done this, nor my children would have never done such a thing - EVER!!! Shame on him...
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
This is beautiful ❤️ I am disgusted by those #WhitePrivileged brats as well...their parents should be embarrassed!! Those students will be lucky to be half the man #NathanPhillips is!!! Charges should be laid!! 😡😡😡
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you Jon for the respectful image of Nathan to overshadow the disgusting treatment of him by MAGA kids!
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
It broke my heart to see him crying while being interviewed. No one deserves what those kids did to him. A beautiful drawing of a sad moment in history. Do you sell your drawings?
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
This drawing speaks a thousand words!!! Your work is AMAZING, Thanks for sharing this! Nathan Phillips actions in the way he handled diversity should be a lesson to everyone, me included. Because, I would have whooped this kids ass! Nathan has made me a better person!
A fitting tribute to a wise and courageous man from @JonLionFineArt #RespectNathanPhillips ☮️❤️✨
Here's a really cool artwork. It would be tremendous if it were to GO VIRAL:
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
This is... FANTASTIC.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Hope someone buys this to have in placed in school
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I love your work and it’s always so fitting for the times!! Love over hate and light through darkness! ❤️
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
You are amazingly talented.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
This is lovely, well done
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Thank you for honoring #NathanPhilips 💕with your exceptional talent. Thank you!!!
Thank you @JonLionFineArt for giving honor to this beautiful man who was so HORRIBLY disrespected yesterday. I 🙏that someday those young men will see how horrific their behavior was & try to make amends. Every day we're seeing more of #TheTrumpEffect #CovingtonCatholic
Remarkable! You have not only captured this gentleman’s essence but paid loving tribute to him at the same time.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I want to look @ this strong man's face over & over. What an artist @JonLionFineArt! I wonder how this could be sent out repetitively. hmmm.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Covenington Catholic School is part of the Covington Archdiocese in Kentucky. 1125 Madison Avenue Covington, Kentucky 41011-3115 Phone: 859-392-1500 Email: info@covdio.org” Many of the boys in the crowd have been identified as students of this school.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
When 1 watches the prelude to this drum protest most persons will see it was an active discussion between groups which was escalated by this man when he called for “relatives” they stated they would teach these boys what MAGA truly was; its dueling protest
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Holy mackerel, that is really good. You are very talented.
Mr. Nathan Phillips
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Beautiful drawing. thank you
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Beautiful, that was so disgusting to see, that man is a hero!
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I have to remind myself there are more beautiful people than ugly ones. You are one of the beautiful ones.
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
I could weep!! God blessed you with an amazing talent but your gift to us all is your heart!!
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Your heart comes through your drawings!! God bless.💕💕
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Great portrait! Love your artwork. 💕
In reply to @JonLionFineArt
Remarkable and so well deserved.
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