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My first time meeting an otter 😂

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Brother Nature’s teeth.

That’s it, that’s the Tweet.
Like someone said, Brother Nature is a real celebrity in the animal world
Brother nature is the best thing to happen to the world
otters and brother nature in ONE video is twitter TRYING to make me faint
In reply to @BrotherNature
In reply to @BrotherNature
Whole time this dude went from a meme to actually being about what he preaches. Respect pic.twitter.com/pGIb2HHDTC
this man makes me so happy that if you show me brother nature videos there’s a 100% chance I’ll fall in love with you
Mais c’est quoi son secret ? Tous les animaux l’aiment !
In reply to @BrotherNature
In reply to @BrotherNature
Mans got the whole animal kingdom at his side 😂😂😂
In reply to @BrotherNature
First time meeting each-otter
In reply to @BrotherNature
I’ll probably start watching Animal Planet again if they gave him a show. 😭😭
Brother Nature could pet a cockroach and make it look cute
In reply to @BrotherNature
I may have never known otters squeak and have perfect shoulder balance talents if it wasn’t for brother nature pic.twitter.com/BUns4TeLIM
can one of y’all put the autotune effect on this please
In reply to @BrotherNature
In reply to @BrotherNature
That’s otterly awesome ✌️
BRUH wth i want to have a pet otter!?!? ah im so jealous
In reply to @BrotherNature
My heart melts everytime he posts a video with an animal 😩
Brother Nature is a beautiful ass dude man
if my mans don’t love animals this much i don’t want him
I have never been so jealous in my whole entire life.................😆
In reply to @BrotherNature
I too can put my tail in ya face
The things i would do to be in that otter's place..............
I’ve never been more jealous of a human being in my life
This is my dream. I want an otter to climb all over me and be my friend.
i can’t fucking stand how cute this man is
In reply to @BrotherNature
Dude i would marry brother nature.
He’s a modern day Noah’s arc
not to be horny on the TL but i would benefit from being held and talked to like this
I’ve never been more jealous of a human being than this. I don’t think you guys understand how much I LOVE OTTERS
some people in life want money

.. this is all I want
In reply to @BrotherNature
That's a weird looking cat you got there
Nah this man is so lucky, otters dead been my favorite animal forever 😭😭
Otter: *Trying to escape*

BN: we gon be best friends
I want to marry this man that’s all.
In reply to @BrotherNature
animals go to church to pray to brother nature
what animal i gotta dress up as so brother nature can love me
I suddenly want to become an otter
i want those kisses 😢
Pretty sure this is in Franklin (I could be wrong). That definitely means I held the same otter as him which means we are definitely friends through this otter. Pretty cool pretty cool.
Keep this man away from the sting ray.
Does this man have a super power or something?
suddenly i want an otter
les 2 choses les + mignonnes de twitter réunies
I’d literally murder someone to be him rn.
lord, i see what you've done for otters
yup, I’m buying a fucking otter now
Thats it, I’m getting an otter.
In reply to @BrotherNature
does anyone else wish they were that otter?
I’ve never seen an animal that doesn’t like him
It really hurts to see other people living out your dreams
This is exactly how they look at the leather bar too...
Bruh I'm so jealous ya'll dont even understand
This is all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life.
I just wanna meet brother nature or Canela
Are you FUCKING kidding me
I WANT ONE 😭😭😭😭😭
Brother nature will probably have more animals than humans at his wedding
I must have watched this 90 times
You know fuck all those girls saying they want to date brother nature I seriously just wanna hangout with the dude one day 😂
all the shit he’s does but I swear I’m most jealous of this. I WANT TO MEET A FCKN OTTER NOT FAIR😭😭😭😭
How’s it almost 1/4 through 2019 and he still ain’t gotta network show!?
Meeting an otter is my DREAM
Man...this is the dream. I would love to hold a otter.
Brother Nature is the reincarnation of Steve Irwin and if you disagree you’re wrong.
If y’all don’t agree Brother Nature is as good or better than Steve Irwin you are straight up lying to yourself
When will someone talk to me like this??
Where can I stea- I mean buy one
In reply to @BrotherNature
I dont get it how peoples can wear otter fur...
I love Brother Nature like no otter 😉
Otters are so fucking cute i want one
i’m gonna need to marry him so we can meet animals together
This nigga could have the whole animal kingdom pull up on u
I’ve never been jealous of this dude... UNTIL RN. I NEED TO MEET AN OTTER 😭
tou a chorar mas é de inveja msm. imaginem ter uma lontra a dar vos amor assim lol nem merece
I want to meet an otter 😭
Today’s generation thinks animal conservation is forcibly holding a wild animal as its struggles to get away. Funny.
I have never been more jealous of an individual in my life
I want myself a brother nature 😩😩
he’s living my dream life
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