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i miss the old days when friends used to knock on your door and ask if you wanted to come outside and do kid shit

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Go to college it’s the same thing but normally more life threatening activities, still fun though
I’m glad I grew up the way I grew up
I would always ask my mom and it really depended on her mood. Sometimes I would get a “no” for no fucking reason. pic.twitter.com/LFrNt2FYoW
Now, all I get are “u up?” texts 😭
“Let me ask my parents” *bikes all laid out on the front yard* *bikes to the gas station to get a fountain drink and a bag of chips
y’all had friends as kids? lmaoooo
but really. think about it. the feeling when someone walked to YOUR house because they wanted YOUR company.... that shit made me feel special
Sounds like college to me
when u opened the door and saw it was your homie asking u to hang that feeling is unmatched
“hey, can averi come play football with us please?” “yes, go get her” “be back before dark”
nowadays friends knock on my door on a tuesday night asking if I want to come to their room and take shots
my fav memory is having my friends come to my door and ask to go to mikes midway together so we could buy ice cream & I’d have to beg my parents for a dollar or two. the real ones know what’s up
honestly if someone did this now i’d just have an anxiety attack
I remember this and I said no every time 😭
hey guys wanna ride our bikes into town for the 17th straight day?
Nowadays kids barely be playing outside instead they’d rather play video games or be on their phones smh
Or when you had a couple of your best friends home phone numbers memorized and call them because it’s the weekend and you get to ask them to have a sleep over because mom said yes. THE BEST feeling
some of y’all didn’t grow up in BFE on 1636482 acres of all farm land and it SHOWS
dawg we just yelled their name from outside their gate 💀
Nowadays we just exchange tweets and check each other's snapchats to see how we've been doing.
When life was simple. 😪
I tried this with @tino_tardella once and when his parents answered the door I thought I had the wrong house because I didn’t know he was adopted
Now my buddies just bust in at any time drunk hollering 😂
This never happened to me because I lived in the middle of the freaking woods
if you live in the dorm w the right people they’ll do this too
I'm legit so grateful we have a neighbor girl and her and my daughter get to do this still. Summertime both house doors open kids coming in between as they please
Now it’s a text asking if you tryna smoke... otw
“ can you come out and play ?”
never forget Matthew hating our neighbor so much that when the guy came over to ask if Matt could hang out I’d always cover for him with “he’s not home” “he has homework” or “he’s grounded all week.” sibling brain @mattpeavs
People behind the hospital knew this was an everyday thing
Now it's considered weird to just show up at a friends house. People would rather sit on social media and bitch about how much they hate people and going outside
lowkey living in a dorm gave me this opportunity again cause i jus knock on everyone's door waiting for them to answer
Kids these days will never understand 🤧
Can’t relate. I had to ride my bicycle in a circle in my driveway. Alone. Just some no neighborhood probs.
This has been replaced by “ uko”
Never in my life has this happened to me
I have never in my life experienced this lmfaoo
“Can you come out?”
“Can you ask my mom for me?”
They ain’t have to knock on the door I was already outside waiting on them 😂😂
who else had that one neighbor kid that would not stop knockin and askin so you had ur mom answer and say no
“Can Caroline come play”😂😂 @c_baker14
im tryna go outside and make “chicken soup” with dirt & grass and get my knee scraped from falling off my scooter 🤷🏽‍♀️
" lets go play ding dong ditch."
Greg Heffley is the sole reason I stopped asking my friends to come over and play
I just remember they had to vy back home bc DragonBall Z/WWE was showing at 5pm😂
Jennifer used to throw rocks at my window in middle school to let me know when to pop out until she broke my window lol
lmfao man whaaaatttt. we used to be deep asf in my neighborhood ☠️
when i’d ride my scooter to ur house, throw a pebble at ur window & write down on a notebook “CAN U PLAY” & u would look out, leave for a few seconds, come back, & write “NO” on ur notebook... those were the days
my parents never wanted me to go over to my neighbors house and i always wondered why cause I really liked her and then one day her dad said he didn't want his daughter playing with "those mexicans" and it clicked,,, he is racist lol
College dorms are just like this except someone just straight up walks into your room without knocking and says “what’s up, loser. we’re getting sonic.”
now they knock on my door asking for a G
“aunty can ... come outside?”😂😂😢
@KylieJenner I’m sorry for going to Universal Studios the day you wanted to hang out pls come back on ur razor scooter I’ll cancel all my plans
@logan_eggers would walk into our house & a few hours later I would get a call from kierra saying they rolled a four wheeler & got it wedged in between two trees
They would throw rocks to my window to go out LMFAO
Y’all do this every weekend with me still :) @JPeraltaa_ @Mcbarin57 @luisfranco_11
This was me harassing Tara to be my friend
fuck them kids I was playing Nintendo
@princelytamfu was at my door everyday so my lazy ass had to start pretending my parents said no 😩
“mom can I go see if so & so wanna ride bikes?”... “hey, ya wanna go play olden days?”... *rains outside*....“lets play ditch dodgeball”...”mom, can we go play in the cane field?”....I freakin miss it
Haley: *knocks on door*
Me: hey Haley what’s up?
Haley: *points to golf course*
Me: ..you want to go play catch?
Me: alright cool, I’ll be out in 5
*haley proceeds to run back home barefoot*
and then my mum would shout from the kitchen, “HE’S BUSY!” 🙂🙂🙂
‘Wanna go play? I just got a new jump rope🤩’
Now I got friends who knock on my door and tell me to come out and smoke then do some kid shit
Y’all remember playing hide and seek with your cousins at birthday parties? Good ol days tbh
the amount of times i claimed my mom said i couldn’t go out.
sam pepper still does this
Now friends don’t exist
I wish college students had the time for this like take advantage of the fact that we live next door to our friends... but no we gotta be busy all the time :(
My friends used to knock on my door and ask if I wanted to try crack
Anyone born after 1999 is void from retweeting or favouring this. You mans grew up with mobile telecommunication.
This dude @MatCicero5 would show up at my door every day
my friends just hop my fence to break into my house now instead of just walking in thru the front door @avanarine22 @elibyrdman13
am I the only one that never experienced this bc I had no friends when I was little 🙂
I miss the good ole days
Or pull up to the apartment’s “field” for a cascarita ⚽️
This is @YungLasColinas wanting to throw the football every morning at 8 during middle school summers lmao
the good ole days
someone come ride scooters with me, and play that skip-it game.
Now a days if someone comes to my door I’ll be like “What the fuck you doing here?” Lmao
@ricky_soccer4 - "Can Joji come out to play?" LMAOOOO
now I don’t bother knocking and just walk right in like I own the joint lol
idk bout yall but me and my neighbors still go out haha
sometimes @sadiesuterr would come knock on my door & i would hide in the bathroom.. sorry saids 😬😘
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