i miss the old days when friends used to knock on your door and ask if you wanted to come outside and do kid shit
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Go to college it’s the same thing but normally more life threatening activities, still fun though
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I’m glad I grew up the way I grew up
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@nickccerino I would always ask my mom and it really depended on her mood. Sometimes I would get a “no” for no fucking reason.
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@nickccerino Now, all I get are “u up?” texts 😭
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@nickccerino “Let me ask my parents”
*bikes all laid out on the front yard*
*bikes to the gas station to get a fountain drink and a bag of chips
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y’all had friends as kids? lmaoooo
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when u opened the door and saw it was your homie asking u to hang that feeling is unmatched
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nowadays friends knock on my door on a tuesday night asking if I want to come to their room and take shots
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my fav memory is having my friends come to my door and ask to go to mikes midway together so we could buy ice cream & I’d have to beg my parents for a dollar or two. the real ones know what’s up
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@nickccerino I remember this and I said no every time 😭
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Did anyone else grow up with no neighbors or was it just me
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Is it autistic culture to not know what this experience is
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Nowadays kids barely be playing outside instead they’d rather play video games or be on their phones smh
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Or when you had a couple of your best friends home phone numbers memorized and call them because it’s the weekend and you get to ask them to have a sleep over because mom said yes. THE BEST feeling
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Nowadays we just exchange tweets and check each other's snapchats to see how we've been doing.
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dawg we just yelled their name from outside their gate 💀
5 13
I tried this with @tino_tardella once and when his parents answered the door I thought I had the wrong house because I didn’t know he was adopted
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am I the only one who never had someone do this ? guess I was just a loser
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My best friend used to break into my house when nobody was there and wait for me to get home. She still does this. Idk how she does it tbh...
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“ can you come out and play ?”
5 9
This never happened to me because I lived in the middle of the freaking woods
2 12
Very glad I had a childhood like this
8 5
People behind the hospital knew this was an everyday thing
4 9
Now it’s a text asking if you tryna smoke... otw
3 10
Now it's considered weird to just show up at a friends house. People would rather sit on social media and bitch about how much they hate people and going outside
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Greg Heffley is the sole reason I stopped asking my friends to come over and play
2 10
lowkey living in a dorm gave me this opportunity again cause i jus knock on everyone's door waiting for them to answer
2 9
They ain’t have to knock on the door I was already outside waiting on them 😂😂
1 10
Kids these days will never understand 🤧
1 10
Can’t relate. I had to ride my bicycle in a circle in my driveway. Alone. Just some no neighborhood probs.
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growing up a loner: this never happened to me
3 7
I have never in my life experienced this lmfaoo
2 8
Never in my life has this happened to me
2 8
“Can you come out?”
“Can you ask my mom for me?”
2 8
“Can Caroline come play”😂😂 @c_baker14
1 9
who else had that one neighbor kid that would not stop knockin and askin so you had ur mom answer and say no
1 9
@nickccerino im tryna go outside and make “chicken soup” with dirt & grass and get my knee scraped from falling off my scooter 🤷🏽‍♀️
2 7
" lets go play ding dong ditch."
2 7
Jennifer used to throw rocks at my window in middle school to let me know when to pop out until she broke my window lol
1 8
lmfao man whaaaatttt. we used to be deep asf in my neighborhood ☠️
5 3
@nickccerino @hayleydupes when i’d ride my scooter to ur house, throw a pebble at ur window & write down on a notebook “CAN U PLAY” & u would look out, leave for a few seconds, come back, & write “NO” on ur notebook... those were the days
1 7
tifanee (v)al(entine)ixandrea
College dorms are just like this except someone just straight up walks into your room without knocking and says “what’s up, loser. we’re getting sonic.”
1 7
This was me harassing Tara to be my friend
1 7
They would throw rocks to my window to go out LMFAO
2 5
all might’s all american glory hole
go outside and kick a ball
2 5
am I the only one that never experienced this bc I had no friends when I was little 🙂
1 6
fuck them kids I was playing Nintendo
1 6
Y’all remember playing hide and seek with your cousins at birthday parties? Good ol days tbh
2 4
Now I got friends who knock on my door and tell me to come out and smoke then do some kid shit
2 4
Now friends don’t exist
1 5
Or pull up to the apartment’s “field” for a cascarita ⚽️
2 3
someone come ride scooters with me, and play that skip-it game.
2 3
This is @YungLasColinas wanting to throw the football every morning at 8 during middle school summers lmao
2 3
sometimes @sadiesuterr would come knock on my door & i would hide in the bathroom.. sorry saids 😬😘
1 4
" Knock on the door " @alvaro_barnett we would just walk in lmao
1 4
I once did this to the Cute Boy Next Door™️ as a youth and he immediately said, “No,” as he was shaking his head and closing the door.
1 4
Can’t relate... i was never allowed 😑
1 3
On snow days I used to go knock on @borski99 door and we would build snowmen and sled down the hill all day long and then warm up with hot chocolate. I miss it.
1 3
That’s literally what college is here. We bust down eachothers doors and be like “YO GET OUT OF BED WE’RE GETTING TACO BELL AND PLAYING UNO IN THE FIELD”
1 3
Everybody live like 5+ miles away now
1 3
If you ever knocked on my door to go do something, you’d be my favorite person.
1 3
i miss the good old days when friends would just want to spend time with u
1 3
Just for my mom to say no because it was a school night :(
2 1
Makes me miss you tons @JennyCTE_ and seeing your parents who would feed me Vietnamese snacks before we would play with those insane bouncy balls 😍
1 2
my friends and i do this till this day
1 2
i remember the day i stopped saying i wanna go outside😭
1 2
I’d knock on @extremexo door probably like everyday 😂❣️
1 2
“You trynna get a cool cup with me? My mama gave me 2 quarters so I can get boffa us one”
1 2
Zy the Mermaid 🤩🧜🏾‍♀️
now we just text each other like “ gas up “ “ match “ “ wanna smoke ? “😭😥 idk what happened to us!
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When I used to come and sit on your porch in the dead of winter to just talk @ofmiceand_julia 😂
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