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Travis went above and beyond on Astroworld and everyone knows it, fkn robbed and fuck the Grammys

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In reply to @glamdollsteph
The haters really coming out rn. Travis worked on Astroworld for about 3yrs, if I’m correct. Amazing track list with great features. Weeks before its release he has a huge head in diff cities anticipating it, & started a festival on his city. Your favorite artist could never.
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Okay.. he did but Cole didn’t get his Grammy after “Forest Hills Drive” dropped in 2014 and his heart and soul was in that. Soooo, it’s not surprising
In reply to @glamdollsteph
The album wasn’t all that and that’s the tea. It’s always Hispanics and whites pushing extra hard for this man. I’m from Houston and he did good but that’s about it.
Bro he’s a millionaire he’ll be alright
In reply to @glamdollsteph
It took 3 years to release a subpar album... Glorified T-Pain
In reply to @glamdollsteph
maybe if he ain’t use so much auto tune he would’ve won
In reply to @glamdollsteph
He robbed SpongeBob. What goes around comes around
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Nah mate this ain’t it, should have been Daytona or Victory Lap.
Lmfaoooo album is trash give it the fuck up
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Am I the only one who has never heard anything from the album 😭
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Shouldn’t of done the super bowl gig
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Remember media will make whoever gets most attention winner😂 just listen to what you like regardless of outcome
In reply to @glamdollsteph
I think after that half time show they said na fam
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Well atleast we getting dark Travis back his next album will be better than astroworld and probably surpass rodeo 😤
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Travis ain’t all that playa
aw, the locals are rioting.
Ion wanna hear your music opinion if you think astroworld was Grammy deserving
In reply to @glamdollsteph
After moving away from the Houston area, pretty much everyone I’ve met actually dislikes his music or just kinda thinks he’s a joke.
In reply to @glamdollsteph
That was actually not his best album it just had amazing promo, every thing before it was fire
It wasn’t that good
honestly please shut up, astroworld was absolutely trash
In reply to @glamdollsteph
That's what happens when you perform at the Super Bowl buddy #karma
In reply to @glamdollsteph
He had 12 writers on this album how did this in any way deserve it
Honestly. This man had a one leg tour and started his second. He made merchandise accessible for everyone and made a festival for his city. Astroworld was a amazing album. 2018 was Travis Scott’s year.
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Astroworld was overrated... I like Travis though
y’all make it seem like Travis Scott is the second coming of god or something
In reply to @glamdollsteph
FOR REAL he literally bent his back for that album .... I could SMELL the hard work... it looked amazing the aesthetic... the tour ... why did he lose again ?
Astroworld is fucking ass lmao, ur expecting a man to get a Grammy for mediocracy, mans tape wasn’t no where near the levels of lil durk let alone win a Grammy lmao
Victory lap is better than Astro
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Astro world compared to his previous stuff doesn’t compare. It was a very mediocre album for him this year
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Mac miller deserved it
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Astroworld is cheeks
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Why do y’all act like astroworld was that good? 😬
In reply to @glamdollsteph
There was only like two songs that wasn’t auto tuned trash 🗑 agree to disagree 🤷🏽‍♀️
Astroworld was some ass no cap...
Spent 3 years making the best album of the year only to get beat out by cardi b smh
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Mac shouldve won imo. if not mac then travis right after. Cardi did not deserve it.
Astroworld wasn’t even close to a Grammy y’all realllllllllllyyyyy reaching for this man bro
Stopped caring about the grammy when macklemore beat kendrick lamar for hip-hop album of the year lmfao. The heist beat good kid mad city and that still got me all the way fucked up lol
It was definitely an overrated album let’s be honest now
GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP LMFAOOOOOO Travis fans are beyond me them mf act like they was in the studio with his auto tune self.. Astroworld aint even go that hard relaxxxxx 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
travis is overrated & astroworld was nothing special pls shut up
🙄🙄🙄, Kendrick not winning a Grammy for To Pimp a Butterfly was way more disappointing, bc it was an ACTUAL GREAT ALBUM, astroworld wasn’t
So did Mac. Idc fuck cardi she didn’t deserve that at all. 😑
Nigga didn’t deserve a Grammy tho. Nobody can to explain to me thoroughly what a Travis Scott song is about.
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Astroworld wasnt shit wym
Really did, busted his ass more than anyone on that life, this album changed his music career forever, next year though hopefully he gets one 🤞🏼
In reply to @glamdollsteph
astro world didn’t deserve a grammy that’s why it didn’t get one ... DUH
The album has 1 hit only but he deserved album of the year????????????
He was mad after not winning a Grammy after birds.. imagine how hard he’s going to go after not winning one for astroworld? 😳
He deserved it ‼️‼️
Ugh , tape is AVERAGE . Next
Keep this same energy for @NICKIMINAJ
In reply to @glamdollsteph
The album was good but it wasn’t THAT good. It didn’t even sound like he went above and beyond, all of his earlier work was better than that album. And I am a big fan of Travis, but astroworld wasn’t the second coming of Jesus like he made it seem.
Kendrick Lamar aint win when he dropped TPAB so what yall expect
In reply to @glamdollsteph
God’s plan was released in the summer, and sicko mode wasn’t released until later last year. I love both but God’s plan was more popular!!
In reply to @glamdollsteph
or bc he has 0 talent whatsoever? dudes overrated
The album wasn’t all that...
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Yosemite alone was better than all of Cardi’s songs but like Drake said it’s Opinion based not factually based🤷🏼‍♂️
i’m the biggest drake fan out there and i 100% agree with this tweet
Fuck that Mac Miller’s album shits on Astroworld
He was definetly robbed.
the amount of hate on this mans work that he took 3 YEARS to put out in this thread should be punishable by death
Mac was the one one who really deserved it, his album was a fucking masterpiece
Ma’am shutup that album was mid
Ion know about this 😂
You’re dumb if you think Mac didn’t deserve this Grammy. 😂
In reply to @glamdollsteph
wait what do u mean travis didn’t win?? astroworld is a full on masterpiece
it was not that good
Astroworld was actually terrible 😂😂 overhyped and is only on the radio because of the features 😭
my baby worked on that album for 2years and made sure it was perfect but ya know the world ain’t ready for him just yet and that shows by not only this but by the fact that the only songs that people know are antidote, goosebumps & sicko mode 🤣
unpopular opinion: Astroworld is decent at best/ very overhyped
I love cardi but Astroworld was amazing
J.Cole got robbed from his Grammy back in 2014 too, what a fucking joke 🙄
It’s not even his best album, could easily be seen as his worst 😂
He’s a coon im glad he didn’t win
Astroworld is hella overrated chill out
In reply to @glamdollsteph
He wasn’t robbed. He made Astroworld for the fans not the awards. Now if he won it would be cool. But it’s not required for validation, he already won. We still champion him and will continue to.
Astroworld is deadass his worst album.. if rodeo ain’t get a Grammy nothing getting a Grammy
Why do y’all think that album was so good? Y’all can’t tell me any good lyrics from it
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Thats what that nigga get ls for fucking with sweet victory at the super bowl pic.twitter.com/WbJ8SyBLFM
In reply to @glamdollsteph
You niggas don’t listen to victory Lap n it shows
Just because you put more time into a project doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better I just think he put the bar so high for himself
Travis Scott weak as fuck... W/O sicko mode that album trash as fuck
Someone who only listens to travis scott gunna and future would say this
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Yeah, I dunno. Astroworld was cool and all but if we’re being real, Daytona, Victory Lap AND Swimming were all arguably better projects... just saying 🤷🏽‍♂️
In reply to @glamdollsteph
Astroworld was a beautiful journey. So was Swimming but he wouldn't be even considered for the Grammys if he was still alive tbh. Cardi B's album was pretty good but Daytona wasn't Pusha T's best and Nipsey Hustle just didn't have much going for him, he just popped back frfr
Astroworld was most definitely not album of the year so....
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