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Actor turned Neta Kamal Hassan has ridiculed Kashmir solution asked why India is not holding plebiscite in Kashmir. He also called Pak occupied Kashmir – as ‘Azaad Kashmir’ | @Ahmedshabbir20 with details #KamalPlebisciteCall

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पाकिस्तान से ज्यादा भारत के दुश्मन हमारे अपने देश में ही मौजूद हैं। अब कमल हासन को ही देखलो। जो कश्मीर का हिस्सा पाकिस्तान के कब्जे में है उसको आज़ाद कश्मीर बता रहा है और कह रहा है कि हमारे कश्मीर में लोगों से आम राय ली जाए।
Feeling so ashamed of myself that I watched his movies and encouraged this #AntiIndian thug by appreciating and helping him flourish. I am sorry #CRPFJawans , I am sorry #IndianArmy I am sorry #India
#KamalHaasan #PulwamaAttack
Kamal Hassan also needs bhagat Singh kranti sena treatment ... before that he needs to read the UN resolution on Kashmir
That's pretty quick transition from कमला हासन से कमाल हसन
Imagine he is the same guy who once made a movie called Hindustani.
Kamal’s “Kamalukh” statement ..
Even the funeral pyres of our brave brothers haven't cooled n U r indulging in petty politics.Traitors like u shd be jailed.Ur remarks calling for referendum z extremely shocking n unacceptable. There should be a #completeboycott of such useless ppl.
This bastard Kamal Hassan should be treated to a wet grinder and thoroughly minced.
How your childhood heroes inevitably come crashing down when they start opining on political matters. Komali Hassan is a disgrace
You have had your Pakistan. We will no give an inch no more. Anyone one who is seeking Dar al-Islam can cross the boroder
No work, no party, no brains...lethal combo.
Azaad Kashmir? Zero knowledge of current affairs, wants to be politician. Just imagine his followers
😈सेना हम शर्मिंदा है
तेरे कातिल @ikamalhaasan जैसे जिन्दा है 😈

कुछ सरहद के पार है 😮

कुछ अपने घर में जिन्दा है😏
#IndianArmy #jindabad
Desperately trying to stay relevant @ikamalhaasan , film career is over and political career has ended before it has begun. This guy like his movies needs to be shunned.
Was he on drugs? With such Pakistanis in India we don't need any out side. Kamal Hasan must apologize. #ExposeDeshDrohis #StandWithForces
Stupid. So he wants referendum in every state, even district? Chespest gutter level politics. Kadhmiris participate in every election under the Constitution in large numbers. That itself is clearly an acceptance of their willingness to be with India.
Indians should have a referendum on whether Kamalhasan is an idiot or not. I bet the ayes will have it.
The only meaningful thing Kamal hassan said since he became a politician
Hope he does not take back the statement or say he was misinterpreted
No matter how much he tries,he cannot succeed in infecting his perverted thought to any lndian.Whatever he is today,he is creation of all lndians.Brazenly biting the very hand that has fed him.
Arrest him under sedition immediately @HMOIndia or release everyone else. cc @CMOTamilnadu @djayakumarfans
अंदर का ज़हर चूम लिया धुल के आ गए
कितने शरीफ़ लोग थे सब खुल के आ गए
#KamalHasan #PulwamaEncounter
He is a known anti national. Look at his personal life. Why such 3 class person entertained on your channel.
कितने गद्दार भरे हुए हैं देश मे.. @pbhushan1 जैसे..
When are Indians going to target him like Sidhu?
Very sane advice indeed. This would be the most durable solution to the Kashmir issue. Why are you scared of referendum. Kashmiris will decide in your favor. Go ahead
Kamal Hassan is giving an actual solution, but then his statement is termed “absurd” and he is labelled as someone who is just ranting, because ‘NO’ Indian politician has questioned govt. about K-issue ever. Makes sense eh?
Naam Kamal hai aur baatein Anti Kamal..
When is he going to get thrashed by public and how soon?
Dr. @Swamy39 jee = the first to criticize Kamal Hassan's entry into politics & he has again proved to be great visionary!
Cc: @nviswam @rameshnswamy
Its expected from a person like Kamal Hassan. Not the first time he has done/said something controversial.
Tell Kamal Hassan to READ the UN resolution regarding plebiscite AND tell him that I am a Kashmiri who is not AZAD to go back home!
Useless saying anything to this guy. His filmy thinking is yet to subside. Life does not work as per scripts boss.
For heaven's sake can someone seal this blabbering baboon’s mouth with gorilla tape? He has completely gone kaput and his views, extremely off tangent.
Kamaal Mullah Hasan wants to be Owaisi of Tamil Nadu!
Hope Kamal Hassan has read the UN referendum Pakistan is supposed to vacate the entire Kashmir region occupied by them for plebiscite to happen . The great Nehru of @INCIndia took it to the UN and characters like @ikamalhaasan do politics with it
He @ikamalhaasan had exposed himself in conversation w @smritiirani at @republic conclave.

Has he read the UN resolution on J&K?

#ExposeDeshDrohis #EnemyWithin
A man who has not even to borders closely and luv d characters written by others won’t know apple from mango .. when one carrier slips public figures next step is politics .. sad .
This is insane, these guys think they are larger than nation , Perhaps one day he would ask referendum for his own state for not being part of India
Kashmir is a part of India & always will remain a part of India. Independence till date thousands of Soldiers have sacrificed their lives for the Country. Even the Maharaja of the erstwhile State of Kashmir was A Hindu and the family’s still alive. Don’t know subject keep silent.
Why should we hold plebecite,, Kashmir belongs to india and those who think otherwise are not Indians.
He doesn't know his Glutus Maximus from his Ginglymus twitter.com/ragarwal/statu…
"युद्धों में कभी नहीं हारे हम डरते हैं छल-छंदों से ,
हर बार पराजय पायी है अपने घर के जयचंदों से"
He knows his potential votebank. Kya chadarmod aadmi hai, yaar.
Kamal Hasan bas film me Indian hai
Dilse to Pakistani hai
The guy who acted on scrip written by others till day... Lives the same way..!
This is a majority sentiment in Dameelstan...he is just stupid enough to ack it...
@Ahmedshabbir20 Shame on you. Your job is to report what he said. You are telling very clearly that UN asked to hold referendum in Kashmir. You also tell that Kamal told that Pakistan is tampering with the lives of Kashmir people. How is this then 'the language of Pakistan'?
It is common sense if you do referendum Naive Kashmiris will ask for either own independence or going with Pakistan. But they are totally brainwashed and in either cases, they wont survive one single day without India's support. So Ghanta referendum. Chutiya Kamal. Hasan.
Every five years election is being held.That itself a referendum .In TN he can not get his deposit if he contest an election.The government of India must bring a law that only persons who can get deposits should talk about laws.
I am reminded of Tarek Fateh's favourite line - How can one nation produce so many rectums?
Kamal Hassan is Kejriwal of South, he will get his quota of slaps soon..😎
Who needs enemies like Pakistan when we have such people
Hey Lapdog Journalists. It is not ridiculing! He gathered the Strength to speak some truth. I know you don't read much history. Your mind is controlled by your Political bosses.
ஆமாண்டா. கமல் அப்படித்தான் பேசுவார். என்ன புடுங்க முடியும் போங்கடா !!! [ஆப் பாயிலாக இருந்தாலும் கருத்து சொல்ல உரிமை உண்டு என்ற அடிப்படையில் ஆதரிப்போம். #isupportkamalhassan
Just call him for a debate with Smt @smritiirani about plebiscite. Am sure he will quit politics
Plebiscite shd be for asking where u want to live - Kashmir integral part of India or Some other country of choice if that country accepts.
Following @ikamalhaasan because it's rare that an Indian film actor has a spine.
कुत्तों के दुम सीधा होते हुए मैंने आज तक नहीं देखा! ये भी एक शांतिप्रिय कुत्ता ही है।
Does Kamal Hasan forgotten which country he had born? recently local bodies elections was conducted in the Jammu, After more than 70yrs. Still some are not believing that Kashmir is integral part of India, people should change their citizenship if disagree with that.
It is better to keep your mouth shut and let the world think you are an idiot than open it and confirm the doubts! ~ Old Jungle Saying
So this imecile now wants plebiscite after demography of Kashmir valley is altered to one ideology.

Stfu kamal Hassan
इसको गिरफ्तार करवाइए @HMOIndia
Please let this Commie watch this video. youtu.be/GYmMikj_jLI
What can we expect from these type of anti national politician who can do/speak anything to get in power. People only will show them a mirror during election.
This guy Kamal doesn't have knowledge of any thing. He seeks publicity by talking against TN or against India always. Such a cheap character he is..
Did he really say Free Kashmir from India ? @Ahmedshabbir20 . Sir @ikamalhaasan did you really say so ? I can’t believe.
#TamilNadu see the enemy in your midst, know the 5th column of #Pakistan .
We knew Kamal Hassan is anti national & now he accepted himself!

We are not surprised with this statement, we knew it.

Kamal ‘Hasan showing his true colors
Sensible proposition by @ikamalhaasan most educated nations do that. Ego/force won’t b able to hold oppressed rather respect, equality will.
Yes it should hold pelters , for dat CRPf should fire some headshots & anyone supporting Pelters must also get those treatments .
History needs to studied....
All these frauds getting exposed before elections. Have they learnt nothing from Kejriwal? You gotta act all decent and civil till you win the elections, after that display your shittyness.
After Congressi Puppet
Prashant Bhushan's stand on Kashmir now Kamal Hassan showing his poison for India.. Wait more like these will come from the hole!
When idiocy is given a free hand...
How much did his bosses in PFI give him to utter those sentences, and how long have the Reporters of the so called INDIAN FREE press been waiting at his doors for getting this FIXED opinion? AhmedShabirs&Navikas are working 24/7 for 10 Janpath& their pakIS is it??
Kamal interest is only dating women half his age he is known womenzier in south who needs attention lets not take this joker seriously u offer him.a movie in pakistan he will act and date that women
Plebiscite is a good option. Only that whole India should be voting. Jammu & Kashmir is an Indian state. India needs to decide.

P.S.: A good part of Kashmir population lives outside the state. Some for better career prospects.🙂
Glad To see Media Exposed this doublespeak Chamellieon. Well in Time. 🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶
He is positioning himself as corrupt, bad,useless and selfish politician in Tamil nadu politics
For all those Pakistanis, Separatists & People talking about plebiscite in Kashmir. @ikamalhaasan #MustWatch #KamalHaasan #KamalPlebisciteCall . pic.twitter.com/7btaiXEqCf
Every commit written in reply of this statement shows that Indians know Kashmiris will never choose India #ClearPlebisciteByIndiansThemselves
TN people, please never ever let this guy come to power. Never.
Kamal Hassan may be good actor. But you see his personal life, he's been a Casanova n dumb politician. Should brush up his knowledge on Kashmir, UN resolution n plebiscite. Given his association with AK, his dumb views are no surprise!!
Probably these enemy agents are convinced that pakistan is no more
Let him go and live in Kashmir
i regret watching & even liking shri #KamalHassan's movies years back.
This bastard Kamal Hassan should be treated to a wet grinder and thoroughly minced.
What a fall! What a disgrace this man has become!
Reasons y onscreen images must nt b wrshpd. Governing & acting aren’t same. Actrs earn d popularity by pretension & in a lot of cases unrealistic glamorization!This wrk exp f actrs cn make dem unfit for the job f governing ppl! Tym 2 fact chck 4 voters.
That's the right time to recognise hidden sleeper cells situated in between us.
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