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Footballer Ben Davis has defaulted on NS obligations and faces up to 3 years' jail, says MINDEF channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore…

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Singapore try so hard to stop this boy from pursuing his dreams to play football professionally overseas but when he becomes successful they will claim him and say how proud they are that he is Singaporean and use him to make money lmaooo
MINDEF grants deferment for students who completed higher Nitec and are heading for a 3 year diploma course. He is currently 18 and only has a 2 year contract signed with Fulham. 🤷🏽‍♂️ why is one okay, one not okay?
walao don’t need EPL la just focus on NS then next time use your skillsfuture to relearn how to play Soccer :)
Fuck yall la. Go and concentrate on ensuring better safety measures instead of destroying someone’s bright future
Kid chasing his dreams, headlines like he is a public enemy.
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singapore government dont listen to us AND IT SHOWS
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I rather he pursue his dream than die in our NS camp tho 🤷🏻‍♀️
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I mean a football club isn't going to want to wait for 2 years.
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Forget it la, with such bad rep recently too. You're just honking as if you're relevant to them, MINDEF 🙄
No fucking way. Seriously Singapore? It’s embarrassing now.
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Foreigners who come here and snatch our rights do not serve...and force our own ppl who has a brighter future than staying in camps for 2 years has to be charged....is this seriously what we want to see? Go force those foreigners to serve if they want to stay here lah....
Just don’t come back. Singapore won’t claim you til you‘re famous I mean look at Crazy Rich Asians.
Lol, enlist to let you guys kill him in training? @mindefsg
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
When you serve, you have idiots like this who have nothing better to do. Rather be in the news for playing Football and not having to worry about people taking picture of you resting and eating a meal like a regular human pic.twitter.com/Enb1GZZSJf
better to get relegated with fulham than in life entirely with NS
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
Asylum ? Just dont come back Sgp solve the problem ..start a new life in England .
Fuck you SG GOVT.Slapping a jail sentence on a guy who has the talent to play for a PROFESSIONAL football club.And ur fucking national team is sucking nuts🖕🏽
Such selfish acts preventing one’s hopes and dreams of reaching one’s full potential and capability. Such a shame.
Renounce that citizenship and go light up the premier league son theres nothing here for you
You're better off elsewhere Ben. Don't come back.
Ben Davis (18 años), jugador de Singapur que firmó contrato con Fulham podría ser encacrcelado 3 años por no hacer el servicio militar obligatorio por estar jugando en Inglaterra.
3 years of jail sounds better than getting crushed by a gun?
orrrrORRRRRR let him achieve his goals and while he does that u fucking mindef work on how to stop letting our NSmen get injured/killed.
Goh Chok Tong in 1998: "Singapore should aim to qualify for the 2010 World Cup." Singapore in 2019: twitter.com/ChannelNewsAsi…
Majulah tak-boleh-main-bola-kena-masuk-penjara
Fucked up, poor fella can’t even chase and realise his dreams without the fucking obligations this country has 🖕🏼
this is why no one is ever happy in this country.
Some will say he’s doing it fr himself but then again, if u think abt it...aint he gonna rep our flag when he’s playing fr Fulham? Imagine our country’s flag on a fcuking FIFA CARD? Imagine our flag in the BPL? How can we be proud of our country when they aren’t supportive?
This is a very good testament as to how NS hinders the personal development of an individual or his career
Dont come back to SG if ure doing well there. They will do anything to get credits from you.
hElp la just let this kid fulfil his Football dream
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
Dude it’s better off being a Sai Kang Warrior than the prison.
Don't return back to Singapore
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
In this current situation, i rather go for 2 years of NS than 3 years in jail.
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
Must give and take la SAF ...... as long as he otang national Service two years , just let him otang until he happy then come back do lor
DONE DEAL : Ben Davis signed a professional contract to play football at Changi Prison for 3 YEARS .
Ape ni singapore nak lagi sial let him chase his dream la fk
He's probably not coming back anyway.
Why can’t MINDEF just defer the fella? You have the power to do it, so just do it for him and he can come back after. Why you embarrass the country for it?

The moment he becomes a superstar footballer, you know they will ask him back and greet him at the airport with a garland.
MINDEF jealous coz they all no talent🤷🏽‍♂️
Think he's better off leaving Singapore for good.

How can a country so desperately seek for talents of all fields, be this inflexible?? When he rises to fame and becomes good at what he does, the gov better not claim his achievements like they had done with Joseph Schooling.
Dumb. This kid’s got talent. At least grant the kid a deferment. If he fails, ask him serve. If he succeeds, grant further deferment or exempt?
“athletes still can achieve sporting excellence even when fulfilling ns duties” fak off you don’t know shit,,,
With February’s enlistment over last week and no sign of Ben, I was waiting for this news. His decision isn’t surprising. Hope he does well in his career, else he’s bound to regret this in the years to come.
Nothing much to say ah
rather than put him in jail up to 3 yrs atleast let him go ns for 2yrs settle
Singapore straight up trash
Well in. Don't come back and live your dream
They will do all this shit now...but if he gets famous, they will claim him because he is from Singapore like nothing happened...Typical 'gahmen' 🙃😠
So y'all planning to kill his career or kill him?
In reply to @ChannelNewsAsia
Stay alive as @mindef cannot guarantee your safety nor can be sued if u are injured or die in training as protected with full Immunity by law from any legal action by aggreived parents.untouchable. Like deceased #AloysiusPang & many more who died at training/ service. #Singapore
Lmao ppl got future also u want spoil 🙃
This lad has my fullest support.
wtf is this bullshit? 😂
Don’t come back, we’ve got ya back boy. Just go live your dream
I think we all knew it was coming to this point. He won't let go his dream of becoming a professional footballer & MINDEF are not going to bend down for anyone who competes in a sport for a country that isn't one of the best even in South East Asia these days.
Chase your dreams at Fulham. You gonna make a good shit amount of money a week than NSF's in 2 years! Just don't come back SG to face all this jail whatnot.
are you for real...............
He'll do better overseas. Don't come back
This is just ridiculous. So many Singaporean teens who has aspirations and dreams to achieve abroad has failed as they need to serve NS. Even if they served NS there is still reservist to be done. No male can escape from this country
Drop the citizenship man. Not worth it
If he can't defer his NS to make Singapore Proud by being the first Singaporean to sign a professional contract as a Footballer in Fulham. Why can Joseph Schooling defer his NS? Why not him?
WHOA WHAT ?!? that doesnt make any sense !!
you defy the govt, they jail you 🤷🏼‍♂️
Watch Singapore claim him to be one of their own once he makes it big time. Screw this country and screw Mindef because they lost a potential slave they can use a test subject.
I hope this dude succeeds and becomes a decent premier league player, and when FAS tries to get him in the national team he tells them to fuck right off.
LEAVE AND DONT COME BACK even if u throw away citizenship we’ll claim u anyway lol
Bitch cut some slack he just wanna be a soccer player #nssampah
U FUCKING KIDDING THE YOUTH COMMUNITY RIGHT NOW??????? when we have pure talent that’s being RAISED in SG and you’re not the least proud of it? serious??????? and you gotta make his life worse with 3 years of jail? what’s the fucking point?
a shame that he won’t be repping SG but hope he succeeds. MINDEF are scums.
Ministers you guys did so well that you're actually destroying dreams and hopes rather than supporting these athletes. Sucha shame.
Is this even fair for him? He’s just trying to achieve his dream to be a professional footballer....
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