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Man whose number was made public by Barkha Dutt for stalking, claims he is getting threatening calls, says didn’t abuse Barkha

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. Please book @BDUTT for risking life of man.
This PoopIndia report confirms that Abhishek & Saxena were harrassing @BDUTT . And it appears that they are backed by IT Cell.
1000 journalists like Barkha Dutt you are not worth one sacrifice of a soldier of Ma Bharati. They should disabuse themselves of the great privilege they feel entitled to.
Another Chaitanya ??
AiB wala Tanmay toh nahi tha? Usko bhi buzurg leddeez logo ko "whatchu wearing?" and "Aunty, wanna sex" DM bhejne ka shauq tha.
India has been devastated by a major terrorist episode
We have been shown gulpable,weak and targetable
Our days Start from grief & end in mourning
We should understand all possible efforts will be made to change the narrative
From Kasmiri students to D**k
Its time to Stand Firm
This needs to be investigated. Some of the people whose numbers were published by you say they did not harass you. You doxxed them and they say they are now being threatened
As I said earlier it’s a game of Blot Barkha to divert the attention to such cheap acts. This is deliberately done by Barkha gang . They all run fake narrative to confuse the and harass the public.
Govinda NEEDS some FREE PUBLICITY for survival hence the manufactured story ?? opindia.com/2019/02/man-wh…
Let she make this picture as her profile picture for more publicity..
This man's statement can't be true.He is falsely implicating Govinda. Because Govinda never lies. Even Govinda had done a movie called - "Kyuki Mai Jhooth Nahi Bolta". @saket71 Sir.
Shameless Barkha. Her violence against Kashmiri students' pulav didn't cook as per recipe. She subjected millions of @Twitter users to a dick-pic. Just so she could puncture growing Nationalism & national unity by playing her outdated victim card @jack censure this pornography.
what this pros think herself ? Home Minister will look on her so called fabricated issue ?
Rajnath singh is HOME MInister of New Bharat.. Let she complain to Imran Khan..
स्पष्ट है "सांप जब तक आस्तीनों के न मारे जायेंगे। हौसला कितना भी हो हम जंग हार जायेंगे।" इजराइल को ही ले लो। छोटा सा देश चारों और से दुश्मनों से घिरा हुआ है।पर मजाल क्या की कोई आतंकवादी इजराइल में हमला तो दूर घुसने तकका साहस नहीं कर पाता है।क्योंकि वहां कोई देशद्रोही नहीं है।
What if some harm comes to that person? Will you @BDUTT take responsibility for it?
she herself had circulated her number few days back.. now we know why she had done that..
This burka aunty is lying . Koe kaam to hai nahi us ko.
Scared Sanghi Scum.

You know in a court of law Shah n Modi don't always prosper.
From pokristan😁😁?
and now Op_India is trying to defend the man who posted his dick 🙅‍♀️ How sansakri & How truly Hindtvwadi🙄
Dono m jo galat hai put in jail Ye to high profile journalist hai. Jo call kiya jaroori nahi Abuse diya hoga.Aam ensan hai,ho sakata emotion m call kiya par ye jaroori nahi abuse diya Need to investigate Journalists k agenda hota hai par aam ensan k koe agenda nahi hota mind it..
Iska khud ka hoga pic m 😂😂😂 Artificial u know 😂😂😂
Jab khud k uper baat aati hai to 'peace' kaha jaata hai Or ye jehadi aunty ji aatanwadi ka Samarthan krti hai or desh k shaheed ka maajakudati hai Hypocrite barkha aunty Intollerence nhi hai aap me #PulwamaAttack #ExposeDeshDrohis
Irony is that @Sunil4uSan was threatened by people once @BDUTT put his number on public platform, how can she expect others to be responsible when she actully doesnt respect privacy of others..
Somebody must be mad to stalk Barkha
Why call Barkha as Controversial Journalist? She should be addressed as "Alleged Indian Journalist". Both her Indianness and Journalism are suspect
And @TheJaggi knows him well enough to believe him 😂
She has successfully converted the Attack on Pulwama to Attack on Barkha. Not surprising or unexpected, of course.
Shame @BDUTT shame.. You are in process of making a masoom boy A terrorist. shame burkha shame. बात चीत से समस्या हल हो सकती है। उसे बहकाया गया है।
In any case it was wrong to doxx people to merely called up on your publicly available number, to politely question you about the narrative you were propagating
pool to khul gayi tumari to 😜
Isn't it an offence under the IT act to share such 'personal sensitive info'?
That man should take legal action against @BDUTT
Why Is her mouth open ? 🤔🤔
Bharat me Bharat ke Dushman Sabse jyada hai Pakistan se to kabhi bhi nipta ja sakta hai pahle in logo se nipatna chaiye
Was his father poor headmaster too.🤣🤣
This needs to be investigated. Some of the people whose numbers were published by Barkha say they never harassed her. I hope Barkha can prove her claims against the people she doxxed
Simply wow. RW is defending a guy who gave death threats to a journalist. Why am I not surprised?
Only opindia can do scintillating journalism like this.
@kkhushal9 Why a Highly reputed platform is bothered so much about, an ordinary mortal like us?☺ @ShivRajMathur1 @DrRamendraSingh @Raheodisha
LOL. Poop India is a work of art
I believe there is a picture to match ..
Shame on you @BDUTT for making hell the life of two innocent people. Don't you have a conscience? @Swamy39
She should be banned as reporter for brazen lies and news she cooks up
Let's hope she also gets wiser like other Indians .....who don't keep " Doors and DM" open for the right reason . #KashmiriStudents don't creep in but Creepy guys do !!!!! 😊
Barkha dutt is disgrace on the name of journalism!!!! She is threatening a man, she staged everything to divert people's mind from false news of kashmiris being targeted!!!
Publicity krne ka sokh hai or kuch nhi
now you know why @BDUTT number was circulating on media. It seems to be a well planned agenda to divert attention from core issues and trap innocent men. We will wait for truth to come out and liars and perpetrators should be punished
She has connection all over ... after all she is a fixer ..
Most people in india have call recorder installed. Im hoping the ones being acused of harrassment have and for that matter ehy hasn’t @BDUTT got it installed?! she could easily have proved Harassment if she had. This is just entrapment of by Barkha
Surprising, if he has not shared his pic, then she has used whose pic. It should be investigated by CBI.
Interesting, @TwitterIndia << privacy policy???
जैसे को तेसा मिला
A deliberate attempt to target nationalists. Stay strong. Remain United.
Just as I expected. @BDUTT wanted to mask her failed propoganda and so accused few men of stalking her. Time they unite and sue her.
In mohatarma ka kya hota Lekin inko koi andarr dalega yaa from HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE LOVE KA GYAAN such a sick and disgusting piece of shit this imbecile creature is
She has banned almost all right wing followers..who else is balance..😂😂😂
take a boot camp of journalism. File an official complaint at police station, since you are a media person, don't expect justice to be served online. Kindly request you to stop spreading fake news and don't be an impudent.
Burqawali Jooto bol rahi Hai wd her fake story she is Serial liar in creating fake stories needs to just ignore her all to get her #LiarBDutt
This is getting very confusing. Who is getting threats, who is getting stalked? What is going on. Think I'll grab a coffee.
It's actually an act of war sending pictures of missile to BDutt.....
Bhai Barkha se panga may le sidha Hafiz Sayed ke saath connection hai
Barkha Bano should give job in her Channel to this misguided youth.
New kind of propaganda started.
If you say you being trolled ,THREATENED Like common man write a complaint file it IN PS that be better Just asking @rajnathsingh or @NitishKumar to see your complaint is absurd without u complaining to PS law take its course as DONE FOR COMMON MAN
Shame shame .. and I thought the picture she proudly posted after reading its horoscope was wrong done to her 😏
She didn't know how to take screenshots properly either. That much stress she was under 🤣🤣🤣😃
Moron who gave his confidential details to his bigot friend claims he is getting threatening calls, says will stay away from bigots
Agree it is not in good taste. Shd union home minister intervene? Some entitlement these prestitutes have
She is deliberately targeting random people to harass them and tag them as RW even if they are innocent apolitical person.This is another propaganda of sold media to garner political gain for thugbandhan even if nation is mourning over Pulawama. @iAnkurSingh @TajinderBagga
I extend my full support to Barkha didi.
Hey Barkha, then can turn terrorists if those are innocent.. And by your logic they will be justified terrorists??? @BDUTT
Dear Barkha , wear a Burkha and of dark stitching. No one will be able to see you and no one will stalk you. Forget about someone sending you dick pics and if still it persist , then assume that that guy was somewhere forced to unzip his pant and got humiliated and lost senses.
So you should forgive him in all possible manner.
Shame on you Bharkha for targeting innocent ppl for self propaganda
should act on @BDUTT for endangering life of many people by making their number public and spreading porn content on social sites...
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