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Those trying to target @sherryontopp on his stand, I want to tell you guys to get a life. Fully support him and his stand on the issue. Can't fight terrorism like this. Unity Integrity Secularism have kept this country strong in difficult times. #IskaImpactAyegaKiNahi
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पूरा देश झुक जायेगा सिद्धू तेरे सम्मान मे !! बारूद बाँध, इमरान गले लग, फट जा पाकिस्तान में !! 🤗
Paji kise landu bande de parwah ni Karni, Sara Punjab te Punjabiyat tuhade nal ne.....,,God Bless You 🙏🙏
हिटलर तब तक लोकप्रिय रहा। जब तक जर्मनी बर्बाद न हो गया!! जिसे समझ में आये उसे वंदन, ना समझ आये उसे अभिनंदन!!
Totally and strongly disagree... He do freindship with dog gets lad that does not mean tale of dog gets errect. #Siddhu is doing poltics over #AvengePulwama With slipery joking tounge. He comparing diplomat meeting with his bajwa freindship in post shows how serious selfish
Unity and integrity is in standing together like u said... being in politics doesn’t your idol Sidhu know which country is supporting terrorism? So why is he afraid to stand by India against Pakistan?
मुझे गर्व है कि @sherryontopp जी दहाड़ कर सच्चाई बोल रहे है कुछ लोग तो मुहँ पर कुछ और पीठ पीछे कुछ बोलते है 10 सिर लाने की बात करते हैं और जा के बिरियानी खाते हैं क्यों @narendramodi जी
Ab aap batayenge modi ji ko desh ko kaise chalana hai
सियासत में अंधा हो चुका है सिद्धू , तू तो गद्दार है। राष्ट्रद्रोही है तू।
Unity-Integrity-secularism and fighting against pak sponsored terrorism, what is the relation? Matlab kuch bhi bakwas krneka?
Sir, you should tell this to Pak. Since Independence India is patiently trying to resolve this issue. Ask Solders who lost their life by protecting you and your family. I as a Indian completely condemn Stupid Sidhu ki Stand and the people who support him. 👎😠🌚.
Waah Army k jawan marte hai to tum logo ki humanity nahi jagti.. Terrorism ko support karne walo k liye Tumhare Dil me compassion sa jati hai
सौ फीसद सच
Yaar yeh bandaa India k liye God gift ha isko pehchano...
He is not Indian for sure. He fight for his political carrier not as citizen of India. Sidhu bro u hurt us. Sorry 🙏
I stand with you paajii love From Pakistan ❤ Agli haqoomat tuhaadi way india ch 😊 khush raho hameshaa 😊😊😊
I am totally agree with you navjot Singh sidhu ji . you are great and truly politician in India
The media has unfortunately made Sudhu sir a target.
Left @narendramodi from the topic , n see @sherryontopp has not said any bad thing
Sidhu is a great man. Love and respect from Pakistan. He is working for the better relationships between India and Pakistan. We can make our relations better by dialogue not with war. War is not the solution at all. #PakistanZindabad
Both of you gentleman should once listen what our @capt_amarinder Saheb said in assembly.
But sare atankwadi muslim hi kyon bante hai , ye bata de jara
Sir Siddhu is a highly intelligent and intellectual man. His intelligence is superior to the average minds that run pretty much of the regular Indian media. Talking peace is difficult, selling hype and war is easy. Wish there were more Siddhus
itna sab hone ke baad bolta hai baat kar ke sortout karo...bh##diwale saale pakistan ne ki baat humse!! Kutte saale
Walia Sahab,ab ladai aatankwad se nai,Pakistan se hai.Pakistan murdabad.
Chalo bhai apne dost bajwa aur Imran khan se baat karke jara Hafiz sayed Or Masod Azhar ko phir arrest kara dho apki desh bakti sabit kar do
Is siddhu ka majhab kya hai jab 1984 sikh khaathlonke saath mila hai. Janta bewakoof nahi hai. Sahi jawab milega in his next canine @KapilSharmaK9 show @TajinderBagga @TimesNow
आस्तीन का साँप है जवजोत सिंह सिधु खाता हिन्दुस्तान का है और गाता पाकिस्तान का है
If secularism hv kept this country unite, why there is Pakistan & Bangladesh. Why Guru Nanak's Kartarpur separated from India. #SachinKaBallaSiddhuDalla
I fully support ur comments too hwevr bro, Sherry is now a bloody politician, he will change his stand when he sees an opportunity to get mileage for his benefit. A person who cannot be loyal to one cannot be loyal to the other. Very soon he will trade places
Since when india became a dictatorship where people don't have a right to voice even their genuine concerns. No freedom of speech i guess. Such a shame
Brother We don't know who you are. But surely I pray someday you feel the pain of Army personnel somehow. In India people like you are asking for proof on Pak's involvement? Have we come to this low? Future generations will never forgive you
politics ke liye kuch bhi karega aur kahega #BoycottSiddhu #Armyruleinkashmir @adgpi rocks @crpfindia Both given free hands , good decision @narendramodi No mercy for terrorists and separatists All separatists leaders security removed wow #scraparticle370
दोनो की बातों में फर्क है...सिद्धू ने कहा है कि आतंकवाद का कोई मजहब, कोई देश नही होता...और राजनाथ सिंह जी ने ये तो बोला ही नही...की आतंकवाद का कोई देश नही होता...क्योंकि वो जानते हैं कि एक ही बेवकूफ है यहाँ....आतंकवाद का देश पाकिस्तान होता है।
Anstonised why r people asking him antinational... His words r based on reality and the sloution of issues... Instead of those who r showering fake words of sympathies for the political gains... Sidhu paa g the great.
An extra word Sidhu said was

Aatankvaad ka koi Desh nahi hota

There he was wrong

Every single person on Earth Knows that

Aatankvaad ka Desh hai jo aatankvadiyo Ko paalta hai aur wo hai - Pakistan💩
great person and human.Deserve respect from all quarters without limitations of borders🙏
aala. ye vo log hain jo ikhtalf he rakhte hain bas, chahe kitni daleele de di jaey,chahe kitna bhi aaina dikha dia jaey.
Watch full video & tell me what's wrong in his statement.
Nothing wrong in what both of them said. Fuck Indian journalism. #BoycottIndianMedia
किसी वक्त नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू देश प्रेमी हुआ करते थे लेकिन पाकिस्तान का पानी पीने के बाद उनका भेजा खराब हो गया।
1) You guys may be having your private views but the majority of Indian Citizens believe in the National Policy of India towards Pakistan. .... #IskaImpactAyegaKiNahi
Let’s nt forget n let Modi & Co hide behind our patriotic emotions! He needs to be held accountable for this national security disaster! His Failed polices n politics has lead to this tragedy! No chest thumping we want heads to roll within govt! We can’t let them off! Jai Hind
If you will fight gun with the gun you won't feel peace.
Germany turkey England etc have alot of issuse more incredible then our issues...But they soughtout through table talk ...Because both countries economy's are not so stablte which bear nuclear waaar
2) People supported Former PM & courageous politician Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi who went against the Super Powers & liberated Bangladesh in 1971 .... #IskaImpactAyegaKiNahi
वो तो ठीक है वैभव भाई लेकिन जब ये बीजेपी में हुआ करते थे, तब तो पूरे मन से पाकिस्तान पे आरोप लगाते थे। आज जब इनके पुराने मित्र प्रधानमंत्री बन गए है तो ये अपनी मित्रता निभा रहे हैं। जनता इनको कभी माफ़ नही करेगी।
And by the way what have your peaceful ways yielding in fighting terrorism. Terrorists are able to do what they can because they are aware about people like you who are going to demotivate jawans by speaking about peace at a wrong time.
Siddhu sir ko ab pakistan jane ka mn hai... Please.. inko koi waha ki citizenship dilwa do... siddhu ji respect kho diya aapane ... Hm sb k dil se
सरदार सरदार है, असरदार है।
abe tari ch#t madarjaat kahi ke...support wale aye bade...saale kutte tera baap karega baat chit pakistan se kamine!
aya bada support karne wala...sidhu to hai pakistan ka paltu kutta samja..abb tu bhi jaa aur pata chalega tuje!!
saale jab maar padegi na pakistan se tab pata chalega tum logo ko...ch##ye kahi ke insan gadhe log!! #PKMKB
सोच के बोल गया हैं..!!!
Pagal ho gya h tu ja k ilaaj kara
बेटी को पाकिस्तान की PM बनयेगा ...इमरान से निकाह करायेगा ....गद्दार.....गद्दार......
Instead of attacking opposition leaders like @MamataOfficial @RahulGandhi @sherryontopp etc, @narendramodi @AmitShah should focus more on arresting #AjitDoval #DIGJammu&Kashmir & #GenVipin who are failing miserably in complying to intelligence reports & doing business with PAK
Really this man perform the duty of friendship and disclose the principle of Baba guro nanak
चलो मान लेते हैं की सिद्धू सही है। फिर एक काम करो सिद्धू जी आपके दोस्त इमरान और बाजवा को बोल के मसूद अजहर को सजा दिलवा दो। और अगर ये नहीं कर सकते तो फिर बकवास ना पेलो कि आतंक का देश नहीं होता । मेरे चालीस जवानों को इंसाफ नहीं दिलवा सकते तो अपना मुंह बंद रखो
राजनाथ ने बोला था कि धर्म नहीं है, ये उस देश को पाक साफ बता रहा है जहां मसूद अजहर बैठा है । बकवास मत पेलो अंधे समर्थक , देश के साथ जो नहीं वो देशद्रोही ही कहलाता है
भाई आपलोगों हैं तो आतंकवादी ऐसा ही करेंगे,आप लोगो का बस चलता तो जो बचा हुआ कश्मीर कब का पाकिस्तान देदिये होते। आज 5 लाख कश्मीरी पंडित मारे मारे फिर रहे हैं लेकिन आपको चिंता रोहिंग्या की होती है,वो दिन दूर नही जब भारत को इस्लामिक देश बन देगी कांग्रेस पार्टी।
Terrorist has no race, no religion, that is okay but you said terrorist has no country, whereas it is crystal clear that Pakistan is terror sponsor country.Secondly you said "a nation can't be held responsible for the act of terrorism" so you have given clean chit to Pakistan.
Why don't you get a life and do something meaningful rather than supporting Sidhu.
Sidhu logic is stupid. Pakistan govt and Army supporting terrorism in India and you are supporting them.
Who are you to Tell us that Mr kalia. We are educated enough to justify things. Go to hell.
It was obvious rhetoric will overshadow sense. He could have just kept shut and avoided embarassment to himself and his party.
Want chemical attack like syria 5 ways to take revenge Must follow @SsachTalokar
Sidhu has condemned the attack, n what he said is logical the hate campaign against him is probably started by blind modi bhakt.
be a little cautious next time while giving any statement as they target only u. They are afraid of you.. so they find a better way to spoil your image..
Tabhi to tu chu*** hai be.
Tu karle ham to na karenge. @vbwalia kaisa lagega tujhe jab tere koi apna apne bete ka muh ek bar v ni dekh paya.
Shukar karo @vbwalia sahab koi ek bhai apke hipajat k liye udhar khada hai tabhi ap yaha baithe k @sherryontopp chutiya k support kar rahe ho.
Sidhu ch**u tuje terrorist ka koi desh nai aur RSS Hindu terror hain Tera liya sala chutiya @sherryontopp
Yes fight it like Vaibhav. He's a commander on social media. He will beat you at your game here. Let's just continue banning Siddhu. And show him who's the boss
Our unity and secularism will not be effected by saying a Pakistan is terrorist country because evidence saying that they are terrorist #Osmabin
3) India fought a direct war with Pakistan to stop the human genocide in Bangladesh. Pakistan Army surrendered to Indian Army. India took 93000 POW in the ensuring war. Pakistan had to unilaterally surrender to India. ....... #IskaImpactAyegaKiNahi
We fully support paji the great.
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