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After outrage against his comments, Kamal Haasan takes a u-turn, says ‘plebiscite no longer relevant’ in Kashmir

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Wonder who is accountable for the incredible illiteracy about Jammu & Kashmir’s history among the Indian educated elite ? 😏😉😊
1/2 This man @ikamalhaasan is worse than all the urban naxals put together and a bane for Hindus & India. Core Hindu hater. He just reels of like in his films written by the dialogue writer. Doesn't understand the preconditions for a plebiscite and like the reason he gave why he
Apart from the outrage, he's been exposed as an ignoramus twitter.com/ragarwal/statu…
Kejruddin's Shishya Komaali Hussein proves his Guru worthy!

கெஜ்ருதீனின் சிஷ்யன் என்று பெருமை சேர்க்கும் வகையில் கோமாளி ஹுசைன் அடித்தார் அந்தர் பல்டி !!
He's trying to be Sidhu of the South, to grab Rahul's attention :)
Power of ordinary citizens in bringing the errant children to their knees
If the plebiscite suddenly became irrelevant to him within half a day,imagine how irrelevant Article 370 must be to us after nearly 70 years.
Hahaha, see I told u, we don't take him seriously here in TN
People need to see through Kamal's act. He advocates divisive politics by region- south vs north, language -Tamil vs hindi, Dravidian vs non Dravidian and now the religion card. A divisive strategy setting one group against another. He will pay the price at the election time.
No U turn , Media spreading false news as always pic.twitter.com/7xFJaEj8iz
इसका dna चेक करवाओ, इसमें केजरी वाला खड़ा बाल है
#KamalHasan shouldn't be allowed to get away.
It's SoP.
Sickular leaders make statements to send a message/please their #Muslim Votebank and later say it was twisted.

But the job is done. Message of Intent to Votebank is delivered that it will be done if voted with Majoirty.
What is the procedure to conduct a plebiscite on whether @ikamalhaasan is fit for politics?
This guy is filled with half baked information,most of his statements, many dont understand in TN and when they do, its rubbish. #KamalPlebisciteCall
Man could not have peace talks with his 3 wife's talks about kashmir @ikamalhaasan should be booked under sedation law @CMOTamilNadu @CM_tamilnadu
Kamal is a master of U-turns.
It was never relevant.. it was something that Nehru & Shaik Abdullah conspired to... Can such a thing be asked for any other state or region? .. exactly... It can't be for any state including j&k...
So @ikamalhaasan do you support revoking article 370 and 35A? Will you spearhead a movement to remove, in TamilNadu? Will #Indian stand up for #UnitedIndia or is it merely acting?
Kejriwal has given him good training
Let @ikamalhaasan study the history of Kashmir b4 giving sermons, let @TimesNow give him lessons, recently around a month back @TimesNow has 6 to 7 episodes of
Hey Kamaludin Hussain of the Circus clan You have been talking crap for so long May we know why It can't be a sudden love to serve India.No.I will tell you. As a kid you watched Jayalalitha make millions & you dreamt of joining politics But motto is totally selfish
Ye Bahut Bada Haramkhor hai ! Is ki Dhrishtata ka Jawab Bharat ki Desh Bhakat Jaanta Degi ! Jai Hind Vande Mataram ! pic.twitter.com/yQUxIMBxX1
So much for Indian Part 2 😂😂😂 @ikamalhaasan. For God's sake, lets remind ourselves they are just "actors", who play by the script and make their "producers"happy
Thank God ! he has realised, in democracy public opinion does matter.hope he will have matured behaviour in d days 2 come
What an idiot this Kamala Haasan. I dont think he has political knowledge or good feel of in depth issues of TN or India.
He now available to an Enlightenment!
It seems that after meeting with Delhi ke Malik, He may have got this habbit of Thuck ke chato☺️
Bharat kee janta mai dewangi aai hui hai mut chedo kahi ke nahee rahogay
ஏ ஏண்டா ஏ
This unpad gawar should read up some history and geography before opening his mouth. Recommend the History book by RC Majumdar-Ray Chaudhuri
Kamal Haasan has the maturity of a five year old child. Why is media giving him so much importance?
తాను చేసిన దేశద్రోహకర వాఖ్యానాలపై జాతీయవాదులు తీవ్రంగా స్పందించడంతో , ఈ సన్నాసి చంద్రబాబు లాగా u turn తీసుకొన్నాడు. ఈ బుద్ధి ముందే వుంటే పరువు మిగిలేది.@abntelugutv @Eenadu_Newspapr @TV9Telugu @tv5newsnow @NtvteluguHD @hmtvlive @ikamalhaasan @JanaSenaParty @JaiTDP @ncbn
इनको भेजिये पाकिस्तान और बोलिये की इमरान खान को बोले कि वो आजाद कश्मीर से हट जय और उसके बाद हम जनमत संग्रह करायेंगे बस बात खत्म फिर जनमत संग्रह हो जाएगा तो कल सवेरे ही निकल जाये इस्लामाबाद के लिए।
Congress and aap support him
today he U-Turned but after 5 years of colossal debacle on all fronts ,loss of civilian and military lives& lakhs of crores of tax payers money burnt Voices r rising on relevance of keeping J&K like this😲 If J&K does not get2 stability level of 2014 such voices will rise again
Dies this person has brains ? 1. Plebiscite was to be taken during that period (1948-49) and is bloody well irrelevant now. You can't ask the votes of the grandchildren of the Maharaja's citizens !! 2. Murder, Rape and throwing out of Kashmiri pandits happened. Count them out ?
All these things will reflect in general election. . . voter's will take M - turn.
you are not relevant for Indian politics. Its not 3 hrs movie. Just stop ur bullshit non sense
Smriti irani must have had a word with him.
This man's is going to lose his name and fame like Chiranjeevi. Nothing left with him at this age only he needs ☮️ peace.
Maha dravidian chuthiya
Jo dargaya Wo margaya. Embarrassed with the South Indian film stars, didn't expect them to be so coward
Anti-national, urban naxal @ikamalhaasan is an unscrupulous scoundrel who craves political power at any cost, even disrespecting Mother India. He is an 🐍Aasteen la Saanp. 🐍 #KashmirTerrorAttack #BharatWithForces 🇮🇳🙏🇮🇳 pic.twitter.com/oCl9YkdLV2
Good sense Came to this film Moron at last 😂😂😂😂
you thirdrate fellow people like you specialise in vomiting and after sometime swallow the same thing back. Have some shame.
This rascal must not be taken seriously. Never. His statements change once the effect of his alcohol disappears
People who thought and believed that Kamal Hassan is an intelligent man now understand that he is only an ‘intelligent looking’ man!
Kamal should listen to the pulse of the nation before talking such stupidity @maiamofficial
Why these libtards,commies blabber to finally make a U-turn? Haven't understood till date. hehe
He is fast learning the art of “U Turn”
An idiot of the first order
There should be a referendum across the country whether this idiot should be permitted to stay in India.
It is not good kamal stick on with ur view
Shame on Kamala Hasan..Shame...Shame...
No wonder he has 3 divorces behind him.,!
BIG fool. If the Hindus demand for a Hindu Rashtra, will you ask for a plebiscite . Come on.............
inhi jaise sootiyon ke liye kaha gaya hai. jaab G***d lage phatne toh parasd lage batne
Still Mr. Hasan will be a pakistani pig
Andha bayam irukkanum..!
कमल केवल एक्टर समझा but he is पागल भी हैं।।
do not pay attention to him. He is a moron. Tell him Smriti is coming to city and he will shit in the stage.
U turn after U turn, the man is simply running around in circles.
India should be aware of such chameleons....they try and test the tolerance levels of Indians by taking an anti-India stand and after seeing the backlash, just make a U-Turn...shameless characters..
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