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The sheer hypocrisy of Indian politics in full display. @ShivSena which has been busy using choicest abuses against @BJP4India , now on the same table together. Ultimate game of ideology-less-politics

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Like BJP in the past used choicest abuses against PDP before sharing power with it in J&K :)
Sir ideology only got them together. It would have been suicidal to go alone. They we're on a rampage for a better bargain.
Really? Didn't see you worrying about ideology when BJP and PDP got together to mess up Kashmir? If at all there was a wholly cynical alliance it was that.
Why do you target Shiv Sena?

Shiv Sena abused Modi all the time. BJP should be embarrassed for entering into an alliance with Shiv Sena.
The voters are watching. They are no fools. #BattleOf2019
Shiv sena and BJp share same ideology. There was a difference of opinion .. which has been laid to rest. Where were you when left and congress announced poll pact. AAp wanted to be ally of congress? When jds and cong joined hands in Karnataka?
Recipe for disaster and a self inflicted one. Hypocrisy at its best. Voters will have the last laugh this time around. Opinion polls already suggest a huge loss for NDA.
You never used these terms when DMK-INC allied, SP-BSP allied, CPM and TMC would be part Mahaghatbandhan. When RG is pissed off with CPIM murdering his cadres in Kerala and he laughing with Yechuri? Did you come back today after a long trip to Mars or something?
Most of political alignments are marriages of convenience. Ideology has nothing to do with it. The only ideology that is practiced is to be in power by hook or crook. Nothing more nothing less.
As a student who've observed politics for a while (of course lesser than others), I've always felt that Shiv Sena and BJP are natural allies. No matter how much they play their own game for one upmanship, they are bound to come together.
They are together in government and past 25 years they are fighting election what is wrong ? Their policies and DNA are same both stand for Hindus and Ram temple .
Mathematics rules. As far as the Shiv Sena goes, this is the kind of politics it has always practiced. Anyone in Maharashtra will tell you this.
Chodo sir... Maharashtra done and dusted hai ab
Chaubey Ji, It's surely better than BSP SP alliance. Or Mamta CPM alliance. SS & BJP pull each other's leg but haven't been on each other's throats .
Sahi pakde hai, but I hope u had the same comments when SP-BSP, INC-AAP, etc announce the alliances n this criticism is not just limited to BJP
I think this moron @bhupendrachaube has no understanding of issues. Have you never quarrelled with your wife? With your parents? Never scolded your children? Even divorced people remarry. This guy is worried sick of BJP revealing its alliances at the last moment. More to follow
Where do you presstitutes learn your lessons from ..
Kaun sa doodh ka dula hua hai be tum log
That's called Indian Politics. Not ideology-less politics.
no idiot they want CM chair in MAH they know they will be decimated if they fight independently
rahul was supporting mamta on cbi case, but his MP adhir ranjan was blasting mamta in parliament, this in my opinion is a bigger hypocrisy, shiv sena and bjp are long standing partners and this grandstanding was just a game for seat sharing arrangement
Correct. Always meant to point out that PM and Mr. Jaitley as much into politics like other politicians. You seem to selectively forget at times.
ha ha holier than thou
The amount of abuse that BJP has heard from SS, a tie up after that is well startling.
Ideology in politics is a myth.
BJP lost the opportunity to stand alone in MAH, if BJP contests 48 solo, they have chance to cross 25 seats and SS will go down below 5 seats , means BJP got 150 seats in vidhan Sabha
Well they are politician so least expected but voters should understand...even if they still vote for them which they might do and thats the reason they take voters for a ride...
Every thing is fair in love n war..old quote..
Bhupenji, same ideologies are more strong than differences. You can find one son more vocal and another mature, will u separate these two. So is the case of Hindu Rashtra family.
Only morons like you believed what was said to the media. Sane people knew what would happen when elections are near. History repeats itself...BJP & ShivSena can never part due to ideology.
Very weak comment. To keep corrupt Congress and jihadi elements away from power both came together.
BJP and shivsena same ideology. There are some difference of opinion . Congress,communist AAP different ideologies but together now latest KESARIWAL . Karnataka JDS N CONGRESS...so only when BJP n sena almost together for decades during assembly and parlinentry election.
Hey Bazaru #Presstitutes ! @BJP4India @ShivSena Alliance se tum logo ki kyu suji hai?
kabhi to BJP ko bhi criticise karne ki himmat dikhao. BJP also allied with PDP,AIADMK,
शिवसेना की ही क्या गलती? गालियां सुनने का बावजूद बीजेपी की क्या गरज थी? खुद पर भरोसा नहीं था क्या?
Modi wave!🤣 Modi magic!🤣
Yet, MahaMilawat is necessary.
Like yesterday Shatrughan Sinha change of heart and praising Modiji! Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable! Or impossible made possible. If NDA comes to power, even Mamata will align, she cannot keep her fight for another 5 years with central modi govt.
Ideology politics is an oxymoron; perhaps it is the last instrument which politics would rather engage in. Politics is all about power and abuse.
No sir. At least this is Ideology based . Earlier absuses were ideology less.
सर जी यहां आपको महज़ गालियों से मुश्किल हो गया। बहन जी के साथ सपा के गुंडों ने क्या किया था वो याद है। इससे ज्यादा कोई कुछ नही कर सकता। फिर भी कुर्सी के लालच में बहनजी उन्ही के साथ आ गई।
What happens to the great journalists when bua and babbua come together after murder charge's also
Finally fake opposition by Shiv Sena will come to an end.
It seems obvious from thr behaviour what they think abt us.Worse they dont really care.
It is the Darwins theory of survival of the fittest. Ultimately you have to defeat the opposition ideology which is more important !!
Yes, let's play cops and robbers, like in bollywood movies, yup, that's politics. Oh brother, the gems of Indian media, 4th pillar my @#_&.
They were in Gov together
They do it because they know we are bunch of idiots. #ugetruleudeseve
What do you think of commies and Cong in WB and Kerala??
This is bloody politics. Some time these politicians eat from bottom and excrete from their their mouth. Or otherwise vice versa. They've no head and tail.
So untrue. Despite all misunderstandings its ideology which is binding them.
It is also hypocrisy to only blame ShivSena. Nobody arm twisted BJP to go with them. It only shows how much of a unscrupulous party BJP is. People in Maharashtra are watching this and will now punish both the parties.
Isn't Mahagatbandan an example of that as well
BJP & Shiv Sena are ideologically most close. Differences were not ideoligical but who shall be big brother. Issue resolved amicably.
That is politics. They talk against Government on issues, whats wrong in it and when need they support the Nationalist Government, that what it is.
And if your @bjp4india had any self respect, they would never begged the Sena. But anything for seats, right mr. Choubey
So what BC. If Modi has said alliance then it is alliance🤐🤐🤐
Going with con party is not hypocricy ,con party going with commie partt is not hypocricy,SP going with BSP s not ,AK going mamata is not ,Con opposing J didi at local level but want align with her at center is not 🤔
Why? They were always together. What’s new?
You call yourself a journalist?? All the corrupts gathered in Kolkata. You had no words.
Pure ideological politics
Agree. Pathetic state of politics. Shivsena had gone and supported Chandra babu naidu in his 1 day fake fast. Both SS and BJP have lost all moral grounds to be together.
Really?? they r together for 25 yrs..tera phatt gaya to..lagi..bohut lagi...ha..ha..ha.
Sp bsp MASTER stroke tha
choubeyji, sab karein toh kalaakar aur right wing kare toh .... politics mein toh sab chalta hi rehta hai.
They have bitter relations & exchanges recently, but they both have same ideology.
Yes ! Very true same as how media behaves or misbehaves & carry anti national agenda & boot licking of gandhi dynasty all the time ! In nutshell India media is Irresponsible Narrative based Self appointed court No respect from public !
What ideology does Mayawati and akhilesh share ???
BJP and SS share the same ideology. Hypocrisy is when you turn blind to TDP allying with Congress? What about TMC allying with Congress? What about the politically illicit #MahaThugBhandan??
....Once a chaubey, always a Ch***ya.
Are other parties not doing the same? Why complain?
Those who were burning candles to pray for break up are disappointed today. दूसरे गठबंधन देखने के बाद यह गठबंधन "पवित्र" नहीं लगता चोबे जी ?? @Dev_Fadnavis @PiyushGoyal @AUThackeray
It goes by saying “There are no enemies and friends in politics”.
Bhupen Ji, Both BJP and Shivsena decided it is better to prevent and prepare rather than repent and repair
And you are happy
should have gone solo & finished the political hedgemony of the father n son duo. They might have lost in short run but long term gain for this pain. Opportunity lost
Chaubey Ji apna Gyan thoda Congress-SP-BSP equation or may be @INCIndia & @JaiTDP pe bhi de de.... Itna bhed-bhav kyu....???
Shiv Sena is dynastic and corrupt same as congress party.
ideology-less ? You meant ethics-less ? Would you like to correct your tweet ?
How lutyen media manufactured narratives on these abuses n said SS will ditch BJP.. Ab? Lutyens media caught with their pants down.... oops @BDUTT 🤭 @maryashakil
Doesn't the same hypocrisy apply to the @BJP4India who are willing to share that same table despite the @ShivSena calling their #ChowkidarChorHai
That's not ideology less thru both took birth from hindutva they both thrive on hindutva! Mahathugbandhan is the real ideology less gang, those who killed each other and vowed to fight for ever now coming together because they want power. That's ideology less!!
It was inveitable. Had told a friend back in 2015 that this was just a correction phase and once the balance is reset, they would be back together mostly before 2019. They are natural allies
Such parties r full of hypocrisy. That’s why the ruling opposed everything of what UPA proposed and when in power implemented all such bills.
Sometimes you need to carry fools with you for succeeding at larger level . That's what @BJP4India does with @ShivSena .
चौबे जी, आप तो महाराष्ट्र मै गटबंधन जितनेके ख्वाब देख रहे रहे थे गुगली कर दि ना आप की😊😊
It's also hypociacy when Cong hobnobbed with Shivsena and also @ncbn
At least they have been on same page wrt to nationality. What is the common line in UPA? Chori?
This is reality of Indian politics, for power they come together & forget their ideological differences.
Is this as bad as @ncbn and the TDP or worse? How would you rank these?
Shiv Sena people are a bit more cultured Sanghis. That is the only difference between them.
It was bjp who needed shivsena more
had to lick boots of SS to get votes to fight United opposition....BJP @narendramodi @RSSorg is seeing writing on wall
Are you disappointed that SS & BJP have come together.
So what do you have to say of TDP Congress on the same dias??
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