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Happy #PresidentsDay to Barack Obama only.
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#HappyPresidentsDayObama to Barack Obama only LOL that is too funny
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Steve Prometheus 2020 🦅🔥💥👊🏼 #CaptainAmerica
#PresidentsDay #BeLikeObama

America, land of the free, because of the brave.

#MondayMotivaton #Heroes
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@itsashlyperez It’s tweets like this that will end up pushing undecided voters over the edge to re-elect Donald Trump. Hope this was worth it.
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your orange cheeto could never!!
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Happy Presidents’ Day to MY president @BarackObama we miss you ❤️
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@itsashlyperez Agent 45 will never get over Potus Obama. Especially today: Happy 1st thru 44th #PresidentsDay
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@itsashlyperez What about George Washington?? And Lincoln? AND THOMAS JEFFERSON. Don’t forget Teddy Roosevelt. Obama wasn’t even that good. He created many issues
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@itsashlyperez Wow Ashly, everyone is REAL mad at you for this. Could it be that conservatives were the real snowflakes...all along?
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Maybe a dictatorship wouldn’t be that bad.
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A perfect example of leftist being the real racists and why @realDonaldTrump will be re-elected.
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@itsashlyperez 🦀🦀🦀🦀OBAMA IS GONE🦀🦀🦀🦀
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@itsashlyperez Terribly unkind words.
And what about President Jimmy Carter?
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love love love 💙
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@itsashlyperez To our 1st half-Black President! Thank you for our debt, failed healthcare, paying Iran BILLIONS, how you handled Benghazi, your race baiting, & refusal to call terrorism “Islamic”

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@itsashlyperez Your ignorance in a statement like this ruins any bit of credibility you had.
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Non il est de droite
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@itsashlyperez Actually, there is nothing left to #Obama's presidency. It has been completely erased because it was never really there.
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✊🏼JUSTICE...and ROBERT MUELLER is thy name🗽
@itsashlyperez and none for you Gretchen Weiners...
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@itsashlyperez Never got anything done and hated America and spread it all over the world.
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conspiracy theory: Barack was actually the first and the only President ever
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@itsashlyperez Some of the replies to this really stick it to the liberals 🤠🍷
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Miss you ... call me back ?
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fuck he was really the best president I’ll ever experience
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Me when I am too young to remember any presidents before Obama
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@itsashlyperez Actually... happy #PresidentsDay to America because Obama's gone along with his legacy. #ThankGod for @realDonaldTrump! #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020
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I won’t back down 🇺🇸 🙏🏻💙❤️✌🏻☘️
@itsashlyperez Was the worst president ever when looking at his policies. He made it easy for Trump to be a president and a better one!
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@itsashlyperez It's okay ,our actual President has enough love from people who can look past all the superficial.

But thanks for the free hate promotion. We'll all vote again for Trump
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@itsashlyperez You still butthurt?? LOL it's been 3 years!
0 4
@itsashlyperez Are you one of those people that was fired from @BuzzFeed? These kinds of posts would explain why.

@POTUS44 goes down as one of the worst in American history. Manchurian candidate who did not LEAD our nation. Only followed directions from #DeepSwamp.
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@itsashlyperez I think former president Carter deserves a "Happy Presidents' Day!"
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so. i work at a retirement community & yesterday we discussed presidents. let me tell you a story.
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I miss Øbama like l miss a bleeding hemorrhoid.
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@itsashlyperez Wouldn’t it be lovely to get #PresidentObama trending on #PresidentsDay?
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Deplorable Tim 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@itsashlyperez His socialism failed. He said he couldn't control gas price. Then he said you could keep your doctor. He left in disgrace caught spying on candidates illegally. Not so sure which of these you miss?
0 3
He wasnt even always that good and he was still the best. Lets always kerp doing better until obama becomes the"shitty" pres okay
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I love you. Please come back
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🇺🇸🌴💥J R Smith 💥🌴🇺🇸
Obummer was never POTUS. Illegal fraud born in Kenya.
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@itsashlyperez Now that is funny! You do know he was the worst President we ever had, right?
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@itsashlyperez @spiritdance33 Can we include President Jimmy Carter? What a great humanitarian.
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@itsashlyperez @SincerelyAmity the worst president, EVER!, not even born in USA
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@itsashlyperez Why you gotta do Lincoln dirty like that? Bruh..
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@itsashlyperez Not too much leadership and not too much achievement but dividing USA for Obama. He was too soft and was taken advantage by the whole world. He is a decent family man but absolutely not a qualified president. His relationship oriented character makes him not possible to make it.
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@itsashlyperez That *only* killed me😂😂😂
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@itsashlyperez Obama was awesome but FDR and JFK were legendary.
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It’s been so long and I’m lost without. What am I gonna do? Said I been needing you and wanting you. #PresidentsDay2019 #andnoneforgretchenweiners
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I’m sorry that I didn’t appreciate you more when you were in office batting up against a nearly impossible Congress.
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This morning I painted a picture of Barack Obama on some toilet paper with my ass.

It looks just like him.
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Come back please we need you❤️ @BarackObama & we miss our forever First Lady @MichelleObama
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Jenn “Fake name so my students can’t find me” Rodg
And maybe Jimmy Carter.
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@itsashlyperez Any ex-president that attempts to take out or take down a duly elected President @realDonaldTrump should be charged with treason and sentenced to dea th. Hope I see it in my lifetime. How you nuts continue to praise him is beyond me.
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@itsashlyperez my 100th tweet........effervescent
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@itsashlyperez Childish.

I'm not a trump fan either.
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