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"What's the big deal with soldiers dying? People die of depression too"- Mallika Dua (The"feminist" daughter of Vinod Dua who was thrown out of The Wire on charges of Molestation).

Shows the shameless mentality of low-life Liberals. #IndianArmyOurPride

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Ye sab dekh k wahi dialogues yad aate h ajay devgan ke Hume to apno ne loota gairo me kaha dum tha Thu h aisi soch per
the only power they have is our following, she gets money coz we watch her videos, we made her famous. just unsubscribe, boycott such people, and boom they'll be nothing.
Jaise baap waise beti 😑
Shemless anti national baap ki aulad,
Ask her to live at Saichen for a couple of days... She will forget all this 'gyan' which she is blabbering. 😠
The very issue is that she doesn't seem to understand the difference between 'Martyrdom' and 'Illness'. Sometimes I wonder how these people get is much fame and come up in life so easily
Depression m toh yahi lag rahi hai...
Boycott @MallikaDua the way ppl did with sidhu
see this lady named Mallika Dua spew venom against our brave martyred soldiers. Please send her to jail and teach some lesson. We can't tolerate such insensitive statement from anyone for our soldiers.
Ye desh chutiyo se bhra pda h
OMG this is typical reaction of the new gen who have gotten everything in life easily and don’t understand the value of freedom which we have because of our soldiers who were killed violently in one of the worst attacks... such callous statement shows immaturity and meanness
She doesn't know the difference between "veergati" and "death". Dying for our country and dying because of circumstances are two very different things.
U guys keep clap like chakkas,
Loser kahi k

Agar aapka koi military Me ho&ghar wps na aye&jo dukh hoga Wo dukh log feel nahi karenge to kon?

Logo keliye soldiers jaan dete hai kutti,
Tere jaiso keliye sacrifice karte hai!


Wow... Kitni akhalmandi ki baat hai. @MallikaDua tum paidaish se aise hi ho yaa tumhare baap ki khand ke wajah se aise hogayi. Koi baat nhi take your med and take proper rest, kahi aise na ho ki tumhare aise senseless tweet padke log tumhe pagal aurat na samhje. Idiot!
Oh she finally got back her voice after she went into hiding post her father was accused of sexual assault?.. And this is what she speaks? We should condemn all these socalled Liberals.
She is more good while on Mute mode
She is CURSE to India. I very vey SiCK Mind
It makes me sick to understand that how people like her get so much fame. She doesnt have the maturity to understand that army lives for protection of other people's life by risking their owns. Nd she has compared it to people dying of illness,depression. Shame😑
Plz don't question their nationalism or patriotism😏they are very much Indians as from where the hell they have such privileges😐😶 #MalikaDua #IndianArmyOurPride pic.twitter.com/bpWvUC8WNs
Someone pls ask #MallikaDua ..do people suffering from depression die protecting their country? Coz of a terrorist attack? Does she know what a martyr means?
I use to like her but ab thuku bhi nai
Pahle Inko saaf karo...jo bhi youtube channel Inko kaam de unko boycott kro...inki bakchodi wali 3rd grade ki comedy shows k tickets mat lo.....Hamara desh chunautiyon se nahi in jaise chutiyon se pareshan hai..#IndianArmyOurPride #MallikaDuaKoDeshSeNikalo
I live in Canada but I’m a Indian by my heart! And I’m in rage! I’m not living same@life everyday! There’s not a single minute when I don’t check news about india! There’s not a single min when I don’t post!
Because soldiers die for us, they die while protecting us. they die while Protecting the pride of this country. They die while protecting you, if you can't respect their sacrifice than you have No right to disrespect them.

The are our pride.

She has finally lost her mind 🙌
Literally comparing depression to martyrdom which are so different to eachother. I literally got no words, how people can grow so Insensitive.
Her tone suggests depression is a bigger issue to die with than sacrificing life for the Nation.
Why Dua family keep Hindu name when they have converted to Islam ?
Ban islam from India !! By converting them to peaceful eastern religions like BUDDHISM , JAINISM , SIKKHISM , hindhuism or at least atheism!!
#millikadua 👊👊👊 shame on you...poor you.... 😡
Why did his father warned & she cried on FB for a Bollywood star's cheap comment when Indian women lower down the economic & social strata face much more abuse Free publicity seeking family #BadDuas
Don't worry she is doing this for her popularity. #its not a big deal
I think she doesn’t understand the concept of no one can touch or hurt my home or family. If some comes and hurts her family members.. then she would go about her every day business .. out of society thinking.
Have this lady some shame ??
Like they martyred while protecting us . They are no more so that we can live peacefully .How can it not affect us ??
You really need a heart of stone to make such derogatory remarks on soldiers martyr.
Bhains puchh uthayegi toh Gobar hi karegi..gana thodi na gayegi...Jai Hind!!
On death of any family member of this lady her neighbours should play dj & dance.... normal life
Have you seen a educated illiterate ??
Watch this video...
ये 2 क्विंटल की बद्दुआ जितनी खबर नेशनलिस्ट की रखती है इतनी अपने बाप पर रखे तो MeToo ना होता उसका। 🇮🇳🇮🇳
She in the video saying, people are asking how can she enjoy in such sorrow time. My question is, why do people care for her?Why they are making them huge personality?Why do we think there views on these matters are important? Remember one thing they are actors not intellects.
These kind of people are not eligible to be called indians!! They should be thrown out of country because even in such tough time they want to become famous by commenting against nation and our heroes!
Real Besharm of our country👎
Esko bhi dic ki pic chahiye no. Do koi. Eske bhi @BDUTT #barkha
Would she be telling the same thing if that guy had driven the explosive laden vehicle into her house and she was the only one to escape alive... I think stupidity doesn't have any cure and she exemplifies it very well.
She is lying on bed and able to use such kind of demoralising and disrespectful words in this video for Army because of Our Brave Army.
Desh ki badkismati hai ki hamari Army aisi R.... B.... K.... K..... jaison ki safety ke liye apni jaan de dete hain...
Papa ki Pari hai yeh, Inko Reality se Fark nahi padta @MallikaDua
This is extremely shameful, absolutely fucking shameful
Because of these kind of people, india has many problems.
Jawans give their life so that you can sleep safely - you ignorant fuck!!

Throw this entire Dua family out of india, these are freaks!
Unfortunately the girl has lost it on a ego trip!
यह मंद बुद्धि औरत है, जिससे अक्ल ओर समझ बिल्कुल नही है। इसका बाप भी ओर यह दोनों एक जैसे है।
तुम अपने लिए जीते हो, मगर हमारे देश के सैनिक अपनो के लिए जीते हैं, तुम अपनी जिन्दगी को वतन से बढकर समझते हो, मगर सैनिक अपने वतन को अपनी जिन्दगी से बढकर समझते हैं तुम जीते हुए भी बेजान बात करते हो, मगर हमारे सैनिक शहीद होकर भी करोड़ जिन्दगी बचाने कि बात रखते हैं [जय हिंद ]
😠trying hard to look cool just like Sidhu, such type is only called "Urban Naxlites", She is an actor, no one from her family died at Boarder. How can she understand the pain of the families who lost their beloved one. She lives her comfort & ease only bcz #IndianArmyOurPride
Just saw the video of Malika Dua. Moti ko gyan dena hai aur filters bhi daalna hai video me. Molester ki beti ka dimag ka size bohat zyada kam hai.
पहले देश के अंदर के गद्दारों को सजा देनी चाहिए।
What you expect from mentally imbalanced people!!!???
We missed out on this B.... Really need some action against her... What a shitty Cartoon. @MallikaDua
Kon h ye pagli !!!aise log bhi desh me rahte agar ye tweeter jesi anokhi chhij join nhi karta to pta nhi chhlta !!bolne se phale thodi sharm kro
#IndianArmyOurPride #AvengePulwama #PulwamaTerrorAttacks the anger is because this is caused by a terrorist attack!Don't you get it? Are u that low in IQ? Or may be those terrorists are your relatives? Or your support group? Sick of you @MallikaDua u r also a supporter of terror
This Lady needs to be booked under charges of Sedition and Insulting the Sacrifice of our Jawans. @MumbaiPolice @Dev_Fadnavis

Agar koi isko gali de tab ye Liberandu hatya macha denge aur ye hamare Sainiko ke balidaan ko normal bimari,bhookmari ki death se compare kar rahi hai.
Ma'am aapki soch bhi ghatiya hai aur aap Insaan bhi ghatiya ho Brainless people like you are a big disgrace to this country, y don't you go somewhere and find some real work, isi bahaane kuch karne ko bhi mil jayega life me #MallikaDua
Depression sb personal reason, but to die for ur country is a different reason. Aur mohtarma hmari suraksha krne k liye hi unlogo ne apni jaan di hai. It's a selfless deed which selfish people like you won't understand.
She don’t know the difference between dying for self and dying for country... #RIP Madam.
found another Designer Actress. Shame on you . I request all of us that plz don't call these people Heros or Heroine . Real Heros are on boarder protecting our nation. Salute to Indian Army. Jai Hind
See the Women molester Third class @VinodDua7 daughter thoughts on our ARMY JAWANS Martyred in #PulwamaEncounter she says so what many ppl die everyday NO BIG DEAL #IndianArmyOurPride Sick Sick SICK SICK Bitch..... CHILDREN are MAP of their Parents
Though I am a feminist.. but this women needs some serious reforms. Ask her to Gyanchod to the terrorists in Pakistan.. she's comparing the supreme sacrifice made by our jawans to depression, bhukmari?? They died because a terrorist decides to ram his vehicle filled with IDE ..
Shame on these kind of statements just go and stand for a while in snow if you could do then compare these from those who die from hunger @MallikaDua
बिमार लगती है दिमाग से बहुत दिनों से।
people who died are not the common person... these are soldiers .. Bcoz of them you are talking this bullshit...if they weren't present in the borders for saving us. Then what happened to them .. can be happened to u. So, respect them...also donate some money for their families.
There is something called nuanced opinion. I didn't see her uncropped video. I think she is urging people not to try and guilt trip others for the loss of lives of soldiers. But with dumb bhakts all around, it probably makes more sense to keep quiet.
He still remains the consulting editor of the wire.
I know you have been such a loser that your mind couldn't grow. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist. I know being single at this age and being liked by no one ever is really hard but you shouldn't lose your sanity. Exercising,doing yoga,listening to bhajans may help.
Block these antinational girls
This is nothing but an ill minded attempt to garner attention.We should ignore these shameless morons,tells a lot about her mentalii and up bringing
Ye aur iska Baap dono Chutiye Hain bc
So according to this sociopathic grotesque monstrosity, the plights of our Martyrs shouldn't be a "big deal" to us, Much like how the plights of Women who were sexually assaulted by her father weren't a "big deal" for her??
This is appalling. So called educated dimwits. Why do we even give a platform to such people to utter the kind of crap that they do.
She doesnt hv any wrk isliye kalal k jese useless videos bna rhi hai, aja tujhe kam dilati hu ...
Mar jao Tum bhi sb normal ho jayega ok
Thanks to the army she's sitting casually and ranting nonsense. Thankless sick woman.
She should die. No big deal!
She seems a drunkard😄😉😉. #MallikaDua have same decency yaar. How cheap u and ur mentality is!
Stupid thinking, this lady is not worth as Indian
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