Amazing! Swindon Brexiter MP says devastating decision by Honda “nothing to do with Brexit” !!! What flat-earth fantasy.

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The decimation of the car industry is nothing to do with Brexit, it's a global downturn in the car industry. We should prepare ourselves for:

Global downturn in British agriculture
Global downturn in supply of medicines

Won't be Brexit. 🤣

The Japanese very sensibly don’t like Brexit as it’s considered too risky from a business perspective. However, the Japanese very sensibly do like the EU = because it’s strong and stable!
So much money has left the UK in the last couple of weeks that we may have to start sticking our money under the mattress. Assets worth one trillion £ now shifted to EU because of Brexit. UK businesses setting up in Europe. MPs accused of not understanding Brexit impact.
Only in UK are these announcements coming thick and fast - Only the UK is leaving the EU Nothing to do with Brexit? 🤔
Just need Honda to come out and make it so abundantly clear it is a Brexit decision that those who deny it have nowhere to go! This has absolutely everything to do with Brexit - I worked with Honda and until Brexit they were entirely committed to the UK!
Shocked me too! Brexit is so very stupid yet some rich still support it ...making the poor poorer. I hear bad things every day ...and yet no one has the courage to tell the truth and admit it’s a mistake 🤦‍♀️
Perhaps #Honda are leaving because they got wind of the #Tories' #fuckbusiness policy
As we know.....the fallout from Brexit will escalate but none of it will actually have anything to do with brexit....
Yes. They know so much better than the company itself!
Japanese people have strong code of honour. Agree to place car manufacturing with respectful UK PM in 80s in UK with Guaranteed access to EU market. Current Gov act dishonourable and shit over previous honourable arrangement. Japanese feel no obligation now. Incompetent Tories.
Theresa May is probably begging Honda right now "Please please please say it had nothing at all whatsoever ever ever to do with Brexit please please please, I'll pay you, how much do you want, I have a money tree".
And the government will make sure nobody loses there jobs. 😡😡😡
You reap what you sow - Swindon voted to Leave. Welcome to reality.
Ah.... another politician that moonlights as an auto industry expert...…
Actually hilarious that they are finding other excuses for airlines and car firms pulling out when there’s only one common denominator.
The word 'tarrif' gives large manufacturers no option but to find alternatives. Brexit = Tarrifs and increased administration costs. WAKE UP! IT'S SO SIMPLE, You just need to use common sense to work this out. Stop listening to idiot Brexiteers! 😡
I get the impression that even if a company stated, ‘it’s all down to brexit uncertainty’ govt leavers would still deny it.
New idea - wherever brexiter supporter area loses a big employer, said brexiter MP has to live on Jobseeker’s Allowance alone for 6 months. #remainers keep their jobs
Indeed. The local press in Swindon has reported all of #Honda's #Brexit warnings, e.g. this one from last June:…
. . and he said it on the BBC within seconds of saying they were waiting for tomorrow to hear the reasons . . but apparently so already in the know that he could say what is WASN’T about. A good and failure servant Tory Brexit camp. I want to see him on the next GE.
It's a relief to hear that. I was worried that leaving a 500 million strong bloc with a free trade arrangement might have some effect on our car industry. I stand corrected.
If the jolly jape unbelievable LEAVE message is still be AIRED by the schophants... then the workers need to understand that not everyone can slide off to their millionaires 'Monaco heaven'

They have been duped!
Flat earth and brextremist are very similar. Except flatters have more credible arguments
Brexiters just won’t accept the truth or acknowledge that they have got it all wrong about the benefits or risks of their Brexit.
Just to be clear, Honda's chief executive Takahiro Hachigo said the decision was not related to Brexit. Are you contradicting him and telling us that it is?
If, as appears, you're referring to Justin Tomlinson, he's a right plonker of the very highest order. Check out his wikipedia page.
At least the redundant staff will be able to transfer their skills to factories abroad. Oh, hang on ....
You see the problem is you’re assuming that Brexit has something to do with Brexit when in fact Brexit has nothing to do with Brexit at all.....bloody remainers made Brexit about Brexit......🤯 #leaverslogic
We will give you £***** if you don't blame it on brexit. Aye, ok.
Apparently Honda are consolidating back to Japan.
They're not flat earth...they're off planet...somewhere in the Kuiper belt...🙄
‘NOTHING TO DO WITH BREXIT’ is shouty thicko leavers’ mantra.
No one will believe it anymore. It’s over.
He is obviously terrified he will be blamed for the catastrophe.
Typical, dillusional nut case! Just hate the fact we are being dragged down with them. #StopBrexitSaveBritain
Amazing! Deluded, deranged, blind!
Oh - you pain me Professor. By causing me to recall: "...Parliament's there to remedy that." - I was so young then, back in 2017. ;-) #StandUP4UKDemocracy #StandUP4aResoluteRemain
Actually it has little to do with Brexit. There are economic shifts globally that the UK can do little to influence. Where Brexit comes into it is creating a terrible environment for investment. As for Japanese car manufacturers, with an EU deal they don’t need the UK.
Given the EU/Japan trade deal, Swindon was redundant anyway.
Any reply to fit their own agenda.
I wonder if the MP would be prepared to find out if constituents agree?
They think that if they insist that these problems have nothing to do with Brexit, the rest of us will believe that they weren’t foolish or deluded. The opposite is true: not only do we think that they were foolish and deluded; we can also see that they learned nothing from it.
Brexit can only be good. Therefore if bad things happen, they are nothing to do with Brexit. 🙄
I have advised him that he may be incorrect and he spare a thought for every other business in Swindon that will be affected as well. #nobrexit
Not any old Flat Earth madness - reported as expert opinion by the Beeb earlier 🤯… Our team is an international team, a German brand, that has its F1 operations in the UK & we have 26 different nationalities in our team. “That is damaging to what is, to me, one of outstanding industries in UK. People's vote?
Government want cleaner emission, they build diesel cars, blame them not Brexit
For some it is almost like a religious fervour which cannot stray from the Leavers 1st commandment: - Nothing is the fault of Brexit.
What!!! How deluded are these people?!!!
Doubt the votersof Swindon will believe it.
Just a total coincidence that 1. All the car makers are winding down and 2. No closures or job cuts in Poland, Germany, Netherlands. 90% of Swindon output goes into EU. Only Honda factory in EU. One sure will be up and running by 2022!
A well known twat. Hey ho
It doesn’t. Global automotive crisis caused by shift in diesel to electric and slowdown in Asia.
Maybe it was the Freemasons fault ?
"The reduction in production volumes is due to an industry-wide decline in the sale of diesel cars and not as a result of Brexit."…
Global automotive industry crisis affecting many countries!! not just Britain!! involving several factors brexit is none of them
Doubt he'll be at home tonight. Assuming his home is anywhere near Swindon which it probably isn't
It's a red, white and blue, Tory Brexit, they won't listen or change course. The manta, is its thwarting the will of the people, to rescind A50. Or give the people an election or people's vote. The DUP are supporting them.
You’re the flat earthier. Entirely down to EU diesel emissions policy
He should know with respect not you
Wreckless - thousands will be lucky if they get Tory zero hours contracts ???? Dreadful betrayal
He's probably dusting of the tools for the Morris Marina
Hahahahahaha! What a reckless and irresponsible clown...
It has nothing to do with Brexit according to the news reports. They are pulling out of Europe and consolidating in Japan, apparantly.
What a surprise he said that......
Caught a glimpse on my peripheral vision so used Tiny Planet App
Says more about him..........
So why are they closing there plant in Turkey.
No must be diesel engines! Or diesel politicians!!
All the companies that have moved assets, workers or manufacturing, whether they did it for Brexit or not, have done it for at least one other reason: Britain has lost its ways, its governance is weak, its government is rubbish and the commons have been neutered.
Oh look. Why Honda is set to shut its Swindon factory - written by people who actually *know* about the car industry. Spoiler alert: they make diesel cars at that factory & no one wants to buy them anymore.
54% in Swindon voted for Brexit. Am I supposed to feel sorry?
Just like the Second World War had nothing to do with Hitler? Changing History eBook on Amazon
Actually it is probably why JCB pays Davis. Japan has EU deal and Honda can produce for less in Japan. In EU, JCB faces Hitachi, komatsu, etc and will need tariff protection. Irony is bamford as Brit stayer, is, relative to many monied, is a good guy.
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