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NEWS: Malia Obama has a secret Facebook where she posts about how much she hates Trump

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Doesn鈥檛 every sane human in the world?
Shame she can鈥檛 do it publicly on Twitter like the rest of us.
Even if true...or relevant...Trump spent YEARS GLEEFULLY vilifying her father in the most demeaning & dehumanizing ways; spearheading the #Birther movement that was little more than ugly innuendo about Obama's interracial parentage. Yet she's supposed to speak kindly of HIM???
Oh, are we supposed to keep them secret? I've been doing this wrong...
Same, except mine's not secret.馃槒
Is this supposed to make me dislike her? (It doesn鈥檛. Trump questioned her father鈥檚 American-ness.)
My Facebook is filled with Trump hate and its public lol
knew i liked her for a reason
I made a separate Twitter at first but then I said fuck it, if you don鈥檛 like my views you can simply unfollow.
I bet #HillaryClinton says the same thing but in grown folks lanuage. pic.twitter.com/t3x2FmpMM4
Who cares- I鈥檓 sure Melania does too....
And millions of us very publicly express our disdain and loathing for his royal tangerine majesty here on Twitter. :)
And.... Doesn't everyone
Except mines not secret.
Who doesn't? Only mine isn't so secret...it's out there for everyone to see. LOL
So do I. Kudos to Malia!
Me too! I completely agree
Secret? Oh no, that would be no fun. None at all. I'm most likely to be on a drone list, but nobody, absolutely nobody, can look at my FB page and wonder at my opinions. I owe it to my Grandkids. They know this shit ain't my fault.
In other news. "Water. Wet."
May she inspire young people everywhere馃憤馃憤
Minus the "Secret" part.
And Trump has done nothing but attack her father for years!! So what? Who cares? Love Malia 馃挄馃挄馃挄
A. Whoever keeps snitching on Malia needs a proverbial whooping.
B. love you Malia. Well done.
Right! 馃槉 Life hack 3,657,789: you don鈥檛 have to like the fool who spends his time attacking your father.
Once again proving Obama raised better children than Trump. If only Jr and Eric would do this.
Mine isn鈥檛 even secret.
Leave Malia alone!
Donald Trump has a Twitter Account where he posts how much he hates pretty much any person, official, government, country, or organization that disagrees or challenges him. In real time,... all the time.
Amen. You keep going #babybama the world need young people able of self though and opinions.
I wish I was her friend on it. We could compare our dislikes of 45. Hers I am sure are much greater than mine, but mine are good too
I Have An Absolutely Public Twitter Account Where I Do The Same. But, Malia Was Raised Better. When They Go Low...She Goes Down- Low鈥! #ThanksObama #TheResistance #KidsAreFuture #TrumpIsANationalEmergency #Resist #Persist Don鈥檛 Let Trump 鈥淭urkeys 鈥 Get You Down. 馃槀 #TrumpLies pic.twitter.com/rtl8OmyllQ
So do I.

And what? 馃し馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
I don't hide behind groups or any secrets. I am proud of my distaste for this treasonous monster
hey we all have to vent here ~ trying times with #PrezPutin馃憤馃嚪馃嚭馃
That鈥檚 why I have Twitter 馃槈
I have a real Facebook where I do this.
Why keep it a secret?
Of course she despises Trump.
I am appalled...that anyone thinks this is worth mentioning.
It's no secret. I hates him, I does. Don't say 'hate', Lora
It鈥檚 my main account because I鈥檓 not famous enough for my political beliefs to become a story.
I mean, mine's not a secret, but still.
Malia and much of the free world, too.
I couldn鈥檛 love her more!!!!
I'm just not secret about it.
Not so secret then....
Who doesn't? I thought this was required in order to deal with all the 馃悅馃挬we have to deal with from the 馃崐馃悢馃挬 idiot and the 馃悽who are living in OUR white house, to keep our sanity. Good on you Malia Obama - Way to Go.
Yeah mine is not secret.
Follow Ms. Obama's lead, #SoMePsychs. An anonymous account will allow you to express your frustration without affecting your (our) brand. #politics
'Cept mine isn't secret.
chocada com jovens usando facebook
Mine's not so secret.
Well.....I don't use Facebook anymore and I don't keep my disdain a secret on twitter,but

That鈥檚 just my regular Facebook page.
same except mine isn't secret馃槀馃し馃従
Literally the only reason I use Twitter is to talk shit about trump. It's therapeutic
Her President doesn鈥檛 care..carry on!
And this is somehow NEWS?Shameful of YOU This deserves a BLOCK
That鈥檚 why Twitter exists for me
Too bad her dad is a racist p.o.s.. pic.twitter.com/sP8O0nlE9j
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