Can we stop pretending like diets in 2019 are any different than old diets just because they have been repackaged for health?

Keto is Atkins
WW Freestyle is still Weight Watchers
Intermittent Fasting is just skipping meals
Low carb is the new low fat

& they all still don’t work

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Quick note: I’m going to do a thread later on the evidence to support what I’m saying Also: I have a podcast called Trust Your Body Project if ya wanna check it out. It’s about intuitive eating, body image, and mental health
Atkins is Banting from 1863

Weight Watchers is Kellogg's Sanitarium in 1866

Intermittent fasting is Sylvester Graham in 1837

This stuff is old old old

There are no new diets.
Every time I hear someone say "Carbs are bad", I ask them "What is a carb?" They have no idea, but they know they're bad!
The other same-old same-old is that they work for some, and for some bizarre reason our culture holds the extremely low success story as the reality and prize, and the truth of failures & regains as the fiction. "If you keep trying, you'll get that rock up that hill, Sisyphus!"
Weight Watchers works! 80 pounds’s a lifestyle not a diet!
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that all of these dietary approaches , whatever their label , ‘don’t work’...
I’m only going to dissent here about IF, which, when done properly, is an easy, and effective tool for anyone to use throughout their otherwise healthy eating regimen when schedules become challenging, because between, kids, being on call, and life itself, it always does.
Just my two cents, but I have found the principles of keto/low carb/paleo to provide a great framework for healthy eating
maybe because..get this.. you have to EXERCISE in order to see results
sending a lot of love to @Whitneycatalano

but also??? diets don't work fam
I wouldn't say they don't work because I've seen those work for some people.
Agree with the repackaging, but keto/Atkins does work.
Lol IF is def not skipping meals. I eat 5 square meals. I just do it in 8 hours rather than 14.
THANK YOU!! Keto is just Atkins rebranded and it’s still just as dumb
Ohhhhh...I needed to find you today. I am a binge eater who has tried for years to stop. Little success with OA, but relapsed like a banshee. I need to get off the processed carbs. I don't even know what to do. I'm attempting to cut them all out but I feel like it's keto
I still remember one of my very first first diets as a teenager. It was attributed to the Mayo Clinic and consisted of eggs, grapefruit, lamb chops and spinach. Can’t remember if it was before or after my Diet Pepsi fast. Then there were the cans of Metrecal and Sego...
imagine arguing with a DIETITIAN about this... when will people learn that anecdotes are not facts
Yep. Eat food; slightly more plant than animal; never too much in one sitting; enjoy a peaceful walk regularly
Also weighing food is still just calorie counting
As a dietitian, I cannot like this enough!! Yes, yes, and yes. Each one of these fad diets has one thing in common: they all aim to create a caloric deficit. Which can be accomplished without all the rules and restrictions!
Haha this is so wrong it makes me laugh
There was one a few years ago that invoked drinking wine plus other steps, probably involving eggs or legumes or something.
I don't remember how the rest of it goes, but I think I've got the wine part down pat.
Lol they all work for the right person who’s committed
Good god, the panicked comments under this. Society is Fatphobic as hell.
Welcome to debbi Land been on all of them from my teens and I am you said old is new again, I am get new again lol
So what you're saying is... "Get the gastric bypass surgery?" ;)
I do calorie restricting (currently 1700 calories a day, my app auto adjusts as I lose weight)and I'm trying to be more active. I've lost 5lbs in three weeks. This works for me because I have a limited diet due to other health issues.
intermittent fasting is more like binge eating.
Imo the reason diets don't work is because they are temporary. You have to keep it up even after the diet is "done" or you will gain weight again. It's that simple. Dieting isn't good if you don't change your lifestyle as well.
Ey girl that's not true. They do work, I can't speak for all of em but they work
Intermittent fasting isn’t skipping meals
The part about intermittent fasting made me laugh! It's not magical witchcraft people, it's a caloric deficit from skipping meals!
can we stop pretending like disabilities and GI disorders don’t exist
What a fucking pile of shite. If you believe anything this post says you have no understanding of science or working out. And yes they all do work if you actually apply yourself and do them, not half arse them and do them wrong. Get to fuck with this lazy drivel.
When my cousin is right, she's right. 🤗😘 @Whitneycatalano keep speaking truth ❤
And hot fudge vanilla ice cream sundaes with whip cream still taste delicious any day of the week.
Agreed. I fucking love the burny coherent feelings I get on Keto, but that shit feels not-sustainable
My Doctor has me doing something similar to keto for health reasons and it has actually helped me lose weight in the process!
What about Jane Plan? *asking for a friend (sic)
You’re very wrong.
Okay so your telling me, if you eat healthy you won’t lose weight? I think your just flat out stupid for that one.
i was diagnosed with insulin resistance causing my PCOS, my weight gain, and likely fueling my depression because of the effect on hormones. i am on a low carb diet because my body does not know what to do with the insulin brought on by high carb foods. so far it's working 🤷
They literally all work if you stick to them 😂 they might be repackaged and say generally the same thing, yeah. With the exception of “fad” diets (like eating only grapefruit or whatever), most diets generally work. Bye.
WORD. Everyone already knows how to eat healthy. Your diet should be mainly fresh vegetables and fruits. We KNOW that. Nuts (and meat if you’re inclined) for protein. It’s simple, kids. The key is discipline.
So maybe just do the #moderation approach? Eat less than you burn up and you will definitely lose weight. Not too complicated.
Huh, I've lost 30 pounds in 10 weeks with zero change other than the keto diet (zero exercise)

But hey I guess it doesn't work cuz some random twitter person selling her crap says it doesn't.

cw food, disordered eating, dieting culture
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