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Someone should tell this shit-head, Kamal Hassan that India isn’t afraid of any plebiscite, India never was. There are some pre-conditions to the plebiscite and Pakistan has never agreed to fulfil those. Go take your half-baked knowledge and douchebagery somewhere else. A$$hole.

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My gut feeling says, if any other state of India becomes like Kashmir, its not West Bengal or Kerala, its actually Tamil Nadu. 😐 The regional political parties have successfully converted the Hindi/Sanskrit - Tamil divide, aryan-dravidian divide into Hindu/dravidian divide!
What is common between imran Khan and Kamal Hassan ... Both marry four times.......
Should we take it that you know Tamil and understood what #KamalHaasan said in his speech or should we assume that you read and understood what he wrote over 28 years back in Tamil? Stop spewing hatred and get your head out of your a** Learn what was said from the source first
That was fake news you retard😡Kamal already knows more about plebiscite than you..So STFU..Be careful with your choice of words😡😡..
@parasajoy @Pantherravi @Panjajith @iBrunoMars93 @ibalamurugan72 @SakalaVallavan @classytweeting why these North dumps are Barking at our chief as a daily job. No proper knowledge, no sense of speaking in a public platform, GOT IT just a verified ✅ is enough to make them go mad
Have you noticed how most of the anti-BJP politicians have the same demands on Kashmir as pakistan ?
Let's do a plebiscite for India if we wish to declare it a Hindu state...will anyone agree? After throwing the native KP outside the valley the whole point of plebiscite is gone ...
Fck off , First read wts mentioned there then speak first of all the interview was in tamil. U watch that then speak dam of shit
Hey #bitch first ask any of Ur Tamil friend to translate his statement and then make sound.. don't behave like a sheep 🐑 ... don't do hypocrite stunts to gain publicity you A$$hole
Just want to know if @ikamalhaasan is ready for plebiscite in India for Hindu nation or not?
Dumb Hasan needs to read UN resolutaion 49, clearly states: 1) Pak must vacate POK unconditionally 2) India reserves the right to keep the army in the valley in self defense 3) if both conditions meet, then plebiscite (Kashmiri pundits also has saying in plebiscite)
#StopFakeNewsAgainstKamalHaasan #விபச்சாரஊடகம் U fking slu.t.. know the facts before you vomit in twitter.
Grow up Mam ! You can’t be so tiny ! try to understand what #KamalHaasan told the press before leaving your comments ! Do you speak Tamil and did you hear the correct translation ? You can’t be a leader of a group and behave like this? Grow up!
People,please never send this guy to parliament..we already have enough jokers to handle
बहुत अच्छा सुझाव दिया है कमल हसन जी ने, , , पहले कश्मीरी पंडितों को मार मार के कश्मीर से बाहर निकाल दो, , फिर जो मुस्लिम बचे हैं, उनसे जनमत संग्रह करवा लो, , , , अगर जनमत संग्रह करवाना ही है, तो पहले 370 हटा के, कश्मीरी पंडितों के साथ आम हिंदुस्तानी को वहां बसाया जाये
Tell this dickhead, nonmuslims and moderate Muslims also have been moved out from Kashmir in a planned manner over the decades and #Congress and #Communist pigs supported that.
Hold on little bit Sonam ji before your next tweet. You know what he may play southern card. Just keep observing his less than half knowledge of idea of India.
see her language😡😡Comment for this tweet
AsYouNotWish... Wat joke you are... Tell us the meaning of plebiscite... All morons like you think you are intellectuals and thats the problem of india... And one more thing kamal is here to kick the ass out of your shitty brains so beware...Asshole shit of low life
If there is a plebiscite on whether Kamal Hassan should ever talk, the result would always be against him. #ShutupKamalHassan
Kamal has made it 'clear' that his statement was taken our of context and reaffirmed that plebiscite is completely irrelevant today. The UNSCR 47 is outdated - something India also felt after Pak. refused and it's highly impossible to restore J&K demographics to 1947
It fits his agenda very well. He is the proponent of that Dravida-naadu. If he gets this plebiscite discussed, it serves his purpose in TN and South India.
You bitch know the facts first Don't make blah blah always you Asshole
पाकिस्तान के झंडे जलाये जा रहे हे पर साला ये तो पता करो की India में पाकिस्तान के झंडे बना कौन रहा है ....
Excuse him mam....he is high not coz of the josh but u know what I mean
Grow up Mam ! You can’t be so tiny ! try to understand what #KamalHaasan told the press before leaving your comments ! Do you speak Tamil and did you hear the correct translation ? You can’t be a leader of a group and behave like this? Grow up!
Your party having full of half baked peoples like you #GrowUp #StayAway
Plebiscite is dead and buried.
Will the contents of your response change dramatically if you use more civilized language? Let everyone else use the language of their choice, but we should choose to remain civil, courteous. That'll make social media a better place.
See her language😡😡😡
Do you expect Kamal Hassan to be wise enough to understand all this?
when did the original legal owner of kashmir agree to plebiscite ???? he signed an instrument of accession to india and not a request for plebiscite
Why @TwitterIndia makes this kind of garbage woman's account as verified account. Learn something kid before u type something about him. Or just shut the f**k up !.
wat a cheap kind of person you are... you cant even use decent words towards an opponent.. The words define who you are.... First get your facts right... And one more thing you cow vigilante...have some respect on your fellow human opponents views also..All is not abt cow alone
Small knowledge , Ignore Him.
First restore original population
Pak terrorists enter Kamal Hasan's house and demands his bedroom together with his wife. Kamal: I want peace. Lets do plebiscite and ask my wife to decide. Wife: I want peace too. Will that be OK #KamalHaasan? 😡😡😡
Plébiscité Kamal hasan should also have from his wives they can only vote him out 😎
Well that is the reality of these Nachne Gane Wale tribe. Who think they are intellectuals. Bollywood or Trollywood etc create trash not ART. Earlier we saw Javed Akhtar now this guy. Unfortunately they get paid better than Scientists & Soldiers. Than we say why India lagging.
This RW muddlehead says India isn't afraid of a plebiscite, but if Kamal Hassan says the same, she loses her mind. This is the average RW guys ability to reason. People can convey a pov and that need not make them anti-India!
if there is plebiscite 85 percent people will wants to join with India.Today we all can object that demographic status has been changed by militancy, supported by Pakisthan, beside the other conditions of plebiscite.
Problem with this KOMALI (JOKER) Hassan is he thinks himself a very knowledgeable person. At least he should hv realised that he is NOT, after Smriti Irani episode. Basically a good for nothing guy.
In the 3rdstep, India was asked to appoint a plebiscite administrator nominated by the United Nations who would conduct a free and impartial plebiscite. @ikamalhaasan hope you know the first step was never undertaken by Pakistan. 2/2
The same constitution that guarantees secularism also guarantees territorial integrity. A plebiscite is illegal under Indian law. If there is a plebiscite in K, I would like to have one to ask if India should become a Hindu nation. Can we have one, please?
आप यकींन बहुत नेक इंसान के साथ साथ बहुत उम्मदा देशभक्त है काश कुछ छिछोरे पत्रकार भी आप से कुछ सिख लेते 🙏🙏
कमल हासन के बयान की जितनी निंदा की जाए कम है, लेकिन उन लोगों का क्या करेंगे, जिन्होंने कश्मीर में जनमत संग्रह कराने का विश्व समुदाय के समक्ष वायदा किया था, और आज तक इसे निरस्त कराने हेतु कुछ नहीं किया?
He is a CLOSET commie with EXTREME hatred for anything Hindu. Most of the times HE HIMSELF cannot/does not understand what he blabbers.

After one election trash like him, "KUCH BHI" chellam Prakash.... will be flushed out. He cannot get 2-3% votes. Thinks too much of himself.
Sonam ji, can you ask him what's he smoking, must be really good :)
Yes he has half baked knowledge, v have seem how he struggled during debate with @smritiirani during @republic conclave along with @ArnabGowsami
British created Kashmir dispute, U.S. compounded it, China wants its closure. By RSN Singh. J&K includ Gilgit-Baltistan, has been a strategic n geopolitical arena in pursuit of power play by global powers of the world. esamskriti.com/e/National-Aff…
Plebiscite should be on these matters: 1. What to do with stone pelters? 2. What to do with 'tukde gang'? 3. What to do with intolerant people? 4. What to with the self proclaimed honest person after begging for coalition with corrupt parties? 5. What to do with Mamta didi?.....
is most probably testing the waters to create a secessionist movement in Tamil Nadu. Being a periyarite that's the way Tamil supermacist acts. Nip this dangerous and vile monster in the bud. Unthinkable about the consequences if he spreads venom in the state.
Saffron sto**oges are ha**rebrained like u. They dont have important sparepart . Human brain
Saffron sto**oges are ha**rebrained like you. They dont have important sparepart . Human brain. What he spoke in tamil was twisted by TOI. Dont lie that you know tamil
Anybody has un solution of plebiscite document or link? @ikamalhaasan ke muh par mar do.
In that case the Kashmiri Hindus should also be stake holders. They should be settled back...
If only India had held plebiscite in 1947. A lot of evils that we are facing today wouldn’t have been there. Do you agree @ikamalhaasan ?
People like @ikamalhaasan are more dangerous than terrorist coming from other countries
Best to ignore lowlife termites and worms like Kamal Hasan!
Why are you giving so much publicity of Kaman Hassan? Who is he to ask for the plebiscite of J&K? Instead we should ask GOI for the plebiscite whether the Citizenship of Kamal Hassan be revoked or not.
U can't teach student from madarsa group of institutions 😂
First of all let him show his fearlessness in debating this subject with @smritiirani Smiritiji .
I just read another tweet from you wherein you were advocating peaceful and clean language. Practice what you preach dear😊
We have kept feeding snakes on our Land since decades. Plebiscite?? We will take one for,to keep these pro pakis,pro naxals within the country or not.. One day they will ask Azaad Tamilnadu and Azaad Kerala too... Shit heads have nothing but hatred for own Forces and country.
Loved your answer for such Bas...d Brave!!!
Plus the millions of Hindus those were forced out, massacred must also participate which can't happen anymore. The equation is never the same as it was back in 1947.
the UN Resolution recommended a 3step process for the resolution of the dispute. In the 1step, Pakistan was asked to withdraw all its nationals from Kashmir. In the 2step, India was asked to progressively reduce its forces to the minimum level required for law and order. 1/2
it is twisted news by TOI and Kamal never against nation integrity.Whoever finding fault with Kamal ready to fight in border and see what have u done to nation. How many of u helped fellow indian when he is suffering. I know B wrd & F wrd but I won't cos I respect fellow Indian
A plebiscite for turning Bharat into a Hindu rashtra is also pending.
And whoever has commented, liked or retweeted you tweet are the hardcore saffron chamchas. Learn to respect other people and differing opinions, “Bharathiya Nari”...
cow brain girl..😂😂😂
What plebiscite M'm? Indian documents declaring Kashmir an integral part, Kashmir (under Maharaj) documents declaring the same as integrated part of India then what is plebiscite? Blackmailing won't work. Crush enemy ruthlessly. I have absolute faith in my PM, he'll do everything
Ethnic cleansing of Kashmir Pandits in 1989 was bcoz they were expecting there would be a plebiscite, so that they would be in majority. There should never be a plebiscite.
Love the dollar signs . They have found their rightful place in the right word.
He isn't educated enough to understand all these difficult things. No one takes him seriously in TN.
Most importantly, how can any plebiscite take place when demography of the Kashmir has been changed by forced exodus of Kashmiri Hindus.
After the massarce and mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits demographic of Kashmir is changed and plebiscite is meaningless now. In Pakistan controlled Kashmir due to large scale migration towards Kashmir demographic got changed in that part too.
1. Yes. Pak never agreed to withdraw from its occupied territory & hence plebiscite did not happen.

2. Why we have to conduct plebiscite to prove to the world which was traditionally, culturally & geographically ours? Just to fodder #Nehru's foolishness. Not reqd.

People like Kamla Hasan must be ignored... That they want to remain in limelight with half baked knowledge on the subject shows their desperation.. We belonging to Jammu know how much we have suffered as a collateral damage ...So let’s stay away from the pseudo people at all cost
And who that scum is to suggest India what to do & what not. If he wants he can hold a plebiscite in his home & These stupids give UN's reference saying they suggested plebiscite but we all know how biased & fuck*d up institution is UN.
Ass kamal hassan ka Jam hoo gaya hai isliye muh sai badboo daar baaten nikal rahi hain....
Sick vile serpent @ikamalhaasan. Moron doesn’t know shit about politics
Surprised that such clowns can thanks to confused Tamhiz Nadu population can even think about ruling this large state !! Hope ppl in this state understand his limited intellect & fail him along with DMK's Stalin !! #BrothersInArm 😏 HinduPhobes both suckers & seculars 🤐
what to expect of a semi literate urban naxal @ikamalhaasan .
sir, asshole என்றால் ஆசனவாய் தானே?
he is a film actor so understandable that he has no knowledge
You may not agree with his views but you should mind your language.
Plebiscite after ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir? This actor is a most dangerous person. Ask his former wives what they think of him.
pls start again from KG. Your IQ is lower than Rahul Gandhi
People open their mouth from where the money flows- who funds films and media in India? Therein lies the answer
Sonam, what I am shocked about is that just like Kamal Hassan, slowly all the liberals and anti-national cynicals are popping up.. this makes me sad and makes me wonder whether India as a country does have Indians or just thankless pigs
Well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Big Breaking: Sonam Mahajan calls out for plebiscite in Kashmir. Asks Pakistan to fulfill preconditions first 👇🏼
India afraid???
in which country r u living bastard..? why don't u think abt #KashmiriPandits b4 talking abt Plebiscite..
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