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I had also removed Sony pack from my Tata sky account and will not add this till the time Sony remove this traitor from the show.#boycottKapilSharma Immediately sack this traitor from your show @SonyTV
Could not agree more #BoycottKapilSharma Get red of it from your subscription
apologize for justifying @sherryontopp . Don't forget, you are due to your fans and your nation. Don't play with the emotion of the people else I have no hesitation to my favorite #BoycottKapilSharma #boycottkapilsharmashow
apologize for justifying @sherryontopp . Don't forget, you are due to your fans and your nation. Don't play with the emotion of the people else I have no hesitation to my favorite #BoycottKapilSharma #boycottkapilsharmashow
now needs to leave the show , his love for Pakistan is clearly can be seen . Take ur anti Nationalist guru @sherryontopp to Pakistan #BoycottKapilSharma
I completely agree with Mr. Bagga here. Kapil is eroding his own popularity.
I am not surprised.
I have already boycotted him long time back ( when Kapil asked Modiji about where is the achchey din ) and then my family stopped watching Comedy Nights after the Bajwa hug. Now after Pulwama incident we have unsubscribed @SonyTV. #boycottkapilsharma
@KapilSharmaK9 terrorists attack has taken lifes of our 40 soldiers and it seems "choti so baat for you" shame of you asshole.@BeingSalmanKhan if you are listening to this shit Kapil then pls throw him out of the show
It's time for some public thoko-thoko of Imran Khan's pet by the public Veer ji to go with #boycottkapilsharma

Its Time to play end game
Sony + Sidhu + kapil

Jai Hind
#BoycottKapilsharma. Show...this chu says "choti choti chizo se"... he needs lesson #BoycottKapilSharma
Why these celebrities fail to understand that Hafiz Saeed/Azahar Mehsood are given VIP treatment by Pak Army and Govt. This directly implicates them under the charge of terrorism sponsoring state. Stop this virtue signaling and sanctimonious talks. #BoycottKapilSharma
Navjot singh sidhu is not a comedian, he might be one in your show, but he is an ex-MP, currently an MLA and a cabinet minister in Punjab govt. And the comment he has made is not a scripted "shayri" of your show, but a demeaning statement for the Martyrs #shame
#BoycottKapilSharma के साथ #BoycottSonyTV जब तक वो कपिल शर्मा शो हटा नहीं देते। इन नमक हरामो को इनका औकात दिखाना ज़रूरी है।
बग्गा साहब,हम पूरे दिल से आपकी इस मुहिम का समर्थन करते हैं #boycottkapilsharma #NationFirst #IndianArmyOurPride
Bhai conference room me kon chashma lagta hai?? Konsi sun rays aa ree h?
तेजिंदर झनझना रहा
बहुत्तै सनसना रहा
कपिल काॅमेडी में आयेगा तूफ़ान,
ओ सोणिये, सावधान !
#boycottkapilsharmashow touchwood I didn't watch Kapil Sharma show And now I'll never gonna watch #boycottkapilsharmashow #UnsubscribeSonyTV @KapilSharmaK9 Shame on u for such comment Sangat ka asar @sherryontopp jaise gaddar k saath rhke Tum bhi gaddari pe utad aye
What Is Wrong In @KapilSharmaK9 Statement Mr @TajinderBagga Ji.
He Is Not Supporting Anyone.
He Is Just Responding To Media Question About His Show.
And One More Thing
Stop Making Issue Of Anything.
Respect 🙏
Jai Hind 🇮🇳
ये वक्त देश और सेना के साथ खड़े होने का है 🙏🙏 कमियां गिनाने और उलाहना देने वाले लोग गद्दार है
#पुलवामा हमले के बाद कई नये चेहरे बाहर आये जो भारत से नही देशद्रोहीयों और पाकिस्तान का समर्थन करते हैं ! #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV
This guy is insane....should have been in rehabilitation centre!!!
Not only #boycottkapilsharma but also need to boycott every show of #sonytv jab tak iss comedy show ko khatm nhi krte..
Coz Kapil Sharma show ke on air hone ke bad maan ki baat ka trp gir gya So #BoycottKapilSharma
पूरा देश झुक जाएगा 'बग्गे' तेरे सम्मान में 👇🏻

सीने पे बारूद बांधकर कूद जा पाकिस्तान में ।।
Im not watching this show anymore. Lets ensure none of the true India lover watches this show. @KapilSharmaK9 this isnt a small thing. U cld b happy sharing set with anti India politician we r not. #BoycottKapilSharma
NOT WATCHING #KapilSharmaShow Lost all respect!🤬😡..birds of a feather flock together...the audacity to confront and give such statements to the press...shows their 'not bothered attitude''s about time to show them their worth!😡🤬#BoycottKapilSharmashow
#boycottkapilsharma this is need of time. @KapilSharmaK9 What do you think we are fool to ask you for removal of Sidhu? Do you think you are respecting families of martyred Soldiers by keeping Sidhu in show? He go & hugs Bajwa. Bajwa is ISI, the reason behind terrorism in India.
is the producer of this show, and I will not watch sony tv and his movies from now. Actress ko pareshan kiya koi nahi. Actor ko kiya koi nahi. Pakistani ko support kiya koi nahi. Logon ko maara koi nahi. Janwaro ko maara koi nahi. Aadmi hai ya pajama ?
ये जनता ही है जिसने कपिल शर्मा और सिद्धू जैसों को सर- आँखों पर बिठाया है.. और यही जनता अब इनको इनकी औकात बताएगी... @KapilSharmaK9 @sherryontopp #boycottkapilsharma #BoycottSonyTV
Those who are irritated and cannot resist that Sindhu and Kapil please #boycottkapilsharma
Now this time #BoycottKapilSharma too.
Dear @KapilSharmaK9 sir by boycotting you people we just want to show our unity in this time of grief.
Here are many people who can't chant against terrorism mastermind Pakistan.
I am a big fan of you. But nation first.
Frankly speaking i never ever a fan of his stupid comedy.. #boycottkapilsharma
It's unfortunate to see @KapilSharmaK9 showing tantrums once again!! @SonyTV @Sony should make a not of such irresponsible comments and take actions against such repeat misconducts!! #boycottkapilsharmashow #BoycottSonyTV #boycottkapilsharma #boycottKapil
कपिल जी भारत कोई laughter challange का शो नही की कुछ भी बोल दो सब ठीक है , जो आतंवाद का हितैसी हो उसको show से नही सामाजिक बहिष्कार भी करना चाहिये , सिद्धू की विचारधारा किसी घटना से कम नही है ! भारत की जनता को चाहिये show का baycot करके विरोध दर्ज कराये ..
True that Pajji.. This guy stands with Siddhu.
Bagga Sir!! I wonder what ppl should do if they find few termites at the corner of their room..." Chalo chodo!! , thode se hi toh deemak hai, Kya kar lenge chote se deemak !!" y to bother about such petty issues..(according to Kapil sharma) #BoycottKapilSharma 🙄
I never liked this fella he is full of ego n arrogance
साले @KapilSharmaK9 तू भी दोगला निकला, चवन्नी छाप कॉमेडियन, गलतीं हमारी ही है, हमने तुझे अपने घरों और दिलों में बसा कर बहुत बड़ी गलती की है, अब देख तू हमने हीरो बनाया है तो हम ही जीरो भी बनाएंगे तुझे, तू देख अब👈

We should boycott each and everyone associated with Sindhu and @SonyTV #boycottkapilsharma
Yes #BoycottKapilSharma show too. What is does is not comedy at all. He make sexiest racist and classist jokes. Shittiest comdy... But the audience it too shit level.
He started his journey with acting, Funny jokes & his sense of humour made him popular.but after being celebrity he is known for his vulgar comments, Sexual remarks& worst behaviour. Now criticising over national interest & supporting Sidhu enough is enough #BoycottKapilSharma
#boycottkapilsharma if you are irritated with forced laughter and that SINDHU😠
U should boycott yourself not kapil... #WeStandWithKapilSharma
Defame someone continuously is not at all acceptable.
क्या है मृत्यु.? हरे रंग की ड्रेस में भारत के खिलाफ खेलना है मृत्यु!! 😀
Anyways Kapil Sharma not needed till we have comedian Raul Gandhy.. #boycottkapilsharma
He will never boycott Sidhu But We Will Boycott Both Of Them #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSidhu
Stop watching that filthiest and forced laughing show.
Absolutely!! I never watched his show and never will!!#BoycottKapilSharma
So @KapilSharmaK9 , is this statement of yours an acceptance to @sherryontopp’s statement ?

And thus you also believe that Pakistan has nothing to do with #PulwamaTerrorAttacks , right ?

A spineless pervert, who used to throw shoes on people who are more talented than him.
Siddhu flavours the creepiness of his show that's why he is diarrheaing orally.

#BoycottKapilSharma and his show.. he needs a better lesson than the one he got last year.
Something that forced laughter get on the nerve and seeing that sympathizer makes more intolerable moment.
India comes first, else everything come secondary! Friends, Its time to #BoycottKapilSharma .
That forced laughter is better to boycotted because it only knows how to defame someone.
This @KapilSharmaK9 Is a ruthless crap ! He is a traitor and exposed now that he is also of the same third class as siddhu. They are a disgrace to India. Kick them off to their native- The Na pakistan 😡 #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV #ExposeDeshDrohis #PulwamaTerrorAttack
To me always India first . Its because of us that they are either a hero or a zero.
& with this sort of arrogance , Kapil Sharma is intimidating all of us.
I would ask all my SM friends and otherwise to #BoycottKapilSharmaShow @SonyTV
समस्या का हल होगा या नहीं ये बात तो है। जो समस्या ये पैदा कर रहे उसको ना रोके तो एक ओर समस्या जुड़ ना गया ? भाई शाहब लोगों को बुरा तो यही लगा ना जवान हमारे वीरगति गए, फिर भी आतंकवाद के पक्ष पे खड़े पाकिस्तान के ख़िलाफ़ बोलने से सिद्धू मुकरगए। #BoycottKapilSharma
It is v ppl who make a person a celebrity.
And look at the arrogance of these ppl.
@KapilSharmaK9 openly shields traitors like @sherryontopp.
Time to #BoycottKapilSharma n also #BoycottSonyTV until @SonyTV confirms removal of Sidhu from #KapilSharmashow.
#BoycottKapilSharma पंडत जी जैसे तैसे डिप्रेशन से बाहर आए हो, कॉमेड्यन हो कॉमेडी करो धंदा चलाओ । दोस्ती तो उस सुनील भाई से भी न निभा पाए जिसके साथ बुलंदियों को चूमा था ।
Its time to #BoycottKapilSharma now। देश की ताकत तुझे भी दिखानी होगी छिछोरे कॉमेडियन।
#boycottkapilsharmashow मैं देखता ही नही था वैसे भी अब @SonyTV ही हटा रहा हूँ...👍 #जय_हिंद_जय_भारत
ki to puri TL pakistaniyo se bhari padi hui he... Khair jaane do... Hame kya.. #BoycottKapilSharma
Yes, it's a time to unsubscribe @SonyTV If they do not #boycottkapilsharmashow #BoycottKapilSharma These people are humiliating our country. So now we need to take action on these Pakistani lovers
ये बॉलीवुड के लोग हे वीरे इन्हें सिर्फ़ पैसों से लेना देना हे
साले @KapilSharmaK9 तू भी दोगला निकला, चवन्नी छाप कॉमेडियन, गलतीं हमारी ही है, हमने तुझे अपने घरों और दिलों में बसा कर बहुत बड़ी गलती की है, अब देख तू हमने हीरो बनाया है तो हम ही जीरो भी बनाएंगे तुझे, तू देख अब👈 #BoycottKapilSharma #boycottkapilsharmashow #BoycottSonyTV
कल का चला छोरा ज्ञान दे देने लगा इसलिए
Gaddaaro me @KapilSharmaK9 ka bhi naam shamil karlo. Apne-aap ko Desh see badaa samjhne lagaa hai #boycottkapilsharma
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