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Conservatives: Brett Kavanaugh was just a young boy when he drank too much beer and tried to rape girls in college.

Also conservatives: Malia Obama drinking wine at 20 years old is unacceptable!

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Can you give us some examples of which conservatives attacked Malia?
You will be shocked to learn that both of these lines are not accurate representations of what most conservatives said....

In fact, every conservative that I have seen commenting on the Malia Obama thing has said it's a non-story.
Conservatives we're scandalized by Malia's drinking in the same way they were "scandalized" by AOC's dancing. It just didn't happen. Complete fabrication.
Idk what news outlet initially ran the story but the only ppl talking about it on my timeline are liberals. I wouldn鈥檛 have even known about it otherwise. And it鈥檚 not newsworthy.
i haven't seen any conservatives going after her. Not being snarky--I've just not seen it. Have they?
Legitimately no one on the right is giving her crap.
A majority of conservatives don't care that Malia was drinking wine. Stop making stuff up just to paint a narrative about a whole group.
Literally zero conservatives ever said either of these things but go off I guess
Actual conservatives: I don鈥檛 care
Would be an awesome dunk, except for the fact that conservatives said neither of those things. But other than that, brilliantly incisive. 馃憦
The legal drinking age is like 18 or lower in most of the world. What college student hasn't had a drink at age 20?
41,000 likes for a tweet that references 鈥渃onservatives鈥 attacking an Obama daughter, which is likely just some egg account he found in the comments of a GatewayPundit article
It wasn鈥檛 even college! He was in high school!!! 馃が
The only thing I have seen are conservatives saying that they don't care.
Liberals: OMG Kavanaugh drank beer. Cant believe conservatives would support this beer drinker, since that helps corroborate rape allegations. Also liberals: Let鈥檚 act like conservatives care about Malia drinking when they obviously don鈥檛. Score points, accuracy not needed!
None of us care dude. Stop fabricating outrage
I'll take things that never happened for $500, Alex.

Notice Liberals have no problem Smolletting. 馃憞馃憞
Other than some Twitter rando, please point out anyone Conservative of even minor significance who railed against this non-story. Twitter obsesses over stupid things, but this one was too boring to even meet that bar.
Liberals: 400,000 people entering the country illegally is just fine. Calling than an emergency is a hoax.

Also liberals: Jussie Smollett鈥檚 story is not a hoax!
Which conservatives are saying this about Malia Obama? Can you link one?
No conservatives have said this lol
Conservative here: I have no idea what this about but I generally endorse this behavior.
This is the first I'm seeing of this. Malia Obama is drinking at 20, and anyone cares? Like real actual living people??
Every conservative we follow on Twitter called out the @DailyMail for this article.
Which conservatives? Examples?
The only conservatives I've seen mention it on twitter actually don't care and think she should be left alone... pic.twitter.com/S1X9zaagvO
Shall we also take it back to the drunk Bush twins
Republican party renamed to the Rehypocrit party
Over 5k retweets on this plain lie.

Nobody cares what Malia is doing. Nobody.
51.5k "likes" on a tweet that's factually inaccurate on countless levels
1.) Conservatives DO NOT care about the Malia Obama "story."

2.) No decent, rational thinking human cares about the Malia Obama "story."

3.) There is no evidence Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted anyone.

4.) The Daily Mail ran the original story, they lean far to the left.
Where are conservatives saying that about Malia? Because they aren鈥檛.
Has any conservative actually called her drinking unacceptable?
Actually it was HIGH SCHOOL for Brett!
Literally no conservatives care
Must be the same conservatives that got mad over the AOC dancing video
I don鈥檛 think anyone cares. That said, politician kids should be off limits unless they engage (like Chelsea now). They should be allowed to be normal kids. At 20 my nickname was based on tequila. Obama鈥檚 kids - all kids - should be left alone by partisan hacks.
Please show me a conservative that said either of those two things. Please.
I don't think any conservatives that I know even give a s*** or have brought it up
Said no conservative, ever
I can鈥檛 find any conservative bashing her.
Where is this supposed conservative outrage? Not seeing it.
Literally no one on the right (of any consequence) is saying this.
I can't imagine whyte this comparison is merited.........
When I was in college the legal drinking age was 18. Not too worried about her having wine at 20.
Haven鈥檛 seen any mainstream conservative voice saying this.
You are literally the first person I have heard bring it up. Who gives a rat's tail if she drinks wine?
literally no one is saying this
Republicans: Clinton lying about an affair: impeach! Trump losing his nut, compromising national security: let's just see what this gets us! Healthcare: unconstitutional! misappropriation of funds! National emergency to build a wall, allowing Trump to steal funds: yeah okay.
I literally could care less if she's drinking wine. More power to her. This is a fake narrative.
Lol, I was drinking wine at a much younger age than that, my Italian family threw that Lambrusco in my face at like 12. My grandpa said I needed to drink wine for my health, he shared a bottle with me at my brother鈥檚 high school graduation party. Good times.
Could you point out the criticism you've seen of Malia? I can't find any.
And what conservative said that?
I liked beer, we drank beer, everybody drank beer I liked beer, I've always liked beer, I still like beer We drank beer, I like beer, sometimes we had too many beers Yeah uh - you're talking about blackout I liked beer, I still like beer Blood alcohol chart I like beer Do you?
This isn鈥檛 true at all. Every conservative I follow said that the families of politicians should not have to deal with unwanted spotlight and condemn this story being spread, which as far as I can tell is only being promoted by the Daily Mail itself.
No conservatives I know care. Every single one (and I follow many) has posted that she should be left alone and her private page left private.
It is EXACTLY this kind of straw-man argument that drives an even deeper polarization between parties. Maybe there鈥檚 1 person who thinks like this, somewhere in the world, but the wildly inaccurate portrayal of the stance of that majority only serves to anger. Goes for both D + R
Stop it, nobody gives a shit about Malia Obama drinking wine in college.
"We shouldn't punish him and ruin his future prospects" "EXPOSE HER IN THE PAPERS"
23k likes for a couple of lies. Sometimes I wonder if the costs of social media are underestimated.
Please show your work. Because everything I've seen from conservatives with regard to Malia Obama seems to support the opinion that it's none of anyone's business and that she should be left alone. And it's not, and she should.
Can you point me towards some notable conservatives that have this opinion about her?
Hi, can you please show your work? Can you show 'conservatives' who are attacking a 20 year old college student for drinking wine?

Because, and I'm sorry for being frank, I think that you're full of shit.
Not a single conservative was outraged by this. Stop pushing a false narrative for retweets lmaooooo.
The @gop is the party of hypocrisy.
Great point, EXCEPT for the fact that no conservative gives a crap about her or any 20 years old person enjoying a drink. Most conservatives believe drinking age should be 18. Most libertarians believe there shouldn't even be a minimum drinking age.
The double standard is appalling
Said no one ever...
What conservative has attacked her for this? Asking for a friend
no we don鈥檛 care lol
No conservative said ANY of these things
Who exactly are these phantom "conservatives"??
Randos on twitter with no avi, and YouTube commenters do not apply here.
For those of you needing an illustration of white privilege
Umm... what Conservatives are saying that??
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