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I'm having trouble accepting criticism of Malia Obama's underage drinking of a glass of ros茅 from the "I love beer" Brett Kavanaugh crowd.

Here's your SCOTUS pick bragging about kegs and boofing in high school.

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Also for good measure, I'll see you one Malia Obama and raise you with the Bush twins arrest for underage drinking WHILE THEIR DAD WAS PRESIDENT. Kindly take a seat. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4鈥
Yes, but that glass of rose could lead to . . . pinot noir. . . . or cabernet! Then where will we be? #wine
And by "underage" we mean 20.
And Malia will be 21 in July. Not as underage as "Bart O'Kavanaugh."
I'm sure they also never ever ever touched a drop of alcohol until they were 21 and have never taken any substance that isn't legal or used a legal substance in a way not compliant with the law. pic.twitter.com/jbPOV3y2Up
Warning - strong words ahead: I hate them. I hate the Kavafuck crowd. I will never forget this and my hope is that the same injustice they metered out - gets visited on their loved ones. #NotSorry #DontCare
I await the day that this is shown at his trial when democracy returns.
not only that, but it's distraction from the real issues: Stone, threatening a federal judge McConnell, trying to kill GND Trump, threatening to install his daughter as UN amb Trump, threatening to throw Mueller in jail Trump
Have we forgotten the Bush twins already, republicans?
They're also fine with president sniffles doing lines in the Oval Office. He can also marry a soft-core porn model, but Malia wearing a modest one-piece bathing suit to a pool party is SCANDALOUS! The manufactured outrage and imitation indignation is insane.
That crazy Bart O'Kavanaugh. He keeps popping up everytime Judge thinks he's finally in the rearview mirror.
If not for double standards the GOP would have no standards
But Malia is female and an Obama, to boot. Need I say more? Any male child of almost any other president would never be chastised for the same. In fact, that male would probably be lauded for his action, courtesy of "the good ole boys club".
Ignore the right wing and their noise. She鈥檚 a beautiful young woman taking a hard earned college break, having a glass of wine next to the pool with her friends, stylist one piece suit, looking & acting like a lady, so nothing to see hear folks, move along.
Folks, I really don鈥檛 care what #MAGAts think about Malia or anything else for that matter, do you? Move on.
And contrary to his under oath lies and his PR softball with @FoxNews , Brett was violating Maryland law (which hadn鈥檛 been changed yet) with his underage high school drinking.
it's an attack on Catholicism as well
White privilege? Male privilege? White male privilege 鉁
Famously at least one of the Bush daughters drank while underage - don鈥檛 remember Republicans caring about that...
The hypocrisy is astounding. It鈥檚 not just with Kavanaugh. In the part of the country that I now live in, parents allow their underaged kids access to alcohol( as long as it鈥檚 supervised of course)without thinking twice. It鈥檚 mostly boys that are allowed ,but it remains a 鈥渢hing鈥
Srsly, if they could watch briefly-abstaining boofer Brett "ILOVEBEEROK?" Kavanaugh screaming like an alkie being forced to spend a "dry day" at his confirmation, they need to STFU now.
Yeah, but was Malia Obama so cool as to be constantly boofing and having skis with Squi?
Just ignore the fools. You are playing into their need for attention. Don鈥檛 do it you are keeping the lies going.
And for those criticizing Malia Obama, 鈥渂oofing鈥 is sticking drugs up your butt to get a quicker, more intense high - just so you have a frame of reference...
BTW. If you look at the picture it appears she was serving someone else so it鈥檚 likely to be a scandal over nothing. Well, it鈥檚 that anyway but ...
It's not actually important or relevant to anything happening in the world today, except as a means to yet again harass an Obama. That's it, the only reason they care.
More slime to be dealt with! Once we get rid of the con man we must INVESTIGATE EVERY APPOINTMENT AND CONTRACT HE TOUCHED! He INFECTS everything he touches, NOTHING ESCAPES or SURVIVES THE CON MAN鈥橲 CORRUPTION!
Your GOP. Hypocrisy a specialty.
There's "Full Of Shit", there's "COMPLETELY Full Of Shit" & then there's "REPUBLICAN Full Of Shit". Guess which one is the MOST full of shit...?
Well said darling.
They think it鈥檚 okay for men to drink but not women. When my traditional/trump supporter uncle comes in town, my parents don鈥檛 let me drink bc my uncle believes women shouldn鈥檛 drink whereas my brother and dad drink as much as they want.
Hahahaha Oh, how these Magats will cling to anything to prove that their blind cultish behavior to Trump is ok 馃檮
Let us NOT forget the W. Bush daughters, and their underage drinking. And carousing, which is a different thing entirely. It's just hypocrisy. Even the little kids got a small glass of wine at Thanksgiving, in my family. Corrupt "leader" taking orders from Russia, FFS! WAKE UP!馃槵
I鈥檓 having trouble even thinking about it, who cares?
Maybe ros臈 enema is more acceptable
I am perturbed by these lowlifes, they disgust me only in the sense that these vermin have for a short time, the levers of power. The Republican/Trump party has figured out how to get the "moron vote". But I'm betting they can't find their way to the polls twice.
However 19 is the legal age here, however I'd be fine with 21 or even 25 because in general people's brains are still developing until their 21. However I'm all for responsible situational drinks. If it's a wee cup, a small function that isn't a keger and you're 20 then fine.
As we know, white men are held to a much lower standard than women of color. This is just one more example
They don't care what we think. It's all attack, attack. We still consider them members of our civil society, who should be called out for hypocrisy. But they consider us enemies with whom they are at war. To them, there's no sin in attacking your enemies or lying about them.
Justice tug & chug... let the moniker stick.
Double standards. Always.
But....they're rubber and we're glue, remember? OY. We need to start telling them to STFU more, just like ^ you did, so we can use up more of their oxygen.
Dang! So a member of SCOTUS drinks beer in his ASS!
+ the devil's triangle reference, girl's name fan club, the shore house rental letter,... No surprise he wants to control a woman's body when he documents his attitude as a conqueror.
The hypocrisy of their hypocrisy.
Kavanaugh is worse than disgusting.馃憥
I have seen zero conservatives that said anything derogatory about Malia. Could you please link the conservative that is talking bad about her. If there is any 20 year old that has not had a drink or made a bad decision, please bring them forward as well.
I have trouble accepting any judgements of any woman from a crowd of Kavanaugh supporters who re-assault assault victims over & over again publicly for what? Naw. No. I鈥檓 not being nice to folks that want to control women鈥檚 reproductive healthcare. Nope.
Yeah but she's black and a woman so she basically deserves the death penalty for enjoying her life
Kavanaugh's drinking is the least of his issues...he's a lying partisan piece of garbage.
If like Brett you likely where drinking at a bush party, where somebody goes home without shoes, and somehow managed to leave their underwear behind there is a problem.
Well to be fair....wasn't the drinking age 18 back then? I mean we can't get made at outrage over silly stuff if we ourselves are getting outraged over the same small things right?
Ehh when did he graduate? Federal drinking laws were 18 years old until 1986, which then it changed to 21. #JustSayin
Just big mouth Republicans that complain about ever little thing, which goes or are Fake Fox News. All I see are whiners.
I person says something and now every right wing conservative is complaining? No one cares.
Me too for same reasoning plus the "devils triangle" in HS? Really!
The hypocrisy is the standard.
Malia can鈥檛 tell them to STFU, but I have no such restraints.

STFU Malia鈥檚 nefarious watchers. While you鈥檙e at it, examine your twisted hobby of keeping tabs on her.
but how they screamed when we talked about trumps kid
So weird how some guys feel a need to talk about other men's penis size.
Yeah cons, put that in your ass and chug it!
How he is not a convicted rapist is beyond me and any other reasonable human.
I am so happy the Republican party is in turmoil. They all know down deep, Trump is done. The American people are done with the Dickfist. He is a felon.
It's actually more based in sexism, socially even if people don't actively notice it they subconsciously think it's more acceptable for men to drink underage. I know it's stupid. However I don't condone drinking underage, i know it's stupid.
For the slow conservatives - injecting beer into your ass is several steps beyond a glass of rose.
We all are and have been for years. The most dangerous men on earth hide behind privilege.
Who cares what people did in college or high school that should have zero bearing on their life as adults so overrated find new dirt not dirt 20 years ago
Fucking get over it ....my God. Enjoy finishing last in EVERYTHING u do.
Conservatives: Brett Kavanaugh was just a young man when he drank too much beer and tried to rape girls in college. Also conservatives: Malia Obama drinking wine in college is unacceptable! Obama is a terrible father! Whatever happened to family values?
And what "crowd" would that be. I was against the smear campaign waged against him by DEMS. News flash. Most of us could care less what Malia or any other Obama does. It is only the left that is obsessed with them. They are nothing but a bad memory for the rest of us.
Funny how I've heard absolutely 0 criticism of Malia Obama, only snowflakes complaining about her being criticized. Also it's ignorant to compare underage drinking to legal drinking
Will we ever forget Beach Week. Ralph club. I know I won鈥檛. A keg a day.
Yes Bart...tell us again what boofing is...
None of it real for them, they just look for internet points like it's pinball & no self awareness enough to b embarrassed.
One woman鈥檚 glass of Mateus is another man鈥檚 keg stand.
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