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It’s not unusual for elite coaches to have one way of playing, or at least one guiding set of principles for their teams.

But I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a top-level coach so blindly wedded, in every situation, to one formation #cfc

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Bring back Antonio conte, we're ready to suffer without the ball, please!!!
How does a coach who’s not won anything get labelled a top coach? Asking for a friend #sorryball
That is why he hasn't achieved anything.
sarri sacked to keep our important players like hazard and kante,all what is needed is to meet zinedine zidane conditions
I can live with the formation but to be so predictable with your selections and substitutions is absolutely ridiculous #CHEMNU
I hope after sacking Sarri, Chelsea won't go near any Italian coach again cos they are too stubborn and rigid, even when they are loosing, they stay glued to their plan.
He thinks he's Pep🤣🤣
Sarri is not an elite coach he hasn’t won anything
His uefa licence needs to be withdrawn
Yep. Sarri likes possession based football. There are about 576,354 ways of playing posession based football.
And tbh this is way more worrying than the results
that means he’s not elite then. It also means serie A is quite the farce
He is not a top level coach 🤣🤣
You can't blame the players u have to blame the clueless coach. Using the same formation all day. Conte switched to 343 after the arsenal defeat
Sari shld go he is clueless jst want to eat or smoke cigarettes and write god knw wat wen his team is losing.he is nt a top class coach at all .is so frustrating see Chelsea conceded 8 goal in one week.wat a bad record.
That obviously is not working.
How about also picking the same players that are terrible?!?!?!?!?!?!? Sarri is doing the double.
Really makes me sad. This time last year I was telling anyone who would listen how much this Sarri guy could do well by Chelsea.
Arrogance and foolish kills. I wonder why he can't have a plan b. #Sarri should just go
After all those months of defending with his tactics(of which im regretting),it is time to go..guy is clueless
Tell me again why we didn’t kept Conte?! Yeah... he didn’t had a good relationship with almost any player but... at least we won trophies.
Master Sari is never at fault Our players are not learning You guys should know that Chelsea is not playing Sari ball This is not the ball Napoli played He has been saying this always 'this is not my football'
Chelsea is not just a class to sarri. Maybe Napoli is.#sarriout
Sarri is not a top level coach
Conte was stubborn and sometimes foolhardy, but at least he had the right to be so because he was a proven serial winner. What right does Sarri have to insist on one single pattern of playing? It's just so dumb!
What makes sarri a top level coach, if i may ask ??
Football’s not only about the way you line up structurally. Style of play, attacking weaknesses, trying to dominate/play through certain areas of the pitch. I’ve seen nothing in terms of adapting to your opponent from Sarri. It’s genuinely insane.
The Chelsea-Sarri marriage always seemed doomed to fail. Chelsea don’t *really* want style, they crave results. And Sarri has never won a trophy in his career. Conte winning the Prem in his first year did him no favors either.
With due respect to #Sarri he isn't an elite coach, he has coached Napoli at best and hasn't won anything. With his sturbon tactics, he will never win anything. Everybody can see the problem of the team but he refuses to change!
Sticking to your strategic philosophy is great, but you need to be able to adjust tactically depending on the situation and it’s silly to think otherwise.
his out of his league...
have to learn the first way of playing to learn any other ones
shhh sarriball weirdos are gonna come after you.
First of all, he’s not a top-level coach. Second of all, he’s so shite
You’re so right!! So blinded
He’s useless mate can’t wait for him to get the sack
Conte wasnt far off
Pls spread this.. Am fed up
What's the definition of an elite coach
2 nil down and hazaed is trying flick after flick which are never working
What does Jorginho bring to the chelsea team? Absolutely nothing IMO.
Stretching it a bit with top-level
That's why he has to go..Sorryball
That's why he's never won anything
It’s really sorryball.
I need zidane before the city game
Oh God bless u for stating this obvious fact !!!
Not even just the one formation... the same fucking players
Is the formation the problem or personnel? When Chelsea lost 1-0 against city at Etihad, Conte said he doesn't have players to press and play openly against city, pretty much same team now no?
You nailed it. Exactly what I have been saying about Sarri.
with all due respect, I honestly don’t know where you stand as regards Sarri, one day you give a view why he should still be kept, next Day it’s the complete opposite...
Also, is Sarri an elite coach ? He’s won nothing , probably due to his stubbornness
Can we just bring back any one ? Conte , mourinho etc
Kindly suggest to the management that he need to leave the club. Moreover, it's unlike Chelsea to hire a gun without trophies to his name.
And one set of substitutions!
Especially one that doesn't work
He's not a coach....... How many trophies have he won?
And who said sarri is an elite coach? What has he done to football to get that status
Well you have now!!!
Sarri's already on his way out
It’s ok to be wedded when you’re winning
Painful to watch. Same shite tactics week in week out
Definition of insanity: Keep doing the same thing and expect different results...
Just a suggestion to the fans planning to go for the finals on sunday . Dont go guys , we are gonna see the same shit on sunday. Save the money and even if we win you get to celebrate with that money anyways. Not worth the money.
Apart from one formation. One set of team,one approach, one substitution, one team set up, he is very predictable
Even if he's blinded to the same formation, why use the same players that have failed him many times.
Put two strikers on ffs. Why bring Azpi off for Zappacosta? A player who had barely played and is at best a midtable club
It’s so pathetic the fans are booing his substitutions
That was as always a fuck you to the supporters from “him” zappacosta for Azpi lololol 😂🤣😂🤣😂 2-0 down
Definitely agree. If the board still choose to let Sarri stay, that means we have changed our strategy.
He should have tried 4,4,2 at some stage, higuain and giroud
playing same players again and again..
You are right, Chelsea is going nowhere with the chain smoker, have never heard of him before
Yeah I've seen one I don't think your short term memory remembers 3-4-3 or more like 5-4-2 he was the exact same last season
Find it hard to understand where the “elite coach” statement comes from to be honest
I think this defeat will open the board's eyes.., enough of this foolish experiment. They shd let this second rated coach go back to where he is coming from. Tactically blind.
Na sarriball na him die dia
Wedded to sane formation, making the sane team sheet of 14 players, using exact same substitutions every match. Every player on the bench knows he's never going to get into the team, so why even try.
Sari completely hv no idea on hw to change the pattern of game wen all is nt going well which spell out tactically he is clueless and dos nt knw wat to do .jorginho can't run ,can't mark the ball,his pass are all wrong keeping the defense expose
Sarri claims he wants a change, yet uses the same set of players. No competition whatsoever. So stressful watching the side way passing & poor defending.
U can't play 433 with rigid players like Alonso and Azpi Thas why Guardiola invested huge on fullbacks alone If we want to succeed we need to do same Give this shit players to Guardiola and he will suffer same Moreover give Sari time
Sari dos nt knw hw to change Game.bringing an Italian player to premier league that defenders chase and run after and bully them.someone like higuine is nt fit or strong as a striker for premiership.after drogba Chelsea hv nt got any good striker
How many times are we going to keep sucking coaches for this same players without any change This should tell us this players are shit
Time for Hiddink is fast approaching until revised option in the summer
Sarri maybe stubborn, wat abt Willian who can't go past his opponent, Pedro is just clueless just has jorginho .. The fact is, the board needs to offload those players.. Napoli has the likes of Allan ,hamsik who could do mark all 90mins for jorginho.. Who do Chelsea have?
His stubbornness is very scary. Only stick to one formation with no tailor-made disposition.
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