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If you think Malia Obama drinking rosé at the age of 20 is the worst thing the child of a President has done, just wait until you find out that George HW Bush's son invaded Iraq.

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There are two types of people younger than 21: Those that drink alcohol and those that won’t admit it.
At what age did Donald jr start killing elephants for fun?
That girl needs new friends. Seriously there should never be photos of her living her life.
When exactly did Sarah Palin’s daughter have her shotgun wedding? #values
Imagine living in the USA and a 20 year old woman having a drink is contraversial.
Her great sins appear to be using actual stemware, having good friends who also wore tasteful beachwear and then not getting embarrassingly shitfaced like all the other 20 year olds that go to Florida on break. Invading her privacy seems to have revealed her good sense and style
Same people who didn't bat an eye when Kavanugh used to get sauced illegally at 18.
Okay, I'm more just freaked out that she's already 20. Time freaking flies.
You forgot the cocaine part of G.W. Bush's youth, alcoholism, and his use, during his draft-evading stint in the Texas Air Rangers, of a very expensive fighter jet to fly cases of beer from Florida back to Texas. Not that any of that amounts to the pure evil of the Iraq war.
And that Laura Bush ran a stop sign when she was 17 and the driver of the vehicle she hit died.
Bush's daughters got caught drinking underage during the. Bush presidency and the right said it was not fair to bring it up.
And that was after his drinking and cocaine years.
tickles me that anyone holds the children of politicians to a "higher standard" when the current president's party seems to have no moral expectations of him, at all (I also enjoyed rose wine, and well before 20 - Cheers, Malia)
I’m pretty sure @JennaBushHager was cited for Minor in Possession of Alcohol at Chuy’s WHILE her dad was POTUS. Not that I’m calling her out—I got 3 MIPs. The point is, who cares? Daily Mail needs to let this child live in peace. #MaliaObama
The country is under state of emergency. Words like 'treason' and 'traitor' are being used in relation to the WH and there are God only knows how many kids separated fr. their families b/c of a cruel policy. These are the things worth our attn. WAKE UP!!
Malia, just say you like beer.
Lets not even get started on the current presidents kids....
Ivanka, Eric, and Jr and that whole collision stuff
Serious question: Was anybody actually complaining about her? Even in the original tweet, I didn't see a single person in the comments applauding the lady who posted the photo; they were all telling her "Mind your own business."
Let's discuss what Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr and Ivanka did at 20. Who will be the first journalist to ask them?
Not to mention what George W. Bush's daughters were doing when they were probably even younger than 20!
Are we forgetting Don Jr ? His little trump tower adoption meeting with Russians!
At least Malia hasn’t been Indicted! Trump won’t be able to say the same thing about his kids!
AND lied about the reasons justifying his illegal attack plus enlisted members of his cabinet to lie for him in front of Congress! YeeHaw!!!
I thought you were going to talk about Jenna Bush who was drinking at 19
is no longer under public scrutiny! Leave the young lady alone!! Those that still think her growing up is public business!
And @realDonaldTrump sons hunt elephants & cut off their tails as trophies.
And Reagan’s daughter did a pictorial in Playboy. Geez, Malia is cute, smart and goes to Harvard. She wants a little wine at a party at 20? It’s not like she’s funneling vodka and puking in a trash can. Seriously.
lol how is this a scandal when y’alls underage kids are flying to Mexico to get wasted at the beach and then come back to yell BUILD THE WALL
You'd think she shot an endangered species or conspired with an enemy of the state
W's twins were making a habit of slipping away from their Secret Service and going out to party, and drink. No, they were not 21. Let it all go people. There are acutal important issues to worry about. Malia drinking rose, doesn't even register on the list.
Is no one going to mention that a drinking age of 21 is ridiculous?
Imagine having the class to drink rose at 20. Vs say me beer bonging malt liquor
Trumps offspring slay innocent African wildlife. And engage in international crimes. Trump's progeny have any other folks' children beat all to hell.
Or that Chelsea Clinton aided in human trafficking.
Ahhh America.... where you can drive a 1 ton lethal weapon to school from 16 onwards, can buy a gun in some states when they're 18, and yet can't have a glass of wine with their meal in a restaurant till they're 21. Absolute insanity.
I’ve got two words for you... Bristol Palin.
Oh, and let's not forget about the Trumpkins, trash, every one of them.
Didn't @DonaldJTrumpJr piss all over himself during drunken stupors at college?
And George W. Bush's UNDERAGE daughters drank while the Secret Service watched - REPEATEDLY. In 2001, 19 year old Jenna Bush was cited for alcohol possession.
I'll take Eric and Jr shooting innocent wild life for shit and giggles for 100, Alex.
The current president has 3 kids who conspired to give aid to a hostile nation soooooo
Or that his daughter-in-law, who'd later become 1st Lady, as a teen-ager caused a car accident which killed someone, and left the scene of the crime. Just imagine if anyone in the Clinton or Obama families had that in their past. #GOPHypocrisy
It was just a phase. He's grown up a lot since then.
Rosé in February? In the northern hemisphere? Smelling salts please.
Let's not forget the fact that John Quincy Adams had skinny dipped in the Potomac River almost every morning during his presidency.
also a reminder that don jr kills elephants and other exotic and endangered animals for fun
When I was in college (and underage) I was drinking more than just a bottle of rose (gin and tonic was my drink)
I am glad I am watching old Canadian TV shows. I don’t get 1/2 the humor but at least they’re make sense in an odd Canadian way. The US makes no sense.
Anyone whose parents had a bar in the house,or alcohol in the house,engaged in under age drinking. Most College students underage drink .
Trump’s children murdered wild animals and may have laundered Russian mob money.
Thanks to @MaddowBlog we now know Bush Sr at age 42 obstructed justice, tried to get investigators to back off Agnew. #BagManPodcast. Younger Bush pled guilty to DUI at age 30. And a 54 yo Supreme court justice still won't own up to underage drinking, when under age 18.
what's👏🏽 dattt👏🏽 FACTS👏🏽
Okay and here I was taking shots of Burnette out of my college room. Let Malia live!
Well there's always Donnie Jr who dumped his wife and five children for an inflatable sextoy/flotation device, murdered a caged elephant and is a treasous Russian spy and compulsive liar, but drinking rose, wow that is terrible
I so wish I had written this. 😉😆
I’ll take drinking rose over killing endangered species or colluding with Russia
Jenna Bush would’ve been crushed by social media. She was practically an alcoholic by the age of 19 and had the secret service get her 18 year old boyfriend out of jail multiple times for drunk and disorderly conduct.
Donald Trump's Sons killing elephants for leisure. Bush's kids doing coke. Anyway.....
George W’ s daughters were caught several time with fake ID’s, getting drunk left and right.
Or that Fred and Mary Trump’s son sold his soul to the devil and his country to Vladimir Putin.
Or that the daughter's of W had fake IDs and got caught drunk in bars. They've certainly become model citizens now, and I have no desire to embarrass them, but seriously, the maga(t) haters have awfully short memories.
... or you find out what W was up to at 20 ... or his kids. Of course, Cocaine is far less problematic than Rose... at least if it’s white folks doing the coke...
And that BOTH Bush 2 children have been banned from many countries for their chronic drunken displays. Malia Obama is the products of two honorable parents, and should be left in peace after what she endure under GOP shameful abuses.
Bush’s daughters were also big into coke from a young age. A close friend of mine was given cocaine in middle school (in Texas) from one of the Bush daughters.
Hell, wait till you find out about his granddaughters skipping out on bar tabs in NYC while he was in office.
And when he was 20... well. Reports vary.
Or the coke runs that his granddaughters went on. ☕️☕️☕️
The King of Thailand died and the country went to go look for his son to take over . This nigga was in Europe or some shit doing the shit load of drugs . Then he appointed his damn poodle , yes a dog, a high rank in their Air Force 😂 Malia you’re fine hunny.
Didn’t Bush’s daughter get caught with coke???
We ALL drank underage. Bfd. Live your life Malia
son Don jr.use to get so drunk, pass out and piss himself. Earning him the nickname of #DiaperDon.
Well,since you put it that way......
And W's daughters helped him buy up South American water rights.
And Eric, Don Jr, Ivanka, and Jared are traitors and crooks!
She’s normal, despite what DJT & his minions have subjected her family to. Hats off, once again, to the Obamas. Everyone else: leave Malia alone.
Nothing will ever be worse than the relationship Trump and Ivanka have. pic.twitter.com/7gfb6Vg9PN
Wait till you hear about Eric and Jr.
I sincerely hope you are right, but I fear you are wrong. I think Washinton, the White House negatively impacted Malia more than any other family member, some of her struggles are related to her being the " first daughter", being in a fish bowl for 8 plus years. Gotta be tough.
In Ontario it’s 19, and during my undergrad in Windsor, it was a THING for kids from Michigan to cross the river to get screwed up on the weekend.
C'mon! This one's a little funny
I literally cackled so loud my neighbors made a noise complaint 👏🏼👏🏼
I love this tweet w my whole heart
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