Also, Malia has a secret Facebook account and she doesn’t like Trump. Which...
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Note the language being used: Malia Obama “flaunts black swimsuit.” Was she really flaunting? Was she asking for the attention that flaunting would suggest? Or was she merely wearing the swimsuit? And ask yourself the last time a man was said to flaunt clothing? Did Shawn Mendes?

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She was simply wearing a swimsuit, like many young women do while hanging out in Miami. Like.. she’s normal?? It’s so gross that this is even a STORY. She’s a beautiful woman who could probably make a burlap sack work for her but that’s her own damn business ugh.
I am reporting folks, who post private pictures of Malia, as targeted harassment.
FLAUNTS!? That was a modest one piece. Christ, compared to what Bailee wears to the pool, Malia's outfit looks like a 1920's suit
Me all day today fighting on behalf of Meghan, Malia, Viola and Candace:
This was my exact first thought too. She was wearing a swimsuit at a pool party, the horror! And it was a really conservative, tasteful swimsuit at that. Someone took a picture of her with her friends, walking. She wasn’t even posing, ffs. But, you know, sexists. 🙄
As we speak, I am flaunting my warmest pajama pants and an old black sweater.
I mean, there was an SC nominee recently who admitted underage drinking. Guess it's only ok if it's beer.
Many college kids drink, well before the age of 21. It's ridiculous for the article to even try to spin this. The whole article screams "slow news day", at best, and an attack of some kind at worst. And as for hateful Trump posts, no one has more right to post these.
How dare she have a body! She should have been wearing one of those full-length Victorian swimming costumes. Or, better yet, just be a floating head with no body at all.
& 45’s current wife has nudes pictures. #whatsyourpoint
Malia is a strong young woman enjoying life. Good on her.
Can one really flaunt anything in a plain black one-piece bathing suit? I'm sure there was a grandmother somewhere around that pool wearing something far raunchier. Hell, my grandmother wouldn't be caught dead in a one-piece. Those people down at the seniors home get it in.
exactly. flaunt is overused. it never fits the article. everyone wearing a bathing suit is flaunting. often you see that someone is “flaunting” a baby bump. it needs to STOP.
FLAUNT?! How DOES someone just living their life as a private citizen flaunt a one piece bathing suit? 🤔
super creepy thing to say. Malia looks gorgeous in her modest, no-seam bathing suit similar to the other friend she's with!! she has more class than to "flaunt". she's not sporting a string 2pc or a wedgie type floss suit. she should be off limits, this is beyond ridiculous.
What part of this is supposed to make me dislike her???? I want to wear one piece swimsuits by the pool and drink Rosé with Malia while sharing Facebook memes about how racist Donald Trump is. Obama’s kids continue to show how effortlessly cool they are.
I would argue that Shawn Mendes 1000% did and she did NOT.
Right! Language shapes the narrative, while simultaneously diminishing us and rationalizing ridiculous transgressions against POC. Fragility is a real thing. So is bias.
Exactly! Women are constantly described as “flaunting” for merely wearing clothes, existing, being in public. #EveryDayMisogyny…
Caitlin Moran had a good line once that wherever the Mail uses "flaunts" or "shows off" the real-world vocabulary for what actually happened is "has".
Exactly my reaction! Malia seems pretty modest to me
#NotesFromNationalEmergency Day 4: Sitting in the Attic, drinking🍷 like I’m hiding from my dad 18 is legal drinking age in🇲🇽 1000s of college kids go🎉 at the border wkly how would they get through a semester w/o getting a🍹? I can’t make it through a day
It's just another crazy story in the midst of the most villainous presidency in history. It's meant to add to the distraction. All the first children, and also the children of royalty, went through this kind of press. It's not fair, but the paparazzi rarely are.
By contrast, it's entirely fair to say that Trump flaunts those over-length ties.
I'm not sure why she needs better friends? My son visited my daughter in Korea and she got him drunk. He's legal there, he made it home safe, life is fine. My kids are lucky as hell to have the opportunity to party.
🤦🏾‍♂️ this why i hate yall
It’s gross. That’s an incredibly conservative suit. She’s a fit kid so anything would look great on her. She can’t win. And it’s gross.
Or 'donned a thick chain and pendant' the fok is that about? Thats a regular locket necklace. This article is a bullshit hit piece.
I’m proud of her that it’s a one piece! Smart.
I also saw her swimsuit described as “skin tight.” As opposed to the typical baggy swimsuit?
THAT'S why I didn't and would not click on the f'd story.
April. I’m not giving them the clicks and you’re asking if she’s flaunting her bathing suit.
I saw a lot of posts of her with that specific term being used; it seemed odd.
This is a really good point. Honestly, every day phrases can be so sexist that I've learned to ignore it as if it's normal when it's not. How sad.
That really pisses me off. She’s minding her own business, enjoying private moments with “friends.,” not posting thirst traps on Instagram like one of those wannabe models.
Ah but this is the Daily Hate you’re talking about. In their world any woman wearing any clothes of any description is “flaunting” them. In the UK their modus operandi is well known and reviled for it. #DontFundHate
Keep in mind this comes from the same people who have no problem with the 1st ladies porn photo shoot.
SOMETHING BIG I FEEL IT HAPPENING OUT OF MY CONTROL. PUSHING PULLING AND ITS HAPPENING FEEL IT IN MY BONES. Oh it's racism. Right. What the fuck is the story she had a glass of wine?
This has to be the DM? They use ‘flaunt ‘ for every woman, in any situation, wearing any item(s) of clothing!
The irony of fake news queen April Ryan, talking about the language of the press being used in a biased manner, is hillarious . Liberals are just insane. Pot meet Kettle.
She's fine. Trump supporters aren't upset. Whoever has issue with this is just stupid.
She's definitely not "flaunting" because she looks uncomfortable. Notice the position of her arm. People who are open and "flaunting" usually don't have this type of body language.
So does hating Trump give her the excuse to drink underage and dress like that? Ok
Mendes reference comes off as homophobic.
At least she can " flaunt " it's not for everyone🤣
It's Daily Mail. They have around 5 phrases to describe women. "Flaunts" is in their Top 3.
It was probably Kavanaugh in his diary.
This x5billion. Saw that use of “flaunt” a million miles back.
I wish Shawn Mendes' would flaunt a black swimsuit 'cause sis was looking a little thicc at the Grammy's 👀
The Daily Mail used to have a column on the right hand side of the page called the 'side bar of shame', so called because they ran stories about young women 'flaunting their bodies/curves/figure'. The *girls* featured in these stories were often underage children of celebs.
Black woman flaunting black swimsuit. Some white folk know all the secret codes!
Also, like everyone hasn’t drank underage. Come the fuck on. She’s normal.
Shawn Mendez was definitely flaunting 💥🔥
What's wrong with any of that? Is rose out, and no one has told me? As for hating Trump, sister Malia, I advise you to #persist. And as for flaunting a swimsuit: flaunt it, baby, while you got it!
Imagine if it was a two- piece 🤦🏻‍♀️
Who was hiding in the bushes taking photos of her “flaunting?” 😂
The Daily Mail gonna Daily Mail.
That's standard ops for women in photos. They're not just wearing a skirt, they're "Showing some skin"; they don't put a bathing suit on and go to the beach, they "show off their figure".
Amen sister tell it
I flaunt my sweatpants and t-shirt ensembles all the time. *sniff* Nobody notices. *sniff*
Flaunting her figure in a... [checks notes] one-piece swimsuit. Those folks have some kind of perverse obsession for anything Obama. It would be sad if it wasn't so hurtful to a college kid barely out of her teens.
Is it me, or has the IBT become less about business and more about clickbait in recent years?
Was she flaunting it to the world or wearing clothing in the comfort of privacy while you decided to take photos of her. Isn't stuff like this illegal.
If I looked like Malia, I'd flaunt a black swimsuit.
And it was a very conservative swimsuit!
Thank GOD it wasn’t a tan suit!
I'm with you, better friends are what's needed - that's it & that's all. Any attempts to try & tear those young ladies down?
I would like to add the bathing suit is Conservative. You@saw more skin at the Grammys.
Probably the most “unflauntable” suit I have ever seen- color:neutral, print:none, style:modest one-piece
It was a very modest black one piece.
I remember when the #Prez himself had to intervene to stop the #press releasing #Images of her and her sista in #Swimwear as #Minors 🤯
Daddy didn't play that!
This is why I fucking loathe the Daily Fail. Their disrespectful, belittling tone towards women is pervasive and is turned up a notch if the woman happens to be black. Fuck the Daily Fail very much.

Also: she looks stunning in that v conservative swimsuit.
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