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.@realDonaldTrump did an excellent job laying out how socialism ruined Venezuela.

America and many of our allies are standing with President Guaidó and the Venezuelan people!

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Smearing the term socialism again Ronna? What does the GOP stand for that would help all Americans including middle and lower income Americans? We're listening.
Low hanging fruit. There is indeed a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, brought about by over-dependence on oil exports, lack of an independent judiciary and free press, and a gray market stemming from absurd government subsidies. Those are not exclusively socialist problems.
What is the GOP plan on Climate Change?
Unfortunately, a more pressing concern is that Donald Trump is also doing an excellent job in bringing fascism to America.
Next tell us how it ruined Israel.
Wait...the speech was supposed to be a history lesson on how socialism ruined Venezuela? And here I thought he was giving a speech asking a dictator to step aside. OHHHHhhhh i get it! It’s because this is a campaign speech! This was a speech against democrats more than Maduro
True socialism of the soviet variety is a bad thing. But remember, NO ONE here wants soviet style socialism. That’s why we need to get rid of Putin’s puppet.
Sorry..he doesn't do an excellent job of anything. Except lying! Forgot about that.
‘I Believe #Putin:’ Andrew #McCabe Claims #Trump Listened To #Russia More Than U.S. Intelligence. huffpost.com/entry/andrew-m…
Gurl, you need a check up from the neck up. He didn't explain HOW anything in Venezuela, he peddled some pablum while deporting Venezuelans, denying entry to Venezuelans and cutting funding to agencies fighting corruption in Venezuela for the last 2 years.
But did he? You lie likes a cheap rug in da hood Ronna. Shame is what you should invest those rubles in. It will be all the rage in 2020.
this person worries about a foreign country suddenly after Trump's and her montra is not to. Here is a two faced woman. Where are her values? And the poor thing, bless her heart, thinks that statement means something.
I liked that speech.
Trump does nothing excellent but breaking records on how many times he can golf and stay at his properties while potus. He leads the pack. All 300 pounds of him.
"No more nation building!" - Donald Trump
So we are going full out here, the @realDonaldTrump is totally incapable of laying anything out in his declining cognitive state. Give him a script and maybe. America = Venezuela? Are you insane? And our hand picked replacement gets your backing? Wow. pic.twitter.com/RudgD2jQRM
It wasn't socialism that ruined Venezuela, their entire oil industry collapsed.
Yes we should be privatizing as much as we can so we don’t turn into Venezuela! Let’s start with private firemen and police, and then require all citizens to bring their own bridges when driving over rivers. Ok go!
We need to forget Venezuela and worry about how we #EndTheFed.
For a president who wanted out of Syria so bad, does he want to go into Caracas or something? What happened to America minding their own business under Trump? What makes Syria different from Venezuela?
It had nothing to do with corruption and oil and Rosneft?
Putin’s puppet and complicit GOP have no moral standing on this issue. All cheap talk while supporting dictators around the world. Pathetic
With 40k gun deaths a year, and 70k drug deaths, lets consider how well US capitalisn is doing. Capitalism is working financially for the NRA, Big Pharma, churches.. and tax cuts for the rich. Not so good for the little guy though!
Do Finland and Norway next! Oooh, and Canada. I hear it's nice there.
And Republicans ruined America in 1930s and 2008. 👎👎👎👎👎 Trump is just riding Obamas economic wave. Don’t mess up! pic.twitter.com/GAdQNvJ5px
The US has a terrible record of regime change. Anyone Trump supports is highly suspect.
Corruption and a dictarorial kleptocracy ruined Venezuela. What do you think the "social" in Social Security means? pic.twitter.com/P8hDIcVDlm
Single party rule destroyed Venezuela.
Socialism has nothing to do with it. It’s corruption that has doomed Venezuela. Corruption is something the @GOP is expert in
Hopefully they won’t get slaughtered!
I think what our President said took courage
When the citizens of the United States pay for thid fucking wall that is socialism at its worse. Man you are a dumb ass.
Amazing how well Trump can read a speech written by a professional writer.
Why are some of our Representative (Republicans) not backing the President 100%. RNC needs to get together, before we lose voters.
If the alternative to corrupt capitalism that only favors billionaires and corporations is social democracy, I’ll take it. #SocialismIsNotCommunism
GOP : RT GOPChairwoman: .realDonaldTrump did an excellent job laying out how socialism ruined Venezuela.

America and many of our allies are standing with President Guaidó and the Venezuelan people! (via Twitter twitter.com/GOP/status/109…) pic.twitter.com/1zDnNMpcEL
It's a shame that the liberal channels didn't air it!
He needs to resign. You need to be a patriotic American for once in your life and stop shilling.
Equal justice under the law is dead! redd.it/6e5v3n
Just like Comrade Trump will ruin ours! Pathetic #hefty
Socialism ruins everything, and yes destroys country's. full support for @realDonaldTrump , and have a great day for you both @GOPChairwoman
Sounded like the Democrats and the DOJ/FBI in this country.
විශිෂ්ට රැකියාවක් කළේ වෙනිසියුලාව සමාජවාදය විනාශ කළ ආකාරයයි. ඇමරිකාව හා අපේ මිතුරන් බොහෝ දෙනෙක් ජනාධිපති ගයයිඩෝ හා වෙනිසියුලානු ජනතාව සමඟ සිටගෙන සිටිති!
Here you again, more lies!!!
The Wall is socialism. Let's end socialism in immigration and embrace the free market.
And it's a loud it'll ruin the United States of America.
oh we WILL vote for Trump2020!
Now about those subsidies and tariffs...
America should stay out of this
Happy Presidents’ Day to all the great living presidents. #HappyPresidentsDayPresidentObama pic.twitter.com/SvFA4tStG5
Pretty sure GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION killed #Venezuela And that is exactly what trump is doing to America
Oh shut up you ugly hag 🙄 Venezuela is rich with oil liar pic.twitter.com/gJ9pIddPaj
I can't wait to hear the spin and the name change back to Romney when this whole shit storm changes directions.
A authoritarian leader who overthrew the already corrupt government in Venezuela is the reason why they are in their current situation. Not socialism. But hey, who the fuck am I?
Mises did a much better job in his 1920 book 'Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis" mises.org/library/social…
Socialism is a major part of the US. Only anti-Americans think socialism us bad.
Trump doesn’t do an excellent job at anything except lying.
Nobody knows more about political science than I do. Believe me.
Climate change? I thought they were talking about socialism in Venezuela! Oh I get it most Democrats are for socialism & the New Green Deal! Why does it matter your leader is projecting only 12 yrs left & the world will end! Enjoy yourself!
We don't have any allies anymore. Your lying Fuhrer made sure of that. Were ridiculed and laughed at now globally. But your to blind to see this. Your simply a non thinking pawn.
Stealing oil is so 2003.
and yet trump himself said Australia with its social universal healthcare was better than the US.
It was corrupt leadership that ruined Venezuela and that's the lesson America needs to take from Venezuela.
And to think, Trump is ruining America without Socialism. It appears that fascism and racism are destructive forces in their own right. #TrumpResign
Luckily the only people pushing a socialist agenda here is the GOP #PartyOfLiars.
You do realise that Guaido's Popular Will party is a member of the Socialist International?
And Hitler is the best example of how NAZIs ruined a country. So?
Socialism and corruption ruined Venezuela. Corruption is killing America via dark money, citizens united, PAC money, voter suppression and you.
So on issues that citizens need your help, healthcare,climate change, a living wage. What are your thoughts and prayers????
Hahahaha. Are you joking. Hahahaha. The only thing Trump can lay are hookers. And Ronnie, if you think your answer is up to the level of the women running for President, keep thinking. Your talents are not in politics. What a joke answer. Hahahaha.
What about the kidnapped children at our own border? You brush them under the rug!
Molly needs to hold he nose sitting between those two
Opening his mouth to speak and doing an excellent job don't even go together ever... Did you hear him explain the national emergency? Sounded like a bad nursery rhyme
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