Malia Obama’s figure is ridiculous. At 6’1 she could easily be a model. And, she has good taste in wine.
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6’1???? omfg a tall goddess
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GIRL... she better pull a Kendall Jenner and use her family connections to secure a modeling bag. I can really see sis as a fashion girl.
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she should replace Kendall already.
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@starheal She is absolutely flawless .
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The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills
@starheal I think this is the conversation we need to be having. She’s OBVIOUSLY not abusing alcohol with this body.
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@starheal Beautiful work of art.
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@starheal I VEHEMENTLY disagree. Rose? She's the daughter of a president. Someone pass that young lady a California Charon at our at least a sauvignon blanc. She's 20, not 50.
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@starheal shes 6.1? omg!
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ahaha lil jr bacon cheeseburger booty.
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✨ Comma + La 2020 🇺🇸 ✨
@starheal I agree with you. Sadly, I didn’t get my wish. 😔
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@starheal thank you! she is stunning in a classic, black one-piece
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Everything I've ever read about Malia Obama gives the impression of an intelligent, beautiful, and genuine person who's fun to be around. Her friends should consider themselves blessed to have her, but some of them need to learn to keep their mouths shut and protect her privacy!
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@starheal Whoever took these photos and sold them to The Daily Mail is NOT a friend. Malia Obama is a sucessful college student doing it exactly right including attending beach parties. Our haunt in the 60s in our college years was Pawleys Island, and yes, alcohol was involved.
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@starheal IKR the biggest issue I have with this picture is that it makes me want to undress with the lights off
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Malia Obama can like get it
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When tf shorty hit 6’1? 😭😭😭
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@starheal 6'1?! I remember when she was just a little girl! Where did the time go 😭
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This is when I wish I was tall 😭
1 12
Cuz her mama got that wagon
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holy fuck she’s gorgeous.
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Put her on the runway she can murder the hadids
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@starheal I was sure I was finna marry this girl back in ‘08
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@starheal She has a beautiful figure. But I mean with Michelle Obama inspiration it's expected. She could be a model.💋⚘🍒
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She’s 6’1? Damn
0 9
6’1?!?!? Malia the runway needs you!!
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@starheal right?! i'm in utter awe of Malia and that fantabulous no-seams/no-lines black bathing suit she is wearing!!
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@starheal The right is using this as a deflection from the fact that 16 states sued Trump for declaring an #Unconstitutional #FakeNationalEmergency

Malia drinking wine and disliking Trump is akin to Fox News' "Look a car crash" to cut from an unfortunate story that just came up...
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Malia Obama DM me so we can start a family and you can help me practice my low post moves Challenge
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6’1? She better be hoopin at Harvard too
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@starheal Sorry, not a pretty girl. Beanpole skinny not a good look either. My opinion only.
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@starheal And if you look closly, she is totally rocking a scrunchy!
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@starheal Good lordy! Put that beauty on a runway!
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@starheal Baby girl need to be on magazine cover. She got it all
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@starheal She wears a one piece 💜
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Why couldn’t my parents be famous I’m tired
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If she STEP Ima have to stan 👏🏽
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HOLD UP, Malia Obama is 6’1?!?!?! She needs to put that bottle down and practice post moves.
1 3
6'1?!? Holy cow.... if Kendall basic ass can rip the runway Malia can OWN it
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Damn we’re the same height 😂
1 3
6’1? She needs to get out of there and go defend that corner
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She could be serving serious runway lewks, Candle better watch out
2 1
@starheal Agreed! And did you see her dad is going to UNC vs. Dook?
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@starheal Omg! She’s growing up! She’s so beautiful! I haven’t seen a pic of her in such a long time. Look at that body! *knock on wood*
0 3
the power these images hold,,,
0 3
Wtf if she don’t start getting the rebounds for the @Raptors I’m done ✅
0 3
6'1??? Bitch should join the NBA
0 3
when i first saw these pics my jaw dropped cuz i mean LOOK AT HER but after a few seconds i snapped out of it and realized that the daily mail was probably just posting fake pathetic “journalism” again
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6’1?! She could easily be a point guard
0 3
Girls can be 6 foot but I can’t? There is no god
0 3
Malia Obama Or Alexis Clancy?????
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@starheal Eat shit @IvankaTrump and @flotus @realDonaldTrump is foaming at the mouth for this teenager
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Could be a model, or could play Centre Back.
1 1
@starheal And she’s smart enough to wear one piece suits.
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@starheal 6'1, that explains those beautiful long legs, I'm 5'2 woman, could never find a pair of jeans I didn't have 2 hem, all I can say abt Malia is, WOW -ps I know it's not all abt looks, so dont even go there, it's just my opinion on the pix, as 4 trying 2 make this a scandal, so lame
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@starheal I’m sorry did u say 6’1????
0 2
Malia is built for the runway.
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If she starts modeling that’ll be something of substance that these news outlets can talk about other than stalking her and taking pictures of her drinking wine!
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Shorty a tall glass of water 😍
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6’1 ! someone sign her to an agency
0 2
6'1, you say 👀👀👀👀
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6'1???? She'll be a model in about 2 years give it time lmao
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To be expected ❤🙌 Both of her parents are gorgeous. Live Baby Girl LIVE!!!!
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My goodness I had no idea she was THAT tall! She’s stunning.
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Ve10Ve 🌊🇪🇺🇮🇹 #FBR #FBPE
@starheal She is really tall!
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@starheal She’s a beauty!
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@starheal I’m not trying to be mean, but both of those things are untrue. Rose is the antithesis of good wine.
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@starheal She’s definitely drinking apple cider, the bubbly
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@starheal she's so!!! same height as her dad.
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@starheal Gene pool jackpot winner. 😘
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@starheal Seriously, the real story here is how beautiful she has become 😍
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she probably has the most amazing diet being michelle’s daughter ugh i must know her meal plan
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these pics just made me wanna hit the gym
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Shoutout all the beautiful black women 5’10 and taller
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Wow. She got legs. I didn't know she was that tall.
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She's 6'1???? Wow we should be sisters.
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