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Honda, Nissan, Ford, JLR, Schaeffler, Airbus, P&O, AXA, Bupa, Prudential, Barclays, Bank of America, UBS, Credit Suisse, Hitachi, Toshiba, Dyson, Panasonic, Sony, Philips - and that's just in the LAST MONTH. #Brexit

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When they said leave means leave, is this what they meant?
CASH! For all those who think none of this is related to Brexit, I will happily pass on emails from various African National Banks requiring assistance to look after $250 million if you will please forward your bank details
Diesel. It's diesel. Totally diesel. And... pic.twitter.com/wDaXNL9iN9
Sounds like a Brexit take on We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel.
If you are a Brexiter and genuinely believe this is not down to Brexit I have an unclaimed fortune from your deceased distant relative just ready to send you if you pay me 拢10,000 to do the paperwork first.
Year 2035 world news, England formally part of the UK asked the European Union for membership.
Oof which ONE is British? ??? "It's a shame foreign companies that propped up the UK manufacturing sector are now pulling out because the UK doesn't like foreigners."
They are not the kind of businesses we need any more. Farriers, fletchers, blacksmiths, dunnikindivers ...those proper English businesses are the future!
In the interest of balance, can someone provide a list of companies who've decided to invest in the UK over the past couple of months?
Oh but nothin' to do with brexit, it's all because...diesel.
Selling European citizenship thru marriage! Due to the high amount of applications I won't be able to respond to everyone, please accept my apologies in advance. (I hope you all know it's a joke, which could easily become truth for the right amount of cash馃槑) Just kidding again
No doubt the Quitters will say none of that is anything to do with #Brexit. It's all a huge coincidence.
Another real measure: how many companies, large or small, anywhere in the world, are lining up to move to Britain after she leaves EU? Which businesses are taking advantage of all the supposed benefits? Answer: zero
But Project Fear and Diesel tho.
And flybmi. And to some extent P&O, now under Cyprus flag.
#Brexit is nothing but vandalisation of British values, our wellbeing and our economy. The Tories have become undemocratic outlaw&disorder f*ck business freaks. Just leaving this little list of the damage done in last 30 days alone here:
Nobody voted to have jobs or inward investment. We voted to take back control. And blue passports.
If there is one thing you can rely on the Torys for its to fuck over the country. And then blame the will of the stupid.
Sure jobs and the economy are cool but have you ever tried chlorine washed high-fructose corn syrup dowsed chicken?
Imagine the Right Wing Media if these companies had moved whilst Labour were in Govt and had raised taxes.... Just stop for aoment and try and imagine the stories and coverage.... But yet... Nothing.
What a coincidence eh?
Yeah but it鈥檚 all fear mongering....
It would appear that the global trend is to leave UK because of brexit, Oops, diesel.
"Aviva, NatWest to join 'Brexodus' of business to EU" - uk.reuters.com/article/uk-bri鈥
And Liam Fox has signed up 1 FTA in the Pacific - the Island of Nauru which exports birdshit.
When do the hunger games start ? Whoops typo, I meant Sunlit f@$kin uplands 馃槨
FFS. What does it take to get no deal taken off the table?
Hey @JuliaHB1 is this all to do with diesel too? When will Brexiters take responsibility for their actions, ffs we need some honesty, we've had enough lies. #RevokeA50
Anyone else noticing a pattern?
Luckily we can expect Labour's Jobs First Brexit to save the day.
Why would they want to do business in a country that doesn't know what it's doing, can't plan ahead & has inept government ministers? Capitalism in action. This is what Tories and Brexiteers wanted-the freedom to choose where to do business? They're doing it before us. Obvious.馃檮
Tories: Fuck Business. Business: Fuck the UK.
Brexit causes a rush for the exit - Big business. Soon the Bank of England will have to reintroduce exchabge Control to prevent Capital Flight. People should transfer their money to the EU before that happens. You'll at least have a hard currency in the Euro. On Brexit the 拢=fuck
I know of more jobs being moved from London to Paris next month
Of course the uncertainty surrounding the future of diesel left Bank of America and Barclays with little choice.
I'm sure that there are also millions of other small / independent people who are thinking of how to manage. I will apply for German citizenship next Feb when I am allowed and in the meantime hope for a work permit in RO. Appalling we are having to do thus for no gain at all!
Greg, Alex makes a good point, @beisgovuk @10DowningStreet @theresa_may & @BranePowerGuy asks what businesses are seeking to move to the UK post BRexit? I think that you should put best effort into saving Wylfa Wales Nuclear jobs. @InvestNI @InvestWales @VisitBritain pic.twitter.com/rMFMke58pp
After brexit there will be plenty of workers but no bloody jobs. 1800 poor houses and debtors prisons will return. If Britain ever votes for the tories again then you all deserve what you bloody well get.
No, no, no - this is one of the rare occasions when the stars align and it's just one MASSIVE coincidence. Right? Right 馃 And there were no US tanks in Baghdad. NONE! OK?
Seems to be a few less 'no deal, no problem' types about on these types of threads lately Strange that? Even the bots are struggling.
馃憞Project Fear becoming 鈥楶roject Reality鈥
And #brexit hasn't happened....yet
Project F... f... f... um.... F**k, yes that's it! Project (We're All) F***ed. I knew it was a 4-letter word beginning with F 馃槪
And no coincidence, all these project doom deniers pic.twitter.com/NDsP8jQ9at
As a side note, include the @UKLabour party as well
Yeah and you鈥檒l get told it鈥檚 because of the slow down in China and decrease in diesel cars. Nothing to do with Brexit, except lots of those companies aren鈥檛 car manufacturers. I feel for those that who will be jobless. See what listening to lies gets you.
Add Ernst & Young to the list: they are relocating their headquarters in the EU.
More lies it's embarrassing people can get away with utter crap
For balance can the leavers name 1 company that have invested in the UK since the vote?
I know a couple of people who voted Leave. Their birthdays are coming up soon. Should I buy them each a yellow vest?
The fact anyone would vote Brexit baffles me. The narrow-mindedness of people has already resulted in consequences. #Brexit
I wonder if @JuliaHB1 has figured out the general industrial trend or if she's still flogging moot points with Honda?
Nothing to do with Brexit though.
Of course it鈥檚 all a coincidence. Nothing to do with Brexit.
But but but you know Barclays is suffering from Diesel reduction right?
To be fair, it was always going to be around now that they all left. They can't afford to wait any longer. #FuckBrexit
LEAVE means LEAVE.!! 馃槤馃槧馃ゴ馃あ馃ぎ馃挬#brexcrement #LeaveMeansLeave
Watch out for American banks.
Yes, but blue passports!
BUPA ( British United Provident Association) good job they use an acronym
Easy to miss but FlyBMI collapsed in part because EU restricted access to the Emmissions Trading Scheme and inability to sign long-term contracts because of Brexit uncertainty.
How on earth will history view May, Corbyn and all the other gutless idiots running this country. We are totally fu###d for generations. I am so sad. And it is all avoidable.........
All because of diesels. What were the chances of that?
And don鈥檛 forget that #Brexit stalwart and Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe who is rushing to get out of the country before the pound collapses.
It's to do with diesel, @sturdyAlex. Honda, Nissan, Ford, JLR, Schaeffler, Airbus, P&O, AXA, Bupa, Prudential, Barclays, Bank of America, UBS, Credit Suisse, Hitachi, Toshiba, Dyson, Panasonic, Sony, Philips, all stopping production of diesel products
Hold on. Ship building is looking up.. pic.twitter.com/XPtNxFEPI3
Man jumps off cliff and dies brexit coroner says death is nothing to do with him jumping, just coincidence.
So much 鈥渄iesel / global forces鈥 and all in the month before Brexit!
Interesting that Honda have said NOT BREXIT, Nissan moved out of the EU all together rather than staying in another EU country, Dyson only moved 3 jobs since the vote to leave the EU, they moved all production out of the EU to Malaysia in 2003 while we were IN the EU.
Apparently if you grow some balls, all this is simply splendid...
#brexit is going just as 51.9% supposedly wanted it to go. Down the drain.
Better Together though...
All a coincidence. We just need to get behind the lads.
No, brexit won't change anything, they said...
It's a remarkable coincidence. Of course the uncertainty surrounding the future of diesel left Bank of America and Barclays with little choice.
Yeah, so nothing to do with #Brexit, then. Just a weird anomaly. Stop lying, arsehole #politicians, #journalists, #business leaders and commentators.
Nothing to see here, absolutely no connection to Brexit whatsoever.
None of these have anything to do with Brexit, of course. It's just a BIG F***ING COINCIDENCE?!
But Farage and Rees Mogg say it's all fine...
Dear @theresa_may
What on earth are you doing to my birth country? The British people didn鈥檛 vote for this.
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