Today thousands of youth came from different parts of Kashmir, for the Army Recruitment at Gantamulla Baramulla in this Harsh Winter. This is the Reality of Kashmir.This is the Reality of Kashmiri Youth.We love our Army, we love our Nation 🇮🇳. @atahasnain53 @ChinarcorpsIA @BDUTT

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Happy to see this but I am not sure why this recruitment event is being done in dead of winter . Someone has got the program all wrong.
We need to ensure that the youth of Kashmir get more avenues and meet their aspirations. We unnecessarily hype up a few local terrorists recruits. Please have a look at the thousands who volunteer to join the army, police and other security forces , making good soldiers.
This is the TRUTH about #Kashmir and a tight slap to the separatist leaders who provoke the innocent gullible youths for their personal gains.
I feel sorry for the people of #Pakistan who are fed with lies & hatred for India by their rulers.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
This is the Kashmir, which the media never projects. Most uninfluenced by the Hurriyat desire peace and stability. It is now only some areas where pro Pak elements hold sway
कडाक्याच्या थंडीतही आर्मी भरतीसाठी काश्मीरच्या विविध भागातून तरुण बारामुल्ला इथं आले होते

थोडक्यात काय तर
आपल्या पर्यंत पोहोचतं..
आपण समजतो..
आपल्याला वाटतं..
आपल्याला दिसतं... तेवढंच सत्य नसतं
To all my #Pakistani friends who think #India is ‘oppressing& alienating’ #Kashmiri people; and to all my ##Indian compatriots who think Kashmiri people are ‘traitors’. Both of you won’t succeed beyond a point with your warped understanding of a people who don’t give you a damn!
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Woah ! Keep posting such videos ... Kashmiris always get negative viewpoint due to media & also Indians in different states .. Wish for stability & peace ❤
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Our anger in not on Kashmiri's. But our anger is on those who got sheltered by Indian Army during floods and now are throwing stones on the same soldiers. Our anger is on those who are on India's land and are back stabbing India by supporting Pakistan on terrorism.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Sirji, ppl frm Kashmir & rest of India r more misinformed coz of propaganda of sick minded presstitudes.. whose sole agenda is to defame & destabilise India for their vested interests.. Hats off to you for reporting truth n showing mirror n giving a tight slap to them
While this is great. In the past there have been instances of re recruits, taking training and then go absconding with the rifle. If this is an attempt to destabalize the army then.... @crpfindia please be careful. We have lost so many of our brothers. 🙏🙏🙏 Om Shanti🙏🙏
ये है हक़ीक़त कश्मीर की
तो कौन है जो पत्थर बरसातें है ?
पाकिस्तानी कुत्ते ??…
Hope the rest of India are watching.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Good to see youth of Kashmir joining Indian Army. Now this youth should demand to remove Article 370 & integrate the Nation. Removing Article 370 will open doors to much more opportunities in filed of education, tourism & job creation which will make this region prosper.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
So great of you to love your army and India. Wish our politicians from Kashmir had the similar feelings. They are pursuing their political agenda at the altar of innocent children
Why the people opening their homes for Kashmiris do not talk about any such news like this?
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
You have posted an extremely important clip at the time when the nation is caught up with hate and violence. People must understand that it's just about a bunch of greedy, vile and visceral individuals aiming for cheap political potshots.
Jaihind, Wajahat! 🇮🇳
No comments. Samajhne walo ko ishara...
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Heartening to know Sir. Please do help me understand who are the thousands who are there at terrorist funerals ? 🙏
Please for god sake be careful of whom you employ .. never know who turns out to be an informer @ChinarcorpsIA @adgpi
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
We never love army we can never forget their atrocities nor we can forgive them
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
First lesson of Army training, sending them at terror encounter site for stopping stone pelters. Do you agree?
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
This is all fine...but plz do proper check before hiring...goodwill doesn't entail compromise on..stringent hiring procedures
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
great to see this btw don't @BDUTT cause her journalism is based on modi hate and sensationalism, no one cares what she does and who cares supports pakistanis more than indian army, so what you want to say will be ignored, @republic @IndiaToday @IndianExpress are better options.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Absolutely. So many Kashmiri's have sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Just because of a few rotten apples we can't blame all Kashmiris. If would do that, then all nagas would be termed militants and all tribals of central India as naxals.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Mark my words this is going to backfire someday...Kashmiri youth is brainwashed, why hire them in Army... they can work in any field but hiring them in army is like letting our kids play with the mad dog. I know few of them are patriots too but mostly just hate India.
In reply to @manojsirsa
@manojsirsa ground reality is our blood is same and we stand for inclusive approach. Khao (Piyo) Aish Karo Jindagi Jiyo mere Yaar. Hope we see Kashmir boys rocking the roads with modern eateries , restaurants , five or any star new hotels, working for BPOs in Kashmir itself. Luv
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
& believe me not even a single one in them is muslim, all youth is imported from backward areas of india in order to kill kashmiris with more speed n make word record of atrocities #Kashmir
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
are totally opposed to separatism and Pakistan. Stone pelting , Hoisting of Pakistani flags & Anti India demonstrations are held in just 5 Districts in Kashmir valley. Other 17 districts have never participated in such activities.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Hope all of those who r joining the Army be loyal to India nd patriotic..
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Iseeke saath aap log rallies nukalo dharna Karo kashmiri pandith ka wapas aneke liye our dhara 379 and 35a bharkas karne ka jab pura desh samjhega aaplogonka desh bhakthi.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
You are absolutely right. The nation loves you too. You need to be part of Great India Growth Story. Let the Jehadis rot.
In reply to @ajitvadnerkar
Check this latest line up.… Now a humble question to u too. R u in forces or have lost anyone, your bro, son or father or anyone who lost limb ? Just asking
Kashir che unique Quom
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
This 33% controls business, bureaucracy & agriculture. This sunni 33% is opposed to India although population of all other muslims in JK is 69 %. Shias (12%), Gujjars Muslims (14%), Pahadi Muslims ( 8%), Buddhists , Pandits, Sufis, Christians and Jammu Hindus/ Dogras ( aprox 45%
So many Kashmiris in the Defence Forces. So many more than willing to join. Who then are the stone pelters?
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Yes you are right.There are merely one percent of the population we see bashing on tv and stone pelting otherwise majority of kashmiries are good people. They know what is best for their future and safety and security. Jai hind
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
I agree 95% Kashmiri are Indian 3% are seperatist and 2% are gone case
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
everything good brother ! no one needs to prove his or her nationality , but only problem with your tweet is that you have tagged an individual who was involved in #Radiagates scandal and get endorsed by #hafizsaeed types of creatures , God Bless !
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
people who r abusing the 1s who r opposing this r dumb like them, speaking abuse wont change their narrative or opinion, if u can't use wise words, dont repel them more😐, yes they r wrong in their perception but i.e not how v can change it on Social Media...where u spend hours
This is the truth
This is the story that needs to be told repeatedly! Not those stories which explain whose father was a headmaster!
#Kashmiri Youth, despite harsh weather, line up in masses to join the Indian Armed Forces.
Lest we ever forget that for every terrorist from Kashmir, there have always been more Kashmiri Army officers.
हर कश्मीरी आतंकी नहीं होता, अच्छे और बुरे हर जगह है।
This is the true #Kashmir or rightly put #JammuKashmirLadhak. For too long #kashmiris have been given the wrong narative, villianised or only portrayed as separatist! #IndiaUnited
Today thousands of youth came from different parts of #Kashmir, for the #IndianArmy recruitment at #Gantamulla #Baramulla in this Harsh Winter. This is the Reality of #Kashmir.This is the Reality of #Kashmiri #Youth.
Everything else is noise & propaganda.
ये तस्वीर बयाँ करती है कि वो कभी जीत नहीं पाएंगे और हम उनको कभी जितने नहीं देंगे!
#IndiaUnited #Pulwama #TerroristAttack
In reply to @ShkhRasheed
Sheikh Sahib, Here's reply to you by My Indian Muslim Brother. Hope you get the message, That Bharat ek tha, hai or rahega, chahe Pakistan na rahe, Ye Kashmir humara tha aur rahega.…
जय हिंद जय भारत

अमानत है वतन से वतनफरोशी की।
ईमान की पहचान है मोहब्बत वतन की।
A side of Kashmiri youth :
-which we fail to see,
-which #media doesn't show,
-which dominates the youth who got swayed away.
-Maybe because this hatred serves a purpose.
#PulwamaAttack #Pulwama
In reply to @Ali_PPK
There are 23 districts in J&K , in that all violence takes place in only 4 districts . Can you please talk about other 19 districts too ?…
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Sorry this is not reality. Reality is OGW of terrorists pelt stones on security forces and celebrate when our Jawans Die. Never ever believe this Kaum.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Yes. Isolate few with jihadi mentality
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Then why there is too much unrest, who are the people killing jawans, who he idiots plentting stone. All thse going on since last 30 years.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
May God bless us with peace and harmony 🙏
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
How many of you are Indians? If u are Indian then kill those Pakistani supporters.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Kasmir and Kashmiris are as Indian as we are. This is very positive news. ISI conspiracy will be defeated.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
check our Kashmiri brothers, they r d one making efforts for change, dey r d 1 future generations will b proud of. They families wil hv safe n secure future, what r u dng 4 ur families future? Someday something happens 2 u who wil take care of dem?
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
After getting trained they may leave the army , due to threat by separatists.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Then who are those that throw stones, fire guns and brandish IS flags ?
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
got the above thru whatsapp. Surprising.
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Haha antinationals like dbutt never like this...
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
बच्चों को दिशा चाहिए—all elders are responsible for what their children choose. पढ़कर और देख कर अच्छा लगा👍👍👍
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
That is why we say, Culprit will not spared and innocent will not touched. #JaiHind #CRPF
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
... bloodie wolves in sheep's clothing !!! .... 😠😠 ... @narendramodi
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Great This is just beginning of end of dark era of terrorism and politics
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Salute to u bhai. More ppl like u gives more strength to this nation
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
we dont hit you stopping stone pelters. u hurt amry we fuckinghurt u
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
Welcome the change, wish peace and harmony in valley
In reply to @Wajahatfarooqbt
We know brother. No need to clarify.
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