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This is nightmare fuel and I can’t unsee it so you can’t either.


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My dude misspelled "greatest thing I've ever seen and how all fights should end"
something fun happened and the heteros are upseteros
Pretty sad when you're excited by violence but disgusted by love.
this is actually the best thing ever and why do you hate fun and happiness
That's actually super adorable and hilarious.
I've been watching hockey for a very long time. This could possibly be the funniest thing I have ever seen. Remember folks, it's a game and it's supposed to be fun. 🤣
this is cute and entertaining as fuck youre all just homophobic and boring
Best hockey fight in history.
Best hockey fight you’ll ever see 👇🏻
This is the best video of the day ❤️
this is how most fights should go, honestly.
Nightmare? More like wish-fulfillment. One small two-step for men, one giant leap for hockeykind ...
This took a turn.
Says a lotttttttt about you if you consider this "nightmare fuel."
In what possible way is this a nightmare?! I thought someone was going to slip and their blade slice up someone’s leg or something! This is great!
Counterpoint: This is awesome and funny
You have nightmares about people getting along and doing funny stuff together?
yeah, these kids should be giving each other traumatic brain injuries in low-level hockey instead
Perhaps the SINGLE MOST disturbing and disgraceful hockey situation my judgmental eyes have ever witnessed. A total disaster!
What's Don goin to have to say about this? @NHLCanes
Dang i wish more of my nightmare involved two dudes dancing
How everyone should settle their disputes
Someone show this to Don Cherry immediately
You have super fun nightmares. Tradesies?
Everyone please trust me. You’ll want to watch this fight.
This is actually quite awesome.
Det här är den bästa hockeyfight som jag någonsin sett.
If every disagreement could end this way...
Den här fajten måste ni se!
This looks like former #Capitals goaltenders @OlieKolzig37 and @ByronDafoe34 getting after it
I don’t get it how is wholesome content nightmare fuel
“You wanna tango?” “Yeah! Let’s go!”
Best. Staged. Fight. Ever.
I’m so charmed, I want to know everything about this
If this fuels your nightmares you’re fragile
This is amazingly good and wholesome.
😍 This is beautiful and amazing for so many reasons, not the least of which is that it would give Don Cherry an aneurism.
You misspelled "This is adorable and brightened my day."
Has anyone checked on Don Cherry?
Blades of Glory Gold right there 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/kXYV1u6SZf
Are you kidding me this is the best and most precious thing I’ve ever seen
Actually, this is the best. More hockey fights should be like this.
Would make Ned Braden proud!
Toksinen kiekkomaskuliinisuus sai vastavoiman.
Näinkin voi tappelu eskaloitua
There needs to be more hockey fights like this 😊
Probably the most brutal fight you’ll ever see in a very long time. I hope they’re both ok.
nightmare fuel???? it’s BEAUTIFUL
actually this is the best hockey video i’ve ever seen
This tweet will spark joy.
Well this is a ding dang delight
Melkoiset valssit. Monta peliä pelikieltoa #Liiga­ssa?
i hope their own teams kicked their ass for this
Best hockey figth ever.
This is such wholesome content - I don't get it???
Holy shit, this is one nasty fight!!
I’d go to more hockey games if the fights were all like this. Just saying.
Honest to God, the best hockey "fight" I have ever seen.
Nah man this is the best thing that’s ever happened in hockey.
That sums up the game nowadays
making yourselves ,teammates and league look like a complete joke ....good work boys But hey at least they are haviing fun ! keep it up maybe attendance will get better
I’m rethinking my stance on staged fights after this. This is what happens when you’ve really planned it for maximal impact.
I don't know who or where this is, but I love it.
Somebody, PLEASE, show this to Don Cherry!
This gif doesn't accurately represent how Don Cherry likely feels about this display of sportsmanship, but damn if it isn't funny and seem somewhat appropriate. pic.twitter.com/9fXCHRjnzR
Replace fighting in hockey with ice dancing. Give the people what they want.
I’m pretty sure this how most of @JLacasse81 fight were in Winkler
Omg this is so fun. Those guys look like they had a fun time playing a game. Because hockey is a game. Remember? For kids?
My favorite film of 2019 so far.
Quick, someone send this to Don Cherry so he has a fucking heart attack
relationship goals
This is the kind of hockey people like Jeffler want.
If the idea of two men dancing makes you more disturbed than them beating each other up... I don't know, man!
Can't wait to hear Grapes talk about this kind of fighting ruining the game.
Usually I really dislike hockey fights but this is an exception.
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