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No but encouragement And Appreciation is always needed
Thought the head was for ever doubting in the first place
if my fish still swim, i’m gonna feed it 🤷🏽‍♂️
But appreciate that fish for swimming
but u had to go thru his phone...
Honestly positive reinforcement is good for all relationships, idk why you wouldn’t want to praise anyone for doing something good but I guess when all you think about is negativity that’s what happens. Smh.
But she went through his phone so uh??
I’ll still take the head tho
If my shorty loyal I’ma eat her like I’ve been starving. Cause if you wanna be real, nobody owes you loyalty so you better clap for the fish until yo hands break.
you question his loyalty by going through his phone and dont think his reward for your disloyalty of trust shouldnt be neck?? just wondering lol
That’s why your hearts broke 🙄
Yeah well the cashier at McDonald’s is supposed to give me my food, but i still fucking say thank you.
My question is why do people always say “you don’t get rewarded for doing what your supposed to” when you do something right? Y’all bash people for doing wrong but won’t give people joy for doing right then wonder where all the happiness in the world went💯
I smell a single bih tweet
If you have to go through someone’s phone to trust them, you shouldn’t be in a relationship
Also, dont go through my phone you raggedy bitch. I dont got no hoes but i got dumbass friends who send extremely weird yet funny memes and i dont want you to see how dumb i am.
I’m not applauding I’m sucking his dick 😛
I'm looking through these comments and y'all have very poor ideas for relationships 😂😂 and there's so many dudes who just want some head so they just say anything 💀💀💀
don’t go in your partner's phone.
That’s not applauding him for what he should be doing....it’s showing him I APPRECIATE it. 😊 let me remind you of the benefits for being a good bf.
You quick to punish your nigga for doing ANYTHING you don’t like but can’t reward loyalty?
Nah but you owe him an apology for being a paranoid untrusting bitch no??
But the fish still might deserve a lil head from time to time
But you show appreciation for the respect, time, value and general appreciation.

Always let your partner know the things you are grateful for. No matter how small or how basic
And don’t look through their stuff either. If you doubt someone then you shouldn’t be with them. It’s not that hard.
Appreciation is what you already do. Being grateful is actually showing it. IMO she shouldn't have been digging to begin with, but now she seems evermore grateful that she was indeed wrong.
first of all why we goin through each other’s phones?? this whole tweet = 🚮
What you do to distract him from the fact you went through his phone when you should’ve been trusting him in the first place 💀
STOP TWEETING THIS STUPID SHIT !!! the mindset of "rewarding them for what they supposed to do is wrong" is whats wrong. its called recognition and appreciation. its called saying THANK YOU!!! its what yall lack in relationships. call me a "pick me" if you want bc irdgaf.
Positive reinforcement not praise sis
So basically don’t give your man head out of appreciation for him being loyal? Hmm🤔 I’m not w that wave.
cheating is so normalized that people have the lowest mf standards 🥴
so you don't get rewarded for an A in class because you're "supposed to get an A?"
also dont invade his privacy by going through his phone
El tema de mirarle el móvil a tu pareja ya tal
When you trust him enough that you don't have to go through his phone to prove his loyalty
Not too many fish be swimming nowadays tho🧐
Fuck y’all not even happy when he faithful 😂😂
eli u a faggot for putting this on my timeline
y tampoco cotilleéis los móviles de vuestras parejas
People do it everyday at sea world. Shut up
Just don't snoop around on your bf/gf's phone. Y'all are sick
Its not a right. It's a privilege so continue being thankful. And appreciative
ur gonna “applaud” the fish either way so 🤓
Stfu she can do whatever her heart desires
This mentality won't take you very far. Rewarding good behaviour is always more effective than punishing bad. But what do I know lol
a dead fish will never swim again ... So you better applaud it when you see it swimming ..👌
Then don’t make loyalty such a big thing. Take it off the list of things you looking for since every fish can do it
Yo mans or next mans gone cheat since you don’t want to applaud him
@OGCORLIN already settled this...🙄
The bar is in hell. We applauding men for this? Whew
don’t go through his phone crazy
Ppl like you wiii get bun
Everyone hates men now huh?😂 Show appreciation 🤷🏽‍♀️
You’ve never had a pet fish? Cause that’s exactly what you do 🤧
You feed that fish every day right ? Love that fish Charish that fish . Or let the fish swim in happy waters
I mean it could just be me, but I thought the head was for 1) ever doubting your spouse in the first place and 2) going through their phone a.k.a. an invasion of privacy. Could just be me. Idk. I mean, relationships are supposed to be built on trust anyways, I thought..
Nah sis the head is an apology for not trusting and believing me when I tell you everyday “I love you and only you”
I will not go through a phone anymore bc i know I’ll be disappointed
Monogamy ain’t natural tho so.. 😬
Dont expect a fish to climb a tree
I bet you’d applaud that fish when it swam if walking on land was possible and wrong to do 💀💀
Don’t applaud. Appreciate.
We applaud babies for walking
If you don’t have trust in a relationship you have nothing.....
yall must be forgetting how hard it is to come by someone loyal. so if i check tht phone and nothing on it , im dropping tht neck. tf
the bar's LOW low
Then quit digging thru phones wack ass female. Pick a side
What's the point of doing what you're supposed to if you arent going to get rewarded
You ain’t never heard of positive reinforcement?🤧
I mean y’all be doing this more for the bad fish so 🤷🏻‍♂️
we're celebrating men with common sense and doing the bare minimum. what happened to standards?
standard aku tinggi lagi lmao tapi tulah, sometimes you won't know when you're gonna be that dumb bitch who falls for anything bcs she's desperate.
But when you do your work that you’re supposed to be doing , you would still like your teacher to applaud you ?
Women are trash. But go off
These hoes are RIDICULOUS
That’s like saying don’t applaud or reward a the super bowl champions. shut yo dumb ass up Bitch
i’m sorry but if you have to check your partners phone be single for awhile and really learn to value yourself and then raise your standards! stop jumping into relationships when you have problems you need to fix on your own
Don’t that make fish swim better tho o Ight dolphins start doin flips n shit o Ight lol
or don’t go through my phone
But applaud a fish for surviving in a toxic ocean
Nigga just can’t get his dick sucked though?! The fuck pic.twitter.com/y0jRg0U1Ij
Don’t date somebody that doesn’t trust you.
Absolutey mad phrase how have I never seen or heard that??? 😂
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