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Malia Obama is a private citizen. No part of her life should be anyone’s clickbait.

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Hesitant to add anything to such a nothing-story, but agree with @ChelseaClinton whole heartedly. Please don’t click on silly stories and let’s give Malia privacy.
Incredibly, if you're Malia Obama you don't even have to announce a run for President to be the subject of stupid criticism.
Sad that this has to be said.
Read the “article,” which made great effort to turn her FB posts into something dramatic, and it just wasn’t there. Malia didn’t post anything worthy of any fuss. A picture of post-it notes, one read “Trump is evil,” which shows she inherited her parents’ intelligence.
was hoping you would say this. Would be even stronger if @JennaBushHager and Barbara Pierce Bush would note their agreement with you.
Children are off limits. Ivanka and Don Jr not so much.
And a very normal life of a college freshman!
I had a ball when I was 20 years old in college. Go Malia! Do You! Your just passing through these four years of college and the real stuff begins after graduation so have fun!
Thank you for always advocating for the girls. They're so great. And people need to mind their own business and stop messing with gossip.
Chelsea, I admire you so much.

I remember how you were treated and see how you continue to be treated.

You’re a wonderfully, classy lady.
And beyond that, guessing she never asked to be a celebrity.
At least she doesn’t have a friend named Squee.
You just tweeted her name for clicks
People should really mind their own business. Malia is a young adult and deserves to enjoy her life.
Thank you Chelsea ❤️
I just told my husband when Chelsea finds out about this she’s gonna be aggravated!
Amen to that. Thank you, @ChelseaClinton, for always exemplifying kindness and fairness. You are a person to respect and admire -- and I do both.
Only in America can a 20 yr old legally buy a rifle, join the military, vote, get married, buy property, have a career, and cause moral outrage by drinking wine....
Agreed, couldn’t believe scum @MailOnline published her private FB photos. This is when they need to be sued.
Can you please follow her lead? Thanks in advance.
Thank you Chelsea. I'm so happy that the children of past presidents rally around the children of the Obama's.
And, she is about the most normal young person ever. Geez. Let her be.
Beauty, Honor, Intelligence, Integrity & Class recognizes the same!! Thank you, @ChelseaClinton!!
Co-sign. Don’t @ me cuz I got time today
Just thought the same thing. And some photog is creeping pics of a bunch of college girls at a pool party?
Chelsea, if your whole family were private citizens and left the public realm forever, the world would be a better place. And you could drink all you want and nobody will bother you.
100 percent agree but think it also needs to be said that she didn’t give up her rights to freedom of thought and expression just because her parents are who they are. She’s a strong willed, opinionated college student. We should BE so lucky!
Thank you, Chelsea. Agree 110%.
Chelsea has relentlessly come to the defense of White House kids getting dragged by the media. It’s great to see.
The Right willingly elected Kavanaugh who testified openly about his drunken high school days. The Right and the left should sit down and leave Malia alone.
"To defend Malia’s privacy I will vague tweet about her to generate curiosity in a quarter of a million followers"
IMHO, Malia Obama has every right to hate Donald Trump. This is a man who spent years pushing a racist conspiracy theory that her father was not born in the United States. If she does hate him, I say...let it flow! That hatred is deserved. Also: LEAVE HER ALONE, HATERS. pic.twitter.com/HrDKQrzTmE
Chelsea is a great citizen. 😊
So she apparently drank wine and hates trump? Makes me love her even more ❤️
I totally agree Chelsea.. and she is only 20 years old.. its unfortunate
It’s been the same since I looked exactly like you at 14, in 1992, and can’t imagine what it was like to be you. Thanks for using your position to fight the good fight.
You are absolutely correct. The media needs to check itself immediately. So Malia is acting her age...big deal, who cares? The way they treated you, and now the Obama sisters, is beyond deplorable. I stand with you and with them!
Could you be any-more of a beautiful human being?
Everyone stay focused on Russian assets in White House!
It is so awesome that you consistently advocate for children of politicians, regardless of party.
I’m sure my son had a bottle of wine before he was 21 (writing this I was living in Germany before my 21st BD). Give the kid a break!
Every time I hear you defend a former first child, I am so proud of you. And then I get sad that you had to do it again.
You are such a wonderful young woman Chelsea!!❤️
Chelsea, if your whole family were private citizens and left the public realm forever, the world would be a better place. And you could drink all you want and nobody will bother you.
Thank you for standing up for her.. She has a right to a life with out the world criticizing her every move...
You make me smile every day Chelsea! Thanks.
#CovingtonKids were private citizens, where was your tweet like this for them?
Malia drank wine and dislikes trump. Malia is all of us.
“Celebrities”, who we really don’t celebrate, rather lament the corruption and greed of our so-called leaders, a wicked American aristocracy, but they stand together and with one voice lecture us and proclaim, “Respect our privacy!” How about you respect our laws.
Odell Cornelius Beckham Jr. is a private citizen also. NO part of his life should be ANYONE’S clickbait.

@JayGlazer @ProFootballTalk
...and she's simply MAAAHVELOUS!
Children of people in public life are OFF LIMITS from haters. There is no place for it.
Only because of both Obama's decency did their children grow with the goodness of both of their parents. It's a shame Trump's children not only can't find real employment, they have no values other than to take and sell out their country, like their father.
I have been tweeting about this since it came out. I am appalled. Facebook needs to have some repercussions for this. Who bought this material and who sold it? 🤬
also as if drinking and disliking trump was a crime, kinda like colluding with Russia or being extremely corrupt like the trump crime family
Agree Chelsea- but I’d like to say- everything they throw at you and Malia alike makes me like you both more. You all seem like such well adjusted down to Earth people.
I admire how you stand up for the children of Presidents, whether you agree or disagree with their politics.
Chelsea, your parents raised a lovely child. You are an example of class, always.
I just wish she’d stop hanging out with Feds
I bet the #CovingtonBoys wish people felt this way about them.
Yaay, Thank You, Chelsea they need to Mind their business
Sadly you’ve had way too much experience in this department @ChelseaClinton Hopefully Malia will find some Peace & continue to thrive & enjoy College
Leave her alone. I don’t want people harassing Barron because they hate Trump, and I don’t want people harassing Malia either. Can’t stand Obama, but leave his kids alone.
Is Malia Obama not supposed to hate the man who spent 8 years baselessly claiming her father wasn't a US citizen?
Say it Chelsea👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. She was always low key. Malia get some new friends sweetie. Perhaps their parents are working with trump and made their kids out your FB and set up pap pics.
This. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Exactly. Not the wine, not the friends, not the "oh look at her in her bathing suit she should be a model" pictures. Not any of it.
I'm sure you must feel a kinship with both the Obama girls no one else could even imagine. It must have been difficult for you. Your Dad is and always will be one of my favorite Presidents. The other being Obama of course.
But Chelsea she is wearing a one-piece bathing suit next to the pool! The scandal should be told to the whole country! It's outrageous! A bathing suit!
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