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“You’Ll geT tO sEe whY I jUMp tHe fEnCe”
delete this. this meme is old anyhow.
You shouldn't have taken Hannah Brown to meet your family if you were sending her home. Not cool.
Can we start over and raise the minimum age please
If you don’t pick Hannah G we riot
turns out the girls were right in the end though
How long was this in your drafts
ok, kirpa and taysia only said Cassie and Caelynn aren’t there for the right reasons cause he’s most in love w them and the two faced biotches are scared of that
I want the footage of Cassie and Caelynn saying what the others are so concerned about. This seems made up....
me sipping my tea on the last episode when u ignore all the warning signs and propose to a girl who’s not ready💀
Should have been Hannah b rather than Tayshia
Are Hanna G and Cassie the only mature women on this show?
Just tell me how it ends. Do you win America's Got Talent or not
Goes on a one on one and decides to talk about other women instead of continuing a developing relationship. Smart.
Knowing what reality Steve said about the outcome of the season, tayshia and Kirpa were spilling facts this entire time.
Really ironic under your “choose kindness” tweet. Such a hypocrite when YOU were the one egging the girls on. You deserve Cassie since you’re both mean girls
This is proof that u choose Cassie at the end #Thebachelor #bachelornation
You made a bad decision for sending Hannah B home
Oh but meanwhile you’re like “iM fALliNg iN lOvE wItH YoU”
You go after Cassie and she leaves the show anyway because she’s “not ready”... You should take this tweet down so people don’t spin it back during the finale.
Ok really shading Tayshia and Kirpa here.....
When are you going to jump the fence
“I’m GoiNg tO JumP tHe fEnCe ThiS MoNdAY.”
Blink twice if u just end up proposing to the fence .. it was there for the right reasons
This goes really well with your choose kindness pinned tweet.
HHAHAHA omg @colton as someone who used this meme on you the other day. I couldn’t be prouder that you tweeted this 😂.
Everyone needs to keep their opinions to themselves.
I know you choose Cassie but I don't see her being right for you either in this. The only one I saw a true connection with you was Tayshia.
wHy ArE yOu LiStEnInG tO wOmEn ThAt ArE iN cOmPeTiTiOn WiTh EaCh OtHeRrrrrrr
We all know you pick Cassie. So the better question is, did you already know she was signed on for a reality show with her ex when you chose her? Just curious and asking for a friend. #TheBachelor
jUmP tHe FeNcE aLrEaDy
That’s Cassie. I can’t believe she’s on there repeating that warning. 🙄@CassieRandolph so fake. #thebachelor
Are we just going to forget how Tayshia and KIRPA we’re both talking about how “watch it’s just us two in the end” already plotting the tag team. Like why now all of a sudden are they teaming up? Lolllllll
I’m glad you’re living in 2017 still, your decision making is Garbo
That must be the most annoying thing ever! I can’t stand when girls are snakes 🐍
“Did Colton jump the fence?” “tUnE iN mOnDaY”
Drinking game idea: take a shot every time someone says “she’s not here for the right reason” & “that’s what I was scared of coming into this”
But you sent home Hannah b who was?!?
except what everyone is telling you actually becomes true.... honeeeeyyyyyy
this is how i feel listening to these words come out of kirpa & tayshia’s mouths
I swear you better not choose Cassie!
This is the best one I’ve seen yet
if you don’t use choose cassie i’m suing. she has been unproblematic the whole time.
Literally so annoyed wHen ARe yOu gOinG tO JUmP thE fENcE
good move bro Cassie’s your wife don’t let anyone tell you differently they’re all just threatened by her
*the entire episode*
Colton do any of you ever eat the meals when you are on dates?
aight this was uncalled for!!!!
OMG! “I mean we all sat down and figured it had to be you two!”🤷🏻‍♀️
You’re annoying for believing everyone!!!! Love you still
When you’re freaking out about the women not being there for the right reasons but neither are you ☕️🐸
“tHis WeEk IM gOinG tO juMp ThE fEnCe” #TheBatchelor
oh man he's rly out here clowning his exes w the spongebob meme
I can’t wait for the moment everyone realize tay was actually telling the truth okay 🐸☕️
Is it love or is it fame ?
So glad you decided to trust yourself and not listen to gossip 👍🏻
This confirms that Cassie wins. Thanks.
jump the fence bro
hey colton! clay here, just wanted to say that this is a great post man. keep up the good work!
“ThIS iS mY bIGgESt NIghTMArE”
Classy. We get it you chose cassie.
Or more like she ran away and you begged her to choose you.
Either way, not a cute look.
Congratulations on being in tune with local meme culture. 10/10 would like any meme you post again.
Cassie and kirpa should have a mud wrestling match
Those girls are desperate... go Cassie!!!! Your the one
Go home Kirplop. I mean Kirpa
Too bad Cassie runs away from u at the end. Guess they were right after all!
Going on a show thinking you can fall in love and Marrying someone after a few weeks is hilarious 😆 some have made it most do not. Maybe find someone you can date and get to know, now that seems more realistic. The success of weddings on this show is not good. Entertaining yes🤣
You went begging to her after she left your ass I know you ain't on here mocking people take the L and shut the fuck up
So you really going to act like you weren't stirring the pot, huh? Okay then.
Kirpa & Tyshia need to go! Jealously is not becoming!
It’s funny cuz they right tho. 😂
the shade that is being thrown in this tweet is U N R E A L.
We know, so send @TayshiaAdams home please.
“YOu’lL SeE mE jUmp THe FeNCe ToNiGht” #TheBachelor
So when you gonna jump that fence?
Real question when you are jumping the fence?
sticking up for your fiancé cassie i see you
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