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::The Announcement for “The eternity tour”::

We have change a some detail , please kindly read carefully!!

Seat plan&privilege for ONG SEONG WU 1st Fan meeting in Singapore <Eternity>

▪ Ticket open: 2019.02.24 [SUN] 1 PM (local time)|APACTIX.COM


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บัตรมีทองสคป.คือแพงมาก ตัดใจเลยได้มั้ย

more expensive than malaysia fm la
Hope I get my ticket..
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
The number of group photo for fm in Malaysia is the least among three, but the venue is the biggest. Do you think it is reasonable?
It’s drink name for sg 😂
Latte choco greentea milkshake 🥛
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Why the number of group photo for fm in Malaysia is the least while the venue is expected to have the largest number of people?
isit because ong loves coffee or what? i feel the pain for milkshakes HAHAHAHAHAH
walao I already made plans on the 24th........
section name = drink
wtf i'll be at work during the ticketing timing
Kenap cuma di Malay stagenya macem ketupat sih. Kesel
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
รบกวนดูมีตที่ไทยด้วยค่ะ เคลียจบรึยัง ข่าวคราวเงียบหายเลย ยังรออยู่นะคะ อยากให้เพิ่มรอบมากกก
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
เพิ่มรอบเถอะ ฉันจะตายแล้ววววว
Time to drink all the latte in Singapore
what the heck almost $250 SGD?!?!
no official poster too???
Why is SG stage rectangle and TH&MY are diamond 😭
For singapore it’s drink flavors?? Or kinds haha
สคป น่าไปปปป ;-;
有幫忙做代搶! 那天有幫朋友買到台灣智聖場的票哦🙆🏻‍♀️
I like how ours is choco / latte / green tea / milkshake hehes ^^♡

Its so ong seongwu 💕💕💕
Damn lowkey but why do u guys decide to change the ticket sales from 23 to 24? Do you know that there’s really a big difference? HAHHAA
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
This sudden? Don't you think people would have plan on Sunday already?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
At least please make it the same day which is Saturday not Sunday. Please.
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
I tried and we cannot choose our seats and just the best available? Like no blocking? 😭
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Why suddenly change. 😭
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Is it all sitting? no standing right?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Mahal ye wehh , malaysia murah lagi .
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
No official poster for all who attend?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
여보세요! 이 책을 읽는 사람은 누구나 여러분의 도움을 겸허하게 요구합니다. 아래 링크에서 사진을 좋아 하셔서 저희 섹션을 도와주십시오. 네가 좋아하는 것이 정말 큰 도움이 될거야. 미리 감사 드리며 좋은 하루 되세요. Link: facebook.com/slsujfinex/pho…
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Hello! To whoever is reading this, I humbly ask for your help. Please help our section by liking the picture in the link below. Your like will really be a great help. Thank you in advance and have a nice day Link: facebook.com/slsujfinex/pho…
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
No official poster for all?!
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
How about the official poster?????
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
hello but does the attendance in singapore didn’t get an official poster?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
So Singapore doesn’t have official poster ?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Hi is there any offline selling ? Or we can only buying online
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
No official poster???ㅠㅠㅠ
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
What about official poster??? Please explain
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Excuse me What’s the difference between Print at home and Venue Collection? If we bring the paper we printed at home what else should we bring to prove ? Do Venue collection has designed tickets for this FM? Thanks.
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
เปลี่ยนเว็บเก่ง เปลี่ยนให้โดนด้าทุกเว็บ
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Hi why no official poster and also change the ticketing day?? We cant make it for sunday ticketing!!
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
how many tickets can one person buy??
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
is there any offline sales for this event?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Hi! Is offline payment available?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Are we able to purchase it at stadium?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Are the seats at the back elevated?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
I think you should consider more about adding official poster for Singapore fanmeeting because fans will pay a much higher price than in Thailand and Malay, and the poster printed fee is not that expensive or something. Hope you can take in my idea. Thank you 🤗
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
How much is the tax and service fee?
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
Please change the ticketing sale day to Saturday just like for Thai and Malay 🙏🏿
In reply to @HATCHERY_TH
No event link yet at this website ??
Shookt but not so shookt haiisssss
This time its the name of drinks for ong's fm. Apa comel sangaaaat
kill me pls ill be in camp -_-
the names of the sections are too cute ;-;
ohh jadi di apactix
Đm đổi giờ đổi web luôn
Why is the ticketing day suddenly changed......
Latte choco green tea milkshake hihii hatchery is cuteee
แพงค่ด ฮอลเล่กค่ด สิทธิ์น้อยค่ด
In reply to @pwnbdk
190219 ong fanmeet in singapore
บัตรแพงสุด 5700
บัตรถูกสุด 2250
กุไปมาเลทันไหม 555555 ราคาต่างกันมากก แพงสุสสสส และผังที่นั่งแบบ เอ้อเอาเหอะ ถามว่าไปไหม ก้จองตั๋วละอะ
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