Indian Army has weapon platforms that, if used, can minimise our casualties in Kashmir. However, the political system has convinced itself that “We are operating amongst our own people. We must be restrained.”

This restraint is costing us the lives of soldiers everyday.

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The Pakistan Army (who are handling the Kashmiri separatists) was among their own in East Pakistan in 1971. They slaughtered and raped right and left. And they would have kept EP but for the whacking from India.
I am not suggesting that we go that far. But at least some distance?
Likewise the British Indian Army did untold atrocities in the Tamluk area of present-day Purba Medinipur during the Quit India movement. These bits of history must not be forgotten!
The ones losing lives are our own people too. Why the bias?
Major finally, speaking its heart out and reveals #India doctrine in #Kashmir that is never treated their own rather, occupied land to further unrest agenda in the region. Its just matter of time that India will accept its complete brutality/occupation of #IndianOccupiedKashmir.
To hell with political system Lives of army jawans are far far previous than the wretched system.These do called "our own people " are worst than enemy. इन्द्राय तक्षकाय स्वाहा:!!!
It is soldiers who are being martyred - not politicians. Politicians should stop interfering in Military Tactics. Military Operations must be carried out on Military Merit - not for Political Correctness.
PM has indicated of having given a free hand to army.. let's see what the army comes up with.. let's give this change some time major saab
How long shall we wait for 'No holds Barred' scenario. I saw a video where boys moving with their packs n rifle are kicked n humiliated by Kashmiri rogues on Srinagar streets. No one should be even allowed to come close to our boys on duty @nsitharaman @narendramodi @Swamy39
Before promises and assurance of retribution is declared the GoI should repeat a thousand times that INDIAN SOLDIERS ARE NOT EXPENDABLE. Hollow words won't echo for long.
Isn't the life of a Soldier more valuable than Political Correctness...?
Sir aap defence minister se Milo aur Apne ideas batao
ur own people🤔
who kashmiries?
No thy r nt ur own
if thy were than why have you been torcturing and murdering them 4 last 7 decades. Give them right of self determination so they can decide thier fate
Enough of your bullshit...
Sooner or later you piss drinkers have to leave
Each & every God Goddess has a weapon to kill enemies and monsters. Mahabharata and Ramayana preaches to FIGHT for dharma. The history is filled with bravery stories. But MK Gandhi disarmed the Indians by his failed Non-Voilence experiment, only to be killed.
When Politicians are saying that they have given a free hand to Security Forces - why the restraint...?
@narendramodi @rajnathsingh @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia @adgpi Why are these precautions not being taken ? Are lives of our @adgpi Soldiers less important ? I personally feel life of a Soldier more important than any civilian esp if they are #StonePelters #PulwamaAttack
Whatever ....but it's making no sense now. We should if possible drive a tank or an APC right up to where these rats are holed up and blow up that property. .use flame throwers ... Collateral damage to neighborhood will happen so be it. Let the locals get wary of these rats ....
Nehru is blocking the weapons platform what will poor Modi kaka do?
It was the policies like cease fire , ramzan and so called leaders of PDP are responsible for destruction of Pulwama .
article 370 is there in ladakh as well but the people of ladakh are not mutinuous or create nuisance. The problem with kashmir is the ill mentality of the people which has been cultivated by the hurriyat leaders who are CLEAR CUT TERRORISTS. THEY MUST BE TREATED LIKE ONE.
Mr Major , Politics of Magnanimity can't resolve Kashmir wounds rather blood and iron can do
Sir If you can not give free hand to Army than call them back. They are to serve country not suicide. You guys are doing hypocrisy.
ji why do we tie hands of our army? @narendramodi
This is a sad reflection of every Government in power! What's the meaning of 'giving free hand to Security Forces?'
A soldier is a God for us in the visible form, He is the protector of us & our children & nation. If soldiers continue to die like this, one day ppl may not choose army at all. It is the duty of Govt 2 give worlds best equipment to foot soldier to protect himself &fight the enemy
I hv never understood d policy of encounters btwn our Bravehearts & Terrorists. When we know their location bring a field gun or a Tank & blow them to pieces!! Why risk the life & limb of our Sons? I m sure this decision can be taken by our Generals & field commanders.
Sir, How can we build momentum to make the political class and mil. Commandars align to this?
Guess, severing all kinds of diplomatic relations with Pakistan by all the other nations too could be a possible first step, but not sure, how far it's possible.
Major I better I believe they are not our own people. If they were they would help the Army not help the terrorist.
There is a limit for any restraint, Soldiers hv to work under hostile environment of weather,enemy (outside & inside) and stone pelters. A soldier is not an ordinary employee of govt, he is a saviour who joined the force knowingly to sacrifice his life for the people.
If not to the extent the Israelis go to fight terror, shouldn't we at least ensure that our soldiers' life & limbs are secured first ?
It's time to hit them hard...
Life of army men is not cheap, the political system must rise above politics and vote bank.
It's not that nothing is being done till now but as do we hve skilled personnel we need to hve the most high tech equipment...
Not one of the 42 coffins landed at the door of any नेता बाबु actor director corporator Judge journalist or cricket player. Sons of policy makers are not affected. The day they are the Netas will clamour for using air force in valley
Chemical weapons ? India should use it like Russia did in Moscow theatre seize.
Army should stop listening to politicians sir...
So called our own people sheltering n hiding the terrorists. Look at these people. They may be less in number but doesn't that make them terror supporter.
How can a stone pelters be my own people? How can people who pick up the gun against my country be my own people? Soldiers life is more precious than these so called own people! Politicians must not intervene in such situations. Give free hand to my soldiers! Period !!!
@narendramodi @rajnathsingh @KirenRijiju @smritiirani @Ra_THORe Why are you restricting the army ? None of the politician die in eradicating the jehadis ... why sacrifice the lives of our soldier ?
Let's be very clear. They are not our people. After attack, they threw stones at soldiers! Imagine 300 kg of RDX exploded and people throw stones on them! How can they be our people? They are not even humans.
Sir @narendramodi @PMOIndia please have a look at this. Is this how you give a freehand to army? We don't want to loose any more of our soldiers. Our soldiers' lives are precious. Please give orders to treat every one who comes in the way of military operation as terrorist.
It has become a necessity now to make it mandatory for all citizens to be trained & serve in army for at least 3-5 years, This will inculcate discipline,patriotism, honesty&integrity in us. This is why, Israel fights terrorism like no one.
These r d so called our own people. Chanting Azadi n Pak Zindabad slogans with a terrorists. Sharing 1 more video for the peace loving doves.
Why are you so pathetic? What proof do you have that political system stops Indian Army from using desired force and weapons? Any notice? Any statement stating so by Army? If not, please Shut Up! You are a disgrace to our ARMY!
Yes Well Said. @adgpi should be granted permission to use suitable weapons including Helicopter Gunships to eliminate terrorists. No mercy on terrorists who are pelting stones & creating obstscles during operations, they are not Civilians but terrorists (assigned cover up duty)
Sanatise and clean up terror cells from Kashmir to Kanyakumari..Target Pakistan with Weapon Platforms against Pakistan..Time to check activities of Wahabhi Radicals and Separatists in Valley..Political Systems have failed..PM and Security Forces must act fast and cleanse system..
Should keep media and politics out let only army play , our army will fix it , they r actually dealing with it on daily basis
“This restraint” costs #India the “lives” of their soldiers everyday! #PulawamaTerrorAttack
Hope Govt soon will take a cognizance of the fact and start using effective resources... Kashmiri Muslims are innocent " dil behlane ko yeh khyal accha hai ghalib " @jajoosandeep @chidiya_twt @Saukarna @niteshagrawal6
The time for restraint is over and its time to give the army a free hand as the PM has said
A boy who cracked the UPSC exam with hardwork, passes through 5 days SSB, arrives at the Academy & becomes a soldier after rigorous training of years. Does our Politician don't understand, when a soldier is martyr, not only gets killed, but tireless labor of years is also martyr?
For our political system soldier's life doesn't matter. What matters to them is, their international reputation & election. This is even with the current NDA govt. They are bunch of losers, 56" blah blah are all bogus. @narendramodi @BJP4India
Sadly that situation still continue under @BJP4India with strong leader like @PMOIndia Clearly Armed forces are last priority.…
Omg political parties restrain army or government for using the kind of weapons they wanna use, so painful.
soldier's life is more precious than ordinary persons,Govt has to take immediate steps to equip soldier by providing him world's best bullet proof vests, helmets,guns without sticking to make in india. why not govt ask army2use drones&helicoptor gunships to encounter terrorists?
Article 370 must go: BJP can’t pussyfoot any longer (and please, no ceasefire during Ramzan)
Zero tolerance is the only strategy that work against terrorists. Be done with it in a small period of time and then start afresh.
The way we are losing our officers and jawans, it is becomes necessary that we use the those deadly weapon systems against the bloody #terrorists which will minimise our losses. But what stops the #forces from doing so? @kayjay34350 @GenPanwar @bdun53 @MajorPoonia @PashaSehgal
Wherever Army goes for an operation army shd take 1-2 politician with them...
Sir/Madam - why double standards? In election rally you people say army is given free hand whereas our soldiers r killed on daily basis because no aerial support. Who you are trying to please? Pak supporters or Congress party? Pls keep ur word.
The intelligence services must be put to work on gathering information that will prevent such attacks. Things got lax because they were too busy spying on university students, opposition leaders, and personal enemies of powerful people.
It is Soldiers who risk their life for the nation - not Politicians.
Sadly that situation still continue under @BJP4India with strong leader like @PMOIndia Clearly Armed forces are last priority.…
The security personnel in Kashmir are not operating within own people but amongst separatists and future terrorists
Didn't the PM say only a few day back that army has been given a free hand. Either tell us that he was lying otherwise it seems to be army's inefficiency.
चार सुअर बचाने के लिये , शेरों को नहीं खोया जाता ,
उड़ा दो घर , जहाँ सुअर छुपे हो ।
Dear Prime Minister @narendramodi
This is not acceptable by any standards that allow @adgpi to get killed for observing restraint to avoid collateral damage of anti nationals who support Pakistani Terrorists. Use Air assets to kill piglets as To kill is शोर्य !Bhagwat Geeta!
@narendramodi @PMOIndia @HMOIndia Respected sir, I was pretty convinced when you said a free hand has been given to army. We lost 5 Bravehearts in yesterday's encounter and news reports clearly suggested that those kashmiri snakes were pelting stones once again. Pls intervene.
@savethesaviours high time we start a new save the saviours campaign; this this for people who guard us with their blood and lives ..
But isn't the Army given a free hand?
Restraint ka koi sawal nhi ab sir Hmare Jawano ki jaan jyada kimti hai
You should have started by airlifting those CRPF personells, but for your man Ambani and Adani is more important
why arent we using gunships, armored artillery vehicles to blast the terrorists as a first measure, killer drones on stone pelters .. Why are we having of our soldiers die every day? These aren’t our people n never will be unless we are strong
We need to privatize defence technology building, ecourage startups by giving financial support to build innovative defence products...we need to learn from Israel on this...this in one area to cover external trouble and coming to internal extremism liberalization of Islam...
Agree Sir... Simple and Swift way is If forces are Confirmed that there are terrorists, then Simply BLOW UP that location ... Khel Khatam....
i think it is a high time to give reply this Stone Pelters. Actually Nt Stone Pelters Traitors will be the correct word....
Restraint is only one way. No body admin questions if Kashmiri Pandits are mauled.
Not political system but the liberal system consisting of famous lawyers nd journos .. who r hell bent in protecting the jihadis.
@narendramodi time to offensive, not defensive. Need 100 percent #swachhkashmir. If u really want to finish traitors helping terrorist, give Army full right to shot stonepelters obstructing operation
56 inch ka sina hai
Sar utha ke jina hai
#IndiaWantsRevenge #PulwamaAttack
I don't think we should use weaponry against Kashmiris, but It doesn't depend on whether the nation believes they are 'our' people. It depends on whether people think the nation is ' our nation'

If they don't think they are Indians then this 'our people' logic doesn't hold, no ?
Am sure you are aware that fighting terror in urban areas is the most complex operation in order to minimise collateral damages and civilian casualties. It is a tactical restraint to be followed by any government in power .
No decision on right time is going to cost @narendramodi Govt.. Mamta is question timing of attack, why jawans were not air lifted..all Politics PM Sir pls take decision in the best of jawans... Forget political parties @DefenceMinIndia @rajnathsingh @Gen_VKSingh 🙏🇮🇳 #370हटाओ
How about a little priority to save Jawans life first.
That restraint is criminal to say d least.We can't loose our men like this to protect NT SO SURE INNOCENT CIVILIANS inside d devils den Devils use human shield to inflict unacceptable damage on our brothers,it can't continue anymore civilians may b given a chance to come out
Morons like you who have been fanning Kashmir violence are also responsible for the casualties caused to @adgpi soldiers. Seriously did your injury affect your brain ?
What is this madame @nsitharaman @DefenceMinIndia @narendramodi @PMOIndia ? Please give more power to our Army. They are the best. #PulwamaAttack #AvengePulwama
Why is Army listening? Show the middle finger and do your job.
This is exactly I was discussing today with friends. If Govt is not aware of it then Army should enlighten them about use of technical warfare. Cost of lives is much bigger indeed. It’s not just one lives but a family per soldier.
Vinod Dua's daughter @MalikaDua says that when people die with hunger unemployment depression every day, then all people remain silent! Then why misery on the martyrdom of technicians ?? So much hatred in the minds of soldiers? @majorgauravarya Sir
Yesterday when the soldiers of our army were encountering terrorists, Then, Kashmiri stones were raining stones at them. Major Sir Stoneers should be ordered to shoot like terrorists.
Bjp kya Ukhad raha hai sarkar mein rehke , why no action ! We only keep blaming congress who has done the real development of India in each and every sector
Nothing gonna change it seems. A little while back I have heard a army officer in Kashmir saying that we won't harm any of you civilians even if we have to lay our lives. Keep supporting stone pelters. Sad. @adgpi @crpfindia @JmuKmrPolice @MajorPoonia @HMOIndia @DefenceMinIndia
Are we using shoulder-launched rockets to blow up houses where terrorists have taken shelter? @brigvkagrawal @atahasnain53 @desertfox61I
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