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Dear @BeingSalmanKhan . Would like U to act against @KapilSharmaK9 for supporting @sherryontopp ‘ s antinational activities. This request is being made to U as you are the producer of the show. 🙏 #BoycottKapilSharma @SonyTV

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Agree, ban Kapil Sharma and his show. We can tolerate his non-sense humour but not at the cost of supporting anti-nationals #BoycottKapilSharma @SonyLIV
: I am Not Producer Of Show,So @sherryontopp Is a Part Of Show Or Not the decision Will Taken By Channel @SonyTV Or Producers. Country Is 1st For Me And I am Fully Stand With The Any Decision Of Our Government Or PM Shri @narendramodi Ji . pic.twitter.com/nRrl0n8sfw
Kapil Sharma jo kaha bilkul sach hain.Main as a Indian bol rha hu ki agar Kapil Sharma,Siddhu, Pakistani Singers ko boycott karne se terrorism khatam ho jata toh URI k bad Pulwama kabhi na hota.JeM ko khatam karo tabhi rukega ye sab.
He himself is murderer & supported yakub Menon openely. he is even worse than them..what do you except from him ? #BoycottKapilSharma
Dear @BJP4India would you like to act against this goons who clearly insulting our soldiers pic.twitter.com/vSk9iiKpIT
Act for speaking truth?...
Dear @BeingSalmanKhan don't listen to him Yeh insan siddhu sir ko terrorist bula raha b cause pak se achhe relationKapil sir ko bol raha Kal ko yeh aapko bhi same chiz bolegaHumare pm ko bhi cause unhone koi shadi attend ki thi lahore meabhi @iamsrk ko bhi bolega akal ka dushman
Pak media clearly praises @sherryontopp for the help he provides, he is an anti national subject and kapil is defending him,we must boycott kapil sharma show #BoycottKapilSharma
Salman already did what he could at his 'own & limited capacity' as a proud Indian citizen. Now will our mighty PM with ALL AUTHORITY #SackDoval who is responsible for the massive intelligence failure that cost us 49 Jawans' lives??? Like Siddhu will Akshay Kumar be questioned???
Do you, for one moment, believe that kapil uttered these words without prior approval from the producers and his legal team? If you did, then you are so naive.
I would like you to check #OperationKaraoke . Who are they? First clear your mud before begging action against other person.
To Kapil Sharma, The most irritating part of your statement 'youth are being misguided'. Ab to youth bulana chhod do. I'm a father of 2 kids! And yes, you are correct. When we were youth, we were misguided. Ab to hosh aaya hai. #JaiHind
Kapil agar Sanyas le raha hai lene do.. koi baat nahi.. desh sabse pehle desh sabse bada.. Jo dushman desh ko support karega uske sath ab aisa hi hoga.. #BoycottKapilSharma @SonyTV
Salman must take action against these 2 anti nationals gadha maskhara.
Boycott the govt Dalal... The govt failed to save our beloved army ..shame on u ..
मैंने इनका शो देखना बंद कर दिया , अभी तक दोनों एपिसोड नहीं देखा , और भविष्य में भी नहीं देखूँगा । #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV #boycottsidhu
Sir none knows the story whatcwe Kashmiri Pandits went through. The journalists are now supporting Kashmiri Muslim students who never considered themselves as Indian citizens
All should boycott the show
When you produce a movie The Accidentl Prime Minister and make fun of our Ex PM and then release that movie in Pakistan to earn some money. #Farzi
Salman bhai all. Hopes from u?!!! Hope u understand this
ab sab milke ek kaam karte hai ki sari entertainment industry ko ban karwadete hai shayad jawano ka badla istarike se pura hojaye aur deshbhakti bhi prove hojaye humari🙏
Isko lagta hai @BeingSalmanKhan Paagal Hai iski tarah !

Beta @ashokepandit ,This tweet is the reason Why you are not creative & broad minded !

Replace kapil sharma otherwise we unsubscribe to Sony channel..no words against india ye naya Hindustan hai kuch nh sunega bharat kr khilaag#gaddaar navjot#gaddar kapil sharma
Strange people do not respect their own country but enjoying the earning of the same country. Shame shame shame 😠😡
ये नालायक चमचे अपने बाप मोती को तो कार्यवाही के लिए बोल नहीं सकते, गद्दार सालले
2mrw im sure der will be Boycott Salman khan will trend too @TajinderBagga sir planning hogayi?
its time to boycott his movies also
If he can fly a kite with one who had Free Biryani with Nawaz Shareef than why not? 🤔
He is co producer kp & As his bit he sacked sidhu overnight!
Kapil may have said something in zest why are you guys making it a big issue?
Boycott all antinationalist...
Nothing will happen from Bollywood side for sure... this Actor’s never Practice what they Preach...
Pak media clearly praises @sherryontopp for the help he provides, he is an anti national subject and kapil is defending him,we must boycott kapil sharma show #BoycottKapilSharma
सालों को इस देश की जनता ने ही इस मुकाम पर पहुंचाया है,और गद्दार पाकिस्तान का पक्ष ले रहें हैं,ऐसे लोगों का इंडस्ट्रीज से पूरी तरह बायकॉट करना चाहिए
Hamare desh ke liye entertainment itna imp h had h ..i don't support sidhu kapil only support army India
Boycott of these two arrogant commercial Gaddars a must.
Brothers and Sisters, #BoycottSiddhu #boycottkapilsharma
We should have boycotted the show from the very start. Our only mistake is we thought that Kapil Sharma had a bit of brains and would understand the seriousness of sidhu's statement. But we were clearly wrong. #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSonyTV #boycottkapilsharmashow
Salman Khan show them when Nation comes first nothing matters. We have faith in you. You shall stand by us. Please kick Siddhuout of show . We are hurt by his stand and bias comments in such a terrible time. He is a traitor. @SohailKhan @arbaazSkhan .we have already boycott Sony.
It is essential to boycott Kapil as today he is defending Siddhu who knows for fame one day he will bring TUKDE gang to his show.
Mr Ashoke Pandit , why don’t you act against Govt who let this attack happen ? 🤔 Oh ok , I got it , it’s your duty as a Bhakt to divert the attention from real issue #BoycottKapilSharma
bhai saheb aab apki kya prblm he.. Kapil ko bahar hee rakhoo apke matter se.. #WeLoveTheKapilSharmaShow #WeStandWithKapilSharma
We won't see Kapil Sharma show if he won't apologise to my nation and specially indian armed forces
First of fall i will tell you to change your dp
And you didnt say anything in praise of him when he asked Sidhu to leave the show? Yes, khud ke hi logon ko hi boycott karo, aur Pak ko aur khush karo. When are you boycotting Modi for giving uninvited visit to Nawaz Shariff?
Off course अशोक जी। ये एक चैन बननी चाहिए। जो जिस गलत को support करे उसी का बहिष्कार कर देना चाहिए। सामने वाले कि अक्ल भी ठिकाने आ जायेगी और हमारी देशभक्ति की असलियत भी सामने आ जायेगी।
Who are sponsors of Kapil Sharma show ? Tag the sponsors and request them to withdraw sponsorship from Kapil sharma show if they dont throw Paki Sidhu #BoycottKapilSharma #BoycottSiddhu #BoycottSonyTV
I really appreciate the stand to act against siddu these are the treacherous people who spread hate sallu bhai please ask kapil to stop now it's enough
Minimum we expect he should apologize to soldiers and say he does not agree with Sidhu's comments. Else let him keep his show for empty galleries.
BC Pakistan ko boycott karo , apne desh walo ko nahi..
Salman, in case you take Atif Aslam or Rahat Khan because they are better, then our country has far greater singers than them in Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan and Sonu Nigam ( Not to mention Arijit). If for cost constraints, some can sing for free for you
Come on aise kaise chalega. #boycottsalmankhan also! While we are at it, boycott mughlai cuisine and India as well 😁
@KapilSharmaK9 Sir toh Isski Suntea nhi
Ab @BeingSalmanKhan sir Kea pas bas yahi kam bacha hai Ki @ashokepandit jaise jobless logo ki baat sunea
Har Har @narendramodi Sir
But Please issko koi kam dedo,Ye Deshbhakti ka Satificate baata hai ButKhud Toh poora antinationlist Hai
Salman tera baap h kya???
timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/kashmir-… AP the Shanti Doot .... Utter a line against the people who changed Peace to Violence ....,.
Jai Hind. Buss Kuch IT CELLS ne aadhi aadhuri video dali n logo ko bohot acche se gumrah kar dia. Kya kapil ka ye puchna galat h ki permanent solution nikalo terrorism k against. I am with govt. #WeStandWithKapilSharma Check out @JainRiaa’s Tweet: twitter.com/JainRiaa/statu…
Mr. @ashokepandit - wanted to enquire whether @sherryontopp has been terminated from @KapilSharmaK9’s show on @sonytv? Please let us know, if this is not true then fake news has been doing the rounds.
Abe Pandit bc,logon ko ladha ke gujara chalta hei tera.
Kapil sharma sahi h....
मैंने ये बकवास शो देखना ही बंद कर दिया है रविश कुमार भी कहता है हिंदी चैनल देखना बेकार है
Mr ashok pandit you dont want revenge from terreorists. You want a doctor who can take care of your mind .. #brainfade
When are you asking Modi to sack Ajith Doval because of whose security & intelligence failures so many Jawans had to lose their lives? Dogla kahi ke?
The Sentiments of 1.3 Billion Citizens of Bharat are Hurt. Please @BeingSalmanKhan don't add insult to our Sentiments. By supporting Pakistan you will make Commercial progress in making money from your Movies. Don't support a Terrorist State. They have killed our Brave Soldiers.
Oh bhaiya @ashokepandit kuch saal phle @BeingSalmanKhan ne bhi pakistani entertainers ko ban krne ko support nahi kiya tha. Unhone kha tha artist humla krwate hain kya.I support @BeingSalmanKhan and @KapilSharmaK9 #westandwithkapilsharma
I would like to add here that statements like the one Siddhu made actually helps in defusing pressure on Pak govt.
Nobody says that don't show if Bollywood good will ambassadors of pakkisthan are brimming with love for them , But do it by stepping out of India permanently, but not by back stabbing India and Indian people...Moorda Bad Pakkisthan, Moorda Bad Bollywod
Kapil Sharma wears a wig to hide his baldness...same way he wears Indian name to hide his love for Pakistan .Sidhu a murderer who became a politician is a failed mindset of Indians who welcome these type of anti nationals. We Indians has to boycott these kind of people
#BoycottKapilSharma .. #BoycottPak ... राष्ट्र से ऊपर कोई भी नहीं...
I totally stand with u sir i also requested Kapil Sharma on his Twitter handle so many times .but if these people turned a deaf ear to us we will certainly kick their butt out of our lives.for Kapil Sharma I need to say "Naya mulla pyaz jyada khata hai" .
अशोक पंडित जी आपने एक अच्छी मांग की है इसके लिए धन्यवाद
कपिल शर्मा और सिद्धू जैसे देशद्रोही भांड हमे नही चाहिए। इन्हें पब्लिक से दूर गुमनामी के अंधेरो में भेजे जाने की जरूरत है जिससे भविष्य कोई ऐसी हिमाक़त करने की हिम्मत न करे।
Action for what??? For speaking truth!!!....Speaking truth is a crime now a days.After taking action against @KapilSharmaK9 will the soldiers family get justice or will our Indians get???...U can take out frustration against them not against terrorist. #WeStandWithKapilSharma
पहली बार पंडित सही बोला बहुत अच्छा लगा
देश ग़ुस्से में है एक सबूत .. sir की ज़ुबानी pic.twitter.com/i0QpIO78di
We will not tolerate and type of favor for Pakistan #BoycottKapilSharma and #BoycottSonyTV also.
I agree.. jo desh ka nahi ho sakta vo kisi ka nahi ho sakta
Sir pls take action against this,as u cn only do bcoz u r the producer of the show,
Plsase salman sir kapil ko sabak sikhao aur sidhhu ko hamesha ke liye out karo
I'll unsubscribe @SonyTV if @KapilSharmaK9 do not submit apology for his irresponsible statement #BoycottSiddhu #boycottkapilsharma
No 🚫 one ☝should be spared. All anti-nationals should be published and leave India 🇮🇳 as soon as possible. Remove them from all respective shows wherever they're involved in. It's our nation pride 🌈 #BoycottKapilSharma #boycottsidhu #BoycottSonyTV
How he can be antinational! How whole India can be called terrorist country if they r only few in kashmir who r going in that direction @BeingSalmanKhan
Abey madarchod tu request karega aur bhai maan bhi lega yeh kaise soch liya aakhir tu hain kaun? Kisi ko boycott karane bada aaya army k aad mein politics khelne bhakht kahin k
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