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This huge harassment of journalists is to deviate attention from Pulwama. It is to stop us from questioning the govt on why it wasn’t able to prevent this massive attack despite specific intel inputs. It is to stop us from asking NSA Doval about his family’s business dealings.

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It was a huge intelligence failure in pulwama but nobody was held responsible for that.. India has become a banana republic...
#RafaleDeal stinks.
Don't stop talking about it.

What is Modi hiding?
Yes, must ask questions to Modi on his failed Kashmir policy.
True. Besides don't forget Rafale
Agree totally. An action just to suit their need is not ruled out. Gullible online bhakts will shout Modi Modi and 19 election is then a foregone conclusion. All raging issues on back burner.
Neither we should forget #Pulwama nor should we let free the people who are targeting journalist. Bring the justice to both.
Many of my friends in Middle East supports Modi and hates muslims. When I ask them if you hate muslims why you are working in middle east ? They get wild and stops talking. They do not have any answer. Bunch of hypocrites.
Don't stop mam ask this as no one is asking question to Rajnath sign sir the HM he announced borders will be sealed with fenishing after Pathankot attack he told it will be done before 2018 so what happened to that where that work is standing
Ask Madam. Ask the legit questions without a hidden propaganda.
Lol lol Nobody can stop you and common people from questioning government. Stop divert the real issue . And the real issue is there are hundreds of people celebrated the death of jawans via their Facebook post .so as common man of this country exposed them .
And also must be mentioned that these targeted harassments are being done ... on direct order of Modi+Shah ! We condemn it × infinity times ! #SachBolnaPadega pic.twitter.com/krJbE90leF
And they have succeeded.
Doval was busy in Tracking moment of opposition parties Tracing journalist 💰 Laundry in Caymen island with son Raid in business house Destroying PSU n PSB So ,if u fail in Ur job U try to divert topic even blame Nehru British mughal ashhoka Alexander Dinosaur
#Indians are no #fools. They are humans too. They need a leader like imran khan instead of #Modi ( chai wala extremist) to live in peace and grow. #Pulwama #Kasmir
Its time to make our country proud rather than sit back and blindly follow any poltical party or its leaders. God has given us brains. And its rightly said one should it wisely. Few goons doesn't get this.
All doing business we know vrry well
But for TRP, can't the jornos bite the bullet of harrassment and be what they stand for??? or it is only for the Army??? Peace
And rafale scam has been sudeoibed quietly
Although harassment is unacceptable,dont think journalists are so important that the ruling dispensation strategises on how to harass your ilk !
Cobra post expose is at 3 pm
I think now it’s journalist community time to clean dirt and dirty people from there community. It’s time to kick out fake journalist who do propogandas @Gursatinder68 @beinghuman2810
It is also to give our defence minister a break from answering to queries on #RafaleDeal & #RafaleCAGReport...
that. Also goondaism, hooliganism and bad behaviour has exploded and is being encouraged by the powers that be, to subdue any and all questions.
Wow great, i have some questions, tell me how come 26/11 attack happened wat steps government taken that time, how come Robert vadra become billionaire he was just a gym instructor have guts to ask him, mom said son out on bail in national herald ? ask ajit doval and his sons,
इसकी दाल में नमक कम होने पर ये मोदी और डोवाल को कोसती है
Why is Modi Sarkar given such a long rope? Is the PM above the nation? Isn't true that the CRPF jawans lost their lives because of intelligence failure and laxity on behalf of the government? Why, then can't it be held accountable??
More than 60 traitors have lost the job lost their credibility . All hail true indians who are behind every anti national elements The fight will not stop
Intelligence failure. ROP (road opening party) failure. SOP failure. Responsibility? Pakistan.
Yes rohini These new journalist must watch 9/11 mumbai attack When then HM resign because sivraj patil Wear 4 dress in a day
Do Not Stop ! At Anything At All
Deviate attention from Pulwama? All I hear is Pulwama. There is a difference between questioning and targeting. Don’t you think it’s unnecessary to creat a propaganda than directly go to the police and ask for action. specially being a journalist!
Please ask @priyankagandhi about mr vadra s crimes also
Most, certainly. Also, divert people's attention from asking questions on pressing issues. Promote hate, communal disharmony & social unrest, tks.
Who is stopping you.... Go-ahead..... Donot take shelter by saying anyone stopping you.... Will also ask what is your solution to your questions....
Yes agree with you it's a ploy to divert attention not only from pulwama but Rafale as well because after the disclosure of Hindu Modi govt was clueless as to how to counter opposition on Rafale
As we have to learnt from Singapore ,as media is 4.th pillar but it is not greater than a nation, inspite of all these Indian media.is just a centre for TRP and fulfilling their business mights,,so.please.a humble request to focus with truthness
very correct diagnosis.
What happened to @BDUTT is more than violence, if the abusers are not brought to justice it is to be assumed as State sponsored sexual violence.
Totally agreed... these r really really dangerous people out there
OK... Fine.. What about the opposition parties... Why are they not raising their voices about Doval dealings..Either they are dumb asses or they too have stake in it..
Because they're trying to converting #VoteBank_Politics in the wake of Martyr's pic.twitter.com/gm2TgN3RmV
Here we go, another conspiracy theory!
Vile abuses hurled at Journalist is not a new phenomenon, definitely did not start post Pulmawa. Abuses can’t stop journalists from asking questions of the government in the office. As I read and listen on debates , there were no specific intel input, it was a generic alert.
Doval spent seven years in Pakistan risking worse fate than death! & This excuse for a journalist is bi*ching about him!😡
जनता भी इस न्यूज़ के साथ मोदी जी के कवरेज को देख नही रही थी। अब जवानों के आंसू बहाने जरूरी या 2019 के चुनावी रैली। ये भी एक प्रश्न है। तो सरकार ने धीमे से मीडिया का वॉल्यूम स्लो करके, direction मोड़ दिया।
And I think the phone details were released by authorities which is the BJP to harass critical journalists through its ignorant coolie army
We know that our hero's will not back off and we the netizens are with you all. Big thumbs up to you all brave jurnos, by questioning GOV you folks are making all aware about the constitution and democratic rights.
All you need to get mature & developed love to country unlike ppl in izrail & not your idotc Q you need to go back schoolling & get your history exam reappear will help you sharpen your mind and understand the trust about world & decisions taken by leaders with reason behind it
Foolish lady. You have only these things to highlight. You people are the biggest enemies of country inside.
Media has secular approach in the name of human rights and freedom of expression from areas of jnu to amu with slogans,,afzal hum sharminda hai,pulwama pain contributes your secular approach.
Sad part is we are questioning Pakistan for the failures of Indian government!
It is clear that modi shah wanted such an attack and did nothing to prevent it. It was a very calculated move to get maximum mileage for the elections. Secondly, they think they can shift the focus of the Rafael scam from modi which has dented his so called clean image. Jai hind
Is it also to deviate attention from PMji's shooting for Discovery channel, hours after the #PulwamaAttack ?
How real is the pressure to not ask the difficult Qs of links b/w NSA #Doval family and #SaudiArabia and Pakistan? Read @rohini_sgh here twitter.com/rohini_sgh/sta…
ll keep asking!! & abusing also..
Nobody question the prime minister and his NSA.
so far it appears to be working in @BJP4India 's favour!
People of this country are intelligent and watching all this
This Communal party will be booted out sooner than later
They don't deserve to rule a secular nation .
Journalist who is on payroll of Akhilesh Yadav.
Valid one can join the dots now
More journalists should speak up on this.
सत्य वचन।
मीडिया: 3 आतंकवादी ढेर, बदला पूरा।
ठीक एक दिन पहले मीडिया पाकिस्तान के नक्शे के खत्म करने की तैयार थी।
लगता है, PMO से फ़ोन आया।
बदला पूरा हुआ।
इति सिद्धम।

और ये गोदी मीडिया निकल पड़ा। इमरान खान की धमकी को उसका डर बताने के लिए।

मतलब hypocracy की भी सीमा होती है।
This huge propaganda f kashmiri student harassment is to deviate attention from Pulwama. It is to stop us from questioning libjourns on why they don’t name it islamic terrorism despite terrorist saying so in video. It is to stop us from asking journalists their business dealings
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