“We don’t own the planet Earth, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife.” — Steve Irwin

Happy birthday to a legend, who’s passion and love for nature and animals lives on in the hearts of many. ❤️🐊

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Steve Irwin was a hero of mine as a child! His practices with interacting with animals wouldn't be as acceptable today, but it was big stuff for the time. He always had a message of conservation. When he died it was so shocking to me as a kid, I was so upset and cried a lot.
Life has persisted on earth for billions of years before humans came into the picture. Although we may deplete earth’s resources and be the source of the sixth mass extinction, humans will eventually go extinct, & life will continue to persist on earth without us. Learn to share
Fun fact Steve Irwin was legitimately my first crush when I was little
This was hands down the most disappointing life lost so far in my 22 years of living 😣 The most genuine man ever. RIP to a real Legend🙏🏼
The original brother nature
Fuck 👏🏼that 👏🏼stingray 👏🏼
my first love & my first heartbreak, the reason I'm on the career path I'm on now!!
thank you for everything you did in the short time we had with you and your impact that will last for long after
And I am lucky to have this beauty, genuine “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin compass 😁👍 pic.twitter.com/3Uq1ULg3zg
He was literally my hero when I was a kid. In following his adventures, my knowledge of our world and the animals that inhabit it grew exponentially. Steve's passion for conservation has inspired me to this day. Happy Birthday Steve, you are so missed 😭💖
Original Brother Nature
Rip to the 🐐 of wildlife
I read this in his voice and now I’m sad ;-(
In 5th grade, I had to choose who my hero was and write and essay about them and I chose Steve Irwin. I love this man.
Happy G day to a real one 😤😔❤️ fuck them sea pancakes
steve irwin was and still is my biggest life inspiration and i can’t wait to grow up and be just like him
I made a typo and I realized it waaaayyyy too late I’m sorry everyone I have failed you :’)
I still hate sting rays because of his death.
happy birthday to one of the greatest people to ever live and one of my biggest heroes
The man, the myth, the legend. RIP ❤️
So lucky to have seen him do a show at his zoo in Australia
This man inspires me so much. I have such a deep love for nature and animals and I will spend the rest of my life protecting them. I hope to be just like Steve someday, saving and caring for the Earth and the beautiful wildlife that we share this planet with.
My baby woulda been 57 today 😭
Renegades pretty much has to win this series today because #happybirthdaysteveirwin
Happy birthday to my favorite person to ever walk the earth 💜😭
THE OG Brother Nature.
And in the name of Steve Irwin, Brother Nature, and the Holy Spirit
Fockin loved this guy. HB.
This man is the reason why I am the way I am
ugh i remember crying my eyes out when he died. 😪 true legend
The original brother nature
How the hell is PETA going to disrespect this amazing man smdh
When I was younger I used to believe he was my real dad.
Such a tragedy he was taken from this world. Beautiful Human , You are missed Steve Irwin.
Hard to believe how long this man has been gone. Rip Happy Birthday!
coincidence that his bday falls on national margarita day? i think not
My favorite person to ever have existed
Happy Birthday Steve, loved watching you on tv as a kid.
Whenever I go to the aquarium to pet sting rays, I finna punch one so they know Steve still got shooters
Happy Birthday to a real legend with courage.....lets make this a day of awareness....reach out to your favorite animal charity....pledge or volunteer @animal charity
Steve Irwin was the best! Loved his passion and respect for all life ❤️
Not only did this guy give people a reason to actually watch Animal Planet, he’s also the reason I and many others have an immense appreciation and love of animals today.
he was the loml growing up. happy birthday king
Rip Big Stevie lad some boy
fun story
I used to dress up a Steve Irwin when I was in preschool
Rip to one of the greatest goats who taught me to love my home and everything in it
Rip uncle steve 😔☝️
this man made my childhood, happy birthday to the absolute goat
the original brother nature 💕
Till the day I die, i will never fuck w sting rays. Smh i miss you Steve
Check your google 😊
Happy birthday, Steve Irwin!
Let me be that local so you can become famous "Remember me when you become famous" 🥴🥴
Man, I miss Crocodile Steve.
happy birthday to one of the real ones 😢
I want to be like him when I grow up.
This man is the most bad ass, gangster of them all, miss watching his show, was mad af when I heard a bitch ass sting ray killed him but happy birthday Crocodile Hunter.
Not gonna lie I cried as a kid for like an hour when he died.
I just cried some of the same real tears I did when I was 10yo and heard he’d died. I still have the movie he did with The Wiggles.
he was a pisces I’m weeping
Man i remember watching recordings of his show over and over again on vhs. One of my biggest inspirations growing up. Rip
I watched him religiously when I was younger.
I remember waking up HELLA early with my sister to watch him. I remember my mom sitting me down to tell me, and I am 90% sure I sobbed for like an hour. It’s actually really cool to see his kids continuing his legacy. 🤞🏼❤️
he’d be hella disappointed if he was alive today
Still can’t think of Steve’s tragic passing without a lump in my throat.
Aaaaawww shares a birthday with my Dad... Both were deffo able to light up & command a room with their glowing presence... Both lost WAY too soon in their 40s... Legends... Big hugs & kisses to Bindi, Robert & Terri xxx
happy birthday to the man who helped show me the beauty of this Earth. I miss the wonder I had when I watched him. Rest well, Steve.
Happy birthday! If you love animals, I love you. RIP
Happy birthday to a true legend! Steve Irwin we love you and miss you every day!
He made me fall in love with and admire animals from a young age and was a childhood hero of mine. Wish I could have met him.
Happy birthday to the greatest❤️ Thank you inspiring my love for animals and nature. I am so excited to start my career and contribute my part to wildlife. I can only hope to be as great as you ❤️
Loved watching his show ever since I was a little girl
It’s still fuck that bitchass stingray
Let’s remember what today is really about
I miss this man so much and what he did for conservation. He is the reason why I decided to go into Environmental Science.
I am Not Crying on the bus, you are ! !
Fading every sting ray on sight
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