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This is my sister❤️she is for PMB and i’m for atiku . She thinks @Mbuhari is capable and i think @atiku is the right choice. But the thing is that she dosen’t have PVC but i do so😂🤷🏻‍♂️. And my candidate’ll defeat her’s by God’s grace. #ElectionNotWar #LGNWA #BetterWithAtiku
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Kindly convey to your sister, our sister, that millions of Nigerians will do it for her, we will use our PVCs to vote for Muhammadu Buhari tomorrow, for the country, for ourselves, for millions who don’t have PVCs. We all going to the #NextLevel!
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Yes o. I have my PVC. Atiku all the way
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku At the end, na God go always win. Learn to accept what God allows, that's after you've cast your vote.

Accept what God allows, you are not smarter than God. #ElectionNotWar...#Atiku, #Buhari, #Others
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku I made an App with list of emergency numbers to help Nigerians during the election! Please retweet…
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku I have a pic for @atiku My husband should be voting for @MBuhari but he is upset and not voting. Iam eating dinner getting ready to check into the hotel. @inecnigeria before I pay let me know you are not postponing o. Last week wasn't funny at all, still sending the bill.
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@shelleng_m @The_Jonathanian @MBuhari @atiku Only PVC can do it not mere support. #Atiku all the way
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Sentiments apart, Nigeria needs to start to work again for the youths and women. @mbuhari is a good man but it goes beyond that. We need a transition government that gradually introduces the next generation and @atiku is our man. #Elections2019 @gnwa2019
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@shelleng_m @chosensomto @MBuhari @atiku She fine pass make she Dey support Jubrin nah
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Certainly bro! Vote for better life
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@usmanyusuf Poverty people. Una dey thief pictures join. We say we nor dey vote expired Beauhari, na by force?
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Two of have guns. One is loaded, while the other is empty. You win. Atiku all the way. Shikena.😁😂😀🤣
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku We Buharists we know how to sacrifice, so because of her love to our dear President, i dedicate my PVC to her, Sai Baba #PMB4Plus4 #BuhariWillWin Insha Allah
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@shelleng_m @BrownKaftan @MBuhari @atiku See the kind joy wey dey una family. Kai! Money is sweet
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Lol, uou have a working tool, but she doesn't have a working tool, just like PMB and APC doesn't have working tools. Atiku all the way
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Naah, you and your sister should be used as poster boy and girl of this #ElectionNotWar campaign. Really made me smile.
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku My family tree on my maternal side: grand parents-atiku(2), mum and 9 siblings-atiku(9), cousins 17 voting age- atiku 28 people on my maternal side. My paternal side is like 150- atiku votes.
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Don’t mind her. Her support is null & void without PVC. They’re like that, Most of them support PMB with mouth without PVC. It’s like a car without engine. Hope you’re in Yola already for @atiku
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@shelleng_m @dondekojo @MBuhari @atiku Lol... See plot twist 🤣🤣😂
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@shelleng_m @izuchukvvu @MBuhari @atiku We owe all d innocent lives dat hv bn lost at Benue,S/Kaduna,Plateau,Zamfara, Agatu.We owe Leah Sharibu, late chief of Adara, d Air Force flight officers n all d slain military men at d battle front in Borno.We r indebted to both God and man to go all d way 2 vote. #GoOutAndVote
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@shelleng_m @iam_bams @MBuhari @atiku You have a weapon,she has nothing. Its a win win for us.
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@shelleng_m @nana_sanuC_Gada @MBuhari @atiku I think you're his step son or lost son rather.
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku 😂😂 Atiku all the way💪
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Best thing I have seen online today🙌🙌 I stan
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Bazan tafa yarda Buhari zasu zafaba
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Funny how they're all Muslims and everything is happening by God's grace.
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When I started reading, I thought the story had a different moral 😂
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@shelleng_m @The_Jonathanian @MBuhari @atiku God bless the two of you jare, some of us see election like war, if you are not voting who I'm voting for we are enemies no be so e suppos be
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku I don’t know if you still like this your sister but if you don’t? I have something I want her to help me tell my grandpa
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Lol
Without PVC...
And when it comes to debating on political issues...she would always shout more than you...
I have them plenty here....
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The Green Reaper💶👨🏻‍🌾
Amen Sir😆
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku The way politics should go! Not hating upanda
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku And many of us has PVC that means we are undefeated take it to market.
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Insha Allah 🙏🙏☂️
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Do the needful. Think peace, think security, think responsible leadership. That is what true leaders do.
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Are you a football lover and you're tired of going on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to get information on Football?You can now get those informations through WhatsApp status ,so fast and easy.

The link to join is:…
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku You've not heard that hour candidate is not only losing his state, he has lost his PU
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These ones get money
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I will replace my own with hers to vote for Abba buhari.and 15 of my siblings will also vote for Baba.u c how fast I don gather people 🤪🤪🤪
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@shelleng_m @UkitUduak @MBuhari @atiku From the picture you find out those supporting atiku is living better than buharist
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Polling unit agents should be at alert in Kano, Katsina , Kaduna, jigawa, zamfara, Bornu, Bauchi and Kebbi. 40% of this states is enough while we will Gombe, Adamawa, Yobe, Taraba & Sokoto. Clear SS and SE then tie SW. Clear 4 North central states and FCT congrats @Atiku 😊
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So, I am ready to represent her for going next level inshallahu.#PMB4PLUS4.💪
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#electionnotwar my father is voting for Buhari for reasons best known to him. That is his right as is mine to vote for Atiku. We both have our PVCs
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku 😂😂😂😂 she doesn't have a PVC
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@shelleng_m Yeah! We go with the PVC
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Oh dear, well she can use her cap.
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@shelleng_m @AustinOseh @MBuhari @atiku You self come resemble Atiku for that last picture.
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@shelleng_m @saintstica @MBuhari @atiku She prefers the cabal to a visible/tangible person who can be held accountable?
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ѕнυℓαмιтє ℓα∂у✴️
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Positive criticism with reason... Don't just open your mouth and fight for baseless reasons.... LEARN!!!
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Amin, Insha Allah 🙏🏽
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku God moves in mysterious ways. All of us at the crossfit box have pvc for @Atiku, the @MBuhari don't have pvcs but supporting him. I told them God is good always.
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عبدالرزاق ابن عبدالعزيز Oluṣọla
@shelleng_m @Amchizzy @MBuhari @atiku Both of them will loose by God grace.
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Is your sister still single?
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Amin
Retweet let's better Nigeria
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku This is so nice
Family over all
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Togetherness we will get Nigeria working Again @atiku
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@shelleng_m @Rolex7Michael @MBuhari @atiku Why thiis kain fine girl go dey do like this
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku This cracked me up though...especially the part of who has the PVC
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@shelleng_m @MBuhari @atiku Freedom of choice, beauty of democracy
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