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"He likes beautiful women as much as I do, many of them are on the younger side." Trump said about his friend Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile. Trump is disgusting and pathetic.

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Why is the obvious presented over & over but not being accepted by his supporters?
Honeslty, it鈥檚 1 of the most frustrating things as a woman, survivor of sexual assault, & assault by a police officer!-People in high positions & positions of trust do bad things 2. All. The. Time
I鈥檓 disgusted by them both. Not surprised, but absolutely revolted. And ANGRY. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I am enraged.
鈥淧ee Tape鈥 has always been 鈥淧. Tape鈥 and the initial has always stood for pedophilia. Remember, Trump went to Moscow in 1987 at the height of KGB honeypot blackmail techniques. They had heard what he was into and provided it, then filmed him. politico.com/magazine/story鈥
Former Epstein employee who witnessed Trump's alleged rapes of two girls: "I personally witnessed Mr. Trump physically threaten the life & well-being of (13 yr old Katie) is she ever revealed any details of the physical & sexual abuse suffered by her at the hands of Mr. Trump." pic.twitter.com/ADFdUL3vnm
I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, "Oh my god, there's a man in here."
鈥擬ariah Billado, Miss Teen Vermont 1997, re Trump in girls鈥 dressing room
I still demand to know #WhereAreTheGirls stolen from their parents on the southern border?! We know a lot of them were transported to Florida!! Where are they?
He makes me sick to my stomach
What happened to the girls who filed suit against them? pic.twitter.com/UiamPtq8nC
Imagine if Michael Cohen has proof of Trump鈥檚 active role in child rape. To people who ask, 鈥淲hat would finally DO it?鈥 - this would. 馃
"I've known Jeff for fifteen years. He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it -- Jeffrey enjoys his social life." --Donald Trump.
I feel like I鈥檓 living in the twilight zone. In light of all the disgusting FACTS that have come out about @realDonaldTrump (most of which because of statements out of his own mouth) I heard @DrJasonJohnson say this morning that trump will probably be re-elected. NO!!!!!!
Trump participated and he paid off Acosta with the cabinet appointment. #TrumpKnew #ChildSexTrafficking #LockUpAcosta #LockUpEpstein
All documents in the Jane Doe vs Donald J Trump and Jeffrey Epstein rape, sexual assault lawsuit. thememoryhole2.org/blog/doe-v-tru鈥
Day 8: please let this be the parody account. Please please please. Takes peek. Shit Trump said it to a newspaper years ago. He鈥檚 guilty. GOP still not taking NatEmerg seriously. #NotesFromNationalEmergency
And yet he is the president. What could be more embarrassing than that?
Agreed. They both sicken me.
Take a look at the list of the people & countries he鈥檚 defended and then a list of the people & countries he鈥檚 criticized and attacked. That should explain what and who he values.
In our face for decades: Daddy Donald and Ivanka. Why some are in denial about this is beyond me.
Let鈥檚 not leave @AlanDersh Dershowitz out of this. His own participation in this is the reason he鈥檚 turned into a schill for Trump.
What about his friend Bob Kraft?
Teenage girls are not women馃槨
In 1994, Trump went to a party with Jeffrey Epstein", who was a聽notorious registered sex offender & raped a 13-year-old girl that night in what was a "savage sexual attack,"聽according to a聽lawsuit聽filed in June 2016. - She was threatened, sound Familiar 馃 newsweek.com/donald-trump-r鈥
Shame on America for not yet having getting rid of lying Conman obstructing or hiding as best he has the Power to from the Law POTUS Trump, a most deranged disgusting Citizen devoid of any moral and Human values...
There is a personal account on twitter, telling of Trump using a young girl of 13 for sex, through Jeffery Epstein. It鈥檚 actually the crime Trump must be tried for. Hopefully he鈥檒l be convicted obe day soon & incarcerated. I hope someone helps this young woman put them away.
Also... Trump's close friend, Kraft indicted for sex trafficking & soliciting prostitution Trump's tenant, R.Kelly indicted for sex crimes and assault against under aged women. #LetThatSinkIn
I think the words he was looking for are 鈥渦nderage girls鈥 not 鈥渂eautiful women.鈥 It鈥檚 disgusting that he doesn鈥檛 know the difference.
Yeah pedophilic, incestrial rapists like to stick together. They have online "support" groups. Obviously they have one in the @WhiteHouse too. #resist #sexualpredators pic.twitter.com/w8sBgI7piI
Where's all the Pizzagate MAGAts now? *crickets* #TheResistance
I guess it's easy to say that when you don't consider women to be people.
And guilty, you forgot guilty.
Mar a lago is about a mile from jeffrey epsteins mansion
Trump IS disgusting and all of his friends, family and supporters are proving themselves to be just as disgusting
All documents in the Jane Doe vs Donald J Trump and Jeffrey Epstein rape, sexual assault lawsuit. thememoryhole2.org/blog/doe-v-tru鈥
Just when you think this nightmare can鈥檛 get any worse....
Let's hope they re-open the case and send Epstein to jail!
13 years old. May they finally get justice.
I鈥檓 0% surprised by this.
I think we need to know more about the relationship between Trump and Epstein. Rumors have swirled for years and it's important to discover if there is substance behind them, concerning the President of the United States and a convicted child rapist.
Katie J's Testimony v. Donald J. Trump: Alleging he tied, beat, raped and threatened her with murder when she was 13 years old on Vimeo Katie J's Testimony v. Donald J. Trump: Alleging he tied, beat, raped and threatened her with murder when she was 13 years old on Vimeo
Yep. Pretty gross. The lawsuit was dropped because she and her family were threatened. pic.twitter.com/cKkjMjLEEU
What in the world???? He needs to go now !
His followers don't care what he says and does (did) they have a bigger agenda than decency they have a hate of others greater than we have seen since the 1930's and 1940's. History will judge them and Trump as they need to be and their infamy will rival that of the 3rd Reich.
When will the dots connect to trump? #Epstein is a neighbor and "pal " of trumps. #Acosta plays ball with rapist sex trafficker and is now trump's Sec of Labor.
Trump posing, as President, with convicted little boy rapist and child pornography peddler George Nader. The Secret Service didn't want Nader near Trump because of the conviction. Trump overruled because Nader donated big dollars to Trump's supposedly 100% self funded campaign pic.twitter.com/8b6heJllXS
We knew that, well I knew that....I think Robert DiNiro's little video from 2 years ago, said it best.
The rich talk about their disgusting perversions as though they're just odd quirks, but it's understandable given that they get away with their degenerate behavior. I would love a justice system that judged all people equally.
It doesn't matter. His peeps still love him. The Republicans still harbor him.
This needs to trend! Disgusting, disgraceful @reslDonaldTrump promoting his pedophile pal.
RT! #PigPresident
Trump has always liked young very girls anyone who can鈥檛 see that has not paying attention.
So... what do you expect from a sleazebag who wants to date his own daughter?
I wonder if Cohan is going to tell us anything about how much Trump really likes Epstein.
Like Trump 鈥渓iked鈥 Katie Johnson? pic.twitter.com/JsEtU8DCcv
Did tRump participate with the pre-teens? Hell yes.
I mean what the hell the Useless Idiot would love to boink his own daughter!!
Repugnant would be a good word to use
I remember when Trump frequented Epstein's "Men's Club". NY papers caught the slimy, smiling @realDonaldTrump leaving the sex pad.
Trump has no boundaries. Nothing really is off limits to him. The comments he has made about his own daughter are downright disturbing. Who knows about kompromat, but I don't think Putin would have had a difficult time obtaining compromising material on him.
1).Can Epstein be retried? Look,if Cosby finally faced justice... 2).Trump鈥檚 possible involvement, makes his sex trafficking rants borrowed from the movie 鈥淪icario鈥 even more creepy. 3).Is sex w/ minors now the Rich鈥檚 cocaine of the 80鈥檚. How depraved are these people in power?

Are you wondering what @realDonaldTrump thinks about child rapists?
Problem is, they鈥檙e not women! They鈥檙e children!
How do we pressure congress to begin open hearings that can lead to impeachment?
Trump is a pedophile
So instead of the white van with no windows at the southern border with 3-5 women blue tape on their mouth and hair take a right then a left wasn't true? Trafficking was happening in Florida with 2 of Trump's friends.
Don't forget... Remember the woman who sued Trump for raping her at an Epstein party when she was 13? The prosecutor who gave Epstein his deal and hid it from the victims is now Labor Secretary: goo.gl/eLaE5y
you truly are not fit morally, ethically or intellectually to be president. YOU ARE A TOTAL FAILURE...WE HAVE NEVER HAD A PRESIDENT AS OVERALL ROTTEN AS YOU ARE. A DISGRACE AND STAIN ON OUR COUNTRY.
That is a great quote, Scott. I seem to remember it as well. Do you (or anyone else) have the reference to the quote? I think we all need to source this kind info to avoid being accused of spreading propaganda. Let鈥檚 set a higher standard to demonstrate integrity
tRUMp has a DARK soul, as a woman, a mother, it is intuitive, seeps from his pores, HE'S a FISH. Like a duck, if it quacks, walks, looks, then it MUST be a DUCK. tRump's a FISH, looks like 1, REEKS like 1, FLOCKS w/other UNQUESTIONABLE CORRUPT fish their STENCH & SMEARS lingers
This should never be forgotten. @realDonaldTrump should never be given a "Free Pass" on this. He should not be held to a higher standard. #NotAboveTheLaw pic.twitter.com/mV8RVm3g4S
How do we get the press to keep these stories alive? GoFundMe billboards? How can media print stories about how women candidates eat or if they are likable when there are likely thousands of victims of the Epstein ring & the President may have participated?
The problem is that none of Trump鈥檚 supporters care. What about the abortions he鈥檚 paid for? That will hit the deplorables.
Trump has probably visited a few of those spa's too.
I wonder if these creeps have any connection to #Foxisland MI in the 1970鈥檚? #TrumpCrimeFamily #childmolesters #1970s
Maybe, his kids, should keep Donald away from his young granddaughters!!
I do hope there will be a day when the then 13 year old girl finds solace with the incarceration of her rapists. Both of them.
Birds of a feather....P.O.S. stick together!!
I am still trying to understand how he is making America great again. Unless we are turning clock back to help pedophiles get away with this.
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