Here's a short clip of APC agents in a poverty-stricken northern Nigerian town openly buying votes. They tell d poor pple to vote broom after giving them cash. This preelection electoral offense is as bad as ballot snatching. Should they be shot, too, in line with Buhari's order?

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In reply to @farooqkperogi
This is so sad for northern Nigeria. They keep northerners in abject poverty and illiteracy so they can use them as political weapons during elections. North has the highest number of rulers yet look at what northern Nigeria is. No devet whatsoever. This is unfortunate and💔💔💔
In reply to @farooqkperogi
English translation of the words in the video: "Ours isn't like theirs. Don't go to them [presumably PDP people] if they call you. If you go there [i.e. the polling booth] thumbprint on broom, broom, broom."
In reply to @farooqkperogi
We are here speaking English about about manifesto of candidates but alas, this people that will determine the winner only know the logo of the party. We are in trouble in this country 😢
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Billion Van entering Bourdillon earlier to disburse "mobilization money".
In reply to @farooqkperogi
That's their strategy. It's nationwide. Someone just called me from home/my ward and inform me they are inviting people with PVC to come today and collect money against tomorrow. This man never had any integrity. There's no way this can happen nationwide and he claims ignorance
In reply to @farooqkperogi
must fine this man and punish this man
In reply to @farooqkperogi
A vote to APC is like given a theif key to your store room. A vote to APC is more like renting a flat in hell. A vote to APC is selling ur new car to buy a bicycle. A vote to APC is more like asking a blind and crippled man to drive you to Lagos. Open ur eyes and vote wisely.
In case you’re wondering why they want people to remain poor, this is it. They fly Presidential Jets and live in Palaces on Rocks but want people to be miserably poor so they can buy their votes with 1k. Spits.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
aren't you ashamed of how low you've stooped? @tundefashola @fkeyamo you all are a disgrace the Legal Profession, to Nigeria and to Democracy. #NigeriaDecides2019 #ElectionNotWar #NoToVoteBuying #NoToStaggeredElections #NigeriaDecides #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain
Are we actually seeing this.. People selling their votes already... The "Joseph Stalin syndrome"
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Something is fundamentally wrong with our politics that politicians are ready to spend huge sums, kill opponents just to get into office.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Their votes cost N500 each? Am I the only one seeing this? Truly World's Poverty Capital. Sad!
Hope Mr so called president will also shoot all this APC agents and his people collecting bribe to vote for him
In reply to @farooqkperogi
This is worst than box snatching. Even the trader moni is worst than box snatching. Everything about Buhari/APC is fraudulent and deception
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Uner this administration, we’ve experienced nothing (B)ut (U)ntold(H)ardship (A)nd (R)eligious (I)ntolerance which has torn our country apart like never b4. Vote (A)t a (T)ime l(i)ke these wisely, as you (K)now who yo(U)r real enemy of progress is.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Keep them poor, keep them uneducated, keep them ignorant and they will always remain your minions.
If anybody was looking for a confirmation that Buhari has lost the North, this is it. That APC had to bribe women in the North to secure votes says it all.
This is appalling! May we be purged of this curse tomorrow.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Poverty and illiteracy work hand in hand.
Why snatch boxes if you can just buy the votes freely and openly with looted funds?
N500 per vote is not even equal to N1 per day over a 4 year duration. Ignorance is indeed darker than darkness itself.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
How can they be shot when vp himself was sharing trader money.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Rogues! Tomorrow they will start the lame 16 years of pdp narrative when they are just as bad!
What a country we are living in....these are same people who said they are fighting corruption? Ndi Nzuzu.....just think about it
In reply to @farooqkperogi
That is reason they create artificial poverty,
This video reminds me that my present lifestyle is HEAVEN to some people I share same nationality with.

N500 tip to vote? I'm trying to come to terms with this.

Is it Liverpool & Chelsea match OR Our destiny for the next 4 year?
Cc: @enkayfreda @EmekaOkoye
Wow 500 naira for another 4 years of suffering this is sad.💔
In reply to @farooqkperogi
This must be investigated. This is vote buying. The man in the video can be identified and prosecuted. Or should they get same treatment Buhari suggested...? What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Am really amazed that APC would be buying votes when the had 4yrs to work and make Nigerians see a visible and convincing reason why they should be re-elected I weep for my Country
In reply to @inecnigeria
@inecnigeria @OfficialPDPNig you people should come and see what is happening at the market square ooo.
Poverty is a weapon more powerful than the most lethal atomic bomb..
#INCE make una come n see APC agent in vote buying o
It’s over for this country
In reply to @farooqkperogi
His royal highness Emir of Kano has said it openly that the so-called Northern elite has purposely kept their people in perpetual darkness so that they can’t see the light , look at them bowing down to a thousand naira note or less 🤦‍♂️
This is worse than ballot box snatching
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Great is your fall, kontiue buying the vote u hear
In reply to @farooqkperogi
For some reason I do not believe this video. No one would allow filming of such a video in todays age. Could simply have been staged as propaganda. Just my opinion.
While I wanted to be mad at this people I totally do understand them. 100%. No matter who wins today they’d still be in the same position. So they might as well take the money so they not hungry today.
We are far from getting it right. Shameful
In reply to @farooqkperogi
I will rather take the risk of democracy than the risk of dictatorship vote Atiku let’s experience democracy again
All they know is the logo... Broom broom.
Poverty is d chains..we are our own slavedrivers
I repeat, a high illiteracy rate is the worst thing that can ever happen to a country.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Voter buying with "integrity"
In reply to @farooqkperogi
There's nothing that indicates the timing of this video.
See how 1000 naira note settle these people. Most illiterate set of people are voting APC.
In reply to @farooqkperogi
I feel like weeping for these folks. N1,000 for 4 years. Meaning their votes have been bought for N250 per year. This is really sad!!
Pathetic. This is Slavery
Poverty is disastrous
See how cheap they're buying votes

Ps: There's no way to find out if this was now or 4 yrs ago though
Wow they didn’t even bother to hide it inside bread like SDP and NRC did for Tofa and MKO back in the day
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Don't mind them @OfficialAPCNg deceivers, they ve tried everything worth trying but they failed, it's now petrol @140, no petrol station in abuja is selling #140 even NNPC petrol stations. @MBuhari bye to Daura. O gaa eme gi na anya piammmm
Poverty and illiteracy is a disease 😢 This is why we need to do better to vote the right candidates to govern us. @inecnigeria una Dey see am? make una Dey shine una eyes o 😒
In reply to @farooqkperogi
Imagine the nonsense.. this poor people no get sense ? How will they continue to remain in this such deplorable and pitiable situation for generations. They are poorer than they have been anyway. What do i even know? 😡😡😡
What did Buhari do to educate his Northern brethren? Absolutely nothing!
This is the reason, to keep them in perpetual poverty so they can always be weaponised.
Tbvh Illiteracy is bad 🤦‍♂️ imagine someone telling you who to vote... wtf 💔💔😐
our true freedom in this country will come when we enforce thesame level of enlightenment the southern part of Nigeria has to also the northern parts of Nigeria
In reply to @farooqkperogi
I carefully watched the clip sir, there was no mention of any political party. I stand to be corrected.
This is soo sad & terrible
And what will your USELESS @OfficialAPCNg @inecnigeria @fkeyamo @NGRSenate do about this? DEAD ZONE NATION
Poverty makes most people CHEAP.
N500 😩😩😩😩
In reply to @farooqkperogi
They cannot be shot! If you are in #APC, you are a saint-Oshiomole The law doesn't apply to them
In reply to @farooqkperogi
PDP is doing same here in the south!!!
Keep them hungry, and consequently enslaved
N500?! Our politicians are wicked!
In reply to @farooqkperogi
It's a pity this govt has weaponized poverty to the extent that this poor people are happy to collect one note of maybe #500 or #1000, for another 4yrs of abject poverty and mental slavery.
Can they win any election without purchasing votes, poverty is now a weapon
Poverty is a bastard....😭😭
My country is shameful abeg
In reply to @farooqkperogi
They're collecting 500NGN with 2 hands!!!! Lord have mercy.
The President was honestly dishonest with his ranting as always.
The rigging has started...
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