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“Who the hell is friends with 5 pedophiles?!” Other pedophiles
"Donald Trump is friends with at least five pedophiles, most of whom were involved in sex trafficking or blackmail schemes. There's Epstein, Casablancas, Arif, Nader, Cohn. Who the hell is friends with five pedophiles?!" patreon.com/posts/23149249

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Donald Trump also told Howard Stern that he intentionally burst in on underage, nude girls at his pageants & had ogled Paris Hilton when she was 12; and

Donald Trump is also alleged to have thrown parties with cocaine and underage girls at the Plaza Hotel, when he owned it.
Another pedophile ..birds of a feather
A man who says he'd date his own daughter, if she wasn't his daughter.
It's at least six with Roy Moore, isn't it?
To be friends with one paedophile is unfortunate, to be friends with a least five suggests a pattern
Kind of makes you really wonder how/why so many children are being ripped away at the border and we have NO idea who they are or how many. I have to step back every now & then b/c this sounds so paranoid & crazy, but is it paranoia? Where are the kids?
Ellen it's the GOP way I reported this over a year ago on #TheFullMonteShow The main stream media buried this story pic.twitter.com/PoXrJC8SCy
Oh come on. It’s not as if he once pointed at an eight year old and said he’d be dating her in ten years— oh wait
He’s good friends with Patriots owner Robert Kraft too.
Don't forget Steve Wynn!
“Who the hell is friends with 5 pedophiles?!” Every catholic priest.
You are the company you keep. 😡 @realDonaldTrump
Let’s not ever forget 13 year old Katie Johnson who was brutally raped by @realDonaldTrump at a Epstein party. pic.twitter.com/hsUJR9Y5dC
Bill Clinton was also friends with all these people
“Tell me who you are with and I’ll tell you who you are” -#PuertoricanProverb
This man gets more disgusting by the hour!🤢
All his “friendships” are transactional. The answer lies therein.
That is the most profound slice, straight to the bone of the truth, that I have read in weeks or months. It's refreshing, when many Americans, devote energy to evading reality, to read words from one who sees it.
Who? Someone who Republicans think is "anointed by God" to be president. Someone who Republicans think embodies "family values" and "morals" #RepublicanHypocrisy #RepublicanValues
Exactly. This had me wondering about that horrible policy of ripping children from their families while not having a plan to reunite them or even keep up with where the children were sent. A pedophile's gold rush. Smdh
Yup... My teacher taught me a life lesson once.. Stuck with me.. 'You are who you hang out with'.. She said, to others, they may be great people, but... Their actions speak for themselves
I'm guessing the kompromat on Trump isn't just peeing.
Now The world might understand why the big money and influential Hollywood evil people with bigger sexual deviancy are so fervent to push this fictional #MichaelJackson “documentary”
Think Trump "modelling agency" cover for...?
“Before a show, I’ll go backstage and everyone’s getting dressed...and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it”
- the president, about walking in on undressed teenaged girls
Meanwhile back at #Pizzagate headquarters #Q plans his next distraction
Feel like there is a season of true detective in this statement
Gee, kinda makes you wonder about the guy who has reportedly made suggestive comments about his teen daughter, as well as that other rumor out there he's attacked a 13 yr old. Makes one wonder doesn't it?
They are usually a network.
And his faithful flock go about their day like, “der-der-der.”
The "gentleman" in the Oval office who would date his own daughter
The investigation of trump will lead to taking down many LIFETIME CROOKS. Glad trump switched to the Republicon party because he was like a bomb we were lucky enough to put right in the middle of some of the worst people ever created. I always loved watching DOMINOS FALL...
QANON is starting to look like just another example of projection
Perhaps someone who enjoys bragging about walking in on vulnerable teenagers in various states of undress... ?
Actually pedophiles are the enemy of the people, President Trump.
This is wonderful! "Who the hell is friends with 5 pedophiles?" Other pedophiles.
Birds of a feather flock together. There must be something behind this old adage.
Trump went to those parties. It's where the 13yr old was raped by him. She had lawsuit against him in 2016, until being terrified after receiving death threats2herself & her family. I saw video of eyewitness testimony by woman who recruited her, who worked for Epstein. Is serious
The type of guy who bursts into Miss Teen USA changing rooms and tells young girls he plans on dating them. That’s who.
The Putin owned a-hole in the White House.
Trump: It's complicated
Does @realDonaldTrump have even ONE friend who’s not a sex offender, criminal, mobster or foreign agent? Just one? Anybody?
Who the hell is friends with one?
That list didn't include Roy Moore, so it's actually six pedophiles.
This has led me to speculate about the Kompromat. It has to be devastating.
Another pedophile. Of all the women who charged that DonJon the Bogus Man sexually assaulted or harrassed them there's one case at least of rape of a 13yr old girl. pic.twitter.com/jFDAbqh8ym
ELLEN IS BARKIN. No, not that Ellen.
The other one. Jeez!
Every day it gets worse and worse and worse. So sad and scary.
I believe bill clinton was a frequent flier on Epstein’s private plane. Both sides dogpile on the rabbit way too often.
Trump just now about Acosta & Epstein, “that was a long time ago, he’s a fantastic labor secretary” 25th amendment NOW. No sane person says this
He is accused of raping a 13 yo girl at one of Epsteins parties. He threatened her with death. She dropped the lawsuit after receiving more death threats.
This is what terrifies me, all those missing immigrant children that Trump stole from their families. Was he funnelling them to his pals?
It's almost like it's a pedophile ring, right?
Birds of a feather baby.
Well, it’s not like he’s hiding it or anything... pic.twitter.com/Zx1m3GcyXC
Add Kraft to that list.
Now we just need to find the pizza parlor basement and the #ComplicitGOP story of projection will be complete.
This really grabbed me...I am a retired parole officer and I don’t think that during my career that at any time was I in contact with 5 pedophiles! Brings to mind the old adage about birds of a feather flocking together...
I don't know, ask the Vatican.
Basement red files ~ zero sum gaming sausage gnomes with souls turned inside out and death 💀 where heart empathy light used to be. Water seeks its own level. So do these marked files. Satan owns them. So when they die~ it is Satan who will come for them. For now~ we note TRUTH
TrumpWorld is TEEMING with perverse Child Rapists!
Exactly that’s just what I was thinking this morning .. how did we elect a man who friends are all the skum of the earth.
Pedophiles and other sexual predators stick together ... it’s in their handbook.
And Trump’s Oklahoma campaign chair is also in jail for sex trafficking nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-ou… pic.twitter.com/CyDyAdLonc
The ones who likes to hang out with them and have "fun"? pic.twitter.com/EWNeXkYinN
This case makes me fucking sick.
i had a feeling this was at the bottom of the Trump's stench from the very beginning, the biggest thing he has to hide
His friend Epstein was given nine months in a federal work camp but was originally looking at two life sentences for pedophilia in Westpalm the prosecutor is now a member of trumps cabinet
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