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Fact: No black child has ever slammed a door when mad


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Mom: Go to your room and don’t slam my door! Me in my room after softly closing the door: pic.twitter.com/bVj8RmJ6aj
That kids soul when he heard “you better close it sofff..” knowing nothing would give him greater satisfaction than banging that door! pic.twitter.com/EpXy3mlI4X
“ You better close it .. Soff” I’m crying
Best believe he went to his room and cussed her out in the most quiet voice possible lmfaooo I feel u lil bro😭
I did once in 5th grade. called myself slamming that heavy ass barred screen door. My mom said “when I get home it’s me and you.” I thought about it all day. You know it’s bad when you cry b4. Once I got to my street corner, the fear of God gripped me. That was my last whooping.
She made the word "Soft" sound so Hard lmfaoo 😂😂
Bruh one thing I knew as kid growing up.. was to not slam that door ... lol
“You better close it SOFT” 😭
“You better close it soft” 💀
Before this blows up, drop a follow I post funny shit everyday 🤙🏾 pic.twitter.com/ptYS8NeYeb
“You better close it soft”😂😂😂😂😂😂
My brother made this mistake one day- like he wasn’t trying to, the doors in that house were just heavy af and my heart jumped out my chest for him.
And if we do end up slamming it. It was on accident because the door slipped out your hand 😂
Whew he wanted to so bad 😭
“YOU BETTA CLOSE IT SOFF!!”... that part! 😂😂😭😭😭😭😭🤧
After he closed the door SOFT😂😂 pic.twitter.com/QjpKQ6PDg3
That voice change lmfao she went from Loving momma to DMX real quick 😭😭😭😭
Every black child can relate. It’s only funny now 😂😭😂 pic.twitter.com/ZAK3ceyr2T
I slammed a door once...let’s just say, it didn’t end well. pic.twitter.com/BsHuz72Ou4
Even when you do they swear you slammed it so it’s a lose lose situation 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I slammed my bedroom door once in 6th grade. My old man said bet and unbolted the door from the frame and said “slam the door now.” Had me living like a refugee in middle school. Hdhdjsjsjsjdjsns
“You better close it sowft” 😭😭😭
....my mom waiting for me to close a door to hard pic.twitter.com/E2z3b5Hkkd
« You better close it SofT » 💀💀💀
I FELT this in my soul! 😭😭
“You better close it soft” 😂😂😂 bruh
she said u better close is soft 😭😭😭
“You betta close it soff”🤣💀
😂😂😂😂 This just sent me careening back to my childhood. I was shook on this child’s behalf. You don’t slam doors if you have black parents
LMFAO😂”you better close it soft!”
The lady :“U BETTA CLOSE IT SOFT” Lil dood : pic.twitter.com/W75GStsbIA
All black mothers are like this lol every last one
“You betta close it soft” 💀 I could see her lips in my head
you betta close it soff😭
I tried to once my other hand stopped it
You better close it sophhh!
you betta close it SOFF
Awww!!! Haha 🤣😂
When that door was closed I was doing this and cursing on the low, I know that much! pic.twitter.com/nko5NScOAy
"you better close it soft" 😂
SupaCent don’t play with her kids AT ALL 😂💪🏾
No matter how mad I was as a kid I knew if I slammed that door, I’d unlock a whole new type of whooping 😭
This why I be so appalled when I’m at a friends house and they slam the door
Bruh y’all ever accidentally slam it still and be shook af😂😂😂 be trynna re open it quick and close it right like “I ain’t evennn do that”
And if they did it was the FIRST and LAST lmfaooo good times
“You betta close it sofff” the way she said soft is sending me😂
Lies. If it does happen then she makes you try again!
“You slamming doors?! You got slamming door bill money?”
When you’ve asked your mom for the 3rd time if you can spend the night at your favorite cousins house thinking her answer was going to change this time & she still says no....
If you grew up with black parents you knew better...
Slamming doors as a Black child is a one way ticket to something bad. Seriously, I never slammed doors and my kids don't slam doors.
Slam a door and you are dead in a black household lmao
😂😂😂😂😂I'M CRYIN!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WAY SHE FINISHED HER SENTENCE!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MD’RKR MERDE MAIS AU NOM DE DIEU c’est réel un jour j’étais fâchée j’ai claqué la porte sans faire exprès faut pas voir comment j’ai crié « PARDON J’AI PAS FAIT EXPRÈS » tchai qui a envie de se faire gifler 😭😭😭
“better close if soft” 🤣🤣
My youngest sister slammed her bedroom door and my dad took it off the hinges. She was 17 😭
Disappointment can be treated better than that. He's just disappointed. I suspect with those people he's going to experience it a lot before he can take over his own fate. I hope he dances when he does.
“You betta close it soff”
“I wish you would ....” is the mantra that has all black children reconsidering their reckless ways. 😂😂💀
You better close it soff
You better close it soff
And when you do slam it you have .5 seconds to open it and say “sorry mommy” and close it right.
You better closeee it SOFF
“You betta close it soff!” Killed me
He was really thinking about it 😂😭
“You better close it sawft” 🤣🤣
“You better close it soft!” 💀#growingupblack
“yOOu betta cLOse it soff”
The "You better close it sawf" takes me to glory because BABY.. Idk what he was mad about but, I felt all of that. 😂
"you better close it soft"
“you betta close it soft!”

wowwwwww. i felt that.
You better close that door soft
Swear this use to be me 😂
U betta close it softtttttt LOL
I did once and my mom beat me like she didn’t know me. That was 14 years ago. I haven’t slammed a door since.
“You better close it soft” I’m cryin🤣🤣
‘YOU BETTER CLOSE IT SOFT’ gets me every time 😂
“You betta close it sawf”😂😂
The lady in the bacc ground sound like her ass whooping hurts 😂
All facts. You knew if you slammed that door it was over for you.
wow. that slam action slowed down real fast. hahah
If my dad even THOUGHT I slammed a door it was over 😂
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